Final Report on Conducting Research on Educational Development in China

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Final Report on Our Trips conducting Educational Development Researches Across China, 2017-2019

Prepared by Mr-John Monyluak Thon Lal, Master’s Degree Student/ Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua City, China

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit (L) with his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao


Wednesday, May 1, 2019 (PW) — The report will focus on all trips; most of focus will be Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Wuhan and Beijing. But before disseminating the report in details, let explain my bona-fide start for coming to China, first was a initial and a wonderful admission, after when Zhejiang Normal University decided to enroll me as a Master Degree student in The Program of Comparative Education; I officially made my decision to came and study here, because never forgot that a chance came at once and go.

My desire for study in abroad I was specifically interested to study in probably two Countries, the China and Japan, the reason behind this, I though that I am naturally socialistic when viewing the way I want people to live, people should respect each other, always smile, do right things and refrain from bad ones. The humanism should be guided base on natural norms sharing of equal opportunities and cooperation.

These two Countries should have these principles most importantly China. Because I learned a lot about China History especially Mao Zedong and Confucius their history is well known worldwide, These are the reasons allowed me to came, this report will much talk of trips that we had last year in Hangzhou, Wuhan as well as the development in Hangzhou and this University, it will also in collaborate the trip that we had in Beijing.

After my Arrival the accommodation was very good, in international dormitory where all international students are accommodated here is dorm.

The goodness of environments has made me learned that The university makes strenuous efforts to open up to the outside world the way they respect and treated government officials who study in their university, this reflect cooperativeness and kindness, in several docs and some lectures that we had about this school in recent years, we discover that there is a ties of academic exchange and cooperation been set up between ZJNU and 92 foreign universities and research institutes in 42 countries. In 1996, ZJNU set up a Center for Chinese Language and Culture in Cameroon, in 1997, the university was authorized to accept short- and long-term international students most students here came from those countries, Cameron and others that had a ties relation with them, this had also encouraged me to tell my fellow South Sudanese to observe the same development, it is not too late to established centers for exchanges with this University.

All the institutes that 42 countries had with this University has been officially approved by the Ministry of Education in china, ZJNU established a Base for Education Assistance and Development in 2004 to undertake human resources development projects for senior education administrators from other continents of course last year some South Sudanese attended training here based on that projects they are capable for mentors and orientation in education fields. in addition, it has been authorized to run a center for overseas studies to assist self-funded students to study in foreign countries. in 2007, the university was authorized to accept international students supported by the Chinese Government Scholarship and established Confucius Institutes in Cameroon and Ukraine.

Following the motto of “wisdom with virtue, integrity with innovation”, ZJNU is striding forward to build itself into a high-level comprehensive teaching and research university with its own characteristics.

The environment of College and schools

Zhejiang Normal University has 18 colleges and schools that offers 61 study programs.

1-Chuyang Honors College

2-Institute of African Studies

3-College of Economics and Management

4-College of Law and Political Science

5-Hangzhou College of Preschool Teacher Education

6-College of Physical Education and Health Sciences

6-College of Humanities

7-College of Foreign Languages

8-College of Geography and Environmental Sciences

9-College of Engineering

10-College of Music

11-College of International Culture and Education

12-College of Chemistry and Life Sciences

13-College of Teacher Education

14-College of Fine Arts

15-College of Mathematics Physics and Information Technology

16-College of Communication and Creative Culture

17-Xingzhi College

18-College of Vocational and Technical Education

19-Office of Postgraduate Teaching and Student Affairs

Our college is the College of teacher education, they had organized a several trips for us since last year 2018, we had first visited Wanxiang Polytechnic high school and Hangzhou Museums, we had visited Hangzhou, Wuhan and many other places across China, I learned some patriotic initiative by the local government in that city of Hangzhou most focusing in field of education connected to employment and good example is Wanxiang Polytechnic High school or college, the history will start with history of Hangzhou city and  its wonderful schools.

1-Ancient History of Hangzhou

The visit that we had in Hangzhou proof to me that it is  Not only a major tourist destination for its famous West Lake, but it’s also home to some of master of the biggest innovative businesses in china, like Alibaba, it is known that Hangzhou is an ancient city with a rich and complex history. Here the history of Hangzhou in brief.

Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC)

We were told that the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, is famous for the building of an incredible mausoleum to himself known today as terracotta warriors Museum gets all the way to Hangzhou and declares the region as a part of his empire.

Sui Dynasty (581-618)

Another narrative points was the Grand Canal, originating in Beijing, has been also extended to Hangzhou, thus linking the city to the most profitable trading route in China. Hangzhou becomes increasingly powerful and prosperous.

Tang Dynasty (618-907)

This city Hangzhou’s population has been said its increases as well as its regional power, serves as the capital for the Wuyue kingdom in the late tenth century.

Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)

In this years it was said that Hangzhou’s golden age of prosperity as it became the capital city of the Southern Song Dynasty. Local industry flourished and worship of Taoism and Buddhism peaked. Many of the temples that you can visit today were built during this period.

Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368)

Mongols rule China and Marco Polo visits Hangzhou in 1290. It is said that he was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the Xi Hu, or West Lake, that he transcribed, and thus popularized, a famous Chinese saying Shang you tiantang, xia you Suhang. This saying means “in heaven there is paradise, on earth there is Su[zhou] and Hang[zhou]”. The Chinese now like to call Hangzhou a “Paradise on Earth”.

Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1644, 1616-1911)

Hangzhou continued to grow and prosper from its local industries, especially silk weaving, and became the center for silk production in all of China.

Hangzhou and its Recent History in Brief notes

After the Qing Dynasty crumbled and the republic was established, Hangzhou lost economic status to Shanghai with its foreign stakes in the 1920s. Internal warfare cost Hangzhou hundreds of thousands of people and whole sections of the city were destroyed.

Since the opening of China in the 20th century, Hangzhou has been on the rebound. Increasing foreign investment and a cluster of some of China’s most successful private enterprises, like New York Stock Exchange-listed Alibaba, have made Hangzhou, once again, one of the most prosperous cities in China.

How to Visit Historical Hangzhou

Visiting historical Hangzhou is slightly easier than in other large cities that have been developing at light-speed. The West Lake itself is a nice way to ground yourself in the history of the city with its beautiful views and scenic walks. Take to the hills and visit some of the historical pagodas and temples. Or take a walk down Qinghefang Historic Street. If you can weave through the vendors, you can get a sense of what the city looked like in ancient times.

Description of Wanxiang Polytechnic High school

The wanxiang polytechic of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province is a full-time vocational and technical higher education college, established jointly by the Municipal people’s government of Hangzhou and a leading enterprise, Wanxiang group, which was established with the approval of the provincial people’s government of Zhejiang Province, China has received considerable supports from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

This is school Building.

The high school it is located in Area of the west lake in Zhejiang Province  known as west lake scenic spot near Xixi National Wet park and we had visited at that time, that wet park is known as a city nicknamed ‘ heaven on earth’  for it is very beautiful, but at the present moments this high school has two campuses with 6000 students, it has also been reported that HZWP has set up 5 departments, i.e. Applied Engineering, Economic and Commerce, Business Administration, Biotechnology and Liberal Education, offering programs. To Satisfy the economic development and community needs of Zhejiang Province, in particular Hangzhou city is the target, HZWP has also been reported set up three programs clusters, covering advanced manufacturing, modern service industry and modern urban agriculture sectors to nurture students with international perspective and professional ethics, employment rate of graduates stays at 98% and above.

The president reported several achievements accomplished by the students of HZWP their students has been said that they managed to won 275 awards in various competitions, including 10 first prizes at national level and 6 awards at provincial level.  HZWP people said that it has been listed as an instrumental or the great achievement meant as ‘experimental unit of open education in zhejiang’by Zhejiang/provincial. Since 2011 the institution has taken up the program of “100K Strong Initiative” of bringing 100,000 USA students to China. Students of Northwestern University, the University of Chicago; teachers of the middle schools of Chicago and many prominent institutions came to HZWP to do summer programs in the past years. HZWP has won many honorable titles like “Civilized Unit in Zhejiang”.

 This is a  peaceful campus in Zhejiang  and a top  ten vocational or technical education  institutes in Zhejiang/Provinces and in Hangzhou City notes that the contemporary of this institute or counterpart of this institute is the Hongkong Polytechic University it has been trying hard, helping HZWP so as to enhance skills not only,accademy level but also the holistic student development. 

HZWP aims has been systematically prepare or actually meant to designed or produce well and very good preferred graduates with positive working attitude, strong application skills, good communication abilities and team working spirits. 

The speeches of The President of Wanxiang Polytechnic and his Cabinet

The speech of the president was really courageous and educative on issues related to creativeness of high school and it mission, he delivery his speech by assured the students that their policy is guided by applied international ample cultural, with UK, US and Singapore member of political in 2013.

  1. firstly each year American group will come visit our school, and have lesson like, Chinese culture, the linkages and language learning, further more the innovation in Chinese adding to that is learning of cultures or values that Country like China services it society, in continuation of the events , the cooperation had included new phase of vocational training as being regarded as a development for the nation.
  2. China is a country with a large population, therefore it was meant that vocational training shall contribute to the development in China, this vocational training has a significance development in progress , innovation play important role in Chinese dream which was facilitated or introduced by the Current President of China Xi Jinping, the nation has assured the citizen that education will be connected with employment.
  3. We cultivate, staff skills, through Ministry of general education, the President assured the establishment of the legal system that support government responsibility, increase development.
  4. Improvement support and project support as well as environmental support.
  5. Strengthening secondary education and construction of high vocational colleges.
  6. Master Degree programs and Doctoral program, as well establishment the mechanism for improvement of vocational training.
  7. Vocational training is more  better supported and support 1,000 secondary schools.

New Strategies:-

1-There is a new proposed strategy cooperate governance school and enterprise, innovation to promote teaching & product, promotion the system of joint venture & also invite the industry to measurement.

2-The modernization of the school to share the sources between schools & enterprises.

3- to promote the model training between learning and entire working experiences learning from working according to Confucius, in continuation of the main events of the study, Artificial intelligence polarization Era of innovation of technology and entrepreneurship, technician for agriculture has been popular and recognized and widely used.

Comprehensive development, the Horticulture of the development, combination of Technical and management project of industry, this technology production has benefit improved greatly integration, the new strategy focus most on cultivation of technology skills students designed or invented new things on their creativity, we encouraged creative education system. We cultivate international skills, chasing era of innovation and entrepreneurship , our mission focus in the past 5 years focused on education designation of the innovated things that had never been done before, our population of entrepreneurship is bigger, this help in employment.

Thirdly within the first trip in Hangzhou, we visited Zhejiang University of water resources in Hangzhou

Second report is about our field Visit to one of the well known University in Zhejiang Province , that is  Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric power, their motto is well articulated known as  ‘’ Erudition and Truth Seeking’’ expresses the value orientation and spiritual quality of those of ZJWEC, learning more genuine knowledge and doing more practical work. Being ‘’learned’’ highlights learning— learning a variety of knowledge from all kinds of people, while being ‘’practical’’ highlights practice— working in a down-to-earth manner and behaving in an honest way, this school was said that it begin in 1953 as Hangzhou Hydropower upgraded into Zheijaing electric power in 1958, into Zhejiang water conservancy in 1975, further more it was renamed as Zhejiang water conservancy and Hydropower school, holding hold it was also renamed in 1984 as Zhejiang Water Conservancy and Hydropower College finally  the school was promoted into current Zhejiang University of water Resources and Electric power in 2013, the campus was moved to Xiasha Higher education Park.

The University has research Base construction

Devoted to building up an application-oriented university and strengthening collaboration, the university was approved to establish three research center bases that we visited namely, cao-e River Eco-Hydrological research, Ou River Eco-hydrological research base and yueqing hydraulic and Electric Engineering Research award. Therefore the president assured us that in order for University to stimulate the water resources sustainable utilization and ecological construction of Cao’E river and support the decision makers of the research bases on hydrological and water resources as well as hydraulic engineering construction of Zhejiang University of water Resources and electric power jointly established the Cao-E River Eco-Hydrological researches on hydrology and water resources, water ecology protection and river network hydrodynamics,

The Achievements of This University

The report from the President indicated that, for the past years, Zhejiang University of water Resources and electric has undertaken more than 1,000 front-line science and technology projects at all levels in the Area of water conservancy industry of Zhejiang Province, among these projects with an overall fund approaching 200 million RMB, 6 were national programs and over 80 are at ministerial and provincial level. The faculty members published over 1,000 papers and won 25 research awards, including Dayu water science and technology award, Zhejiang science and technology award, scientific Achievement Award of Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang Provincial water conservancy science and technology innovation award.

Third visit to Wuhan

I have no much to report about Wuhan visit because last year visit I was concentrated in Hangzhou, but based on my observation, Wuhan season of spring is of joy and happiness for all living beings, the world earth wear green dress decorated with blossoms.

Wuhan is one of the beautiful places in China that are famous for cherry blossoms, a lot of foreigners wait spring season to see the cherry blossoms. These flowers are the soul of spring season representing renewal, beauty and fleeting nature of life. We also the nature and beauty of Yangzi river a historical river in China.

Fourth Visit The final report Beijing 14-20/2019

We visit great wall, it was narrated to us that it is one of 7 adventures wonders of the world, we climb it up to the top and was really seem to be a great achievements by the builders, to me this reflect patriotic and cooperation.

Peking University

The lecturer Dr. Shi Xiaoguang, assured us why the Peking University is considered pursuit of Academic Excellence the ‘Beida Way’

He said is because of analyzed three factors

1-Glory and contribution in China’s modern history

2-Commitment and leadership in contemporary country’s modernization

3-Unique cultural ethos and identity

He assured us that Peking University was founded in 1898 as imperial Peking University, was also a china’s first modern State University and was at the center of the country’s major intellectual movements in the twentieth century.

First public university: imperial university, originally, the university served as both the highest national institution for higher education and china’s central educational administration with oversight and administration power over all schools in the country. It was later renamed National Peking University, the dissociation between the state bureaucracy and Peking University that started in the first ten years of the twentieth century became more prominent at the establishment of the Republic in 1912. The ideas for transformation of the Peking University was initiated by Cai Yuanpei (1917-1923) an ideas were transported from German Universities, by which PKU transformed from government’s affiliation to academic institution, developed western learning, renewing interest in Buddism, reinterprete Confucian and other branches of Chinese learning.

The campus in Peking

The campus is regarded as one of interest place to visit, a must see destination for tourists visiting Beijing, the importance of the campus was acknowledged by the time Asia in 1999 article, which listed Peking University as one of the fifty places that defines modern China, the professor SHI, briefed us alots about Peking University, the lecture was very excited and interested to listen carefully.

Finally Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square We went over there at around 3:00am morning just to secure our places so that we may see the raising of the flag of which we did it was really very interested to watch, the flag is raised while the national Anthem is being played so as to encourage the patriotic to listen courageously and bravely when reminded by the anthem about their past achievements of their heroes, the tainanmen square is located at central Beijing in Dongcheng District, East Chang’an Avanue, North of tainanmen, South of Zhengyang gate, east from the national museum of china, west to the great hall, north to south with 880 meters east west width of 500 meters. With an area of 440,000 square meters, it can accommodate 1 billion people for grand gathering is the largest city square in the world. In that square we saw a lot of things on grounds light-colored granites stones treated with special decoration, in the center stands monument of the people’s heroes and the solemn Chairman Mao momerial hall. In both sides of the square represent people’s cultural palace, it is the very places we enjoy moving around and new great history of this nation, people’s republic of China.


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