The challenge Thomas Cirilo Poses to President Kiir and Riek Machar

Posted: March 12, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Crisis within the SPLM-IO1Crisis within the SPLM-IO2

“”The Fertit rebels of Wau State and many rebels from Greater Equatoria are now abandoning Dr. Machar for newly created, tribally motivated rebel movements. Yes. following his recent defection and call for Equatorians to join him, Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo has been attracting rebels from Dr. Riek Machar rebellion. The following examples will suffice:

1. Gen. Khalid Butrus of the Murlei rebel group in Pibor announced that he is for unity of rebels in greater Equatoria under Gen. Cirilo;

2. Col. Bangasi Bakasoro, the former Governor of Yambio and founder of Arrow Boys rebels in Greater Western Equatoria welcomed Gen. Cirilo’s call for a new armed rebellion, and announced his intention to fully cooperate;

3. Gen. Faiz Ismail Fatur, member of SPLA-IO high military command and former sector commander in Wau State declared his loyalty to Cirilo, and accused Dr. Riek of dictatorial tendencies, announcing in his letter of resignation to Riek Machar, that; “I forewarned against unnecessary promotions which you often do without proper consultations. Now, the army is curtailed by officers without assignments, shamefully, at places, you find a brigadier leading a squad”.

4. Col. Nyarji J. Roman, member of National Liberation Council and Deputy Spokesperson of SPLA-io announced his defection to Gen. Cirilo’s new rebel movement, and accused Dr. Riek of deliberately neglecting Equatorian soldiers in SPLA-IO by failing to supply them with guns and ammunition over the past few years, resulting in the death of Gen. Ellias Lino Jada & Gen. Martin Kenyi, and other Equatorian sons and daughters.””

  1. Eastern says:

    This is the beginning of true liberation from Dinkocracy! Dr Machars SPLA-IO white army was called tribal; which should Fertit, a conglomerate of tribes just like Equatorians be called tribalists when their union is aimed at ending Dinkocracy? Just wondering!!


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