South Sudan: The person in the crow’s nest has misdirected the captain

Posted: May 15, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Majok Arol Dhieu, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Majok Arol Dhieu, Juba, South Sudan

Governor Augustino Jadalla Wani of Jubek State.jpg
Governor Augustino Jadalla Wani of Jubek State.jpg

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 (PW) — As the number of political critics soared on the social media, however, this has pushed the governor of Jubek State to banned night’s clubs without considering the disastrous effect it will cause on both economics and political activities.

The government seem to have panicky feeling by clinging to every word from opposition groups but the importance of these strategic outsourcing by political outcasts through their political kinship members in the social media has already begun to wane because of the distance and other circumstances. These radical thinkers look at many ways they’ll attract the attention of more supporters to effect the change that they’ve been longing for.

There’s a tremendous sense of camaraderie when I realized from my admired writers that the Red Card Movement—-a socio-economic groupings against vagaries of civil war—is only the group of scaremongers whose ideas are a hodgepodge of overthrowing Dinka, overthrowing president Salva Kiir and many confused strategies seeking to make political capital out of the situation by peddling such malicious and unjustified rumours. 

These are very convoluted ideas in which the purpose and view was to threaten the government and to keep it on tenterhooks, in order to perform poorly. The only recourse left to the government now, is to mistreat its citizens at the end of their rope. Any group in the city or at state level is considered by the government as a group of the oppositions who are discussing its down fall. How are citizens going to survive through such treatments?

The way I look at the order is just a provocation of the situation; there is no such kind of order even in developed countries. It has to be revoke as early as possible because even the government itself will have no coherent thread holding its policies together if citizens are scared away on the basis of being mobilized by the corporatist politicians and other interest groups outside the country.

Let the government beware that, the piercing stench of this order which has banned night’s clubs is the aroma of failure because the order would be correct on the political and cultural criticism view which examines how different religions, ethnicities, class identifications, political beliefs and views affect the ways in which printed materials are invented and interpreted, but the order is wrong on the business PoV (point of view).

Why? Because having marriage’s certificate has never been set as a law for all South Sudanese in their respective areas. The travelling couples will have difficulties because of the order since South Sudan authorities, which executed orders on behalf of the government over-eggs, the pudding.

It’ll be another chance for head of these authorities to loot individuals found with their own wives by either making them to produce marriage’s certificate or pay bribes to stay in hotels apart from accommodation money.

Also, because the business centres in Juba will loss customers and will not make much profit, which’ll in turn affect the flow of the government taxes on daily basis.

In addition, the majority of the population especially the unemployed youth who gather in those areas for the purpose of networking will feel as downtrodden masses.

The end, go and look over it.

I’ve authored hundreds articles and can be easily caught in the crossfire on

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