Yirol Revolutionary Sons: Honoring the Pioneers of Our Revolutionary Armed Struggle in South Sudan

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Honoring the Earlier Pioneers of Our Revolutionary Struggle – the first Sons of Yirol that joined the Revolutionary Struggle, June 1983: a Partial Reflection of our Great Historical Contribution

By Abraham Majak Makur, Juba, South Sudan

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 (PW) — This piece was meant to be out on the 9th of July, 2019, on the 8th Anniversary Celebration of the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan, but due to preoccupying schedules, I could not make it on time, which could have served the real fit-for-purpose publication in honour of our first pioneers who took it to the bushes in those earlier dark days of revolutionary struggle.

However, I am privileged to publish it today 30th July, 2019, the day that is dedicated to our martyrs, led by our visionary leader, Late Dr. John Garang de Mabior who died on helicopter crash, when he was returning after a short trip to Uganda. Heroes never die, they leave as icons and to inspire the future of our children and beyond.

First and foremost, I would like to apologise in advance, for some of the readership may take this as partial, biased and incomplete article in honoring the earlier pioneers of our revolutionary struggle. Some may ask as to why Yirol alone and others may rush to conclusion that why not inclusive of other areas. For your information, a plan to engulf the whole country is underway.

I am aware of the sequential en masse to the bush of our sons and daughters of South Sudan from various districts of our former colony, right from Koriom, Muor-muor, Kazuk, Zal-zal I and Zal-Zal II, Infejaar, Intesaar divisions respectively of Ethiopia and to the home trained divisions ranging from Mathon-Baai to Achandok and to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement era.

Since charity begins at home, the purpose of this article is to give an overview of the history (a partial reflection) and the contribution of our sons and daughters in the liberation struggle. This is just a beginning —-.

The writer intends to open up open discourse for our contemporary generations to look back and value the contribution of their fathers and mothers in creating an independence nation state – a nation they would be proud of in their life time. It is also intended to remind them of how best to give respect for those who helped or sacrificed to liberate you, for you to become a proud citizen in your own independence state.

A complete research of the historical legacy is taking place (an individual’s initiative), although, it would be taking time – history is already at the helm, only to be properly documented, synchronized and preached to our contemporary generations at appropriate times in order to internalize, instill in them patriotism, nationalism and preserve the great historical legacy of their fathers and mothers based on real human and material sacrifices. South Sudan was not created on a golden plate – our people paid their ultimate sacrifices which shall forever go down in history.

A public information page is going to be opened soon in order to share, incorporate and document every bit of our liberation struggle, more importantly listing up those who participated, martyred and alive so that they could be part of our historical archives to be published in a book called: “Honoring the Earlier Pioneers of our Revolutionary Struggle”. A page is going to be funded by the well-wishers as part of their contribution towards remembering their colleagues both martyred and alive across South Sudan.

Fellow South Sudanese, the history of liberation of the independence Republic of South Sudan rests on the visionary leadership of the following historical leaders:

1. Cdr. Dr. John Granag de Mabior Atem, Chairman of the then Politico Military High Command (PMHC) and Commander-in-Chief of the SPLA (Martyr);

2. Cdr. Karbino Kuanyin Bol, the Deputy C-in-C (Martyr);

3. Cdr. William Nyuon Bany, the Deputy C-in-C and the 1st SPLA Chief of General Staff (Martyr);

4. Cdr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Deputy C-in-C for Military Intelligent; and, now the President of the Republic of South Sudan; the only living custodian of historical legacy.

5. Cdr. Arok Thon Arok the Deputy C-in-C for Administration and Logistics (Martyr);

The revolution to the young generations could be seen as imaginable history, but in reality, it was a real sacrifice whose pioneers are still living, a good number of them have been deceased. That means we have both living and dead heroes and heroines. Among the few from the Sudanese Army who joined the movement from the onset were:

1. Manyuat Achiek Puou (joined the movement while he was a prison officer, (Martyr)

2. Adhuma Mangar Chep (Now Maj. General, SSNPS)

3. Arop Majok (now Col, attached to Wounded Heroes)

The below is the list of those who joined the movement in earlier June, 1983, after Bor and Ayod mutinies under the command of Maj. Karbino Kuanyin Bol and Maj. William Nyuon Bany in which Machar Akau from Bor fell and the enemy was dislodged. Contemplating the reorganization of the enemy to attack, the mutineers withdrew to the bushes towards Ethiopia to wait for Dr. John Garang who was in contact with the mutinied garrisons’ commanders.

It was after the announcement of the revolutionary struggle by the interim command of the formed Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement and Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLM/SPLA) that led to en masse pouring of the students, from various secondary schools namely Panekar, Renk, Rumbek, Atar and colleges such as those in Juba University to join the call for revolution – abandoned their education for the national cause.

Among the pioneers who risked venturing to the bushes, were trained and graduated as Tiger and Timsah (Tiger & Crocodile Battalions), the nucleus of the SPLM/SPLA Battalions from Yirol districts were namely, (not in hierarchy of commissioning or seniority) among others:

4. Mangar Buong Aluenge (now Lieutenant General, serving as Governor of Eastern Lakes State – the former district of the old Sudan)

5. Ayual Makoi Gueny (Now lieutenant General)

6. Marial Chanuong Yol (now Lieutenant General)

7. Machiek Akucpiir Cayier (now Maj. General in reserve list)

8. Mabor Runrac Majok (Maj. General, (Martyr)

9. Makuac Bado Puol (Martyr)

10. Maliech Mangar Chep (Martyr)

11. Bol Rin Achol (Martyr)

12. Makordit Ayii (Martyr)

13. Marin Athiek Manok (Now Brig. General)

14. Amal Aliem Jok (Martyr)

15. Awerial Kot

16. Majak Achiekdi Mayol (Martyr)

17. Machar Kucniin Riak (Martyr)

18. Adom Manoah Kot (Martyr)

19. Thon Abraham Luk (Now Maj. General)

20. John Kot Rong (Martyr)

21. Majok Wenyin Agep (Now Brig. General)

22. Sunday Eli Matueny (Martyr)

23. Karkon Manoah Michael (Now Major General)

24. Mabor Long Welken (now Regimental Sargent Major, with Wounded Heroes and Heroines)

25. Thon Jacob Matueny (Martyr)

26. Machiek Benjimin Ajuong (Martyr)

27. Alukeer Achiek Ngacida (Martyr)

28. Magok Achuoth Deng (Now Brig. General)

29. Samuel Telar Chawuol (Martyr)

30. Achol Kuc Mugga (Martyr)

31. Mayang Majoc Lang (Martyr)

32. Makoi Majak Malou (Martyr)

33. Maker Manuer Bol (Now Brig. General)

34. Barec Apiu Barec (Martyr)

35. Marial Malel Mabor (Martyr)

36. John Along Ayuor (Martyr)

37. Majok Ater Ajang (Martyr)

38. Bol Marial Machot (Now Colonel)

39. Thuc Lual Aleth (Martyr)

40. Karkon Dhuor Mabor (Martyr)

41. Acinkoc Dhuor Mabor (Martyr)

42. Majak Alewei Mabor (Now Brig. General)

43. Rin Tueny Mabor (Now Maj. General, Chief of Military Intelligent, SSPDF)

44. Makur Nhial Makeny (Now Maj. General, Director, Office of the C-in-C, SSPDF)

45. Makur Kulang Liei (Now Maj. General)

46. Majur Akok Amuom (Martyr)

47. Abukadan Mario Lamba (Martyr)

48. Akuot Mabor Thooc (Akuot Aguduol) (Serving in the SSNPS)

49. Mading Mareng Dhol (Martyr)

50. Makurthii Maker Gum (Martyr)

51. Makurdit Maker Gum (Awewau) (Martyr)

52. Malith Maker Gum (Martyr)

53. Majok Maker Gum (Martyr)

54. Dak Mathiang Jongkuc (Martyr)

55. Mayen Along Biliu (Martyr, he is from Rorkec killed in Pibor)

56. Malak Abur Acijok (Kawaja) (with Wounded heroes & heroines)

57. Anhiem Alit Akumthok (Martyr)

58. Manyuat Rooc Mathiang (Now Maj. General in SSPDF)

59. Chol Martin Nguec, (now Maj. General, SSPDF)

60. Makur Amuom Gak (Martyr)

61. Marial Chiengggan Malieny (Martyr)

62. Maluk Mou Bec (Martyr)

63. Mou Malak Mou Bec (now Maj. General, SSPDF)

64. Majak Akuot Wut (now Colonel)

65. Nhial Manyang Lang (Martyr)

66. Dhal Pam Angong (colonel, Wounded Heroes and Heroines)

67. Lonynhial Bok (Captain in SSNWLS)

68. Nhial Maker Ayiec (Martyr)

69. Zechariah Adut Alit (Martyr)

70. Abel Bec Maluaal (Martyr)

71. Makur Mabeny Dhieu (Martyr)

72. Malou Yuol (Colonel, SSPDF)

73. Jok a friend to Ustaz. Simon Kuc Anguac (Martyr)

74. Simon Aguto Kok (Now Maj. General in the SSPDF)

As alluded above, this list is just a beginning, after the page is created, there shall be provided contacts for the members of the public to contribute and provide names of the revolutionary players, both martyrs and the living in order to record them in our books for generations and generations to be proud of.

Abraham Majak Makur was a columnist, analyst, and political activist, now, he is serving as minister of physical infrastructure in the Government of Eastern Lakes State – Yirol. The research is solely my personal initiative as part of my continuous contribution towards shaping our history and preserving the great legacy of revolution by our heroes and heroines. He can be reached at: gadmakuur@gmail.com or gadmakuur@yahoo.com

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made is the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël Media (PW) website. If you want to submit an opinion article, commentary or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. PaanLuel Wël Media (PW) website do reserve the right to edit or reject material before publication. Please include your full name, a short biography, email address, city and the country you are writing from.

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