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By Emmanuel Ariech Deng

The appreciation is dedicated to Japan,

And the challenge & hopes to South Sudan.

Initiated by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,

And purportedly supported by his wife Akie. (more…)

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

Gogrial state

The sympathetic and susceptible is a community,

Now neutral on the raging conflict with impunity.

Like any other entity, Kuach Ayok youth is entirely integral,

As its traditional values and main objectives remain central.


By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

Kiiriek messy South Sudan

Kiiriek messy South Sudan

April 22, 2017 (SSB) — What has transpired to the national dialogue? Has it slipped into a quagmire? is it not being supported by regional and international community? Or does the government lack sufficient funds to trigger the dialogue processes? Are the clergy groups now convinced to embrace it now? Can it be effective to the offended South Sudanese without the involvement of the church groups. Can it be inclusive without a position of the remaining opposition forces?

These are the few questions vexing in my mind but with other analysis it may be a bit different depending on how best the national dialogue can be defined and understood by the parties in contention, experts and the country citizens.  The willingness of the said parties and the general assessment of whether the immediate priority at the moment in regard to the tense situation in the country is dialogue or not, will determine its progress and its failure.


By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan


April 21, 2017 (SSB) — An idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is general accepted as reality or rational arguments is typically regarded as a symptom of confusion and a risky burden to constructive debates as well as being unprofessional and unethical in writings.

I can’t afford to breach the confidence/trust of my fellow writers on the blog, immediate friends and brothers who have influenced me with powerful comments and advice into my email not to engage with him further more than this.


By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba –South Sudan


April 13, 2017 (SSB) —- A wonderful place is always full of wonders “says the English idiom. Therefore, South Sudan a country of no shame, has allowed pretenders to smuggle their way onto the top of the stage and started playing the  helter-skelter rhapsodies to prove themselves qualified to the audience for whatever they do at due circles.

Notwithstanding John in his protracted recusal to refrain from barbaric and unconventional stratagem, it is my right and time for me (the victim) of his continued pathological tarnishing of innocent personalities to response to him in an intellectual approach. In an attempt to depreciate him and have him adjust his lengthy tongue over peoples’ reputation, he must be exposed to feel the consequences of big mouthing culture.

When I wrote an opinion piece early January 2017 about the fiasco of Gogrial Governor appointment, John was the first to meddle his nose into the matter with the Facebook Comments that reads “This article is bad and I condemn it”, I thought he could go further to compose the encountering article and divert the readers’ mind in believing what I wrote as factual as it was.


By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan


January 29, 2017 (SSB) —- Anataban comes from Arabic word meaning “I am tired”! This writer is also tired and of course, when you say you are tired, there must be something you are tired of! What are we tired of? We are tired of economic hardship, we are tired of war and we are also tired of unknown gunmen and the only option is to strongly voice out our concern of being tired #Antaban#.

Before the declaration of national dialogue by H.E the President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Anataban peace initiative campaign has been going on for the last few months of 2016 and in early 2017 with the harsh tag (#Anataban#). The people who share the same sentiments, shared it on social media the #Anataban#and its global beats music videos uploaded by Anataban team of artists.


President Kiir has appointed his brother-in-law on “merit”, “qualification” and “experience”; now the door is wide open for the ministers, governors, undersecretaries, office mangers, etc. to appoint their wives, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, uncles, in-laws, mistresses etc. on “merit”, “qualification” and “experience” too. Who will blame them when the Big Man has blessed it?

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan


Gen. Gregory Vassilli Dmitry (brother of Madam Ayen Mayaardit), the new governor of Gogrial state

January 4, 2017 (SSB) — The appointment of Gregory Vasilli Dmitry as Governor of Gogrial State has been received with mixed reactions from the state politically oriented youth and other corners of the Country. A South Sudan- Greek born Dmitry to Orthodox Christian immigrant, Vasilli Dmitry and a Dinka Apuk mother popularly known as Nyanjok Kuac Aduol the mother-in-law of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, has raised questions and ignited social media debate few minutes after the announcement.

There is no doubt that his appointment is perceived as nepotism following the season of Governors being handpicked instead of people electing them. Major-General Gregory rise in military ranks has never been about battles won, it has never been real military service delivery but mere consideration given due to the position held by the husband of his sister.

Some job opportunists have overwhelmingly hailed his appointment as best governor of all but fall short to convince the critiques whether there is any previous track of records of why he deserves this position but failed to avail anything substantial to support their arguments. Others resorted to citing an NGO, mine action organization known as OSIL based in Rumbek by then as the only achievement overseen by him. The verification of that is yet to be traced out and confirmed whether he had spearheaded the project writing of OSIL to be funded.

What is widely known about Dmitry dubbed as “Deng Kuac Aduol” according to the name read out in the decree, is his protracted womanizing life of both old and young women reflected back to the days when he was in Nairobi in which a small Hotel in South B (Terry Joe) was named “Gregory” because of his frequent dashing into the Hotel, the adventure that had occupied his elderly life and which would even proceed to spark more chaos in the community stripped off by systemic cultural conflict.

This author has truly witnessed the Nairobi womanizing allegation here in Juba, in a small Hotel along Kololo Road (Aryem) where I usually sit and asked for cup of coffee to make me concentrate on my book being written. Just imagine, the negative sentiments had to force me to change the location due to repeated phonographic co-incidences of him bringing a woman after a girl and a girl after a woman on almost daily routine.

I immediately got disappointed to relocate after unbelievably catching sight with one of his partners who knew me. It is only his body guard who became friendly to me when I one day felt pity of him to buy him some water after long hours of waiting for his boss on bonking session inside the hotel.

Although womanizing experience has no nothing to do with leadership given the case of South African President rape case and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who were rated as ladies men, it is not good for a public figure to stick too much to other women abandoning his own, to which state powers and resources could be abused in the same manner in a traditionally administered State of Gogrial, where women related issues can easily mount to a bigger conflict. Mind you that, being addicted to womanizing is not different from being addicted to alcoholic.

I think Mr. President was pushed by his enemies or pressurized by his wife to ink the appointment of his brother in-law, not that he has full confidence in him to re-address and successfully reach the lasting solution to the conflict that has been on numerous occasions exemplified as a failure of his leadership in Juba to put to an end community conflicts at his home state and across South Sudan.

Now, the political making in Gogrial State has taken center stage in either Aguok or Apuk because of its politically associated community conflicts where the minorities have no choice but to be marginalized and bullied by the fighting majorities in resources allocation and positions in the State government, however, the common interest of the minority could be peace to prevail in the areas so that anybody who can cultivate, rear cattle or conduct business can do it without being deterred by the raging conflict.

Should the emergence of new name “Deng Kwach Aduol” be linked to the Sentry Corruption Report in which the recently appointed Gogrial State Governor was systematically and deeply implicated? Or is it because of the pending cases of land grabbing in Juba? We wonder why the man who was popularly known by his real name “Gregory Vasilli Dmitry” has been switched to “Deng Kwach Aduol” but still the debate on social media did not mention any of the new name.

Dmitry appointment has largely portrayed the President as nepotistic and added more harm on the deteriorating legacy of the President of his rule after the controversial constitutional extension of election period. There is no problem with appointing a qualified relative but only the appointment came in the time when everything of the government is on brink of collapse. After all, I am not aware of his academic credentials but his corrupt like behavior is a known substance by family and beyond. It will be up to Dmitry to work hard and survive family melting legacy or do it his usual way if anyone is aware of that! Otherwise it is when we accept the truth (black and white) as not criticism, that we can aspire.

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By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

Mabior Garang, with Lam Akol

Dr. Lam Akol (Agriculture) with Hon. Mabior Garang (Water Resources) at a water workshop sponsored by JICA in Juba, South Sudan, mid 2016

January 3, 2017 (SSB) — Any place in the world that can possibly win public credibility as modern, must take into account qualities necessary to describe it “modernized” or else never attain the accolades of modernization without clean water, electricity and security to the inhabitants.

With absence of key installments especially clean water system and lack of access to electricity in the city, Juba residents both locals and internationals remain skeptical to give this city the recognition of being a modern center. So Juba, the biggest village in world by 2010-2011, is now the biggest slum in world by 2013 to 2016 and through to 2017. No clean water!

The mesmerizing initiative funded from Japan Tax-Payers Money through their overseas organization JICA (Japan International Corruption Agency) was planned to get completed by 2017 as was reported by local newspapers in juba with the water system engineers physically seen in action along main roads of Juba. However, nobody was sure of another political uncertainties to occur in the country by July 2016.


By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

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November 20, 2016 (SSB) — As I write this mourning message to inform your lovely relatives, brothers, friends and colleagues across the world about the untimely disappearance of your image in our vicinity, I was less energetic, paled and confused to believe that it has just happened, why have you untimely departed?, you left us in a desperate trauma.

On the fateful day of 17/11/2016, you suddenly departed from us without a word, without a copy of your living image and we cannot retract your compassion, your humility, your smiles, your rare character and more over your contribution to our affairs! What a painful loss, what a distinguished personality! Why have you done it that way God, why didn’t you spare us sometimes to show our sympathy in caring for our beloved Brother the Late Mathuc Mayuol Achuil!


The US Presidential Election Final results in favor of President Kiir’s presumptive choice, Donald Trump! Does it mean anything to South Sudan?

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

 Obama’s Statement on US Recognition of the Republic of South Sudan, July 9, 2011.

November 9, 2016 (SSB) —- The western democracy has constantly remained a concern for the rest of the globe with US elections drawing attention from all the corners of the political world and their interests on Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates in the race for the White House.

In considering the burdens of exposition, the conventional wisdom of those foreign head of states that openly engaged in taking sides, should have been just containing their support position neutral or confidential to themselves on any of the candidates until the absolute majority of the American people vetoed with the stack choice to determine their future of the race, the decision American people have just executed today.

Notwithstanding some leaders pledging of allegiance to Trump and Hillary, it has always been hard to correctly predict the presidential winner of the US elections. As luckily as the President interest on Trump became a reality, there seems a glimpse of hope in South Sudan-US relations. Now that Salva Kiir earlier phone call has just materialized, this should be followed by an influential congratulatory message to the President Elect, H.E Donald J. Trump acknowledging the esteemed efforts exerted by the great people of United States of America and their transparent democratic systems in choosing their leader.


Yesterday, October 8th, a bus with over 200 passengers traveling to Juba from Yei came under attack near Lainya. Eyewitnesses say the gunmen, after capturing the vehicle, separated Dinkas from other passengers and killed 21 of them and 20 wounded, including 4 children among the dead. The incident comes after 14 Dinkas were killed in a similar ambush a week ago just few kilometers outside Juba.

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

October 9, 2016 (SSB) — What goes round come round, this is the simple wisdom the perpetrators of the wanton killings on Equatorian soils should take as they coordinate the killings of other ethnicities. Anyway, it is due to this current scramble for the country leadership and its politically affiliated tendency that has poised into the history of struggle being undermined to the extent of even those who did not actually participate in the two decades war with the northerners that culminated to the proclamation of South Sudan Republic.

The same SPLA who marched to Juba over decorated bed-sheets in 2006 is now being spitted at now a days because of the dangerous enemy among us and is preaching hatred day and night to the inside our hearts. I think those who are up to this hatred should stop and regret their actions before it goes deeper.

Why has the government, Equatorian Community leaders gone silence over the condemnation of cold blood killings along Juba-Nimule, Juba-Keji-keji, Juba-Yei and Yei-Kaya roads? Is the killing of innocent civilians on an ethnic-based about Kiir’s Presidency or a technical organized action to achieve something else? What is the panacea to this identity crisis?