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Greater Bor leaders are wrong and undemocratic to throw a political ball to Twic East County to grapple over whom to be a governor

By Manyang Duany Jok, Bor, Jonglei State, South Sudan

Kuol Manyang Juuk, current South Sudan Minister for Defense and former governor of Jonglei state

Kuol Manyang Juuk, current South Sudan Minister for Defense and former governor of Jonglei state

October 17, 2015 (SSB)  — It supposed to be the State SPLM secretariat under the chairmanship of former Gov. Kuol Manyang Juuk to determine and to make recommendations to presidency on who qualifies to lead Jonglei state through 28 months of transitional period to election time, where individuals are determined to contest for an election, not based on a clan-infested- queue of political expediency.

No community is a member of any political party anyway, but community members can be. No community can lead, but individual can; however, giving the Greater Bor community a role to recommend a section or county, where a governor will be from, not the State SPLM secretariat to endorse a willful person, is undemocratic, and it encourages tribalism, sectionalism and more divisions— similarly to Riek Machar’s hawkish demand to lead South Sudan on behalf of Nuer-tribe.  So will other sections of Greater Bor inherently always want to copy Riek Machar’s style?  Hence it can cause bad repercussion over democracy.

Let me not squander time. President Kiir knows his political enthusiasts better than the community itself; due to their renowned support to his leadership, on his own Presidential courtesy, he appointed Hon. Makuei Lueth, Information, and Kuol Manyang Juuk, Defense Minister, both from Bor county, assumingly none of Greater Bor community members consulted, to the national plate of bureaucracy, the Republic of South Sudan  highest executive council, but Duk and Twic East counties had projected no petition whatsoever of marginalization against nationally presented Bor county. So was by then Bor and Duk never went astray during tenure of Dr. John Garang’s leadership over liberation struggle.


By Manyang Duany Jok, Bor, Jonglei State, South Sudan

David Yau-Yau, the Murle militia leader who led a military rebellion against the gov't of South Sudan leading to the creation of the Greater Pibor Administrative of which he (Yau-Yau) has been appointed the administrator by President Kiir.

David Yau-Yau, the Murle militia leader who led a military rebellion against the gov’t of South Sudan leading to the creation of the Greater Pibor Administrative of which he (Yau-Yau) has been appointed the administrator by President Kiir.

October 1, 2015 (SSB)  — Jonglei State is inhabited by four Greater: Akobo, Bor, Fangak and Pibor. But only greater Akobo, Bor and Pibor languish in the triangle of excessively organized criminal activities; where tribally oriented perpetuators exchange recidivistic commission of crime including massive killings with impunity; keep dragging on rampant proliferation of small of arms; executing illegal acquisition of wealth through cattle raiding and child abduction and escalating uncontrollable crisis fueled by the series of political defections, which triggered massive displacements of residents to neighboring states or countries and hiking crimes against humanity to the international attention.

Although several attempts undertaken to disarm or deter such gang of criminals in the area by the national  government in the past, earlier than Riek Machar’s 2013 second mobilization of Lou Nuer Youth, the white army for second time to chase for him a mirage of Ngundeng mythically prophesied presidency to lead South Sudan;


By Manyang Duany Jok, Bor, South Sudan

From rags to riches: the amazing transition of the South Sudanese Minister

From rags to riches: the amazing transition of the South Sudanese Minister

September 8, 2015 (SSB)  — A good score of the self-claimed vigilant top leaders, under President Salva Kiir,  betrayed South Sudan to foreign nations; embezzled nationals resources; owned mansions, fat accounts in alien nation, hooked up with a colorful professional daughters of  superior UN countries, late Emmy Riek not worth mentioned, for political gain, but disregard improving basic  public institutions in the country including: educations, health centers, infrastructures, and security to advantage of the most disadvantaged civil  populations, to whom they deem to exploit their destitute situation to fight their wars of interests; on occasion when politicians defect  of being asked to give a chance to  more other  SPLM political members for self-rewarding purpose.

Under presidency, collectively, most politicians seem impervious to the failing of services delivery in the nation, a virgin nation we promised to have the needs of the needy,  by falling short to pay dividends to families of countless wars’ victims, but in self-defense only stick or aim to continuously  citing hindering or scapegoats due to dishonesty within the leadership; series of backwardness caused by Sudan Government before South Sudan independence, George Athor before killed, David Yau Yau before reconciled and achieved autonomy of Greater Pibor from Jonglei State and now Riek Machar damaged of Bentiu oil refinery, in a hot pursuit of Presidency, yet these the same politicians keep throwing up their privately owned towers or buildings here in the country or elsewhere in the world.

Meanwhile, more other Political figures engaged with survival styles of looting nation’s wealth  including Constituency Development Funds(CDF) and border taxes  to marry many wives or to buy brand new cars, and to build themselves lodges, hotels, residential places; similarly others in a nepotistic chain of privileged custody facilitating  projects of let-me- get-rich-quick; pursuing hard currency letter of  credits with the country’s  central banks, Commercial Banks  and forex to sell in a black markets- deflate South Sudanese Pounds farther under a U.S dollar, for  underprivileged not to be able to buy anything of value anymore, but struggle to long  for humanitarian assistance in hand of UN in the country.


By Manyang Duany Jok, Bor, South Sudan

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (C) acknowledges his supporters as he arrives to address a rally at John Garang's Mausoleum in the capital Juba March 18, 2015.

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir (C) acknowledges his supporters as he arrives to address a rally at John Garang’s Mausoleum in the capital Juba March 18, 2015.

August 24, 2015 (SSB) — It is good and imperative for H.E president Kiir to refuse signing the IGAD Proposed peace deal, because the mainstream, South Sudanese who voted for him to presidency in several States of South Sudan, including those state affected have comprehended the disadvantages of signing it and are opposed to it. Leaving alone individuals former detainees-G10, rebel crooks, SPLM in Opposition who are searching for short cut to a lofty leadership of the country.

The citizens expressed their voices and opposition to it in their mass demonstrations all over the Republic of South Sudan. As such President is mandated to reject the proposal. Signing this IGAD compromise peace deal, in other hand, will increase the presence of foreign forces in South Sudan particularly in the capitol-Juba specifically Troika and NATO on top of UN forces, leaving government not to defend itself, under any threat.

While already present UN forces had almost pushed our country to mayhem by contributing to catastrophe through boosted Dr. Riek Machar’s Power struggle to coup against the elected President Salva Kiir, in connection with former special Representative, Hilda Johnson to UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon, it already has remained an enormous threat to our freedom, liberty and prosperity. However, no one needs more foreign boots in the country.


By Manyang Duany Jok, Bor, South Sudan

“A wrestler, who looks a comfort place to be thrown down at, is more likely defeated compare to who faces his opponent without looking back”. “Because a monkey imitates others, it cuts its throat”.

South Sudanese politicians, foreign hearted citizens, and rich are the crisis of the country. With South Sudan filled with bunch of foreign oriented leaders and social assassins, from all continents: North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa assigned to hold different positions in all entities of country governments, with high talents and skill in the diverse forms, the nation is suffering a search of a good direction to survive.

Some of those who have adopted a range of cultures from civilized nations pay no attention to traditional cultural patterns of the natives of the land, but only to impose foreign cultures.

They are also influenced to leave their families there and to export wealth of the nation for rents and education to foreign nations instead to aid strengthening domestic institutions with those resources.

Others rhetorically claimed to have received intellectual senses and practical wisdoms to serve and to talk on behalf of historical liberators who their skills was mainly to commanding forces; however, getting this chance, they form a clique, elite class and limit the degree of transparency to loot undisclosed amount of national resources at each level of government and then to their families abroad, the resources that supposedly to be for infrastructures, security, health, agricultural scheme, and education to the advantage of mainstreams here at home.

Among them there are pyromaniacs who practice tribal slur, with hope of asylum, to set the nation on fire and to cause trouble for their recognitions, but when predict imminent danger, they flee ahead of hardship for those countries instead to retreat, talk peace, and recruit resilience to quell it and to coalesce those politically confused tribes in solidarity.

This was evidenced when rebel forces were matching on Juba –Bor road toward Juba, in January, 2014; some jammed to Uganda, Kenya while others showed their dual citizenships to be evacuated through their second home embassies/consulates to their refugee places; also some get accommodations at the nearest airport hotels ready to be flown away from violence in Juba.

Still when many more others are disconnected from monetary pipeline, the central bank that few elites are mandated to control and to have unsupervised privileges of creating wealth for themselves through variety of private Forex banks in the nation’s capitol, those people make noise in the social media with their beaks open like a chick ready to receive food from its mother against the government with multiples of criticism or proposals of which system of governance (confederation, Federation, Decentralization, Unitary and democracy and etc) to pursue for calmness and security of wealth.

There are other predators too who wish South Sudan bad to remain chaotically in mess to prey her forever, for stability doesn’t favor them, otherwise, sleeping giants, the victims of several political upheavals in the country, usual unrecognized groups, at the lowest level of community will wake up one day with their own agenda of change in the country, but not like white army does.

There are also some historical leaders that abandoned South Sudan which rewarded and obtained wealth from, but to build towers or story buildings as well as taking their children to study in such places e.g. Dubai, Nairobi, Australia, Kampala and etc but leaving South Sudan to only be inhabited by underprivileged citizens who they only maneuvered to fight their wars of interests over wealth distributions, but don’t have modern financial capabilities.

In power, some other get diagnosed with complex diseases due to consultation from corrupted commissions or elsewhere to receive hard currency for abroad than economically backing up South Sudan health facilities to be good for their both rehabilitations and referrals by spending those money here. This is harming the national economy. Although most South Sudanese who died in foreign country are flown back home in coffins to symbolically show love of the country, transporting body is more costly than home funeral itself.

For it is public best interest to demand from its government a good policy in the country to govern job opportunities from all foreign institutions than the internationals alone, and to give a bigger share of job deal to nationals, in opposite, half-hearted South Sudanese side with international diplomats, UN agencies, and NGOS.

They incite such organizations to fight on their behalf by interrupting or sabotaging National Affairs with threatening voices of sanction on pointing figure tips. For instance, a current national minister of public service had been forced to murder a circular he issued to give a bigger hand of job opportunities to nationals than internationals.

While others interfere with national security bill that serves to provide adequate security operation to deter the national criminals or political perpetuators in the area before its disadvantages and advantages are respectively evaluated which supposed to be done in implementation process, but also rally up to force a threat of filibuster in collaboration with those foreign organizations that hate security progress in the country.

In the same context, National and State members of parliaments go on recess in neighboring countries as well as abroad to spend money for the republic and to harbor their families than visiting their constituencies, where populations need to know the national and state government achievements, including services delivery.

They solely serve to visit their constituencies during campaign season; however, mainstreams are left to be exploited and to follow the bandits/looters that happened to cry in tears of victims and change in the system of the Republic.

By imitating other nations, preparing hiding places for families in foreign nations, robbing national wealth, spending it on foreign homes or educations, but only leaving poor populations to face their causes than confronting the challenges the South Sudan is facing as a new nation, South Sudan will sail to nowhere.

For any question, reach the author by#

By Manyang Duany Jok, Bor, South Sudan

President Kiir and his former Vice President, Riek Machar, in their happy days

President Kiir and his former Vice President, Riek Machar, in their happy days

As matter of fact, the author want to analyze the possible result of 2015 election by examining candidates’ region and his popularity in the three regions of Upper Nile, Equatoria & Bar el gazel, which make up Republic of South Sudan to win an upcoming election, that is partially confirmed to be taking place in year 2015, unless in condition of unexpected future circumstances.

Although there might be other interested candidates such as Lam Akol of SPLM- DC, apart from aforementioned two individuals, the author considers two for candidacy for their greater rivalry that led their political position to cost thousands of lives. Therefore, the analysis is based on the two regardless of more other politicians of who is right or wrong.

For campaigning for political position is not an intimidation, ones is required to set up exploratory committee, present his resume/curriculum virtue (CV) to his committee, disclosing his/her available financial status and then to test a political water in most congested areas particularly in areas like Juba to determine whether he/she could win the election and then later to his/her home town.

This is one of the necessary steps taken for a possible candidacy for public office but not to resort to shedding of blood for a leadership position. Here, the author will use none scientific mathematical formulas to examine who will win between the two candidates.

  1. E. President Kiir

To begin with, President Kiir known ignorance not to do the best interest of public by failing to construct the road that can link states; to raise wages for teachers and health workers to deliver quality services to people, to initiate the agricultural industry for self reliant; to release the names of those who stole seventy five million dollars from the Republic by not holding them accountable in the court of law; to catch those who were involved in Dura Saga; to jail any single corrupted politicians responsible for mismanagement of public resources; to allocate much of the resources in the rural area then the loyal individual using it for personal satisfaction; to protect journalists from brutal security personnel in Capital Juba; the public and business community opinion was lower over his next term of presidency; and this could have cost him election to if Riek Machar was not impatient enough.

Nevertheless President Kiir repetitious amnesty to pardon criminals and to integrate them into army as an accommodation including bypassing the real heroes/heroines of liberation struggle in rank, who brought South Sudanese to independent which is enjoyed today; although this political entertainment to bandits or looters saved him referendum which led to the sovereign State of South Sudan, this could have also contributed to his loss of election because most people are not very appreciative about it.

Moreover, even though Machar’s rebellion put him under critical pressure to speeding up the reform of the military and organized forces by raising salaries and keep providing forces security and food supplies, a delay of salaries in the nation to organized forces, national army and civil servants could remain as another obstacle for him to lose upcoming election. But because of Dr. Riek Machar’s rebellion, President Kiir is redeemed from his bad deed including lack of visionary supervision over wrong elements pulling the nation astray from developments, but self enrichment.

Furthermore, President’s signing of UNMISS mandate to operate everywhere in the state as it could; this gives UNMISS a chance to support every opposition against government by serving as a spy, food donor, and weapons supplier for the opponent through whatever means and to disclose other classified government weakness to the rebels as the way to keep government in trouble.

Since UNMISS invests in insecurity to receive fund and monetary material goods from donors of nation that love chronic violence to exist in a country such as South Sudan as the economic competition concern. UNMISS intentionally does this to cease South Sudan from approaching the developing countries and not to be economically independent and to depend on them for security, which part of fulfillment of their mandates.

This to the view of the few is counted on President Kiir for signing the mandate which he didn’t do his homework so well but not helpful enough for the welfare of the State; however, this could also cost him position in upcoming election for UNMISS is doing much unfavorable to a government including fueling of more rebellion in the country.

Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Based on hypothetically perspective point of view, if Riek Machar had not painted himself with second times rebellion, he could have been more likely to win the election against the current President, Salva Kiir of Republic of South Sudan because most people in this nation had not witnessed the scale of damage his political agenda of 1990s had cost, but only those who experienced it in first hand. Yet majority had almost forgotten it all.

If he was to be President and to win over Kiir Mayardit, he could first of all unite Greater Upper Nile region which is composed of Jonglei State, Unity and Upper Nile under his umbrella; make them insecurity free and to secure their relationship like President Kiir did as an icon to Greater Bara gazel through Union of the regions, where four state governors in the region could meet and share the common interest regarding the area.

Furthermore, similarly to Greater Equatoria in respect to Vice President, James Wani Igga, where three state governors meet together to discuss regional issues and to present their communiqué to the national government. This strategy could have done him good by automatically winning over Greater upper Nile and then to fight over three States of Equatoria with Mr. Kiir the president of South Sudan.

But because Mr. Riek Machar has taken a forceful mean to achieve his political objective contrarily to democratic will, he spoiled his own regions of Upper Nile: Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile State in which Thousands lost lives, Hundreds of Thousands displaced to neighboring countries and some in UNMISS protection camps within the country while others stranded in wilderness suffering in the course of his rebellion.

For the same matter, counties in this region are now divided deeply over tribal identity; however, his fame and popularity for good, instead, turned out to be popularity for bad, which has been negatively reinforced by historical records; hardly to be hidden from mourners of both events (November 15th, 1991; December 15th, 2013) he triggered.

Although Riek had a great supporters: intellectuals, business group, and students compared to President Kiir, his second rebellion reminded wealth driven, dying heart supporters in Juba from different regions of South Sudan; those who he used to assist with material goods through help of his former position of Vice President. Thus, these groups had almost forgotten the devastated event triggered by him (Riek) including historical impact of 1990s throughout the liberation struggle of the SPLA/M to CPA.

However, the recent massive blood poured down due to his (December 15th, 2013-2015) political upheaval in the country refreshed the recollection of dual atrocious act. Consequently those people who would want to support Riek Machar now have disassociated themselves from him including eleven detainees (G11) and those people will vote for President Kiir in the year to come.

In this regard, President Salva Kiir will be winner over Riek Machar, because 80% of whatever documented figure of Bar El gazelle citizens/residents will support Kiir’s leadership for he comes from there, while 20% will go for Dr. Riek or share it with other parties; 60% of   Equatoria in favor of Wani Igga, the Vice President will also benefit President Kiir for Wani will be his running mate in the year 2015.

Regardless of Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei of being home States of Riek Machar by region, still 50% of whatever population in this greater upper Nile will vote in favor of President Kiir leaving Riek other half of 50%.

President Kiir numbers will be backed up to sour due to massive number of people from the most victimized counties of Greater Upper Nile whose Riek’s power struggle rebellion had badly affected.

With simple illustration: Adding President Kiir numbers versus Riek Machar will determine the result of upcoming 2015 election of who will win the upcoming election.

  1. Kiir (B) 80+ (E) 60+ (U) 40 =180
  2. Riek (B) 20+ (E) 40+ (U) 50) =110
  3. Kiir-Riek = K180-110R = Kiir=80

By Playing with figures and none scientific mathematical formulas plus comparison of the issues South Sudan is currently facing, President Kiir will win 2015 election by 80% of the vote while Mr. Riek Machar will lose with 20% of the votes; thus President is the winner of upcoming election above Riek by 60% of the votes.

The author is the resident of Mareng Boma, Bor County, Jonglei State, If you any question, you can reach me by:

By Manyang Duany Jok, Bor, South Sudan

Reviewing both atrocious acts: 91’s and 2013 by Riek Machar, something comes into my mind of who is fool Riek as one of the Nuer educated icon, whose his great reputation among Nuer community is only to waging war against Dinka led government or Nuers as people, who most of them seems to be leaning back by not questioning Riek’s vision which its purpose is to link Nuer heroism with destruction of South Sudan political destiny.

In flashback to his 91’s rebellion against Dr. Garang SPLM/A’s, Riek understood that the freedom, and the leadership the South Sudanese were longing for was in the hand of Khartoum headship, yet he mobilized most Nuers against the SPLM/A to divert it from focusing on liberating Southerners for the betterment, in the hand of Islamic regime. As the result, the SPLM/A later ended up defending itself from both Riek’s and Islamic group in Khartoum instead to advance to the North of the Country (Sudan).

Not only had the Riek’s rebellion almost brought the SPLM/A into its knee, but also planted a seed of division and plunged South Sudanese into counter-insurgency against themselves which resulted later: Riek’s, Paul Matip’s, Peter Gatdet’s, William Nyuon’s, Karbino Kuanyin’s group against one another and also not all in favor of the SPLM/A.

As such, the SPLM/A’s effort by then to confront Sudan Government, and to liberate the whole marginalized Sudanese had now been swayed and it stuck defending its own neck from being cut off by both Southern militia and Islamists in the former Equatoria Region of the South Sudan from 1990s through CPA time.

The Riek Machar aim with his influence among the majority of Nuer was to dismantle the SPLM/A and to elevate himself to be a chairman of the movement with his own formation(SSIM/SSDF) without calculating the damages his political upheaval will cause against the people he claimed to be leading.

Coming to recent December 15th, 2013 coup attempt, Riek mobilized majority of the same Nuer who he also deceived in 91 to carry out his failed political objective this time against Salva Kiir two years old Government prior to independent without calculating its risks.

Nuer Culture

Exploring generally Nuer People’s culture and connecting it with series of disadvantage events instigated by Riek in the South Sudan with Nuer majority support, beginning from 1983, the birth of the SPLM/A through independent two years time of the birth of the New Nation, Republic of South Sudan, Nuer culture remains strong, reflective and dynamic.

Nuer culture is reflected in the way they do thing like the rest of people in the world, let leave alone impatience and retaliatory conflict among Nuer community.  Nuers are socially accommodative; they accept other tribe men to be one of their own without discrimination, but not by abduction like some of tribe in South Sudan do, but only through migration. They are very protective; they choose to die first before anyone they foster in their community is stranded in a danger; they are great believers and followers of a leadership which they trust at the same time either magically or diplomatically.

Why Most Nuers don’t reject Riek Decisions (1991 &2013)?

This question can be answered through observation of domesticated duck and its ducklings. When duck takes a lead, the ducklings follow even still when duck leads them into deadly latrine/pit without analytical reasoning of how harmful is the latrine/pit.

Here, which is the fool between the adult mother that failed to lead its offspring into a secure and a safe direction or offspring which keep following their mother’s lead even to the risky way? The answers is, the mother is the fool because is an adult, has worldly experiences, and reasoning capacity, which is equivalent to Riek Machar’s PHD compared to its duckling. For Riek supposed to use his academic sense to lead whole Nuer people toward education and development, with majority of them support to his vision, he led them into violence war; however, he is the duck and a numerous of his Nuer supporters are ducklings.

When inquiry asks why most members of Nuer community don’t question Riek is direction but still following Riek like ducklings and their mother, it is because they are overconfidence of his PHD, his political propaganda, and have un-swaying belief over his leadership in collaboration with cooked prophesies by witchdoctors/spear masters (Wurnyang, Dak Kueth, Nguen Deng), which easily help him to shape their heart toward his harmful way.                                      

Coming back to the two recorded horrific events (1990’s &’2013-14’) he triggered through the desire of a leadership with majority support of Nuer tribesmen both during liberation struggle and the recent days of Coup attempt; it was their spiritual belief of him to be leader which compel most of them to fall apart like dominos from both SPLM/A in the past and the Republic of South Sudan in present by joining him with conviction that he would create another route to score assumed expectation/privileges claimed to have been blocked by Dinka led government as his propaganda goes.

Riek Machar

Riek was born the unappreciative man. This was exhibited when Dr. John Garang honored him and granted him to be a Sector commander in upper Nile among other seniors, yet he devalued it and rebelled against the government (SPLM/A) which promoted him, and in the process he planted the seed of a division and hatred in the South Sudanese territory-Dinka versus Nuer.

After his expectations were not met in Khartoum, he returned to the SPLM/A (2002) in shame, yet he was accommodated as a number three (3), third to late Dr. John Garang in the Movement he almost utterly destroyed in the course of his split and a fight against it.

Accompanied by very poor historical records of nationalism documented in 91’s, in the aftermath of Dr. John Garang’s abrupt death, with worries of his criminal creditability not to spoil his Nuer fans and followers again for more rebellion and disunity among South Sudanese with CPA at hand , Riek was anyway rewarded with vice president position, in the Government of South Sudan and still maintained it to the Republic of South Sudan, which he didn’t deserve; it was under the offer to buy peace, yet he still acts disorderly against the leadership which escalated him by under estimating the position he was holding, but aimed high; consequently, this resulted into his late year 2013 termination.

In his disregard of the vice president position, he acted like a hen honored by the owner and served a grain in a clean plate to eat, yet it scuffs it into dirt, and picks it up there on the floor. This is exactly Riek Machar. He wanted to scuff down the SPLM party into dirt and to ask the rest of his faithful members to snatch the appropriate positions on the floor, in which each of them prefers and to declare themselves the leaders of the Republic of South Sudan. He preferred disorganized thing than the organized ones like a chicken does.

In relation to his chicken alike personality with less conscience and short recollection disorder, Riek broke down in tears and gave a whisky generated apology at fallen heroes/heroin celebration (2012) to Bor People in the compound of Late Dr. John Garang’s wife, Nyandeng Chol, who recently divorced Garang family for him ( Riek Machar).

Regardless of his crocodile tears down his cheek, which encouraged Nyandeng to be one of his great enthusiasts, Riek lost his 91’s massacre memories he created in Bor and he reiterated it in late 2013 through current year 2014 in the same area with its expansion to Malakal and his home State, Unity. Through common sense knowledge of war, of course all parties: innocent/guilty (Dinka, Nuer, Mandari, Anyuak, Murle, shilluk & etc ) paid the price.

In support of his pursuit of unfavorable leadership, many Nuer civilians like other die every time in the course of his desires (as recorded in two events, 91& 2013) without anyone of them questioning his egos/dishonesty, but only caring most about him and his wrong direction, no matter whatever price they will pay for, they are there for him at all cost at the time of his needs either devilishly or righteously. Yet Riek does not think about their rights and privileges (beyond the settlement in western world granted to all refugees through interview) including: right to life, to be educated, and to be developed for a better like he does not care for the rest of South Sudanese, who he deceive to violently follow his lead; however, Riek is not a Nuer, but majority of Nuers are Riek Machar.