Sultan Chuot Makur: Message of Gratitude to the TAR-SSSAK Campaign Team

Posted: November 4, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

Press Statement: Office of the Chairman of the Triple Alliance for Reforms (TAR-SSSAK), Nairobi, Kenya


November 4, 2016 (SSB) — Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I would like to convey my sincere thanks in the following categories. Many thanks to The TAR-SSSAK campaign team: Bush Akech Chol; Manyuon Mac Deng; Biar Dhieu; Dau Deng Dau the great north rift manager; Gatjang Manguany; Hon. Arol Dut; Ajang Biar; Doctor Lueth; Mario Manyuon; Makuach Wël; BOL Garang; Molana Chep Azuma; Bol Mabor; Molana Ngor, and the entire underground campaign team.

I am privileged that I have been served by this great Gentlemen, thank you so much for making every student in Kenya believes that TAR-SSSAK is the great team. I am really very grateful. I know you’re the winners in your categories although we were deliberately rigged out by the so called incompetent Electoral commission with their cohorts. And also to shade some lights, there are competent commissioners among them but their powers were limited. I am humbled you abandoned whatever you were doing like your classes and sacrifice to campaigns throughout the whole one month. Thank you

To the TAR-SSSAK aspirants. To be honest I am very thankful that I met you guys. You have portrayed the meaning of team work up to the end, I am so proud of you. We have not lose simply because everyone out there knows how competent we are. You are my family forever and that bond shall always exist. Thank you. Also not forgetting those who support this team morally and financially, we are very thankful. Your support is the reason we made it up to this far. Thank you and God will always provide more to you to continue help those who are in need.

And above all, special thanks to our gallant supporters who cast their votes on TAR-SSSAK. Your vote was not in vain, it was the right vote cast on the right people though your team didn’t make it, it is very clear we all know what went wrong in the commission. Your team isn’t relaxing, it is genuine to let you know that TAR-SSSAK is having troops of lawyers, they will follow the legal procedures until justice is being served and of now our petition is underway. Furthermore, the government of Aliandro Lotok remains an illegitimate from day of declaration of results as I have publicly reject those results from the very same hall. Thank you so much for believing in TAR-SSAK.

Our objectives are always very clear, we want to make SSSAK Independent from any political affiliations, sectarian and tribal. We want to make it inclusive to reflect the national outlook of South Sudanese students in Kenya, accountable and a transparent body and most importantly, unite the students’ fraternity in Kenya.

May God protect all of us.

Thanks all 

Sultan Chuot Makur

Chairman of Triple Alliance for Reforms (TAR-SSSAK)

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