Why Mr honorable minister of General education should resign

Posted: March 10, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Dut Kuot Akok, Aweil, South Sudan

March 10, 2018 (SSB) — Illiteracy rate in South Sudan is alarming. According to UNICEF estimation in 2011, more than eighty percent of South Sudanese population cannot read or write with severe challenges to female students.  According to the same organization, fewer than one percent of girls complete primary education. It was also estimated that more than one million of children who were eligible for primary school were not enrolled with secondary school enrollment being lower than ten percent among those eligible.

Thus education is one of the priority of the government just in word minus action however, the current inactive system in the ministry of General education under the often silent minister has paralyzed the activities of the ministry which is one of cornerstone of human prosperity and the overall betterment of the nation. His Ministry is supposed to play active role and put extra efforts to improve the educational system and lay strong foundation to the Incoming generation but discouragingly, the current system in the ministry is a complete lousy system that provides quantity education to the children rather than quality education.

And to go straight to the above topic, he  (minister) should tender his resignation letter openly for the reason that, he has failed to provide access to quality education to the children. It is true that, resignation in our country is one of the difficult thing for our leaders to takes even if their failures are as clear as bell to all the people. They knows how to kills, loot, destroy and displace innocent people while the term resignation is always a red line in their daily lives.

Realistically, to resign is not a symbol of failures as others perceived, but there are some push factors that can forced you to resign sometime for instance, when the company around you are not supportive to your set goals and objectives or sometimes by the lack of confidence from your subordinates as well as from the appointing authority.  Henceforth, it is your responsibility to either resign owing to the above reasons as did by ambassador Taler, Madam Awut and Dr Lam  Akol.

Moreover, he (minister) should act bravely and resign because his failures in the ministry of General education are countless and bashful.

And for the satisfaction of all, I would to exert my energy and put forth all the administrative failure of  Mr honorable minister as follows,

Here, the first failure of the ministry under is leadership is his inability and incompetency to control the yearly leak out of South Sudan school certificate examination papers.

This issue has become monotonous every year, people do obtain have access to examination papers before it commence. And as a piece of advice, it is vital for the ministry of General education to revise and adjust it administrative hierarchy in the ministry to stop this issue of premature revelation of examination to the children of fat-cat.

This continue academic corruption has produced and graduate quantity students to our universities rather than quality students who are capable of pursuing their academic career under any circumstances.

Also, the hierarchical coordinates academic corruption in the ministry has negatively encourage our children to be too drowsy since they are all busy in search of leak papers  from the ministry and stop putting their overall efforts by reading very hard to pass the exam. Not only that but this irresponsible act have lower the standard of our certificate  which is unrecognized and unacceptable in other countries.

Further, the second failure under Mr honorable minister is the premature termination of Sudan syllabus and unstudied shift to east Africa curriculum and in particular Kenya syllabus. Their or his premature shift as burial “all children should go to school slogan”, I said so because his illogical act have dropped children out of school and expose them to the State of hopelessness and in particular students who were pursuing their education in Arabic language.

They were wrongly victimized innocently by the unevaluated decision of Mr honorable minister. I personally met  some students from Lual Diing/Salva Kiir secondary school who were supposed to finish their Sudan school certificate in Arabic but unfortunately, they were left baffling after their expectations of realizing their full potential in life has been dumped by those who only knows how to facsimile other in lieu of formulating their own curriculum.

Logically speaking,  what was the logic behind the laughable shift from foreign curriculum to another if our curriculum was not ready?  What is the chemistry between south Sudan and Kenya in term of history and geography in comparison to the Sudan syllabus?

All in all, the primitive and illogical shift to east Africa curriculum might be having an hidden agenda since all their children and kin are schooling in east Africa. It is unfortunate and regrettable that we have leaders who are too greedy in joining every organization. Perhaps, the only organization they intelligently hesitate to join is ICC  because they could have paid for it since their wrong deeds do completely qualify them.

Therefore and with all the above, I am of the opinion that the current minister of General education should resign and if not then he should be fire by the appointing authority.

Dut Kuot Akok, the writer has honors degree of Arts in rural development, university of Juba and he can be reached via his email address: dutkuot8@gmail.com.

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