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By Dut Deng Kok, Juba, South Sudan

Monday, 10 June 2019 (PW) — When people say there are no employment opportunities in South Sudan, I beg to differ. What people refer to as unemployment is the lack of the particular jobs they want.” Let’s go on to elaborate on this saying,” Such people fail to diversify the scope of labour they are willing to engage in, and so they keep looking for white collar jobs when there are other types of jobs that can provide for their needs.

Unfortunately, they consider such jobs to be beneath their status as graduates or professionals and hence remain unemployed.” I agree with the author’s point of view because I know many young people who suffer looking for jobs in this country (South Sudan) and do not consider the opportunities that are available to them, example; digging of latrine is a job, cultivation is a job.

Especially since most of our families in Uganda and Kenya live on the land and subsist on what their land produces. Let’s look at the site of the scripture Genesis 26:1-14, which tells the story of Isaac the son of Abraham, who lived on the land and fed his family on what he produced from the land. The Bible brings us this classic story of Isaac sowing seed during a time of famine and reaping a hundred-fold return in the same year, and God blessed him.