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By Jacob Jokmagai Dengadiit, Juba, South Sudan

 old map of jonglei counties


Wednesday, August 22, 2018 (PW) — I recently wrote an article entitled, ‘WHERE IS THIS OLD MAN CALLED BOR?’ I was addressing the name that has been taken as our daily topic of discussion while in real sense, we have issues of concern like poverty, insecurity, lack of infrastructure, poor healthcare, and lack of jobs topping the list of our daily utopian needs.

I was marveled later by some of the comments I received under my article. I saw that this problem is more of an ethnic identity crisis. I remembered the disagreements between #Team_Magot and #Team_Gongic_Lualmawut back in Juba during the wrestling tournament in the middle of this year. I also recalled the ditching songs between Bor and Twi especially. I still see them going live on the same matter. I see a push and a pull between the name ‘Bor’ and ‘Jonglei.’

Because of the above reasons, I recoiled back into my world of thoughts and I was like, “Ureka! History will settle this matter once and for all.” I went into research only to discover the one and only thing that many of my friends have been always bothering me about. “Jokmagai, please write a book.” That is one of the constant words I hear when I talk to some of my relatives and friends. To my friends I discovered that I can really write a book.

My research was on the names; ‘Dinka Bor, Bor Asili and The Dinka of Jonglei.’ I had promised to write an article and published it here as a point of debate and discussion. The title of my research was: “JONGLEI MERRY-GO-ROUND OF POLITICAL GAMBLES THROUGH ETHNIC ASSIMILATION SUPERIORITY SYNDROME: FROM NYARWENGIZATION THROUGH KONGORIZATION TO BORIZATION.” As I was doing that research, I addressed the issue at hand and when I later finished, I discovered that I had already written 44 pages. The ideas were still jumping in from the creative side of the brain and I was like, “Let me write a book on this then.” Look! Already 44 pages in about a week!


By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia


Wednesday, August 22, 2018 (PW) — With the likely advent of peace in the coming months, all the attention now turns to implementation of the agreement and the elections to crown it all. In the meantime, the parties preemptively vowed to implement the agreement in letter and spirit. Possibly they are aware of the lost opportunities by not implementing the previous agreement.

Had all gone well, by now, the country would have been a different place and no one would be in this mirage any more. This country has gone through difficult periods, characterised by famine, disease such as cholera and other preventable disasters since resuming atrocities 5 years ago.

One of the advantages of having peace is the potential to innovate and grow albeit gradually with time. The advanced nations we see and look up to today in the world ceased wars and conflict many decades ago. In the absence of war a nation is able to develop and channel its human capital solely for development. It also uses its resources exclusively for this purpose. (more…)


 Wednesday, August 22, 2018 (PW) — With a great deal of deliberation and community engagement, the people of Jonglei State in the United States of America have something to share with the world at large. Today, the Committee tasked with the setup of the inclusive community based organization for all the subtribes of the Jonglei State is hereby announcing the formation of Jonglei State Community-USA.

There has been a lot of soul searching and reflection in the greater goal of a union that will be representative of the diverse and unique subtribes of Jonglei State namely: Hol, Bor, Nyarweng, and Twic. The history of these four Jieng’s subtribes is rich in tradition and cultural similarity that date back many generation. In fact, they’re inseparable through shared values and common identity.

With all that in mind, there has been a lot of confusions in recent times about what should be the common identification for the four Jieng’s subtribes (Hol, Bor, Nyarweng, & Twic) in the Jonglei State. The name Jonglei State belongs to all the subtribes and no one group claims that name, therefore it’s imperative that the state name should be adopted as our common name for all the Jieng’s subtribes in the Jonglei State. (more…)