Kenya police should investigate the disappearance of Dong Luak and Aggrey Idri

Posted: February 3, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release


February 2, 2017 (SSB) — WE, the undersigned South Sudanese civil societies in Nairobi plead with the Kenya government to thoroughly investigate the disappearance of Civil Rights Lawyer Cde Samuel Dong Luak and Cde. Aggrey Idri. On 23rd January, at about 10:00pm Samuel Dong Luak was kidnapped on his way home at South C suburb.

The following day Morning at about 10:00am, Honorable Aggrey Iddri Izboni, a Banker was abducted near his home along Milimani Estate. At the time of writing this press release their where about still unknown. We hereby call on the Kenya police and the criminal investigation department (CID) to act and implement the court orders swiftly.

Mr. Dong Luak and Mr. Aggrey Idri are prominent personalities who share common vision with South Sudanese from all walks of life, and their disappearance has elicited a great alarm. Kenyan security apparatus have an obligation under the constitution 2010 to protect the lives of all citizens within its jurisdiction irrespective of their nationalities. Since this matter was brought to police’s attention, we have seen nothing done on the same.

The police indifference has made us become speculative to an extent that we think the state had ulterior motive. We blame the security agencies for laxity in the search for Mr. Dong Luak and Mr. Aggrey Idri. If the police are not privy to their disappearance, then let them move with speed and bring their abductors to book. We do not want to preempt for now, but failure to apprehend these Kidnappers will let us read a sinister plans on the part of the state.

We do not doubt the ability and professionalism of the Kenya police force; we know they are up to the task, but they must roll up their sleeves and restore our confidence in them. Once the Police launched an investigation on this matter truth will come to light. This case is likened to that of James Gatdet Dak who was arbitrarily arrested by Kenya police at his house in Nairobi, and on 4th November 2016, James Gatdet Dak was deported to Juba where he could face all manner of abuses and torture in the hands of Salva Kiir regime.

When Kenya government deported James Gatdet to South Sudan, he was immediately detained, and he always receives inhuman treatment while in detention. The deportation of James Gatdet Dak was total violation of 1951 Refugee convention, as well as the 1969 Organization of African Unity Refugee convention and the convention against torture. We often recalled James Gatdet’s deportation with great pain in our hearts.

We hope Kenya would not replicate this grievous error against the above mentioned persons because they are staying legally in Kenya. Mr. Dong Luak has registered with UNHCR, and he has valid refugee document. Relatively, Hon. Aggrey Iddri possesses valid passport. In term of their roles in our society, we are delighted to note that Mr. Dong Luak is progressive Legal counsel; he was idolized as relentless human Rights defender.

However, as you all know Salva Kiir’s regime thrive in human rights violations and abused of power. The lots in Juba often misconstrued Mr. Dong Luak as a one who keeps dressing them down, and for this reason, they long for his kidneys. On the other hands, Mr. Aggrey Idri is staunches proponent of democracy; articulate agent of good governance; he manifested that by speaking his mind openly on all societal aspects, and he normally exposed the ills of SPLM/A led government.

In view of the foregoing, should Kenya make a mistake of deporting Dong Luak and Aggrey Idri to Juba, they are likely to be detained incommunicado, torture and or even killed. In addition, the rampant deportation of East African citizens should be the thing of the past. This irregular deportation of people will erase our peaceful cohesion in the region.

These deportations threats will only works against the spirit of regional integration. If we think the dream of East Africa integration would come to past, let us refrain from this shoddy political activity. In our view, it would be appropriate if deportation is replaced with extradition tradition.

Thank you,



Thor Bwath Goah-


Yom Deng-




Daniel Yor Deng-


Dak Buoth

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