Ramchiel is NOT a “No Man’s land”; it belongs to the people of Yirol

Posted: February 19, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Medjhak Deng Medjha, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Medjhak Deng Medjhak, Yirol, South Sudan


February 19, 2017 (SSB) — There is a claim that Ramchiel is “No man’s land. Does that mean that we give it to government without any pre-condition? Could that be the reason to why the president ignored & formed exclusive five-member committee without a single member from greater Yirol (Eastern Lakes)?

Brief Highlights:

A. “Ramchiel is a no man’s land”

I want to erase from public’s minds that “Ramchiel” is not a no man’s land as you may be thinking but historically and presently owned by Gok Community more specifically Awan Machiec from same Gok community (Malek County, Yirol)

  1. How can it be no man’s land when it is inhabited by greater Bhar El Ghazal region?
  2. How can it be no man’s land when it is inhabited by greater lakes community?
  3. How can it be no man’s land when it is inhabited by greater Yirol community?
  4. How can it be no man’s land when it is being filled by Ciec community?
  5. How can it be no man’s land when it is being occupied by Adoor community?
  6. How can it be no man’s land when it is being historically and presently owned and occupied by Aween in Gok community or rather Malek County?

That notion that “Ramchiel” is a no man’s land must to die natural death or else can jeopardize government’s decision, ownership of land is very important though services and benefits will be later for all of us.

B. “Did we give it to government without any pre-condition”

Unless I didn’t understand this English’s word well, surely! How can individuals call themselves “we” when proper consultation never reached local indigenous citizens at the grass root?

-How can this pronoun “we” fit when government never sat down with the local communities with their youth inclusive to thoroughly iron out what may face them in the nearest future should the city come?

There is nowhere in the world where a land inhabited by its locals is given to government without any condition to be addressed first or promised to be fixed by the user now or in the future.

Yes, we give Ramchiel to government but not without any pre-condition as insinuated by few elites. The few people who are educated may enjoy the privileges of the city but what about our 98% illiterate population who heavily rely on agriculture such as live stocks and growing of crops?

It is something we are fully aware of that they will be completely displaced and their basic activities that they depend their life on will deteriorate over the years and forever.

That means to say, there will be no land for grazing, no land for cultivation etc, government should acknowledge that the community living in that fertile soil are purely pastoralists/nomads and their needs need not to be neglected or compromised under what individuals say” we give it without any pre-condition”

In conclusion, I request H.E, the president to consider the views of indigenous citizens & revise five-member committee headed by First vice president Gen.Taban Deng & at least include area member in the committee who would deeply go down to the locals, sensitize them and collect their different opinions pertaining their land being chosen by government as national capital city

Yours patriotically,

Mr. Medjhak Deng Medjhak, Concerned citizen of Gok community

Malek County, Yirol (Eastern Lakes State)

Contact: celestinod999@gmail.com; +254718000226/+211925555222

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  1. Deng says:

    Why do you people exaggerate rumours every time when there is a suggestion about Ramciel. Yes there is no no man-land in South Sudan and no single Community owns a land in South Sudan as well. Land belongs to Government and it is only managed by people of the area. You as people of the area are entitled to certain benefits which are going to be points of discussion between a community and Central Government. If I were a native of the area like you, I would be proud to welcome National Capital in my area without conditions.


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