The Magnitude of Juba-Nimule Road to the Economic Survival of South Sudan

Posted: June 13, 2018 by Awuol Gabriel Arok in Awuol Gabriel Arok, Economy, Junub Sudan

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


Wednesday, June 13, 2018 (PW) — A road is a route or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travelling by foot or some other forms of transportation.

Juba-Nimule Road is an important socioeconomic road connecting South Sudan to Uganda and the whole of East Africa via Nimule and Nadapal.

 This important road has length of 192 Km and work on it started in 2007 and was completed in 2012.

 Before the completion of Juba-Nimule road movement of people and goods from Nimule to Juba takes a number of weeks and consequently parts of the road were impassible during the rainy season.

In October 2011, USAID launched the final stage of building the 192 Kilometer Juba-Nimule road.

 The completion of that project made Juba-Nimule road the first highway-the only paved road outside major towns in the the Republic of South Sudan.

 The project was funded by USAID in close cooperation with the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) Ministry of Transport and Roads.

 Its primarily objective was to strengthen development and bolster economic growth in Southern Sudan as a region with poor infrastructural development after the end of one of the longest wars in Africa.

 But the shape exterior of that substance road is disappearing day by day, hence, giving public a fear of its coming consequences.

 South Sudan National Ministry of roads and Bridges must do something before the road lost its top shell and texture.

 That road segments from Konyonyo to Bor Road junction has many potholes and as of today greater part of Shirikat road has completely shattered down.

 Appearance of many potholes and flattened part of the road along Juba-Nimule highway has became so risky for the vehicles carrying people and Fuels.

 The economic aspects of that road must be considered by the concern authority, Juba Nimule Road is the only road in South Sudan that is maintaining livelihood of almost everyone in the country and if it is allow to goes back to its earlier condition where vehicles carrying goods takes 2 to 3 weeks before arriving in Juba.

 Thereafter, its hurting consequences on the Citizens would be very disastrous in term of basic services supplies such as food stuffs.

 Juba -Nimule Road maintenances must be prioritized by everyone according to its importance to the Republic of South Sudan.

Good Roads are an importance part of economic development, growth and usually brings social benefits to the public.

Roads are the conduit of life’s activities, they are vital tool in nation grow and development, because of those reasons,road infrastructure is the most important of all public assets.

The basic role of transport infrastructure is to generate connections between geographically separated locations for both commercial and individual needs.

Regular road maintenance are so crucial in achieving economic and social prosperity.

This mean a nation must maintains her roads network with the little public resources available such that an absolute breakdown of social services and activities is play down.

According to the World Bank, roads “are among the most important public assets in any country,” so keeping them in good working condition is a national duty”.

Ministry of Roads and Bridges must keep its watchful eyes on Juba-Nimule Road.

Juba-Nimule Road must be a number one National Project.

Awuol Gabriel Arok, a Writer, and a Poet, has a Bachelor Degree in Social and Developmental Studies from the University of Juba, South Sudan, he is the author of the unpublished book ‘‘The Wisdom Horn’’ and an Initiator of ‘‘Your Tribe is My Tribe’’ and ‘‘Giving Heart Foundation’’ initiatives. He can be reached via his email Address:


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