Twic East Election in the USA: Why You Should Vote for Bany Lual Bul Manyok

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Twic East Elections in the United States of America: Why You Should Vote for Bany Lual Bul Manyok

By Ajang Bior Ajang, Eldoret, Kenya

Twic East Community in the USA

Friday, May 3, 2019 (PW) — I am very impressed with the current campaigns in the US, I must confess! The gears are on perilous mode as we march towards the finishing line. We’ve seen Twi citizens beyond the US borders, whose participation in these elections is not legally binding, taking serious roles of campaigning for the candidates of their choice. I will not be different from them though I will be scrutinizing the ideals of the two camps; this will assist us in making the right choices when we get to the ballot in July.

Choices have consequences! I believe this is the reason as to why responsible members of our community are racing against time to feed us with the right information as captured in the platforms of the two political divides in this political campaigns. Your agenda is your identity in an election and therefore they’re very right to sell their ideals.

However, Have you made up your mind? Whose platform squarely has the interest of the community at heart? Well, I will not vote, but were I to cast a vote my choice would be loud and crystal clear; I would cast it in favor of LUAL BUL MANYOK! Yes, I mean team ONE VISION! 

When we say choices have consequences we are trying to forewarn electorates not to make severe decisions that are irreversible. Human beings can be extremely self centered a time! It’s worth rebuking for a team with well-known intellectuals to shamelessly move around selling an agenda that’s adding absolutely no value to the community.

Why Should We Not Vote For Team Atem Deng?

What’s CULTURE? In a layman’s language, culture is the attitude and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group. Purporting that culture is the main agenda in this group doesn’t sell with me! What’s wrong with culture in the first place? The answer is the reason why I stated earlier that we can a time be extremely self-centered. We’re very aware that we’ve kids who have adopted the western way of life (westernized). But what do you expect from a kid who’s never been to his ancestral homelands to witness their way of life and spends 99% of their time with the whites? Obviously they will adapt to the white man way of life. 

Are you telling us that you will build cultural heritage centers in the 53 states of the United States of America where Twi would be converging to disseminate Jiëng way of life to their children? That would be a white lie to me if this is the assertion you’re making here. Rehabilitation of culture should begin in your own houses; tell your kids what you know and the best way they should live their life. Surely, your kid can’t listen to any other person other than you when it comes to manipulation of their own way of life. In short, this is a clear indication that you’ve been overwhelmed by your primary duty: molding children to live a good moral life.

You should be a good role model as a parent to your child, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking of culture had you done this. In fact, I am tempted to believe that Atem and the whole team ‘aaye nigat’ because kids tend to emulate their parents 90% of the time!!! By voting this team, we would be entrusting our resources to wrong hands, which would ultimately translate to wrong priorities.

Secondly, women contributions in the community of Twi and any other community are paramount and undeniable. You can’t purport to be fighting for the right of women when in real sense none of their rights got infringed in the first place. That’s ambidextrous! I believe the constitution of Twi in the United States of America enshrines the rights of women and if they’re not captured in this document it shouldn’t be blamed on an individual who’s never been to the throne of this community. All we need as a community is to amend the constitution such that their grievances are incorporated in this document.

It’s paradoxically laughable to make it appear as if ‘bany’ Lual Bul doesn’t have women interest at heart. Come on, the love of his life is a woman; his mother is a woman; his grandmother is a woman! My understanding of his idea regarding women issue is that the agendium is a minor thing; it’s petty and would be a misplaced priority should it be fronted when we have serious issues that calls for our time and financial resources like SECURITY back home – paande Twi.

Do we need to deny the question of inexperience too! Surely, we’re not being honest with ourselves, otherwise the point of experience can’t be rubbish as such. Experience is the accumulation of knowledge or skills that results from direct participation in events or activities. How do we entrust an individual with no background of firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations of the Twi people with their administration! You have a responsibility not to throw this community to pets.

Why Should You Vote Lual Bul Manyok?

Bany Lual Bul Manyok is directly proportional to the interest of Twi! As we all heard from him during Kong’or women fundraiser event in Nebraska the other day, it was insecurity that led to the death of chief Duot Bior; it was because of insecurity that led to the death of Bior-anyarpeei in 1991; it was insecurity that led to the destruction of wealth and mass killing of innocent civilians in maar and paliau a few years ago.

It was insecurity that led to the unwarranted killing of civilians in Wernyol just the other year; it was insecurity that led to the death of Mach ë Mayupdau who was young, energetic and full of life. These are few sad cases we can revisit to remind ourselves of the importance of SECURITY ‘paanda’. Therefore, without fear of contradictions or favor, SECURITY is very crucial in all essence!

Secondly, Bany Lual Bul Manyok is very convincing unlike Atem whose ideals are being preached by other gifted public speakers like Bol Atem-wuor ë tung, mama madong, and his wife. The right leaders are judged based on what they say; how do we judge this alleged leader who has hired a battalion of speaking machinery to head his campaigns as he sips his cup of coffee at his comfort zone at the top of large towering buildings in Michigan! I repeat, the surest bet in this game would be Bany Lual Bul Manyok.

‘Aye jiëng lueel’: hunting dog that’s fronted/guided to catch an antelope by women ends up disappointing the owner. Worry less ‘nënär!’

Last but not the least reason to why we should vote for Bany Lual is his concession of defeat in the last elections to Bany Bul Thuch Dut. We’ve seen what has been happening in Australia and in Africa; junubin don’t just concede defeat. We, in most cases, lean on lame grounds just to make sure mayhem befalls in the community. We’ve seen that happened in Africa, and in Australia just the other day, but because of love this guy holds in his heart about his people, rejection of the results never crossed his mind.

I believe this is his chance to take on the steering wheel of the community. No force whatsoever can stop an idea whose time has come. Bany Lual is winning this election! That, I can confess. What I do not know and only remains to be known on the D-day is the percentage/rate at which he’s gonna beat Atem at but he will be ruthlessly defeated both hands down.

Someone called him Raila Odinga the other day. Indeed Hon. Raila is the only political figure in the African continent whose love for his people can be compared to the love Bany Lual has in his heart for his people. Their political interests don’t supersede the interest of the populace they admire to serve.

Bany Lual Bul Manyok is taking Twi to Canaan, the Promised Land, unlike Raila’s journey, which was cut short at the Jordan River in which the waters were infested with crocodiles. To Aguer Ajang Aguer, you’re doing our job. Keep it burning, raandit. A vote for Lual is PROGRESS in a foreign language. Lual oyeeeh! One vision oyeeeh!

The author, Ajang Bior Ajang, is a concerned patriotic Twi and can be reached via his email: ajang bior ajang <>

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël Media (PW) website. If you want to submit an opinion article, commentary or news analysis, please email it to PaanLuel Wël Media (PW) website do reserve the right to edit or reject material before publication. Please include your full name, a short biography, email address, city and the country you are writing from.

  1. kailoor says:

    The different between the rights of human being and the right of women is the same as repeating the same rights in all account when it comes to woman’s rights since both two identities, Man/woman are born equal, the should pose the same rights.
    Then, if it is the case, do we have others IMPORTANT issues in South Sudan and in Jonglei state in particular which necessitate the world attention. For instance, why is it always a world news when a man disagree with a woman and called it a raped in South Sudan and it is not a news when the same girl child is taken away from her biological parents only to be kill in the process, rape or if she is luck sold in distance land.
    That awful tragedy known as child trafficking is long forgotten in the country in which you dwell and it is largely practice by known community in your home area.

    If you talk of insecurity, no one will take you seriously, please be realistic.


  2. Elijah Dau Reech Ajok says:

    Congratulation Lual Bul Manyok Duot won 2019 Twic community USA Priesident


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