Governor Philip Aguer welcomes re-division of Jonglei into two states

Posted: October 21, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State

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October 20, 2016 (SSB) — The governor of Jonglei State H.E. Philip Aguer Panyang Jot has earnestly welcomes the division of new Jonglei state into Bor and Jonglei States. The governor reveals following the campaign for governorship of Bor state in Juba where the idea originated. The decree for the re-division of Jonglei state is expected before the end of this month.

In an exclusive interview with PaanLuel Wël website, Aguer said the map of South Sudan justifies the argument that Jonglei state is larger and populace enough to be divided into two states. The new Bor state will comprise of the 8 counties of former Bor County meanwhile Jonglei state will be a combination of 6 counties of former Duk and Twic East counties.

The Greater Bor community leadership in Juba, the members of parliament where the idea originated from adopted the idea and forwarded it to the president of the republic of South Sudan Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit. Jonglei State governor said if the national level and Greater Bor community in Juba finalize the division it must be welcome at all levels of Jonglei state government because planning and budgeting are as well done at national level.

Aguer said the idea of separating counties into states will not affect unity of Greater Bor as some individuals assumption of decentralization is seen to be more conflict-ridden.

“This is idea definitely is not about the position is about decentralization and devolution of powers, I was brought to this position by the community and if the community would like more than one state then why would I reject it. Secondly, if the political elite whether in the assembly or SPLM party agree to that then I must agree to it too and I should not be sensitive about the position because if they promote one of the Payams and they say it is a state and they tell me Philip go and run it, I will go and run it because this is how the states are coming so I will still be part of it whether we have ten states or 3 states I will be there,” Philip Aguer told Mach Samuel in an interview in his office.

He appeals to the Greater Bor community to harmonize for togetherness to encourage bottom up approach of development instead of development being planned from the top.

Since 2005, there is less involvement of communities in the development of South Sudan. Development strategic goals are being planned from the top which have not reached some villages. The communities in swampy areas of Jonglei state came to realize the independence of South Sudan after five 2 years when the war erupted mid December.

Five ministers of Jonglei State government including the governor and 14 county commissioners have no cars. The idea of re-division of Jonglei state might also incorporate the cars, office construction and infrastructural development of the new states.

“Since I was appointed the governor, I have no car and we have been waiting from the former minister for finance who promise new cars or the 28 states at least we have not seen any vehicle in Jonglei State,” Governor Aguer said.

“If at all there will be radical change, may five ministers who are footing will have vehicles then commissioners. The shortcut for the 14 commissioners to have cars is the community approach because the counties have resources provided by community as it works in Latin America and Southern Asia guided by vision,”  he concluded.

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  1. This decision is the best decision taken and accepted by our people. It is very good to have two states of Bor and Jonglei, such that resources can be enough for all of us. Very good idea in deed, that will surely take services to people.
    Long live those who brought up the suggestion.
    Long live to all the people who added their voices to the suggestion.
    Long live to our government in Juba, who approved the two states of Bor and Jonglei.
    Long Live H.E Phillip Aguer Panyaang Jot.
    thank you,
    Daniel Ajaangdit.


  2. It’s better to be twic state instead of JOK-LEI. [ JONGLEI ] . The word ” jonglei” is a combination of two two words in Jieng, that’s “JOK AND KE-LEI , ” now, writing or spelling and pronunciation is different when put together the two words [ Jonglei ]. I have nothing to talk about this name of the state to the person who prefer to be a name for his or her state .
    But, according to what I learned from one of the elders, this name JONGLEI was a name given to the long ships with the bright light that can be seen in a distant of 10 – 15 miles at night , and a siren that can be heard in a distant of the same miles , navigating on the River Nile ‘s water with a heavy load . It’s a miracle for them to see such kind of machinery .

    Also, it was a first time for the people of Bor district to see something like that kind of ships, and was unimaginable and confused for them . They decided to give a name out to the ship “JONGLEI ” . Those ships used to come from the north Sudan and all the way to Juba , and a long the River Nile, there are stations where the ship stop and unload commodities. Some people named those stations” Jonglei, where the ship stop. What I don’t know about this, is that how do the politicians in the past considered this name known as Jonglei to be the state’s name. That’s a personal opinion about Jongda or Jonglei.


    • Thon Thon says:

      Mr. Debaai, nothing wrong with the name of Jonglei yesterday or todsy as state name. It is good for Twic east and Dukeen Counties. No repeatation of the same name over and over again. We have twic east county and should remain as just.


  3. Deng Ajak says:

    I am against this idea, also Aguer is right not to reject it as being proposed by those who called themselves elite or greater Bor community in Juba. They disunited people, Juba can’t decided the fade of our people on grassroots. They messed up everything including counties and MPs and now want to continue messing up with relationship between sisterly communities who co-existed for centuries. pathetic


  4. Atem Deng says:

    What is /are the reasons for this redivision of Jonglei State? Is it because of MPS division, greater Bor issue, are we tired being together or because we have little resources where we can’t share or just pour politics? Those ladies/gentlemen politicians of Jonglei state in Bortown/Juba and so call greater Bor community in Juba, why not share this division with your communities back home and in diaspora before you finalize it.


  5. Malith Alier says:

    The forces of divide and rule are back, they”ll come up with something new soon after, that”ll surprise us all.


    • Maketh Deng says:

      the division of new jonglei is welcomeable is the splm old idea of taking town to the people which was been blocked,it is also good to H.E Philip Aguer to serve where his umblical cord was buried,he is a simple man with hight profile of great trust back home,most of the people within the center are good in welcoming people for the first time but as days are going they are quick in branding the Leader of the wrong deed putting the profiles at the dark corner.Maketh Deng,in Jonlei


      • Maketh, are you talking about his father or Gov. Aguer ? If you are talking about Aguer , he went to school when he was young and before he finished his education at University, he joined the movement of liberation with his school mate . He had served in the active duty of the movement together with his colleagues and he was posted to Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Association. With that , he spent most of his life time with those in the active duty and the SRRA then home you’re referring to . Aguer is familiar to his colleagues , Bro.
        What I’m not so sure about Aguer’s statement of saying that the decision of the state’s division was made in Juba by those greater Bor politicians without the knowledge of the state leadership. Well, if so, many things had been done in Juba including the process of creating the state of Jonglei as well as his governorship, and it should not be a surprise to him.


  6. Jonglei state will remains with former Twic East and Duk counties.
    Bor County will be upgraded into state status and retain her name as Bor State.
    I think this will be one of greatest achievements of Kiir-Taban-Wani team especially their expansion on 28 states federalism and settling issues at flashpoints.


  7. Daniel Ajaangdit says:

    Chagai, our New State can’t be named “Twich”, because the Two-Duks are not part of Twich. Therefore, the best name that can unite us is Jonglei. Actually, we know the rights of others, not like the rests who don’t even pay any attention to rights of the people they always called brothers. Two-Duks have equal rights like Twich, so, Twich cannot imposed their will against Two-Duks. We just suggest the better name, and if anyone fromTwo-Duks or Twich, comes up with a better name (That may replace the name Jonglei) for our new state, it can be put into consideration democratically. We don’t want to impose the name of Twich on non-Twich; otherwise, we will not be different from the imposers of Bor’s name. Our late Leader Dr. John Garang said: ” Anything good is offered not forced”.
    Thank you,
    Daniel Ajaangdit.


    • Ajaangdit, thank you for mentioning sitting together and renaming the state of Jonglei, but don’t calling Duk ku Duk again with the bad name and showdown . That’s my earlier warning, and I know you are good people to live with .

      I think the reason why our great grandparents named the ship that way was because those ships were not theirs and they were looking miracle for them. In Jieng, if something is view abnormal, they consider it as evil [ JONG ] in Jieng.
      Ajaangdit, name of Bor is excellent than the above name of JOK-LEI, nobody owned Bor name , and we were all under this name BOR before the politic of identity . If you identify yourself as Twich, we know where Twich originated.


  8. Daniel Ajaangdit. says:

    Chagai, I personally accepted your argument for the names of Jonglei and Bor. In reality, I didn’t consider the name “Bor” to be bad; but, it is a name for a particular tribe “Bor”. Throughout South Sudan, people are name by the name of their states, examples: Equatorians, Bhar-El-Ghazalians and so forth; but, there is something wrong with Upper Nile people. They don’t want the name of their province (state) since the time of colonial ruling, to call themselves by the name of their province then, or State at the moment. Bor is very good for the tribe called Bor; and the uniting name for all of us at the moment, is the name of the state which don’t belongs to a particular tribe. If the name of Jonglei seems not to be good, since we have became Christians, then the best why is to sit together and decide for the best name wanted by all people, and then name themselves with it. And not to impose a single tribe name for different tribes to be called by it.
    Thank you,
    Daniel Ajaangdit.


  9. Ajak Garang Aleu says:

    its great idea, we need jonglei to be divided to get rid of the so called greater bor.
    Aguer should remain in bor as the governor of bor state, because it was all through him that brought disagreement among the people of former Jonglei state. If it was not his unfair distribution of MPs and counties in which Buor were given 8 counties Jonglei could have not been separated.


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