Lies have limits and liars die while talking: a response to Ateny Wek Ateny

Posted: April 11, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in David Deng Chapath, Junub Sudan

By David Deng Chapath, Kampala, Uganda

Paul Malong Awan

Gen. Paul Malong Awan, Chairman and C-in-C of the South Sudan United Front/Army (SS-UF/A)

April 11, 2018 (SSB) — When Americans invaded Iraq in 2003 the minister of information was making noise that they were almost defeating Americans even when he was in hiding. He kept on giving the World information that Iraq was still capable even when Iraq had already fallen into the hands of Americans. He only kept quiet after he was caught. It was only after that the World realized that the man was just a noisy gong.

In respect to Mr Ateny Wek Ateny, he is just feeding the World with unfounded information and propaganda to show that the government under His Excellency President Kiir is effective and less corrupt. This is the reason why he is trying to look for a scapegoat to blame for corruption. Instead of admitting that the government is no longer capable of fighting corruption since it has completely failed, Ateny keeps on making noises like the minister of information in Iraq during the Americans invasion.

Ateny should know that lies have limits and liars die while talking. It is a great lie on Ateny’s side to accuse General Malong that he used to go to the Central Bank of South Sudan even at night to take money. Ateny should know that Malong was not a Governor of Central Bank who has an access to Central Bank at any time.

Ateny was not working at the Central Bank of South Sudan where he could have had knowledge on the relationship between General Malong and the Central Bank. This shows that Ateny was making up the whole thing in order to find the way how to assassinate the character of General Malong in order to show to the public that General Malong is not worthy of leadership of South Sudan.

This is a full way of fooling the general public of South Sudan. But what Ateny should know is that even if we deceive the whole World, we can not deceive ourselves as we know consciously where the truth is.

The truth is that Ateny does not have any moral ground to accuse General Malong yet he is one who has destroyed the State House and the president. In addition, Ateny is also a member of the group that propagated the formation of unknown gunmen as the evidence shows when one of the boy from Aweil was the staunch critic of Ateny was killed by unknown gunmen. Ateny has been involved in different corruption in State House in which all the youth who got a grant from the President don’t get what is given to them. All these and others show that Ateny is a lair.

In summary, I call upon the public to rally behind General Malong to liberate the people from corrupt and deadly leadership that have devastated the civilians. The public should ignore and help General Malong in removing these colonialists in form of government of South Sudan.


South Sudan United Front is my favorable party.

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