Farewell to Mama Adingdit, wife of paramount chief Ajang Duot Bior

Posted: March 7, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Farwell to life of Adingdit wife of Ajang Duot Bior; Paramount Chief of Bor District (1946-1967)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

March 7, 2018 (SSB) — On Saturday the 3rd March 2018 farewell on life and memories of Adingdit Deng Tong wife of Late Paramount Chief Ajang Duot Bior were shared at the home of her son Ambassador Bior (asuot) Ajang Duot.

Adingdit Deng Tong Soul departed on 12/02/2018 at 10:00 PM in Nimule and was buried in Pawel (Kongor County) of Jonglei State; she died at an approximate age of 97 years.

Born in 1920s to parents Deng Tong Deng (father) of Khornyin Kongor and Gak Duot Wal (mother) of Panekuol Kongor.

She was the first born of her seven siblings; three brothers and four sisters namely:

Children of Tong Deng Tong and Gak Duot Wal

1. Ading (Kernyiel) Deng Tong

2. Awak Deng Tong

3. Athieng Deng Tong

4. Tong (Agutyar) Deng Tong

5. Garang (Magung) Deng Tong

6. Adau Deng Tong

7. Adhieu Deng Tong

8. Kiir Deng Tong.

Adingdit Deng Tong was married to Paramount Chief Ajang Duot Bior of Panbior Kongor in 1940s, years later into their marriage Paramount Chief of Bor District Ajang Duot Bior was killed in 1967 together with other chiefs of Bor District.

Ading Deng and Ajang Duot children

1. Awak (Madul) Ajang married to Manyok Majok:


o Deng Awak

o Akuol Awak

o Yar & Akech Awak (Twin)

o Bol Awak

o Khot Awak

o Tor Awak

o Malek Awak

o Abuk Awak

o Adau Awak

o Ajang Awak

2. Aguet (Adhueng)Ajang Duot married to Job Adier:

o Arou Aguet

3. Bior (Makuith) Ajang Duot married:

Aker Akoi (first wife)


o Ajang Bior

o Duot Bior

o Awak Bior

o Aguet Bior

Akuol Akol (second wife)


o Awak Bior

o Ajang Bior

o Duot Bior

o Deng Bior

o Alakiir Bior

Ajok Kuir (Third Wife)


o Awak Bior

o Ajang Bior

4. Aguer Ajang Duot (died at infancy )

5. Duot (Mabiorachot) Ajang Duot married to Achol Biar Aring:


o Awak Duot

o Ajang Duot

o Ading Duot

o Bior Duot

o Deng Duot

o Biar Duot

o Alakiir Duot

6. Adau (Ahochmalualwut) Ajang Duot married to Ayiei Magoor:


o Ajak Adau

o Athieng Adau

o Amuor Adau

o Chol Adau

o Ayuol Adau

o Duot Adau

Adingdit Deng Tong together with her co-wives shouldered on Ajang Duot’s children into brilliancy after his killing by the Khartoum government, Ajang Duot Bior powerful leadership style and accurate judgment have never gone with his demise; in front of leadership gears Ambassador Bior (asuot) Ajang Duot has never been missing together with his other brothers, like traditional analyst Chief Duot Ajang Duot and the rest of Ajang’s children.

Adingdit’s love and care for her children has been blessed, 51 years later in 2018 after the death of her husband in 1967 she was praised and appeased by elders who called her “Mama Adingdit” to still give a guiding hand and blessings to the living.

Adingdit was an artist she was known by her oxen name “Ker nyiel” loosely translated as python stripy, “Nyane King” Daughter of the King and “Ting pan Amadit” meaning wife to the royal family”.

She was deeply full of prided entertainments rooted from her family background; she came from a section where her father was a respected chief and an adored leader and as a first daughter of the well known Deng Tong Deng, she was sanctified with many privileges buttressed by her marry to a region known and famous Chief Ajang Duot.

Adingdit was widely known for her priding song of “Hen ce lo bei awai, hen ce nyan da akueediit” meaning it is impracticable for her to go to her spouse’s home with sourdough or simple flour without milk, cheese and butter as was the case among her community.

Adingdit Deng Tong was number (2) among the wives of Chief Ajang Duot.

1. Ayen Aleu (Abek).

2. Ading Deng (Khornyin).

3. Akuot Gak (Padol),

4. Akoi Riak (Khornyin).

5. Abot Deng Atem (Pakeer),

6. Akech Aluel (Juet).

7. Akur Awuol (Padol).

8. Ateny, Guguei (Palek).

9. Awur Ater (Nyarweng).

10. Apajok Aluong (Khornyin).

11. Agau Malual (Dacuek).

12. Atoch Majok (Ajuong).

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