Kuach Ayok Community on Neutral Position in Gogrial Community Conflicts

Posted: May 7, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Emmanuel Ariech Deng

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

Gogrial state

The sympathetic and susceptible is a community,

Now neutral on the raging conflict with impunity.

Like any other entity, Kuach Ayok youth is entirely integral,

As its traditional values and main objectives remain central.


No doubt on the community leadership presiding over the mission,

Because, they and followers, are embedded with conservative vision.

Long over the skirmishes, he is determined and watchful on its educated youth,

To orient the home based and avoid the side takings by some fellow uncouth.


The well-enlightened and sound-minded folks can be found in Kuach,

But no hundred percent perfection! We also possess ultra-pathological quacks.

However, our ancestral doctrines have had a significant influence on peacefulness,

So, we love our neighbours, friends and countrymen/women to exist in cohesiveness.


The community chairman is precisely tall and tough in the name of Joseph Lual Acuil,

His deputy is also an imminent, with disproval rating on unpredictable row- Tito Acuil.

No one of these community prominent wanted each other to quit,

Due to both legends optimism and like things done well and quick.


We are being provocatively attacked and killed,

Still, we refused to revenge and we shall be frilled.

The perpetrators think that community conflicts can earn them an award,

Not really, all we have experienced since 2005 is death and being backward.

  1. Agany Agany-Gogrial Town says:

    Nice poem Emmanuel, community wars cannot take us any where. We now became hungry people all over South Sudan because of our politicians own making period! We shall see what happens


  2. Peter Makuach Manyuat says:

    You are really utilizing your talent in a more appreciable way. Thank you so much Emmanuel Ariech for composing that poem.


  3. Emmanuel Ariech says:

    I am overwhelmed by your unwavering coments from you guys. Let us not lean back in efforts to educate our country-side communities to abstain from executing political and cattle related conflicts -to pave ways for peace, development and prosperity. Citizens of South Sudan have been down-graded and even turned a blind eye by the world community because of these unacceptable unrest and fighting behaviours both in urban and rural areas. We shall all bear the embrassment and blame.


  4. Awuol Gabriel Arok says:

    I saw the powerful barks of words rolling in the poetry pot.


  5. Thank Kuac Community for not taking part in Gogrial State senseless Communities war.

    We are praying to see it ending soon.
    Otherwise you have just wrote a very impressive message, kind of poem.
    Stay bless


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