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By Peter Madol Cien, Juba, South Sudan

Al-Sabbah Children's Hospital is the largest and one of the best-funded children's health centers in South Sudan.
Al-Sabbah Children’s Hospital is the largest and one of the best-funded children’s health centers in South Sudan.

Saturday, June 1, 2019 (PW) — Children’s hospital – Al SABBAH, where my son was admitted for 2 weeks (fourteen days) to save him from a lethal bacterial infection, medically referred to as sepsis. Before he was referred to Al SABBAH, I took him to YAFA, a specialized private children’s clinic in Juba, so that one of the highly regarded pediatrician, if not, experienced children’s doctor in Juba could attend to him who later, after Yirol State Hospital failed, diagnosed him of SEPSIS.

In AL SABBAH, I lost my son on 15th May 2019 at 2am when he developed dyspnea, a condition that suddenly arose in midnight. He was helped with oxygen until 2am when the generator that was supplying power was switched off. It was a management policy that it has to be off by 2am. So, with my wife, we had to sit and watch the last lights in his eyes. Helpless but energized by a voice, hopefully from Almighty God who received the soul of my son in eternal peace, who told me, “I have no call for your son.”