Why I Think High – Level Revitalisation Is a Waste of Time and Resources

Posted: March 9, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Makeer Kuol Koriom, Melbourne, Australia.

March 9, 2018 (SSB) — The High – Level Revitalisation talks, which are soon to be resumed in Addis Ababa by South Sudan’s rivalling parties, have become the weirdest political jest. The talks have moulded into some kinds of political jokes. I called revitalisation process a joke because of its numerous punchlines. South Sudan’s government should boycott next round of talks.

Like before, these talks will not bring lasting peace to South Sudan. It is just a waste of time, and meagre resources. One does not need to read position papers presented by parties to understand the jokes. I look at those presentations and I see hypocrisy. I look deeper and see IGAD’s pretence and double standard. So why do people have to waste time in such a hollow process?

There are even allegations that IGAD is not the force behind the ‘revitalisation’. That there are forces lurking in the shadow!  I tend to agree with this allegation. Because, if anything, IGAD should do some sort of cleansing before it pretends to revamp the ARCISS.

On the 8th July 2016, three years after the mess of December 2013 was about to subside; ARCISS implementation brought war back to the heart of Juba and vicinity. This crisis was envisaged by President Kiir and he rightly opposed it. But IGAD was so adamant by forcing him to sign two armies. This blunder culminated into unwarranted killings at J1. Precious innocent lives were lost. Many more are traumatised. With this sad episode in mind, attempts to revive ARCSS offers no hope but bad memories

One wonders why is IGAD trying to revive such a gawky document?

The proposed inclusive and accommodative executive which enshrined one Presidency, two vice Presidents and two assistance Vice Presidents is part of the grand joke. I am afraid, even if the entire body politics was to be elevated into executive posts; such would not render permanent peace. There would still be some squabbles here and there. Like often the case with our politics, the country will surely descend into violence.

Threats of sanctions and UN trusteeship will not help the situations. Instead they will exacerbate the conflict. As the tenet of sovereignty rightly put it; “there is no such thing as a readiness to accept the certainty that one’s affairs will be decided on by foreigners”. South Sudanese will not accept all forms of subjugation disguise as peace measures. Threats against government will not breed peace either. So IGAD and the rests should stop playing such cards.

And for god sake, which IGAD member country can authoritatively claim to mediate South Sudan conflict? This question haunts many South Sudanese given what is going on all over East Africa.

South Sudan is aware of political bankruptcy, rampant corruption, lack of democracy and good governance, and rule of law, in most IGAD countries. Which IGAD country will have chutzpah and moral audacity to devise solutions that will salvage South Sudan?

IGAD countries are riddled with their own political quagmire, which if they were honest, would not attempt to wade much on South Sudan crisis. No country in Eastern Africa will stand tall to lecture South Sudan on issues of democracy and governance.

Currently, Ethiopia is experiencing political crisis. The Oromo and Amhara demonstrations have forced government to declare state of emergence! Kenya has recently deceived itself with fake election! The result of which had emboldened Kenyan’s main opposition (NASA) to reject President Uhuru Kenyatta legitimacy.

Uganda authoritarian government of Museveni preaches stability through dictatorship! This makes Uganda an incompetent adviser on democracy and governance.  Sudan and Somali, for obvious reasons, are not in better positions to lecture South Sudan.

 It is so strange when IGAD turns glaring eye to South Sudan and cast blind eye to other sisterly countries.

South Sudan public is yet to forget July 2016 carnage that took place at Presidential Palace. Score of South Sudanese were killed. The agreement which took rebel forces to Juba was brokered by the IGAD. In our psyche, therefore, IGAD image is soiled.

Call me a pessimist, but one thing is certain, peace will not come to South Sudan via Addis Ababa. Peace will be realised when the rivalling forces adopt change of hearts.

Those who are interested in South Sudan’s peace should invest times and resources on ways to soften hearts of South Sudan’s rivals. Because when these rivals change their hearts, peace will come back to the country.

Makeer Kuol Koriom lives in Melbourne, Australia. He can be reached at mekakuol@gmail.com


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