Nele: The Great Daughter of Nyaribang Atillo

Posted: June 13, 2018 by Awuol Gabriel Arok in Awuol Gabriel Arok, Junub Sudan, Poems.

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Nele daughter of the famous Nyaribang Atillo of the Abingic Kingdom

You emerged out of your mother’s womb active and healthy

Mischievously you dived in and out of Re-pon falls

Sprouting to the surface with your peculiar pala sound

Ooh! Great daughter of Nyaribang Atillo

There you are!

Niggling into the backyard of your babyish lover-Pac-wach


Slogging eyed natured bushes and spirited rocks of the kind jungle

You the exhausted couple of Awiya plain arrived with jolly victory!

At the playful Fukula falls of beautiful Nimo

Where the great whisperer-the Akaro of Panyidier Kingdom dwells

Hungry for your honeymoon;

While waiting for your hunting moon.

The monarch of the kingdom has something to share with you,

Convivial salutes from ayomo Elephants and hippo of the Nyarakodik valleys awaits you.


You the amorous couple from the Avumalaya Empire

Will have a missionary visit to Awakora dynasty

On your way to the trendy dynasty of Nyaarakac-the piper of hollow bamboo

And after receiving pious blessings from Ajawa the King of love we know;

You the two delectable couple will prefer the way southward to the Valley of Keri keri

Where the bitter trees of motherhood are in abundant

The evil eyes of the forest hunters and roamers

Will make you daughter of Nyawaya tie your belly with Akusi-chang from Akusii tree


On your way to Jubi the home of Ajubak King for visit pass to Kondukereu.

To see the gigantic nest of Vuluvulu-the birds’ king;

The availability of wild adakidano honey from Ajaagera jungle

Will make you trek to Moga-langa Island where the sacred labour pain will start.

Anyerdit the great and popular mid wife is in Terikako Island.

Stretch your journey further eastward to Terikako Island,

There you will be blessed with twin boys


At Terikako Island the twin will grow and Aruma-the Crocodile teeth

Will adore a young beautiful girl by name Nyiru-the plaiter of papyrus

And the other twin Arimi will love Awic the daughter of Aturugung-the Black smith.

You will be blessed with more children while living with Anyerdit the holder of pure blade.

Boribor the possessor of lion-headed spear,

The only demon hunter within the twelve Islands of Surimadang Kingdom

Will snatch the love of Ajuro your second daughter


She wills secretly leave Terikako Island by boat at night to Sukumata Island

Where Boribor the jungle seer dwells

On arriving at the Sukumata gate of purification;

Boribor will send his beefy men to welcome and protect her

All the way to his reverence homestead

With complete instruction from Ajakajak the father of Boribor,

Twenty men will be sent to you Pac-wach to convey the arrival of Ajuro at Sukumata.

And how the Great Boribor Ajakajak fixed his eyes on her for marriage


When that time comes, you the great son of por-achien

Must welcome the visitors with cool and listening hear;

All will be done according to your wish;

And finally Ajuro-the papyrus plaiter

Will traditionally be given to Boribor-the elephant teaser

Years later in Terikako Island

You Pac-wach son of Ayomo of Par-akuach lineage

Will leave behind lineage rod to your children


Back to you Nele offspring of Nyaribang Atillo

When your husband meets the roaming evil

While fishing in Ker-hok River.

Be daughter of the Awuli lineage;

Guide your children out of their father death-bed.

Console them at the family ritual house near the Amukuk tree

And let them mourn their father for three months.

Toward the end of the third month Ajikabol the twin follower

Will announce a fierce battle against the crocodiles

The riders of your husband death


While on the plan to attack the Crocodiles,

Let them know Ajaba the gossip carrier

From Tokurou Island cannot be trusted with secrecy.

And if you fail to deliver the warning message

Ajaba-the roamer of gossiping world

Will prematurely deliver the message to the crocodiles

At Fukobori port


And if his wind sticks reach the crocodiles;

Your gloomed children will be assailed and chased toward chamcham port

Where they will fortuitously meet Mapurgung their long vanished uncle

Back at Ber-ke-ben port a cluster of angry crocodiles

Will be clutching at any living creature with hostility and enmity

Advice them not to return to Ber-ke-ben port


With teary eyes and exhaustion you must rows through Shemshem Rivers to Mar-kalic.

When you have no space to settle in mar-kalic

Don’t falter to proceed with your children to the home of your sister Achir Nyaribang Atillo in Reke.

While there you the daughters of Nyaribang Atillo and your children must move out from Reke.

To Rumbuur where you will meet your aunt Abul Atillo;


With broken heart and boredom you will move through Nuya desert;

While there!

Don’t forget to sprinkle the greyest sands with spiritual water

To protect you against attacks and biting from desert insects;

Keep on doing that until you reach the Egilo desert.

While there you must appease the desert king;

Until you steal your way into the Mediit Sea;


As the wind of fortune pass over the magical sea

Ketket-the protector of sandy sea will appear with a brown gourd

Crammed with blameless blood of Pac-wach;

And on your right hand lie the big accukaram rock,

Behind the rock are Pac-wach bones buried under the sand,

Extract them without fear.


When you are done daughter of Nyaribang Atillo

Bulbul the dragon of life will appear,

Beg him for s spiritual journey to Abingic Kingdom;

The land of your ancestors

Bulbul the dime-eye traveler will not turn down your request.

Thee Farewell to Majesty the Nile.

Awuol Gabriel Arok, a Writer, and a Poet, has a Bachelor Degree in Social and Developmental Studies from the University of Juba, South Sudan, he is the author of the unpublished book ‘‘The Wisdom Horn’’ and an Initiator of ‘‘Your Tribe is My Tribe’’ and ‘‘Giving Heart Foundation’’ initiatives. He can be reached via his email Address:

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