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By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba –South Sudan


April 13, 2017 (SSB) —- A wonderful place is always full of wonders “says the English idiom. Therefore, South Sudan a country of no shame, has allowed pretenders to smuggle their way onto the top of the stage and started playing the  helter-skelter rhapsodies to prove themselves qualified to the audience for whatever they do at due circles.

Notwithstanding John in his protracted recusal to refrain from barbaric and unconventional stratagem, it is my right and time for me (the victim) of his continued pathological tarnishing of innocent personalities to response to him in an intellectual approach. In an attempt to depreciate him and have him adjust his lengthy tongue over peoples’ reputation, he must be exposed to feel the consequences of big mouthing culture.

When I wrote an opinion piece early January 2017 about the fiasco of Gogrial Governor appointment, John was the first to meddle his nose into the matter with the Facebook Comments that reads “This article is bad and I condemn it”, I thought he could go further to compose the encountering article and divert the readers’ mind in believing what I wrote as factual as it was.