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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


November 8, 2016 (SSB) — The two expensive and sleepless nights of the Referendum and Independence days are what South Sudanese should remind themselves of in case of any bizarre temptations. We have to hold them closer to our chests like a child with his loving doll among the playing children. During the two nights of the Referendum voting day and the Independence declaration day all the professionals were on high alert; everyone was in high and intoxicated mode, intoxicated by the perfume of the emerging freedom that had been chained down for decades.

People parted with the few Pounds they had as they lodged near the polling stations, some left their houses at 6:00 PM and went direct into the long awaited line of freedom to secure their positions; everyone was a comrade and there was a universal call and prayers, every individual prayed for the security and able health for all the voters because minus one person was looked at as a disaster to the dreamy fulfillment of the Separation yes we were all Comrades; everyone put aside his title and status, people were just calling themselves Comrades or South Sudanese TO BE.


Nothing to Smiles About Ahead in South Sudan

Posted: May 30, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng

By Heskey Dzeng

Blood and corpses have flooded all the soils of South Sudan, but no permanent ink split out to stop the heartless killing of innocent people, but no justice have planted to questioned the killers, culprits, perpetrator, bloodsuckers, or murderers.

Nothing to smiles, as the entry and exit are broadly unbolt, you can revolt, then killing the number of people you wants, and then put inks on page and come in, you can be broadly forgiven and forget, you should not be held accountable for the destruction, and lives’ butchered, that is new life in South Sudan, oh God!

Nothing to smiles, where the killer [s] is/are first citizen, so in politics, everything is possible, do not panic when you see your killer [s] sitting next to you, they are first class citizens, maybe you are second or third, I do not know, but do not talks, instead for them to face justice, they are one ordering us, if you talks, they are one to tells you, keep quiet, shut up your mouth…………continues….pliz nothing to smiles.

How will the country change, if the killer [s] is not held accountable of what he/she did, if the killer [s] is not bringing to a book, if the killer [s] is honoring as heroes, just rewarding he/her with higher ranks in the national army, appointed as the Ministers, overlook a lives, he/she butchered for unseen reasons or senseless war.

Nothing to smiles, when I seen rebel David Yau Yau, home welcoming with enjoys and excitement, ululating singing and dancing, accommodated in one of standard hotel [Panorama] in Juba, smiling and happy, like baby, who always laugh to everybody, knowing nothing on this earth.

Feel death, [as rebel David Yau Yau], coming back home with reward, with food on his hands, while thousands of bodies of national armies’ remained in his motherland without reward, without accountability, without justice….what the hell!!!

Well I want peace and stability but he could not be done like that, elapsed what he did, him and his commanders must to face justice.

Nothing to smiles ahead, if the murderer [s], called him/themselves, ‘the heroes’, do you thinks, this country will progress well, it even create rebellion vacancy.

Well, David Yau Yau, quoted says, called it ‘great achievement to his tribesmen [Murle], Pibor is not mere Pibor like before, it is greater Pibor, have got Special Administrative, separate from Jonglei State.

In his body languages and eyes contact, told me that he have liberated Murle and he become a first world murderous heroes in history.

But David Yau Yau, feels happy everywhere, claiming to be heroes, with his rewarding, forgetting thousands of innocent lives, he slaughtered in Jonglei State, forgetting that he was diseases of Jonglei State, cause of insecurity.

Indeed, nothing to smiles, if the materialistic and power greedier, who waged war against the government, is/are well-recognizes as the heroes, as liberation fighter.

Nothing to smiles, if the murderer [s], who ruin the families, massive wrecked the building, abusive human rights, committed atrocities – abducted somebody child, looting somebody properties, raping women and carrying indiscriminately killing, is/are being praising as the good person, heroes, liberator and leader, or as the man of peace and peace lover.


Posted: May 3, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng

By Heskey Dzeng

May 1, Thursday was Labour day in the worldwide, but in South Sudan, the workers celebrated it with no pay for three months, they celebrated it in silent-hunger, but guys today Saturday 3, is freedom day, marks a freedom of expression in the worldwide, a day that give everyone opportunity to speaks his/her mind, whether you choose to produce a songs regardless of their provocative or you put your ideas down into writing forms.

So today is my day, I will also celebrate in hunger, pains, mourning, threatening and intimidating, as my ‘Walet’ [pockets] have no SS pounds, not only that but as my hands’ tied, and my mouth’s also glued by fear of life’s threat, as many people advised me that if you want to live longer or to be safe, then do not put your lips on people who are misleading a nation, or do not complain for others but complain for yourself.

So the ball is on me, but no person knows actually years, he/she is going to spend on this planet which has been overshadowed with human disaster and diseases.

Anyway, I will celebrate in hushed, because I do not have joys and strengthen to demonstrate, I am weak, I am still mourning my senior political Analyst and commentator Isaiah Abraham, who was heartless assassinated 16 months ago by the enemies of freedom of expression, by those who are buying richness with bloods of innocent people, corrupters who want to embezzle public money without being reveal, those who want to sell the country indirect without concerns of the citizens.

Since Isaiah Abraham was killed, I have never written an article, because my hands were not able to write, even no words come out on my mind, but today I decide to remind a nation about it and I will write more, if threats allow me.

Though, I do not shake his hand one day time or even I do not know Isaiah Abraham completely, that means it was just physically, but I know him in soul, I feels him in writing, so his earlier departed, has created vacuums in the Countries and especially to all writers at home and abroad, have gave rooms to looters and corrupters to loot the countries.

As I celebrate my ‘Freedom Day’, first I will pay an hour to remember Isaiah Abraham, because Isaiah did not die in vain, only demon people who assassinated him. I believed that Isaiah’s assassinated is genesis of ending of cold-blood killing for writers, activists and journalists in South Sudan, so Isaiah Abraham is second Jesus to me [or us] like late activist Martin Luther to American people, both black and white, who was killed, simply he was advocate for justice, equality, freedom and good governance… Americans is enjoys it, but I hope the same will rain in our land.

While the case was being in hands of government since Commentator has merciless killed in cold-blood at his house, but up to date no report from the government, no culprit was brought to book, though former Information Minister, Barnaba Marial, currently Foreign Affairs Minister, appeared publicly on state-based local television [SSTV] earlier in 2013,deceived the nations that government has arrested some perpetrators, who are behind the death of our prominent person in field of change, but at end of day, I realized Marial and governments are liar, but they know, who killed Isaiah Abraham and they do not want to bring him/her to face justice.

Well, is this the end of Isaiah Abraham’s case in the government? If not, then government must bring people, they were talking last year. Or if the government have hand in assassinated of Isaiah Abraham or are they who killed him as many observers thought it, then the government need to confess or testify, may be we will pardon them or not.

To put it simply, I [or maybe you] would like to know Isaiah Abraham’s death because if I [we] leave it, then more [writers] will join Isaiah Abraham soon, so I cannot tolerate this. Reality must speak, so Isaiah Abraham’s death must to be tells, so that relatives or families and we, can know who killed Isaiah before his mercy creator [God] calls him.

All in all, I do not want Isaiah’s killers to be pardon before we do not know him/her, or will the government tells us; his killer [s] searching is disruptive by ongoing violence in the country. That will be abomination.

Therefore, I call the civil society activists, writers and journalists wherever they are to mounting pressure again to the government, to restart investigation so that next year, we will celebrate a ‘Freedom Day’ as we know who killed commentator Isaiah Abraham.

Rest In Peace [R.I.P]

In God We Must Stand with Victim.

Heskey Dzeng @ 2104

By Heskey Dzeng

First I eyed on your response to my piece [What does these dances tells us], I like the way you have put your argument bases. I was not in position to reply again but some point move me to do so. So take it easy, and then to others, who are following us, please urge you if you feel to response, then use good manners, do not put your madness in, here is matter of disagree or agree.

Dear Amer Mayen Dhieu

Massive thanks to Amer, well, in your articulating response, tells me that we are beating the same drum of truth, matter is that I came from different clan, not clan where you are, simply I put it in my article that it was great delight for released G-4, Dr. Majak D’Agoot, Pagan Amum, Oyai Deng and Ezekiel Lul because no persons was believed that they [G-4] will get out unhurt, they will escape cold-blood which has bogged down the Country.

Exactly you have also touched about heartless assassination of political Analyst or commentator Isaiah Abraham, which built mistrust between the government and citizens. It even created fear in the country. Actually is in minds of citizens that if your son got in, then possibility to return unhurt is zero, but if he/she got out, then you can celebrate, you can but when you look our situation, dancing cannot even come to your minds, our peoples are in unbelievable life, which need fix-heart to alleviate them, not dancing.

But today is not yesterday, things has a bit changed because late Isaiah Abraham is second Jesus, who will end merciless assassination in South Sudan but what has remained is intimidation and threatening of journalists, Activists and politicians from other government officials but thanks God, our president Salva Kiir have soft-heart, that why there is glimpse of breathing.

Well, on case of minister for intimidation, is person who is always controversial always, a man who is carry about his self, let me leave here. I think you will understand.

Not to bore you, back to your points that the people have celebrated because their son has untied the rope of death. Here I do not says anger people should not celebrate but they can show their sentiment, happiness or joys in silent way, because at this time, a person who dances, have no different with mad or fool person, according to those who have lost their beloved one, but now we danced on the graves.

But what did dances with provocative songs means to you and me, if you are happy, you do not sings insulting songs but good songs. As you mentioned ‘If they survive my assumption and have been free then there is no point of me not singing “Aliak e Wunda xoi yic”, if you interpreting that song, are you happy real? Or you are advocating something.

However, any persons can celebrate the return of his lost sheep [son], but this cannot move us to dances I repeated, dances is not only resort to express your excitement while peoples are mourning everywhere even that clans who did it, so celebrators were not appropriate because happiness is not beating leng [drum] and singing such conflicting songs. Though dead people will not return, we must to give them respect because was not their choices to leaved us soon but they have killed in the name of phony democracy and attempt to overthrow elected leader.

Lastly, I was not written this article so that brothers and daughters of Dr. Majak D’Agoot to being intimidate in future or started from that day, but to protect the integrity of our community, to prevent verbal abuses from our life-enemies. Because if you heard what South Sudan president Salva Kiir said after recently protester youth in Bor, clashes with Nuer, who are seeking protection at UNMISS site in Bor, claims more lives, President quoted said ‘where were Bor youth, when rebel Peter Gatdet killed hero Ajak Yen, when white army captured Bor’. This statement is painfully to me, I do not how do you guys thought of it.

I understand it is expression of freedom; people should celebrate as your son got out of wild animal’s teeth, but with this climate of our country, we should have not danced, unfortunately it has occurred, but I hope the story will not repeat itself like that of rebel Dr. Riak Machar.

By the way, Amer, when the G-4 were freed week ago, who were arrested of false accusation, quickly charged with treason with no evidence, but not just jail but ‘Being Sentence To Death Either By Hanging or Firing Squad’[Kuir Garang]. Was joys, river of tears of happiness was written on everyone faces regardless you have come from clans where the G-4 come too or relatives, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. And this were I thought that the families of freed G-4 will organizes one event or ceremony in Juba to tells a South Sudanese that the arrested were innocent, not guilty, therefore people can dances, if it was done like that I would have dance too.

If you think, someone likes Dr. Majak and Pagan Amum are at point of clans, then you are wrong. They are beyond a clans, their clan is South Sudanese, they are eye of change, that why you have seen massive pressure from international community, so if clan or linkage or relatives plan to do something, it should be good think so that it cannot devalue them, simply they are public figure, all eyes on them.

In God We Must Stand With Victim


Heskey Dzeng @2014


What Does Dances Tells Us

Posted: April 30, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Heskey Deng

By Heskey Dzeng

If I look back, I shed river of tears, I recalled innocent people, who have vanished curtly in this senseless war of money and leadership. I do not see contentment in me, oh my God! but I wonder why madness and foolishness driven us off to did inhuman thing, celebrated released Dr. Majak D. Agoot with emotional dancing in eyes of thousands who have lost their loved, what did it tells the greater Bor community in whole, it even discolor our integrity in South Sudan in one way and another way.

I was upset when I seen people dancing, in such an archaic manners with all sorts of provocative folklore, while in Juba and other towns, there is no day that pass without bad news and even funeral tents. As we are still mourning for our people, what did it means really?

Is Dr. Majak better than 2007 innocent civilians we have lost in Bor and more other to lose or estimated 10 people who have killed in South Sudan since violence broke out? Did that Lhor Jieng/leng/bull will bring them back to alive, if yes then it is good news and your ‘leng’ was blessed

Obviously, People dance when they are happy, when people are not mourning, when people are not homeless but now what did this means? We should have to share a pain with those who lost their beloved. I think we are the generations that a Nuer believed prophet Ngundeng talked about ‘they will die while laughing and dancing, so this is us.

Well, give me a break, I am not against released of Dr. Majak D Agoot, I’m so thrilled for his freed with other comrades Pagan Amum, Oyai Deng and more others, because their freed will contribute to much for peace or how to get peace and stability back in South Sudan which is an edge of collapsing, but that cannot moved me [you] to dance.

So if we were genuine enough, we could welcome Dr. Majak home with exhilaration. Showing our sentiment, glee or elation inside, but not through beating a drum and jumped up and down, singing offensive songs, but devil misled us, oh God help!

Put it simply, for those who decided that, you have brought shame and verbal abuse to your son first and then to Bor community, it does not make sense, celebrating with drum and songs while forgetting thousands of civilians’ massacre in the Country.

While our people in Twic East, Bor South and Duk Counties are on run, are homeless, suffering at swamp areas. Denies camping in Equatorian lands, and even no single day passed without mourning and funerals, while our lands is warzone, let’s think twice.

Although, Dr. Majak D Agoot was detained of false accusation, we should not celebrate with dancing and beating of drum, slaughter of cows, this is foolishness that makes us to done such spiteful thing.

If we were smart in mind, we can do event without dance, just to advice him and encouraging to work for peace and stability and to forget what happened to him.

But now we added salt into injury, how will the one who lost his/her beloved, brother, father, mother, sister and cousin in this politicians’ war feel. How will observers, who understood our suffering, quote us? We needs to reasoning thing first.

This is what Nigerians called Abomination; simply you have brought abomination to your clan and greater Bor. Now you have opened all the windows to all useless people [s] to throw insulting words to us [Bor Community].

All in all, it is work of foolishness and madness, instead to cry with those who have lost their beloved and comfort them, we did opposite, and instead to crying with those who are crying, mourning with those who are mourning and joins them in their huts and console and strength them; we are even making them weak and lament deepen, it is so shame.

More so, it was not right time for any person [s] in Dinka Bor [Bor Community] to beat leng [drum], but time to comfort and console our people because this violence has put us into square one. We better to comforting widowers, widows, and orphans and wounded of this senseless war but it is shame, shame, shame to forgetting earlier what happened in our land and to our people in Bor.

Yes we should be happy but not extend to dances.

In God we must stand with victim [s]

Heskey Dzeng @2014


Call Me a Coward

Posted: April 23, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng, Poems.

By Heskey Dzeng

I moved all around Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal regions

Hunting down really [an] enemy but not brother and sister [s]

I seen scores of corpses a years ago

As some died on my hand and others at encounter field

So that is enough; my eyes is suit

I cannot take gun at more


Just call me a coward

My friends, colleagues and relatives were killed just to liberated you and I

And they did it, their blood cemented this Country, yep we got freedom two years ago

Now, I do not have friend, colleague and relative [s] to be kill again for sake of money and leadership and corruption

And I do not want to aim my gun on them

Just call me coward

I am not coward, but cowardice for love of lives

Desire for peace and stability

I do not want to be murderer/killer

I want to die in peace like my late dad and mum


Just call me coward

I am big, brave, heavy weighed man with 120 kg, I can lug RPG, hefty artillery like twelve and Ak47 all at one on my shoulder

I can even wrestle down Michael Sean, world super-power wrestler within second

I cannot even talk about Majok Jokriir [Jonglei] and Jeda [Equatoria], famous giant wrestler in South Sudan

I can bring trophy to South Sudan

Not trophy of bloodshed but trophy of peace


Just call me a coward

I will not put on woman’s cloth

But remain as M or what you think

I will take refuge with woman, my wife and children

Soon I will desert you to butcher your tomorrow brother

And my wife would not get annoy, although women harrying at me

Coz she is mother of nation, mother of peace, not mother of bloodshed like your wife


You can call me coward or woman but she will call real man

Simply I fought for freedom and I have won it

I have humanity; I am not fiend and bloodthirsty

I do not want to renew my life/soul with innocent bloods like Macharist, Peter Gatdet Yaak and Kiirist and more otherists


Just call me coward

Though you call me woman, coward, stupid man, hyena and mores as you wish

It cannot needle me to take arm but vigor

And I will laugh at you

I do not care


Just call me a coward

And if you give me a gun by force

I can shot you first

Then burn it

I just want peace and co-existence

Just call me a coward


Heskey Dzeng @2014

By Heskey Dzeng

Well, I will address you as Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, not as Mama Rebecca Garang for some motive. First, you are a beautiful woman, natural by look, but in heart, I do not know. Your natural beauty means no man can even say No to you. But you are ugly in politic. Secondly, you are the wife of our hero and icon,Dr. John Garang, whom the world respect highly. Though he is not bodily present with us today, his soul is roaming amongst us. No sane person can say shit things on him, but you did and said the damn things against him.

Mama Nyandeng, I dropped Christian name here, simply you are unclean, you have broke norms and commit adultery, you are not longer faithfully to South Sudan as the mother of the nation. You are a sinner, you have divorced your late husband and married a demon and cruel man in politic, a man who traitored your husband, a man who backstabbed and weakened your husband movement for a decade against Khartoum regime, who plotted against your sweetheart, killed thousands of innocent civilians for fake democracy.

Mama Nyandeng, when your late husband died in the helicopter crashed of 2005, just six months into the peace deal signed in Kenya, without tasting the fruits of five decades of his struggling, it was a great tragedy to us, the South Sudanese. We had mourned more than you or your children or the new husband. Simply put, Garang was the man of the people. He was your husband at night only. He was not leader of Awulian or Twic East County, Dinka Bor and Dinka or even Upper Nile region, but the leader of South Sudanese and Africa as traditional artist Tor Awuou Adeer’s song immortalized it.

Just one time when Garang passed away did you come out showing strong leadership. I appreciated your fortitude at that time, you make yourself strong, you have stood firm with citizens rather than Garang’s commanders. You comforted and consoled the entire nation and even the world. That was why we reached yesterday, and this where I crowned you the as mother of the nation, before you claimed yourself as the mother of nation in media because you have showed the quality of good woman left behind with children. If you were weak, I think the country would have resorted to war again.

In Africa belief or South Sudanese traditional norms, when a man dies and leaves a wife behind, people don’t cry too much, they said the wife will take care of the children. But when the wife dies, it is a big blow because man is not good in parental care, and if he marries again maybe that woman will not be at home with another woman’s children.

But now Mama Nyandeng, you are not like the real woman left behind with children; you have misused Garang’s legacy; you use it for showing up and for your own political and personal benefit than that for the sake of  South Sudanese. You are dividing the country’s politicians and the societies.

Not to bore you, Mama Nyandeng, yesterday success was yours but today failure is yours too, you are not far from the genesis of the problems. I thought you would relinquish politics in the aftermath of your husband death. I thought you would be the watchdog in our Country, and to protect the legacy of your husband because some demonic politicians are working to delete it in the mind of people. But because you want to carve your own political self out of your late man, you went in without cleaning your hand, brain and feet. That is why you have been messing up, becoming a prostitute in politics, moving up and down, make yourself to be cheating. Simply you don’t have the quality of a good politician but you want to inherit John Garang’s legacy. That was why you chose to become a politician in the ruling party, SPLM.

Mama Nyandeng….. Salva Kiir, Riak Machar, Taban Deng, Pagan Amum and you and more others, all of you are actors of violence, none of you is good pliz.

Mama Nyandeng, the problems that started as a bitter power struggling in the SPLM, then turned to violence on mid-December last year, for sure, you have a hand or a lip in it.

In the aftermath of fighting in Juba, you didn’t come out as the mother of the nation or the country’s watchdog to condemn it and calls for calm, you just tears heaped blames on Kiir and joined Riek’s faction instead to remained neutral as mother of nation, but just fuelled the violence, saying something worse that can route to genocide, but thank God it wasn’t turn out, which I believed no woman has said it before and no woman will say it again, quoted ‘Nuer were being targeting in Juba’, though it happened you cannot said it on speck at time tension at high gear, if you are real mother of nation and wise politicians, who don’t want bloodshed.

I knew, Riak Machar has disabled you, when he threw swindle apologized on citizens of Dinka Bor at your home compound in Juba a years back, due to what he did in 1991 but it repeated itself, that was politic game, does not mean he says a true, but you are not politician, you just stick on it… out and that has turned to chaos today.

Mama Nyandeng, you are snake in this violence, as mother of nation or watchdog, you cannot take side, but you did it and that why you see violence rooted and obstructed toward the peace talks. You would have advised them [reformists] to wait for general election if you are really mother of nation, so you are a driver of radical change while Riak Machar is manager and Taban Deng as conductor, so do not be surprise again, and you know well that most of radical change retort to violence.

Well, President Salva Kiir has not done enough to the citizens and nation itself, but Riak Machar is not alternative person to surrogate Kiir if you are really mother of nation as you usually fool the worldwide.

Mama Nyandeng, this is not time to blame President Kiir…………but time to look for solution to end suffering and death because blaming will not bring peace back but it will add in. please I urges you to advocate for peace and stability than activist for President Kiir’s mistakes on media houses [local and global] as you always did it.

Last and not a least, Mama Nyandeng, you have lost credibility and dignity in your class and entire citizens of South Sudan, you are not long a mother of nation, but mother of bloodshed, but because you are woman, you just turn deaf ear. Therefore I advice you, I cannot tell you to quit politics rather than continues, because you are already soiled, so play a game that you will win and if you want to be politician in future, first consult the high-flying women politicians in the Africa, as you stayed in Kenya now, I suggest you to see Kenyan prominent woman politician Mrs. Martha Karius, she will coach you and advice you on how to become great woman politician in South Sudan, but I doubt whether you will manage.

In conclusion, Mama Nyandeng, if you can listen, it is not too late, possibly you can quit politics and doing other business to serves South Sudanese.

Heskey Dzeng @2014

Mac Paul Nailed Himself

Posted: March 31, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Featured Articles, Heskey Deng

By Heskey Dzeng

Who is Mac? did he sure enough to says this was not coup attempt, did he speak without liqueur in his mind, was he not among the people/politicians/ army senior officers who want to change President Kiir regime before the 2015 election.

It is ridiculous as the head of South Sudan military intelligence, Gen. Mac Paul Kuol, has rubbished the alleged coup attempt of December 15, 2013, who was called as a government witness to testify against the detained 4 political prisoners (Pagan, Oyai, Majak and Gatkuoth) who are charged in court, charged with treason.

You can fool uneducated persons but hard to trick elite’s person, they can judges you from head to toes, even before you open your mouth, from your starting point of words to the last words, but here the chief military intelligence did not convince me and maybe others to extend.

Instead to say those four political prisoners are not part of mid-December violence or coup plotted, it would be sound good, then rubbished everything, while there are fact-finding or evidence behind the violence, even from his junior officers.

By the way, give me break, I’m not supported the governments or President Kiir’s alleged failed coup attempt or saying it was not coup, but I need fact to be says because this violence has claimed many lives, then I want someone to be hold accountable of it than trade it.

Guys let get Mac Paul correctly on his recent court testimony and judge him, Mac said that he was alarmed by an incident on Dec. 13 when a Nuer officer tried to steal the key for an ammunition store in Gieda, and then he ordered the arrest of the officer. After arrested, Mac said he received phone calls from the former Unity State Governor Taban Deng, inquiring about the whereabouts of the officer. Mac said that he was nervous about ‘politicians’ interfering in military affairs. In response, Mac said he called a meeting of all security organs to discuss this issue which he deemed to be a threat to national security. Then the December 15 violence broke out. Mac revealed that Taban Deng was the mastermind of the violence.

The question here, why Nuer officer want to steal the key? And what brought in Taban Deng to inquired and interfered in military affairs, let speak the truth to set you free than trying blind a people that means there was something behind it but we do not want to penetrate it.

And then as military intelligence, why he did not detect and quell it before it grew big to that extend, Mac must be question again, maybe he was part of groups and he was caught up at wrong time. There are lots to say about this Intelligence Chief of our Country.

Someone, may wonder, how Mac denied this tangible fact behind our Country chaos, whenever he even revealed it that former Unity State Governor Taban Gai was mastermind of violence, Violence can be started as coup, why did he come out again that there was no coup.

Ironically, Mac said, it was a misunderstanding among the soldiers of Tiger Battalion, which was then mishandled till it escalated into a countrywide rebellion. Was Riak Machar, Gatdet, Taban Deng, Hussein Mar, Lado Gore and more others’ members of the Tiger battalion….pliz let speak the true.

On my best knowledge, Mac was not clean, he had been accused of trying to stage coup in past years, but he did not come out publicly to condemn it or to clear himself from accusation, why? So it was indirect reprisal.

With no doubt, Mac was not out of suspect chains, if he was loyal to president Kiir’s government, after he was alarmed by first incident on December 13, he would have tied the security, keep an eye on former Governor Taban’s activities, but because he was a part of coin, he gave them go ahead, warns military intelligence junior officers not to brought any report cases among his groups and that why Riak, Taban, Lado and others make it to escaped arrest on that night.

Truth can be right or wrong, it depend on how you defend it, it is not right time to say Mac has said the truth, and even addressed him as a great hero. As some put it Mac doesn’t worry about his job like other folks in South Sudan.

Whoever says it is failed coup attempt, he/she is/was right and then whoever put it as misunderstanding among the presidential guards or Tiger battalion is/was also correct, we are all correct, simply we divided along our tribal politicians’ supported, just defending unknown truth but we know the truth.

It will be blow to President Kiir for appointed a man, who just want to make himself rich, doing his interests, not nation interests, slept at his office while planning are going on…painful! Just sitting on junior military intelligent’s reports, watch out.

By Heskey Dzeng

Earlier I wrote an opinion article, with title, journalism future’s going straight to doom in South Sudan, immediately, at the time prezzo appointed, what he called lean cabinets for first time, named unfriendly to journalists as information minister, a man, who was whistleblower for the freedom of expression, quoted said “Why do we need to protect the journalists if they write things that defame people, what is so special with them”, during the media bill session in the national parliament.

I just wrote it at that time, but some people disagreed with me, and now, some come to realized it, as a meant to get news items is rough and tough.

The future is in snag, journalists are threaten and intimidated now and then, but that is not measure problems because there is no democracy in this country that give free environment for journalists and writers to oversee the problems and speaks their brains. Non-journalist and writer are now assassinated, when they say something against the governments whether in their houses, schools or hospitals. So it is malady for everyone.

Not to waste times, a time Makuei, professional known as lawyer, took oaths or sworn in, witness by journalists, that theirs long enemy has assigned into office, it creates some internal reactions, heart-drumming.

Not by surprised, immediately some journalists and writers quit writing, others writers are now writing from exile, simply the situation has changed, current minister has no, faith, mercy and pain, you can be humiliate in front him. I tell you.

However, once Makuei and Nyadak sat at Marial and writer Atem seats, they look confused, they do not know what to do, because they didn’t address the mass of journalists {both internationals and locals} in their life time, although they were being in ministerial post since the CPA was signed that led to the independence, they did not try to held press conference in their previously office, they fears camera flashlights and mass recorder instruments.

The funny things, they did, they suspended weekly briefing, which always convene every Tuesday in Ministry of Information, at time of Marial and Atem, for government to inform the citizens about its accomplishment, plans, failure, Juba-Khartoum relationship, borders and militias issues and more so, but with Makuei and Nyadak Paul, things fall apart, just on emergency cases.

It come true now, as you heard recently, Information Minister, spell out public media blackout on Abyei referendum campaigns, asked editors and reporters from both public and independent media houses, as well as opinion writers to “observer ethics and objective” reporting, what ethics? Stress that all media coverage should reflect public interest on issues relating to the conduct of planned referendum to determine the fate of Abyei, say suspension was done to allow the government {to} put in place processes for the Abyei referendum in an organized and responsible manner.

Now, where were they? For all this time, without clear program on Abyei, but the reason is that, they want to protect their malfunction that is why they stopped any Abyei issues discuss on any media house. Exactly where is future of media here? But going’s straight to dooms.

What is so painful, is not threat posing on journalists, but getting information or messages is now hard-hitting problems faces journalists, no sources, as press conference has been dangle, while Makuei and Nyadak’s broadly smile in the office, enjoys air conditions, classic seat and sipping tea, whether coffee, black or white, leaving reporters on streets, sweating, move up and down looking for what to write, so that the citizens may know what is going on in the Country.

At vetting time, I thought, parliamentarians could reject Makuei and Nyadak and to recommend a right person {s}, but my dreams was killed, I cry inside. But what I learnt, the parliaments approve Makuei to threats and scare journalists, so that they have free environment to pillage public funds like CDF and grant monies.

Put simply, Makuei and Nyadak are not fit here, because they are shy, radical, rude and unfriendly to reporters, yes, and if you say no, then tell me, did you heard their voices one time in any local and international radios? To alert you, maybe few journalists have theirs’ cell phone contact, though you have it, they cannot pick up calls, and if you are lucky, they couldn’t give you information or what you wants, they just tells you, come tomorrow, does news wait? Or you are dating them, only lovers can pick a day but reporters have no day, so sore. Although you make it, it is hard to meet him/her, office manager will deny you to enter, if you try to approach any seniors officers or MPS, he/she will tells you, I am not right person, go to information minister, you just end with no information, while your media house is eagerly waiting for items, look at that new cultures, who fail here, the reporters or ministers? I think, minister is weak because he/she does not know what to do.

All in all, the journalism life is in questions, at the end of day, you will learn that, most of journalists and writers have abandoned the writing, and if that happen, then there will be no media houses, because media houses are journalists.

Guys, journalists do not fear threatening, intimidation and torturing, those are part of their careers, what matters, is where to get information, if there is no sources, definitely he/she can quit it.

Last, journalists will not distort Marial and Atem era, they are charismatic, friendly, cooperate and more others. They can even answer every call. Information post needs such people, people who are humble and ready to talks, answering calls for 24/7 hours.

No situations is permanent, let hope….. but I fears.




“Gives and Takes”.

Posted: September 15, 2013 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng

By Heskey Dzeng

You must to “pay and get”, a new depraved life. As ladies became victims of dollars.

Foreign currency {dollar} has destroyed and embarrassed our ladies, especially Juba city, as the road to get dollar is rough and tough, unless you pay for it first , put women in shares sex, at day light with dollar lovers,  night with really sweetheart.

Are we free from infects virus here, guys?

So inhuman and humiliation, you can shade tears if you see or hear them, at last, you can blame the God, say God is unfair but not.

As dollar bureaus { known Forex in South Sudan} have became the bridge between the citizens and Bank of South Sudan {BOSS}, getting dollars at rate of 2.90 SSP from central bank and to sell out at low price {3.16 ssp) to locals, travelers, students {foreign countries} and sick person. Not the case now just “gives and takes”. It is merciless business.

With no doubt, no free sell out of dollars to common citizens. Barter exchange has installed, “give and take”, in other word, give urself and get a dollar. If not, then go to hell, so bad.

To prove it, you always seen only women queue up dallies at the forex bureau gates, scorching Sun heat, moving up and down from one to another forex, but no men. What is a reason?  That can gratify you, if you are wise sufficient that our ladies are exchange dollars with their waist, big crime. That why they are always there, due to secret appointment with managers or staff. If she miss the promised day and time, she also miss the dollars, no option, no way, she must to offer second night or hours, that is immoral.

Just to get hundred or two hundred dollars, have results to humiliate and defile. No free give out of dollars really? I though the Forex are serving women in good faith, at last I realized that the women are buying their own oil-currency {dollars} with their waists, were subjected  into injustice sex, by theirs brothers and sons, useless life.

Only ministers, Generals or government officials {female} are freely getting hard currency without injustice, but low ranks and normal staff are sinking in the same ill-behaviors.

Any way, it is wicked match, I thought, men are God fear regardless of your domination {religious}, to respect one another, love them as you love urself, don’t oppressed or discriminated them. Help them like the way you aid your sister and mum. Considered them like your mom, sister and wife. But we are fiend that means any wealth man is a devil.

I can’t blame women because it is restive situation that explore them to extent of using their bodies to earn living. For them to sleep with wicked men, fools muti-dollars. As means to pay children’s school fees in foreign countries is hard, only God is unfair.

Bad part of it, the harassed, corrupted and abuses and exploited are a wives of soldiers, poor and jobless person {s} and dead combatant, while their wives in the safe. Vulnerable women, shame to them, I pity them, they are not qualify to live, they are inhuman and idiotic.

Surely, the forexers {men} are deserved punishment; they must to feel the same cups.  Therefore the government must shutdown the dollars forex because they are not helping the citizens; they are humiliating and sullying our young women and girls. There is no need for the Forex to continue operating while they are introduced our female into new prostitution life.

Not only that they are doing wicked things to ladies, but they are also mortified the image of this Country. Also it is economics abuses, if the foreign nationals see and hear it. They put the names of two years old nation into lists of world human abuses and prostitution nations.

In conclusion, it is furious crime; they must to face justice, for sure, because turning national free servicing into women business is big offense that can even put person in life in prison. But because more of dollars forex bureaus are owned by senior government expect no change, our sisters, mothers and wives will continues faces manically mistreatment, uncomfortable and ignominy for sometime until the justice rain on this soil, so impious.

By Heskey Dzeng

The future of journalism is in kismet, as disaster emerged once  President  Kiir’s names his entire cabinets through decree issues on State TV, July 31, a week of its disbanded, it like added salt in a injury, when newsreader read out a name of former minister for parliamentary affairs, Michael Makuei Lueth, reinstate as minister for information and broadcasting, as man, who odium journalists, become information minister, with new composed song, “nowhere to escape”.

On other way, it was happiness and uncontrolled joys to close-relative and friend {s} of Ministers on that night because theirs’ son came back through narrow way, in U-turn it was big blows to the young peoples, who are media practitioners in two years old nation, including me, definitely know that the darkness has enveloped the freedom of expression in the country, nowhere to escape.

With no doubt Mr. Makuei has spent much of his time in school studied law course, whether from his/her teachers or colleagues, just for himself,  being selfish of others to have the same right of protection, though I have not study law, but with creation law in mind, really lawyer can’t be whistle blower to nullify the right to protect journalist {s}, I knew Minister is lawyer by professional, but his reaction in national parliament on media bill session, that means, he lack professional ethic, in present of unspecialized discussants, who  agreed on protection  of journalists, “Why do we need to protect the journalists if they will write things that defame people,” “Why do we need to protect the journalists if they will write things that defame people,”says “what is so special with them”, they {the journalists} either conform to the law or face it,   “Why do we need to protect the journalists if they will write things that defame people,”“why do we need to protect journalist {S}  if they writes things that defame people”,  with this words, even {an} uneducated person can judge him, nowhere to escape.

More so, Mr. Lawyer is good in creature, but more destructive in way he do thing, so horrible and pessimistic too. In his former ministry, he was a man, who turned down the media bill, has hand and lip on media bill’s suspension, not a joke, “nowhere to escape”.

All in all, the future of journalism is straight to doom in this country, because Mr. Minister is a one, who folded media bill in his hand, in other word, life or dead of media is upon him. Also a man, who manipulate the  president Kiir’s not to sign the media bill, with all this stage-manage, has pay back his way to ministry position, not laugh matter, “nowhere to escape”.

As I stated early, he is pessimistic, it is hard to accept one-on-one interview in his life, if you observed from his previous ministries post. Journalists just quoted his words in any public event or  press conference, now as information minister, do you think, he might change his signify altitude? I don’t think, his personal-rudeness will not transform, though he join the repentance house for while,  he will come back same, as people saying, if the donkey go to school, come back as donkey, because environment wouldn’t adjust you, “nowhere to escape”.

To my colleagues, we can’t abandon this torture,intimadation,  harassment and suffering so far, no time for this government to satisfy us, when it almost time to get right, at the end of a day, we are subjected to humiliation again, what is special with Makuei to be Minister for Information, nothing but just to subjected  journalists to afflict, as the senior government don’t want their ill-act to be know by the local populations.

Put it simply, I am not against Makuei, as your uncle, brother or relative, but fight for the freedom of media, media is tool for development in the world, both socially, politically and economically, but Makuei’s hate freedom of expression, do he fit really? do you think country will change without media, critic writers, No!…so don’t take it personal,  supposed it would be given to person, who will protect journalists, especially the independent media journalists, because government journalists’ always report what favour the government, and media a tools to fight corruption, which put the country first in the worldwide.

In conclusion, it is worse than before as I say,  our professional long-life enemy won the ministry, we are not so far from security personnel’s mishandling, take care but we shouldn’t give up from the threats, we can fight back because every war, have heroes and heroines, though Minister came with mouth’s word, “nowhere to escape

 By Heskey Deng

Just before devil activities rain heavily in the Jonglei State, Jonglei state was diplomatic place for living, although Murle were present with their illicit bustle, it was average,  civilians’ lives was normal as brothers and sisters. Having no demonstrated eyes and mouths of hatred and killing among the tribe to tribe {S}. People love themselves like their selves; there were no tribalism and nepotism between Nuer and Dinka.

There were no conflicts, cattle rustling between Nuer and Dinka nor Murle; civilians were in good life of sharing pasture lands and swallow wells, as I heard from elder {S} that, during dry seasons, Nuer cattle keepers used to derived their herds of cattle to swamp areas {toch} in Duk County {dinka bor}, located at north of Bor Town, they camped together still the rain season began, likewise if there was/were floods that flooding the Dinka territory, then Dinka cattle keepers moved with their cattle to Nuer territories, they shared the same cattle camped, grazing lands or pasture and they don’t having problems. No habit of stealing someone cattle and killing, while their few gun {s} weren’t uses for killing, they use them for show up and protect cattle and children from wild animals and Murle’s criminal. Life was so enjoyable for them by then than today.

By upset, things fall aside, when a man extreme dislike other peoples’ stability and peaceful, stretch his disastrous lip to wipe out good life of people of Jonglei State. While left his State in peaceful atmosphere and came to inflict his cleansing politics on civilians of Jonglei state. Fiddle the youth, elders and chiefs with unsuccessful coup that results to rupture of mutual-relationship and stability with Dinka Bor and tribe {s} of Jonglei in whole.

So far, the virus which motionless affected civilians of world known state and largest province in the Country up to now, doesn’t existed from nowhere, not even God made, it is man- made, so the current vice President Riak Machar, is man who brought suffering, disaster, killing, tribalism, nepotism and cattle rustling, turned the state to be violence and bloodshed for all past decades up to day because Machar taught the civilians with new cultures, which wasn’t existed since the creation.

Even so, no smoke without fire, the mindless killing, cattle rustling and waylay and also the rebellion on the ground, were caused by Vice President, as he opened way to his junior comrades to rebelled against the national government if they aren’t satisfactory {leadership and money}, so Riak shouldn’t pretended or distanced himself from Jonglei issues because he was causative of problems.

Of course, I can’t blame those who participated in 1991 massacre because they are perfectly innocent, they were extremely fools or deceived by the doctor of bloodbath and greedy leader, but bad of it, we dropped thousands of brilliant and important citizens in the communities {Lou Nuer and Dinka Bor}, they died soon due to misleading coup, while the Man, who deceived them, is now enjoys the fruits of the country, which he betrayed and bump off his compatriotic comrades, and also fuelled the conflicts among the tribes, leave them in puzzlement.

More so, it is painful as Riak Machar enjoys his second position while people of Jonglei state are at rest suffering under his course or mission. No one day, Riak’s pay trip to Lou Nuer counties to saying regret, I deceived you with fail mission and to compensated the harm, he just laugh and smile if he heard that peoples are died in the areas, Riak should feel same the cup because he is the one, who dispensed the arms which tear down the state now.

However, it is lesson that can’t be forget because what Riak did in Jonglei state is/was beyond destroyed of Sodom and Gomorrah, by misinformed and illusory the youth with futile mission, cracked the admirable life, and then left them in bewilderment living.

In conclusion, any person {s}, who heard about civilians of Jonglei state recently, as infringe people, don’t wind up that, they are violent because you have been misinformed about them. They are nice, peacefully peoples, but it was the greedy politician and power struggle that mystified and changes the atmosphere of living, which made them wild.

Man-Man Hatred Will Disunite Us Forever

Posted: March 20, 2013 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Featured Articles, Heskey Deng

By Heskey Deng

It’s now eight years since the Southerners got chance to rule themselves through signing of comprehensive peace agreement (CPA), that birth independence, but we still revulsion ourselves, not to accepted our leaders, we elected them today, then tomorrow, we start bully, even we values them, Mr. X is better than Mr. Y, sorry for underrate woman here.  We threaten them to resign, so far our leaders are always bigoted and even storms by our interpersonal hatred, whether by slander or libel way.

Nationwide is sense the same wound, but the writer will deal with Jonglei state, as largest province in South Sudan, as many natives (citizens/ politicians) of this violate state are carp and fault the leadership of man at top, always crying and claiming that, the incumbent  governor Kuol Manyang Juuk has totally failed to united and protect the civilian of the six dialect tribes, as his leadership ethnic are futile, also {an} aged that limit his thinking capacity, block development and not add to peace and stability since he inherited that seat and latest elected, it just a intensify of insecurity, as home of rebels, killing and cattle raiding, many citizens on street and opinion writers opt calling for governor to resign, so that he may allow unbolt peace and freedom to the civilians, maybe they are right or wrong, but.

I won’t agree with them, that means, I want to be discriminating on this issue because if there is any persons or politicians’ claims that, if he/she become today governor of Jonglei state, then the turmoil insecurity will come to an end, he/she is big lying and also partly in persist insecurity in the state because the current insecurity, it has its kitchen somewhere, not cook by the governor, so the resign of governor, isn’t answer that will die away the diffidence.

Our inter-individuals loathing will not help us to sort out the current problems of the hand, to take you back a bit, at time of Hon: Philip Thon Leek, as CPA first governor of Jonglei state, after inter-communal conflict captured the ground, civilian dies on daily basis, people climbs to criticize his leadership model, that He is too slow, then failed to protect the civilians. Politicians and civilians threaten him to surrender his position through fair deal exchange with serving Governor. But once comrade Thon left state’s gate, our uncivilized mind reacted stupidly, saying the former governor (Thon) is better than Kuol, are we normal? Same things, we are thirty four, as some people take lead calls for the resign of the governor, they just want to confuse normal citizens; I don’t think is really way of doing things.

Of course,  guys, let try to weigh the situation before governor  than claim him to resign,  at era of former governor, people were even killing in Bor main hospital but day today situation, no such killing, that means governor didn’t fail, if “yes” then you would line up with me in saying that, situation is roughly calm, Kuol had pay his best to bring all the tribes together and he did it between dinka bor and lou nuer via nuer-gatweer, no inter-conflict, borders problem, pasture land clashes, raids and  water issues in dry season , only Murle are still boycott unity, prey of peace and this is their nature, also Country rebels David Yau, wasn’t  rebelling  for Jonglei government, but for nation.

Therefore, I am hereby to credited governor for his unwavering commitment to blend the civilians, be a role model in peace reconciliation, even if the killing and raiding are still taking courses, he plays his role, as we knew that, “Conflict is unavoidable”, that is what remaining now.

Bear in mind that, I am not relative with governor Kuol neither from one county, but I am a patriot and evenhanded citizen to cherish his leadership, although I know Kuol is rigid and radical, he works hard to establish peace but because we aren’t commercial with him, and we don’t accept him. That’s why sometimes he performs diverse. His presence, as governor, made Jonglei state to be respected and even fright Jonglei’s previous enemies to carry out their indiscriminate activities on a civil population.

However, if we have peace in our heart and we want freedom and peace in that troubled State, then let work with governments to unite people, if we united here, therefore civilians at the grassroots will do the same but if we move deeply calling for resignations, definite we confuse them then we are against peace and stability because our leader will come and go. So let governor finish his term, after his terms get expire, we tell him to move and allow our-wisher persons.

So if the governor has failed to plant peace, making Jonglei peaceful and stability place, and even to protect the civil population, then his state Assembly will be first to impeach him to resign, not any politicians/civilians in the street.

My curiosity and your desirable leader can’t heal Jonglei problems, but let accept him and join hands together to clear all the stagnant tribulations than we call for his resign. In fact, we have many problems, I can’t deny, limit of services to the citizens and poor physical infrastructure network available, mentioned a few, but this thing, can’t move us to {a} position of calling for his resign, because most of these are in the hands of national government.

If you look, the budgets that gave to Jonglei state is the same budgets to other nine States, while Jonglei state is largest province with eleven counties and civil populations according to the 2008 national census weigh against other states with eight, six and five counties, so here Jonglei monies finish for paying state workers {civil servant}, nothing left for development. Now which way do we indict him, while things are manufactured in Juba. It is better to point fingers to unproductive national legislative than our governor.

Again, the developmental funds aren’t given to the governor, are hand to your constituency representative {State and national government} are they one concern with constituency development funds (CDF), if they failed to do any things. You better cry for him/her, not governor.

In conclusion, insecurity in Jonglei state can’t cease by browbeat leader to resign or changing leaders, but by joining hands together, fights the same cause together with one mission. Let all of us be peace ambassadors, then we can earn peace and stability, but if we continue calling for walk out, then the enemy of peace will get ground for creating division among us and definitely we will end up in trouble state.

More so, insecurity in the state isn’t about Kuol Manyang Juuk, being governor, but it cooks somewhere to engage Jonglei state, delay development and scare NGOS, if you don’t know. So my fellow citizens, let not blaming and criticizing our governor to give up governorship. Let us thinks, a way forward to make our state peaceful and stability province to attract international organization and give development priority.

Why Pagan Amum as chief Mediator underrates the Parliament?

Posted: February 9, 2013 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Heskey Deng

By Heskey Deng
In light of incessant talks between the two Sudan since the south split from north Sudan to date, which SPLM secretary General, Pagan Amum is chief mediator, to pilot south teams to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Khartoum, Sudan and elsewhere design for talks, has pencil in discontent in his duty, Pagan uses to underrates the parliament, no clear co-link and solid correlation between chief mediator and the national parliament because no single day, Amum appears in the parliament to address the assembly on the effects of talks {outstanding issues} between the south and north Sudan, although the minister for parliamentarian Affairs is among the negotiators, isn’t right person to brief the parliament, is work of chief mediator, that means Amum is misleading the country, if he is inhospitality to the parliament, but because Amum is indoor of the throat of authoritative lion, no way. That put small animals to hide their testes and fear to point fingers.
More so, so called chief mediator with his teams has been attended several talks in Addis Ababa, and once the teams returned after conversation, whether its end with resolution or no resolution, that need parliament to debate on them, the cabinets, Member of parliament and senior officers who received them {negotiators} in the Airport, the teams lead by pagan just addressed them with handshake and smiling faces, then talks to the press, after that straight to their offices and houses, then Amum disappeared for good {in media houses} and even failed to address the parliament on the proposal of the talks, just waiting for next talks to front the teams again.
With such misbehave toward the parliament, isn’t correct, because pagan, role as chief mediator, must to update the parliament with outcome and new policy convey in the talks, therefore the parliament should sit to ratify the resolution, parliament may accept and reject others, and even making policy for previous and next talks, but pagan ignored the national assembly, neither consulted the member of parliament nor pioneer experts/specialists in their huts in Juba, just underrates them, which constitution grant him that right to desert the parliament views?
It is ironically, for the Member of Parliament to run after Pagan, seeking information from chief mediator and ordinary people, like what happened last year, when the cooperation agreement was signed in Addis Ababa, parliament weren’t briefed, they were outcast of information, even hard for them to talks to the press and citizens, they look stymie because they lacks of what to says, instead, they are information-hearing; so that they can sensitize the civilians on the deals, Pagan ignored them, silent them like kids, underestimate the parliament, while in the worldwide, Pagan {we} know the country parliament are law and policy-making, now what wrong with chief mediator? Did a war traumatize his mind or aged captured his brain, to clutter thing. Although our parliament is well-known for just “wait and support”, then they have right to be enlighten first, they can be firsthand information gatekeepers than hunting information.
Was Pagan a chief mediator for south Sudan really? It doesn’t means, if he briefed the Country president, likewise he pithy the assembly, that is wrong, but because of his political inflexible and rich-mind, has blind him to do so, also his irreverent superiority, made him to be master-minded in the country, disregard everyone, rip off himself as perfect politician, making nasty decision, what the hell? Pagan couldn’t take chief mediator title to markdown the parliament and public at largest.
If it wasn’t the country, everyone {president, vice president, cabinets and parliament} is dancing his/her own disco or music {s}, then Pagan won’t perform like this, taking everything in his hands, joking like he yearn for, rate too low the parliament, saying what in his brain, instead to seek advice from the parliament and redundant experts on what to say in next talks and the position of south Sudan government in the past and upcoming round table talks, he just feel at home because knowing no man will misfire him, he swim like he fancy, as the president is his housemate.
However, Pagan should know that, he is mediate for wise people, not fools, because his political dreams and education isn’t much that tall than some of the members of parliament, government officers and mere citizens, it just matter of chance, don’t fool around with your opportunity, you may purge the spoon that feed you, because this government of your man is rickety, you should act astutely, you must know that, you are chief mediator for south Sudan, not region neither state nor tribe, where you came from, so conduct yourself nationally, not locally.
Pagan‘s teams should change the gears of demeanor the talks, this round, they must to take in the views of the parliament and citizens, because their individuals’ war-mind is partial to bring answer and crush the Khartoum’s team, that why thing move narrow. I know, you are good debater with vocal voices of no fears, no doubt, but it doesn’t peril Khartoumists, so your appeared on foreigner and national media, travelling to abroad {western} and middle east as country chief mediator, doesn’t interests us, we need intellectual-minds to die away two Sudan outstanding issues. As you know, once Khartoum’s negotiators mail the talks in Addis Ababa, they went straight to the parliament, not their houses, briefing assembly, afterward they solicit reserved Arab experts/specialists {economist, military intelligent personal and lawyers} on how to remove the burden on theirs’ neck and way forward. While here, teams under your hands failed to do the same, just busy with personal enrichment, enjoys hotels accommodation, do you think, it will help us or we don’t have such experts/specialists in South Sudan to be consults, “big no”, just matter of ill-bred that affect and infect us, as few took the government as theirs without absorb others, so far I don’t think, God is fool to help those who don’t help {accept} themselves?
In conclusion, every talks need collective and super minds, in this scenarios, you must to includes the parliament, and then the president should insert economist, militarily intelligent personal as professionals list continues, into negotiation teams, than one types made up of “lawyers.” Is either court trial? So that the talk’s equation is balance, any experts may answer the question raise according to his/her specialization fields than supposition and one person always. One meal always, makes people to vanished appetite and even mislays it delicious, adjust cooking styles.

What Does the Rampant Gunshots on New Year, Tell Us?

Posted: January 18, 2013 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng

By Heskey Deng

Of course, once the clock turned to 12:00 AM, that tells us, it is now New Year, 01st Jan, 2013, it has been escorted with unbridled sounds of the gunshot occupied the midnight airspace in Juba, which wide awake those who were waiting the New Year in their sleeping beds and also scares those who in the Churches, praise the Lord, what is/was happening? Situation goads some congregations to abandon the praying, it was abominable, or depend on how you called it, because citizens were shocked and mystified.

With this disgrace, it has created a climate of fearing and put citizens in the line of catch-22, also raises a lot of questions, what is the meaning of gunshots? What do they celebrate? Is there any coup take place in the night of the New Year, and questions continuing? Because so many New Years past, but it wasn’t being welcome with the gunshot in South Sudan at large, but this humiliation of gun blast, it also provides opportunity for all aliens and citizens, who hid their rifles and pistols to test them, that resulted in injury of some individuals, who will be responsible for their hurt? Will it be government or the God, who has granted us New Year?

Citizens knew that, SPLM/A revolution day, Known as 16Th May, was only day commemorated with gunshots at the time of the two decades of civil war, but once the CPA signed, then birth to Independence of South Sudan, not longer memorialize with firing, thereafter the rest of the event days included New Year and X-mas, are normally honor with emotional joys {drinking and dancing} and praising {thank} Lord, but what was funny with this year in South Sudan, anyway I was petrify on that day, which put me to plant my ears on the ground, dying-off waiting for upshot of the shooting from the government, because the gunshots was too informative,  in return, nothing good, just condemnation, will condemnation reveals the secret behind the gunshot, “Big No” that is all.

More so, the reasons I write this Opinion, is to examine what do the gunshots tell us, what do it want to reveal to us and why they do it, I know, you have already cooked yours, you have your own results, so don’t demonstrate red eyes on this opinion, because on that day, it sounded good to those who did it and loyal of the arms-supplying while on the other hands, it was dreadful to mere citizens like me, who is unarmed, just baton and panga.

In fact, to me, the composition of gunshots want to tell the government and the head of state that, there are numerous of arms in the houses/homes, citizens still have the guns ,the disarmament is/wasn’t successful done in Juba. Also in another way that the government has failed in all the past years to protect the citizens and their properties, so in this time around of New Year, the citizens aren’t going to rely on government security, to die like a dog again, are capable to shield themselves from Country murders and robbers, but what brought such says, was rampant insecurity in the city, killing innocent citizens by unknown guys always and government failed to intervene the situation and arrest the criminals {culprits}.

However, in spotlight, jingle of the gunshots, also notify the government that, the citizens are well-equips and ready to act, they want government to stop fabricated things, and  polluted the conducive environment, and  inflict things, which isn’t in the mind of citizens, like coup plans, which is common songs in government’s mouth, there is attempt of coup, with a lot of falsify and unjustified accusation, that gunshots don’t want it to be mention again, and no coup to occur, but if they want it, it will be possible, they can overthrow the government in couple of hours because they have cannons. In that case, they warn the government, not to talk about it again, particularly those senior officers, who have full-grown mouths on it, do it to panic the presidential administration and government in general, and also for him/her to get promotion or create man-man friendship with the president, because the president may welcome his/her stupidity lying and accusation, as genuine, so stop it according to the New Year gunshots in Juba.

In all, the scenario of gunshots on the night of New Year, is/was {a} challenge to the government {cabinets and legislature}, SPLA, security personnel and organized forces, which prove that, on that night, no perambulation has been carry out by the national security and police, also tell them {SPLA and Police} the security of the president is in the hands of everyone, because we have arms, and to tell the president, he is wide-naked in term of the security personnel, also his security personnel, lack capacity to protect him and citizens, just knowing how to looting and killing innocent in their duties, they don’t act like national security personnel, but they act in the tribal-line, by associates with cold-blood assassination.

In the whole impact, the unknown guys, {as the government said it} who received the New Year 2013, with firing, were in a position to alert the government, and the president that, they get guns again through some senior officers in the SPLA, they don’t buy them, but they got them through some elements of the security senior officers and Generals, who need to tarnish the Country image, by giving the insecurity the priority in the Country, so they enlighten the president to collect back the arms/rifles in the houses, if presidential aspiration for peace and stability in Juba.

Even as, the disgrace of gunshot, reveals that, government has totally failed to handled the arms in the hands of the citizens in the country, especially in towns, so the only way, kill to kill, so if you find yourself breathing {days and nights} and walking on any corner of the streets in Juba, you are already dead body, only your life-rival forgive you, thank him/her for mercy, because you don’t have security at all, just the God that anointed your enemy-heart to give you some days, being alert all the time.

With such critical things, the Country president and all the Country head of security personnel, must to sit down and discuss the rampant of the arms in the hand of citizens, then order another immediate disarmament in Juba city, and tight the security before it still untimely, and if not, then in some months or years to comes, it will be another mission than welcoming the New Year so far. Take care, because ruling people aren’t like grains.

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At Least One Person Killed in Duk County’s Raids.

Posted: January 5, 2013 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng

By Deng Machol

Bor–At least one person has been reported killed and no wound at Poktap’s raiding on 2/01/2013 in Duk County, Jonglei State, located at the north of Bor town.

The deceased was cattle herds, He was killed on spot in cattle raids, as speaks with Duk Community leader in Bor, Abot Awan, has said the raiding occurred at 4 P.M, when the herds of cattle were about return to their camps and adding that, the attackers were in military uniforms, well arming and organized formidable. So to him, the raiders are from Murle’s tribe, then royals the Country rebel force David Yau, native of Murle, Pibor County.

The looting herds of cattle were around more 250, but 182 herds of cattle were returned by the pursuers, while more than 54 cattle are not yet recovered according to Abot statement.

“We don’t have Manpower to protect the community properties”, Awan said, although we have few, they are handless, no arms to secure because the government has already collected the arms of the civilian’s hands, just baton and spears has remained, which is impossible for a person to  face the gunmen.

Jonglei state is one of the states in South Sudan considered to be a volatile since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) people have been engaged themselves in cattle rustling and child abduction.

Not the first time to happen, at the end of last year, at least seven peoples were reportedly killed and two wounded at Mareng, headquarter of Duk County.

However, it was sad ending and beginning year to the peoples of Duk County, which the multiples of citizens point fingers to the government both national and state level, for failed to protect the civilians.

More so, Abot urges the government to respond quickly to protect the handless civilians in the State, particularly Duk County.

Last year, tribal conflict between Murle and Lou-Nuer resulted in displacement of about 15,000 people in Likuongole area.

This year the people of Jonglei state where about to achieve peace but was interrupted by renegade David Yau Yau who rebel against the government and attacked the South Sudan army in Pibor County.

More than 2,600 people have been killed in Jonglei in the past 18 months, according to the United Nations.
Over 600 people were massacred in Jonglei’s Pibor area after an 8,000-strong militia force went on the rampage last December, according to UN, although local officials reported the figure to have been even higher.

Due to the poor road networks, is difficult for the Country Army forces in the State and also the Counties to intervene the criminals or raiders.

Even as the cattle are the main means of people’s surviving in Jonglei state.

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Eight Years of Suffering, Funerals and Weeping, What to Celebrate next?

By Heskey Deng

I wonder what to celebrate, my birthday has already past, while Christmas is gone, and New Year is on the way with a lot of sadness, but those are obvious in human life. Apart from those events, I was looking to celebrate what our government has done, but no accomplishment to be a party because last year I notable the independence day at my house after the new year, now what achievement, is I {are we} going to commemorate at the end of this year and to tell the world, nothing on the ground, only corruption. Eight years of freedom in South Sudan past with nothing, just mirroring eight years of blood-bleeding, funeral and suffering, just corruption made by our government both former and current, as a year of CPA, only referendum but not their made, it was something documented in the CPA, that results to the independence, all this year, are misleading, no clear ruling, citizens are unsatisfied, years of darkness future, just bloodshed, funerals and death are the good news in the Country.

Joys and celebration end, once the Comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) has signed in Kenya 2005, by the Khartoum government and the current government of late rebel John Garang De Mabior and now headed by his comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit, and the Independence of South Sudan, was the only time the citizens were happiest and display theirs’ hope that no more suffering, funeral and weeping, and this is exactly time I saw joys written on the peoples’ faces, but things fall apart.

First, I thank you {president}, just because of the referendum, which has made on time and results in the independence of this country, that is achievement you did and it will be count on you because you didn’t return the Country into a senseless war, and no more on you again which I can say and people know of you.

More so, once the current president took the front seat on the same year, he botched to look into the Country‘s affair but just of his own affairs. He has applied the short-sighting and brains, which can’t view the country situation. Also he took leadership for the different means, that’s why most of his government officials are not working together, also president security personnel are from his region, who doesn’t know what do the security means? They are not well-train; they leave their work and turned it to illegal murdering, assassinated and torturing innocent people.

All in all, the eight years of Kiir ruling, are well-known for corruption, suffering, weeping/crying and funerals in the country, no change has been brought by the president, he don’t work like elected president. President with his governments has failed to development the Country, no schools, no clearing water and no road networks, even failed to modernized and equipping the country national army, no aircraft anti-gun and warplane to defense the Country, due to his government failure has results to many rebels in the country and inter-tribal conflicts, peoples died every days, Khartoum government bombed innocent people, biased South territory for example what has happened in northern Bahr Al Ghazel and no words from the president, he didn’t appear on the television screen, who are you ruling if you don’t talks on such things. Do you have another country, are you president somewhere apart from South Sudan.

However, Mr. President with your second person and cabinets in the government, these eight years reflecting nothing to the citizens, you just look at your nose, doesn’t mean that when your home is satisfying and rich, then likewise to other homes, “No”, just corruption, looting public funds and assassinated the government critics, has been made by your government. Also you even failed to organize war wounded, forget them and you know, they don’t have the power to make theirs owns’ living, disable is not disability. While they were effective during the war eve, now they are useless.

This was not their fault; they don’t love or choose to be disabled, they were defending the South Sudan territory from the Khartoum government, they were not cowards, that’s why their legs and hands left on the war zone ground and their bloods have cemented this land, and now you put deaf ear on them, what do they celebrate for all these eight years of your ruling? If they are crying or shouting at you, do you think your leadership will go smart, think big president with your government, because is shameful for president to forget his war-mates comrades, if your government is not working, you would have compensated the war disables and even numbering your Army/soldiers into batches, CPA signed, as those who were at war front, would be batch one and follow by militias but now is too confusing.

Of course, this time around, it needs to review your leadership and government, what did your government do for this all eight years? Where the country is heading now? Because being the president, want big brains, high thinking capacity and absent yourself from sleeping, tribalism, nepotism, drinking and woman, because those are the enemy of leadership, so think big. When will your leadership and governments going to satisfy the entire citizens.

Even as, gone eight years are enough, your government officials are satisfied. Let your government get make use of this upcoming year 2013, let peace rain in the country, show your leadership to the citizens, a year of freedom, peace/stability, development and no corruption, let it be the year of no more bloodshed, no hunger, weeping and funeral, a year of no rebels, tribalism/nepotism. As a year of erection worth schools, road networks, and services reach the civilians, also a year of taking town to the people.

I wish all of you happy prosperous New Year 2013.

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Jonglei Governor Urges Civilians to Maintain Peace

Posted: December 28, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng

By Heskey Deng

Bor-in his generosity Christmas messages, the Jonglei State Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk, have urged entire citizens of his hot-blooded state to continue maintain and praying for peace.

“We need to live in peace” Kuol said, and if we have peace in the state, then our state will be the best and it will fetch many people from the countryside, Governor said, while he is addressing twenty two thousand and three hundred and forty six (22,346) congregations, who turn out for praying on Tuesday 25th, at St. Andrew Cathedral Church, apart from more than ten churches  in Bor town, Jonglei State.

The largest State is well-known worldwide for its inter-communal conflicts and rebel threatened, but this year {Christmas} is more peacefully than the previous year, although there are many cattle raiding and rebels clashing with South Sudan Army {SPLA}, according to the Governor.

“There are no more inter-tribes and clans, nepotism and tribalism in the Bor town that means; peace has drawn closer in our heart and also in the State in general, Juuk assure, and urging believers not give up, but to continue praying for peace and stability.

However, Kuol cited that, Yau’s forces will not be a threat any more in his State, while calling civilians to return to their residences and produce their own food than rely on foreigner product, let use our muscles for cultivation or agricultural project, and building our land or state for a better place to attract other southerners to come than uses it to raids and killing innocent people, which scare people in the nation and worldwide.

Governor, in his statement, it seems that, his insecurity state will be stability and peacefully next year, while urges citizens to abandon their ancestors’ life and cope up today day modernization life, life of no tribes, nepotism and tribalism but life one people,one states and one country in general with one love.

Moreover, on the same Christmas messages, Michael Makuei Lueth, Minister for Parliamentary Affair, urges citizens to be calm, “not to lose hope but hope”, in what he foreseeing that the coming year will be peace year.

More so, Michael call on the migrant citizens to go home and cultivating, make their own food, “let feeding ourselves with our hands” as independent than to be co-dependent, he said this in reference to the delayed of oil flowing due to Khartoum government refusal, he seen only way for means of surviving is on the edges of hoes.

Meanwhile, Bor County Commissioner Agoot Alier Leek describes the Christmas day, as a day for peace in the worldwide, forgive one another and repent, to be happy because Jesus was born once again in your heart and thank God, who forgive and washing our sins that why you {we} witnessed the day, Agoot concluded.

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Does the President Know that He is the University Chancellor?

Posted: December 17, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng

By Heskey Deng Machol

Since then, if you views the South Sudan universities situation, you can wrap up that, there is no chancellor, only Minister for Higher Education and vice chancellors without Chancellor, who are always rang bell for the university improvement but no responding, more so the five public universities are so inequality and more importantly, ineffective and undeveloped, with quantity education, not equality, while it is well-known worldwide that, the president is also the chancellor, watchdog to the university systems but our president put deaf ear on the ground.

I think, our President, hadn’t been aware/informed that, He is chancellor, if the President is/was being vigilant, then it wouldn’t be time for our public universities to be deprived and undeveloped, in term of qualified lecturers, good educational systems,  university physical infrastructure and environmental structure, there will be no wasting of years so more.  President {we} knew before that, education is one of the key problems that make Southerners to take arms against the Khartoum regime, when Arab denied Southerners to enrol in good universities, so are we far from them now? Why do you {president} so hush and fail the universities.

Realistically, if you look at Juba University, as a first university to be planted on the South Soil and later followed by Wau and Upper Nile Universities, and sooner by Rumbek and Dr. John Garang Memorial University, you can be shock and disappointed, even beating your chest fatally with great sorrow, aren’t look like universities, look like old kitchens of eighteen century built by Asian, with old building, {rusting iron sheet}, limit lecturing room, with poor environment that can’t attract any person to pursue his/her diploma/degree in it, only poor and orphan students can copy the situation,  no change has been brought by CPA and independence, and we said, we are independence nation, we have the universities, it’s really big challenges to our government, is how our higher learning institution will be, think big!

Sometime the universities are temporally closed by Vice Chancellor with his so called senates, without good reasons, just wasting students’ years, while on the other hand government failed to investigate the root cause of closure, who regulate the Universities?  Mr. Chancellor, at this crucial time, you need to establishing and implementing the University educational well, as tools to last part redundant poverty and tribalism.

However, doesn’t mean that, the universities aren’t having lecturers, they have, but they are not enough, some colleges have no lecturers  while some lecturers are on the way to check out of teaching because of low payment, they received from the government, which wouldn’t meet his/her professionalism. Like now, the Ministry is admitting students, who will teach them? And no classes to accommodate them, where is way forward if our universities still lack such things, and what do you saying as Chancellor and your government at the same time, if the government is not interesting with higher institution of learning,  then it is better to be shutdown, no more university enrollment/intake, so that every students can mind his/her business, then government hoodwink them and wasting their years, it is terrible and discreditable to government, for now some students have already experiences grey hair on theirs’ head, for matter of four years, what remain, just to die in the University, is what the government need. These need strategy-mind, Mr. Chancellor.

As you are Chancellor, Mr. President, then it’s better to work hand in hand with the Vice Chancellors and Minister of Higher Education to change the current surface of five public universities, so that the students will learn in a conducive environment and it can attract foreign students to enroll in our university, in return this can raise the economics of this country in another way, then we rely on oil money.

Mr. President, charity begins at home, that means, you can smart your house before you visit your friend’s house, I always heard, when you pay a trip to East Africa Countries Universities, you contributed/donated money to the students regardless South Sudanese Students or that institution, your hand is free because you are an open heart person, no doubt, but here I wonder you {President} didn’t do that to your own universities, why! Even design one day visit to one of the public universities to inspect the situation, wasn’t there, why do you betray and hated your own universities, or because your children are studying outside, Mr. President.

Of course, to reviewing the past on how the President is chancellor, in 2010 general election, Sudan President Bashir in his political campaigns in North and South Sudan regions, He first visited the University premises, just to scrutinize the university circumstance, then hold talks with students to identify what is lack in the university before He go to the organized rally place, Bashir promised a lot, although He failed to implemented them, just he know that, Sudan will not be same again, but Bashir knew that, the ticket for presidential, Governorship and member of parliament is in the hand of the students, simply students are representative of all the tribes in remote areas, and if the students are pleased, then they are going to be your campaigns agents in their constituencies.

Therefore President, your success is in the universities, that means, your generosity and legacy will geminating in these universities, no elsewhere if you constructing current undeveloped universities into modernization universities, which means,  it need your unswerving and engagement to develop the ongoing system in the university, by reviewing university educational curriculum through authorizing the Ministry concerns and Vice Chancellor because the Universities are still using {an} old Sudan educational curriculum, which are already outdated, we need the current modern university educational curriculum in worldwide, but if you remain stillness, then you also silencing the universities.

Moreover, the development of these five public universities is your roles; need your hand and superior minds with your government, as I know so far the Ministry of higher education’s budget will not refurbish the university structure, even paying lecturers. Also the five vice chancellor, whom you appointed them, will do nothing if you are distancing yourself from them.

Furthermore, Mr. The president, if you wish to have equality universities, not quantity and to secure the economics of this country in another way, as you knew, Education is the backbone of the Country, then you and your government must to blueprint the project budget for fix up those universities into standard way, of having qualify lecturers and good environment for learning to ease sending our children to East Africa countries universities and also to magnetize international students.

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Letter to South Sudanese Returnees Girls from Khartoum

Posted: October 31, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Heskey Deng

Heskey Deng

First of all, I am supper conceited and cheerful when I seen you return home; you are welcome, although I have been belatedly to saying.

I previously heard your agony under Sudan military or Arab people all along, as you had been subjecting as sex-suppliers, distributed to all household of soldiers during the war, you have been raped like dog or forced to sexual, no love there that results to others girls to have fatherless children due to that oppressive, but you surmount the situation, thank God, you have got freedom and those children are yours forever and ever, don’t worry, feels at home, no more pains.

However, Returnees, you are so cute, pretty and beautiful, no man can refuse you, you deserve hundred herds of cattle {nyanbout} with your multi-colours, no doubt but shortly Sisters, you ensue to be “Masura” {futile} song by Silver X, Country Artist, which infuriate me {we}, you have turned to be mobile, wireless internet,  laptop, cigarette, distributors and helpers in Juba and East Africa Countries, as cheaper one, money-lover by spent night with all men, why do you do that? What force you? While you have almost five men running after you, fighting on you and you starting selling your body, what do you mean? I know is not my business but I saying because I see future on you.

Obviously, I {we} know that, you had been in impound freedom in Khartoum, or elsewhere part of South towns occupy by Sudan Military during the civil war since your birth time, no night clubs to killed time, no bars hotel to enjoy yourself, just sandwich plus soda, as freedom are being Arabicization and Islamicization, leisure had been curbed by shaira law, due to that inert freedom of enjoyment of no Bars and lodges in Khartoum {for the unmarried to lease to have sexual}, has kept your sexual reaction into rest while you hunger for delight.

Then, after you got this white freedom in South Sudan and East Africa’s Countries, you misuse yourself, took leads, being in tough marathon to overrun experts girls, like in Juba, you are always at Juba bridge Hotels and  bars, Home and Away,  Kush Resort, Green Rokon, Intra-Africa, Oasis and Bros Hotel, also in Kampala and Kenya, where you declared war on beers and sexual, I know is it enjoyment but is too much than expectation, drinking more than ten bottles of beers, is suicide until you lay flat, then anon you signed MOU with homeless man with cheap price, even having sexual without sock, then tomorrow, you will give it to your con boyfriend,  are you faithfully really?, what kind of stupidity phony is that?, is there any guarantee for  the two sex  not to caught diseases, I don’t think.

Not that, in Kampala, you are well known as  wild-cat, shisha and weed smoker, gold-digger, prostitutes or commercial sex instance for studying,  also prisoner in the Uganda prison due to {your} criminal act, what the hell are you doing?

Why do you share yourself? Be faithful to one person, though he is poor, hope one day he will meet your demand, but if you make yourself to be cigarette, everyone will smoke you, afterward, they will abundant you on streets and bars, as useless girl, just to supplicate person to pay sexual because you would be ineffective, people will start run away from you, no hand shaking, if people start fear you, how do you feel? who are you in future?.

Premature love and money love are not real love; don’t think that, a man who deposited you almighty dollars and pounds, love you, just did it to dig you, to fuck out his money, embarrassing you, watch out girl and think big, though life in Juba and Kampala is hard, don’t let life destroy your beautiful and dignity but I don’t see that, hardship of life in Juba, Kenya and Kampala has forced you to be gold-digger, because you came from royal family, but you have been yearning for enjoyment since then, that make you to be supplier, wireless internet to both citizen and foreign men, isn’t privation of life,  but take care, if not, you will appear on YouTube soon and you will end up like someone chasing the wind, don’t chase gratification, it will come alone.

To achieve that ultimate pleasure dear, go with your boyfriend elsewhere, { club or bar} drinking, dancing and sharing love together, do whatever you want to do with him, because he will not reveals secret to anyone, but if you just go with any man every weekend, believe that you are important girl, always walking majestically on public eyes, like churches, schools, streets, traditional dancing and wedding place, think that your private-covert are safe {you} is/are a idiot and fool.