Press release: The formation of Jonglei state community-USA (JSC-USA)

Posted: August 22, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release


 Wednesday, August 22, 2018 (PW) — With a great deal of deliberation and community engagement, the people of Jonglei State in the United States of America have something to share with the world at large. Today, the Committee tasked with the setup of the inclusive community based organization for all the subtribes of the Jonglei State is hereby announcing the formation of Jonglei State Community-USA.

There has been a lot of soul searching and reflection in the greater goal of a union that will be representative of the diverse and unique subtribes of Jonglei State namely: Hol, Bor, Nyarweng, and Twic. The history of these four Jieng’s subtribes is rich in tradition and cultural similarity that date back many generation. In fact, they’re inseparable through shared values and common identity.

With all that in mind, there has been a lot of confusions in recent times about what should be the common identification for the four Jieng’s subtribes (Hol, Bor, Nyarweng, & Twic) in the Jonglei State. The name Jonglei State belongs to all the subtribes and no one group claims that name, therefore it’s imperative that the state name should be adopted as our common name for all the Jieng’s subtribes in the Jonglei State.The leadership of Duk, Twic and Bor communities in the United States have had many consultative meetings on this matter to come to a consensus about what is the correct way to identify ourselves. Jonglei State community was suggested as a way to make all subtribes part of a whole without elevating or minimizing any subtribe. The problem of identity has been quite vexing and it’s an impediment to the unity and progress of our people. The formation of the Jonglei State Community-USA is an attempt in bridging the gap amongst the Jieng’s subtribes so there can be peace and harmony

Jonglei State community-USA is a community based organization, and it is open to all Jieng’s subtribes in the Jonglei State. We as a community need unity amongst each other and that can only come when internal tensions usually arising from an identity crisis are eliminated. This is an opportunity for all peace loving members of our communities to come together in mutual respect and admiration to embrace each other and work towards solving common problems affecting us all like insecurity, hunger and helping our displaced residents move back home.

To move forward, we are going to have to ignore certain actors in all our communities who beat the drums of disunity on the daily basis on social media to try to tear on the social fabric of our people. They are few but their voices are amplified when respectable members share their vile messages. Respecting each other is what we were known for as a community who does not rush to judgment, but weigh decisions carefully. This also means respecting our elders, and their good name should not be dragged into the raging cyber warfare seen over the past few years. We cannot control every rogue member, but practicing self-restraint and being mindful of the larger community goals is implored.

Our communities(Twic, Hol, Nyarweng, and Bor) are being used as pawns in the larger geopolitics in the Republic of South Sudan. In order for us to succeed, we need to realize that the only way we can overcome external challenges is through unity. We can only be stronger if we are one. That can only come if none of the four subtribes constituting the Jonglei State feels excluded. Discussing internal issues honestly in the spirit of achieving greater good in our communities should be encouraged.

In the formation of this community based organization, we want all the Jonglei State community-USA’s members to know that we will pursue this vigorously without reservations. It’s moving forward without any further delay. All members of the Jonglei State are welcome to be part of this Great Initiative.




Bul Thuc Dut.                President TCA-USA

David Hoth Thon.          President Duk USA (H&N)

Dut Atem Dut

Majur Deng Mabior

Lual Daau Lual, Jr.

Andrew Thuc Thanypiny

Mayak Deng Aruei

Peter Bayak Lem

Deng Atem Bol

Aleer Ngor Chol

Kuer Garang Manyok

Agot Ayuel Leek

Atem Deng Ajang

Majok Reth Chuol

Garang Kuol Garang

Nyuon Galuak Nyuon

Kuir Dit Majuch

Maduk Aleer Chol

Yar Arok Deng

Deng Bul Kuer

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  1. Anok Maketh says:

    That’s a very good move. I thank our people of Jonglei in USA for this milestone. Our people need a just, and inclusive unity not the imposed one. We all belong to Jonglei. Full stop!!!@@@


  2. Atem says:

    Execell moved leaders of Dukeen and Twi community. We need strong unity where everyone can be proud and contribute. By moving this Jonglie unity forward don’t go to sleep, from greater Bor communities to Jongle communities needs more campaign to assure that it’s peaceful and everyone is welcome.


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