National Dialogue completes consultations in the Sudan and Ethiopia

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National Dialogue Steering Committee 

Subcommittee on Refugees & International outreach

Press conference – Juba International Airport

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: National Dialogue completes consultations in the Sudan and Ethiopia

National Dialogue, concept reflictions by Mading Deng

“In this polarized and polarizing conflict, perceptions can overshadow reality, and whatever the equation of the power structures, the Dinka are being seen as having replaced the Arabs as the rulers in an ethnically unjust system. As the various ethnic groups converge against what they perceive as Dinka domination, the Dinka in turn begin to perceive themselves as targeted and paradoxically as in imminent danger of a genocidal onslaught. They therefore strive to mobilize themselves in self-defense.” – Dr Francis Mading Deng – SOUTH SUDAN NATIONAL DIALOGUE; Conceptual Reflections page 43

March 20, 2018 (SSB) — The National Dialogue subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach has completed the National dialogue consultations with refugees and South Sudanese living in the Republic of the Sudan and the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia but some areas were not at reach given pieces of advice by the host governments and UNHCR.

The consultations were carried out by the national dialogue’s subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach in both countries between 6th and 20th of March 2018.

The subcommittee consulted with more than nine hundred (900) representatives of stakeholders (women, youth and students, persons with special needs, community leaders, chiefs, academics, civil society, political parties, imminent personalities and other categories) in both countries ( the Republic of the Sudan and the Federal democratic republic of  Ethiopia consecutively ).

The committee comprised of eight members headed by Hon. Deng Dau Deng as chairperson for the subcommittee.

Hon. Deng Dau Deng, Chairperson for the Subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach said that; South Sudanese in Sudan and Ethiopia have expressed their clear views on the root causes of the crisis, and what would probably make the agenda for the national dialogue conference that will be held sometimes this year.

The Subcommittee arrived in Khartoum on 6th March 2018 and started by meeting with the head of the South Sudan Diplomatic Mission to the Republic of the Sudan who affirmed his support to the cause of the National Dialogue.

Thereafter the main consultations  were conducted till 12th March 2018 whereas the views criticized the Transitional Government of National Unity that it lacks an ideology for leading the country, looting of resources is rampant, politicians using illiterate communities for their political gain, issues of militia integration were raised and that it was very unfortunate to return to the Sudan after separating from the same; they have come to work in the houses of the people they had voted secession.

They criticised the armed opposition groups for nepotism and not being reflective on the people who have struggled with them against the government that; many of the opposition leaders take their family members to the High-Level Revitalisation Forum (wife, niece, uncle and others).

In Khartoum Some stakeholders have clearly said that; they would vote for unity if there is a chance to redecide on the destiny of South Sudan Once more and others said that they are proud to have a country though being badly led by a group that do not care about the grassroots.

Generally, the refugees and other categories living in the Sudan would love to return home as the Republic of South Sudan return to normalcy.

 Meanwhile in Ethiopia, the Subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach conducted meetings with the members of the South Sudan Diplomatic mission to the federal republic of Ethiopia, state minister for foreign affairs (Ethiopia), IGAD special Envoy on South Sudan and the main national dialogue consultations with south Sudanese refugees, students, youth, women, civil society, political parties, people with special need and other categories from 13th -19th march 2018

The meeting with Ethiopian State minister for foreign affairs affirmed her country’s support to the cause of national dialogue and that Ethiopian government is looking forward to bringing peace in South Sudan though it has some political challenges.

The Subcommittee on Refugees and International outreach had requested the state mi9nister for foreign affairs to lobby her government and other partners to consider the national dialogue process as a genuine homegrown mechanism for achieving peace and tranquillity.

The IGAD Special Envoy agreed to support the national dialogue initiative concurrently with the High-level Revitalisation Forum and that the   two processes are complimentary as the former takes the bottom up approach while the later uses top down.

The subcommittee had requested the IGAD special envoy on South Sudan to include the national in the High-level revitalisation and find ways for the members of the High-level revitalization to participate in the National Consultations. The envoy was asked to support and encourage other south Sudanese stakeholders who are not currently participating in the consultations.

Hon. Deng Clearly Communicated to both IGAD special Envoy and Ethiopian state minister foreign affairs that South Sudan and SPLM/A movement have wealthy experiences in internal problem solution and therefore, there is a need to support both HLRF and National Dialogue for a lasting peace in the Republic of South Sudan.

In the main sessions, the National Dialogue stakeholders concretely contributed with their own views on the challenges and proposed a probable or likely agenda for the national dialogue conference.

The raised the need for the Jieng Council of Elders to transformed into National Council of elders.

 The Subcommittee on Refugees and International Outreach Broadcasted all sessions live on as a mechanism of outreach to the Diaspora and as far as transparency is concerned. The live shows were watched by more than seventy thousand in general across the globe (there were critics and supporters as seen in numerous comments during the live shows).

The Subcommittee is a witness that all spoke their minds without any influence or intimidation as it expresses its sincere appreciation to the initiator and conveners of the National Dialogue for having provided the citizens of the republic of South Sudan with an opportunity to express their views and for all South Sudanese to participate in the upcoming Dialogue Conference.

The subcommittee on refugees and international outreach assures all the participants in its consultations that; their views genuine delivered to the plenary of the national dialogue steering committee and that we are indebted with your kind and wholehearted support and participation in the national dialogue consultations in the Sudan and Ethiopia.

The National Dialogue process was initiated by president Salava Kiir Mayardit in his State of Nation Address to the join sitting of the national Legislature on 14th December 2016.

The conveners of the National Dialogue are H.E. Abel Alier Kuai Kut and Hon. Angelo Beda.

The consultations in Sudan and Ethiopia was the second leg of the national dialogue mission after consulting with stakeholders in Uganda and Kenya late last years. The Subcommittee plans to visit Egypt DR. Congo, Central Africa Republic and at least two countries overseas.

For more information please visit or contact the outreach;

Tel: +211920077727


Twitter: @ndoutreach2017



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