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By Makeer Kuol Koriom, Melbourne, Australia.

March 9, 2018 (SSB) — The High – Level Revitalisation talks, which are soon to be resumed in Addis Ababa by South Sudan’s rivalling parties, have become the weirdest political jest. The talks have moulded into some kinds of political jokes. I called revitalisation process a joke because of its numerous punchlines. South Sudan’s government should boycott next round of talks.

Like before, these talks will not bring lasting peace to South Sudan. It is just a waste of time, and meagre resources. One does not need to read position papers presented by parties to understand the jokes. I look at those presentations and I see hypocrisy. I look deeper and see IGAD’s pretence and double standard. So why do people have to waste time in such a hollow process?

There are even allegations that IGAD is not the force behind the ‘revitalisation’. That there are forces lurking in the shadow!  I tend to agree with this allegation. Because, if anything, IGAD should do some sort of cleansing before it pretends to revamp the ARCISS.