The anticipated Red Card Movement protest on 16 May is the ugly face of the failed opposition

Posted: May 15, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Longar Mathiec Wol, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Longar Mathiec Wol, Juba, South Sudan

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 (PW) — As Junubin culture of copy pasting has reached it climax, it emerged the Red Card Movement (RCM) the copy paste of Sudan revolution. Based on the whatsApp leaks documents in hot of Juba website the WhatsApp group was created by someone in Sudan, that confirmed the origin of the movement.

In the next few days, that is the 16 May which collide with the SPLM/A revolution of 1983; people of Juba are anticipating the unlikely mockery protest. What is so funny about this protest is that, there has never been a clear leader (s) spearheading it. Compare to Sudan the Sudan protest was led by Sudanese Professional Association. That itself shows the level of disorganization within the red card movement.

However, the question many people have been contemplating or lingering in people’s minds is; who is behind the red card movement and what is it trying to achieve. In my opinion, the perceived movement is being pampered by disgruntle international community and the disoriented opposition leaders. So pathetic.

What is so unfortunate about it is that some of the oppositions who signed the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS) have hands on these illegal underground activities. But what are they hoping to achieve? Well, may be some think over throwing the government will give them a chance to lead the next government, but the facts on the ground indicate otherwise.

As I mentioned before, some international community are not happy that South Sudanese are able to craft and come up with the peace that is likely to succeed, due to that these international forces work hard behind the scene to make sure that peace has failed. There is no surprise, because these sabotages started with the refusal to fund the implementation of the peace agreement.

As the government struggle to fund and implement the peace, the same actors went a head to undermine the implementation. And for them to make sure they achieve their noble objectives of regime change they have to come up with other means of making sure that the regime change succeeded. Hence, this other means is the red card movement.

Red card Movement, south sudan

To some of us here, the red card movement is the movement with out vision and too tribalistic and has already failed in social media before it has been put to test on the ground, why it deemed to have failed in social, well, the social media keyboard warriors were too disoriented to know that the suffering South Sudanese undergo everyday is affecting everyone with Dinka community not exceptional.

They failed to understand that some of their brothers and sisters from this community who are standing with them with the same grievances if any have directly or indirectly been targeted with hate speeches post in social media. This ill-campaign targeted toward one ethnic group doesn’t only exposed their ill-plane of trying to over throw the democratically elected government, but also shows their level of ethnocentric and insanity of contradicting themselves of being a revolution of people.

I know some who refused to accept the facts will think I am tribal, but the truth that I am not inch closer to that territory; what I am emphasizing is the fact that there will never be any successful revolution in South Sudan in an exclusion of any ethnicity.

Since the red card moment is marred with ethnic profiling as the only way of achieving it goals and objectives; it will never be a national protest, but ethnic (s) protest targeted toward a government they branded as ethnic group’s government. What if by any chance they succeed what will happens to the ethnic group that had become a target?

Well your guest may be as good as mine. Due to that, some ethnic groups who seemed excluded may not join and particularly Jieng ethnic group that had become a target in all corners and in many international reports from organization who are link to sponsoring such illegal activities.

What these groups failed to realize is that Kiir must Go slogan should not be used as scaring tool, it is a statement with out meaning if further explanation had not been provided. It is a deceptive, because when he goes what are the plans put in place in replacing him. If there are no procedure put in place; what will happens? In short, the genocide songs the international community has been singing are likely to come true.

How do you expect the ethnic group that has been singled out, as a problem of South Sudan instead of being a part of a solution will just fold their hands sit and watch as the plan to humiliate them is being executed?

Chances are, they may respond or react and if the respond and with the fact that they inhabit the largest territory of the country then lawlessness is likely to cover the whole nation and every one will take the law into his or her own hands and in the process the so call genocide become visibly clear and a reality.

If we want the peace in South Sudan let continue to implement the peace and wait for two years transitional period for an elections to be done, if the majority of South Sudanese think Kiir government has failed them, then they will unanimously decide to vote for someone else and the peaceful transfer of power takes place.

Red card is not likely to change status quo, because there will be counter to it. In military language when the insurgency becomes stronger you can come up with counter insurgency as an alternative to suppress insurgency. In this case red card movement is likely to get two encounters “ Kiir must go will get Kiir must stay and red card movement will be match with Green card movement” or any necessary name and life goes on. So think twice, the only way to change the democratically elected government could be done through ballot box not this nonsensical revolution led by bourgeoisies.

Therefore, before you think of joining the red card movement get to know their mains goals and objectives and question yourself of what it wants to achieve if their objective doesn’t include every one on board. Any revolution that favors any party between or among the warring parties or exclude and left any group behind is not people’s revolution but individuals’ revolution, which is not acceptable.

Due to many irreconcilable contradictories in red card movement camp the moment is likely to die at it inception. The opposition especially the signatories need to come out clear there is no way you can sign peace and at the same time work behind the scene to overthrown the your peace partner.

What we should know as youth is that if we think the use of force is the short cut to any position then we are completely misled and still have long way to go, you don’t need to use force to take anything in Juba, believe me o not if the use of force is the only avenue left in clinching to power then I doubt whether some of us would even manage to get the position of a gateman by force in Juba.

Let celebrate 16 May as usual as we continue to implement the R-ARCSS as the only way forward, red card is nothing, but an ugly face of confused and failed oppositions in our country. Peace is the only way to go the rest are bogus propaganda that deserves deaf ears.

Happy Real revolution day 16 May.



The author, Longar Mathiec Wol, is a concern South Sudanese national living in Nairobi Kenya and can be reach through his email address:

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  1. Akoon Chol says:

    we don’t want kiir ….kiir must go


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