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By David Aoloch Bion, Kampala , Uganda

(May 31, 2015 SSB ) —  The SPLM/A IO and SPLM G-10 are sickened with   hysterical smear mongering. They have nothing other than chimpanzee politic of revenge. The ultimate vision of IO and G-10 is to establish democracy by punishing the SPLM in  Government (IG ).

Honestly speaking , the SPLM IO and SPLM G-10 will try the last man of the SPLM Juba in kangaroo court whom they will find alive when one of them comes to power anytime .

If you closely follow their media briefings, it is all hysterical smears mongering about the SPLM Juba. How they faked the coup? How they massacred Nuer civilian by use of private militia?  How they will be punished or made accountable , that they code named ‘’ACCOUNTABILITY’’, Accountability is the codename of trial and execution of the criminals/aggressors, who are the ministers, the generals in Juba now . Accountability is the codename of chimpanzee politic of revenge.

It is the history repeating itself , in 1991, there was SPLM Torit and SPLM Nasir . The SPLM Torit remained the original SPLM, so when Dr John Garang  died , he was replaced by someone from Torit . The same today, the SPLM Juba remained the original SPLM and remained with the legacy of the liberation struggle and therefore, when time come  for President Kiir  to step aside , he will be replaced by someone from Juba , not from SPLM IO , not from SPLM G-10 .

If anyone from SPLM IO or SPLM G-10 comes to power, you will see them applying the politic of revenge by witch- hunt SPLM Juba members in name of accountability and justice. You will see them trying SPLM Juba in kangaroo courts.

It is time for mediators to tell IO and G-10 stop chimpanzee politics of revenge

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By David Aoloch Bion

It is a time now for President Kiir to gives Gen Malong Awan ultimatum of one week to capture Pagak and he declares a ceasefire in the spirit of One People One Nation.

President Kiir is now above the war, the war is now between Riek and Malong   and therefore, he has moral responsibility to save the lives of innocent people whom war is being imposed on them by SPLM/A IO.

Mr .Kiir has moral responsibility to saves the lives of people who are dying in both sides of the conflict.

After Mighty SPLA soldiers capture Pagak  , President of Republic  Salva  Kiir should declare a ceasefire and he outlines  his final peace plan for the country , because Riek Machar has lost hope in becoming the President of the Republic  and he has  resorted  to destruction of the country ., this is proven by his attempt to destroy oil facilities

And indeed, this conflict must end with final peace agreement; it must end in peaceful resolution.

After Pagak falls, SPLM/A IO will not have any excuses any more, there would be no more strength remaining for them to claim that they would defeat the government militarily.

After Pagak falls, President Kiir should  go and wait for Dr Riek Machar on the negotiating table in Addis Abba with following conditions.

  1. Riek as the Vice President
  2. No two armies
  3. ………..
  4. ………etc.

By David Aoloch Bion

(May 24, 2015 SSB)‘’Sudan TrIbune and Nyamilepedia emphasize the violence resolution of the conflict in South Sudan’’ personally observation

Dear readers of news in South Sudan, I kindly want to draw your attention to a  word call ‘’ propaganda ‘’.  When you are reading or listening to news especially local oriented news outlet like Sudan Tribune and Nyamilepedia . Keep  ‘’ propaganda’’ in mind as you digest or interpret the news. Don’t take the news as present by Sudan Tribune or Nyamilepepia , you must use your  critical thinking and  establish whether what is reported  is true or purest propaganda .

You must also be watchful of objective and subjective reports of news.

Objective reporting is when the journalist report exactly what happened.

Subjective reporting is when the journalist adds his opinion on the news.

For example, ‘’ the fighting pitied Dinka against Nuer ‘’ is subjective.

‘’Propaganda’’ is information that is not impartial and used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively (perhaps lying by omission) to encourage a particular ideology , or using loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information presented.

Propaganda has become a word of contempt and hate, and the propagandists have sought protective colours  in such names as  ‘’spokesman’’ ,

Propaganda can take the form of Radio, newspapers, websites like Sudan Tribune and Nyamilepedia .

Propaganda is a powerful weapon in war; it is used to dehumanize and create hatred toward a supposed enemy, by creating a false image in the mind. This can be done by using derogatory terms, avoiding some words or by making allegations of enemy atrocities., for example , ‘’20,000 Nuer killed in Juba BY Dinka ’’ . Most propaganda wars require the population to feel the enemy has inflicted an injustice, which may be lie , 20,000 Nuer  killed will make Nuer feel Dinka did injustice .. Nuer must  decide that the cause of SPLM IO  is just.

Propaganda refer to false information meant to reinforce the mindsets of people.

There are three types of propaganda,

.1, White propaganda generally comes from an openly identified source, and is characterized by gentler methods of persuasion, such as standard public relations like the spokesperson, techniques and one-sided presentation of an argument.

  1. Black propaganda is identified as being from one source, but is in fact from another. This is most commonly to disguise the true origins of the propaganda, be it from an enemy country or from an organization with a negative public image.
  2. Grey propagandais propaganda without any identifiable source or author, you always hear statement like ‘’ the official who do not want to be named’

As you read news bear propaganda in your mind .

Bear in mind that the Sudan Tribune and Nyamilepedia want violent resolution of the conflict.

By David Aoloch Bion

( May 21 , 2015 SSB) I have the pleasure to thank the eatditors of Sudan Tribune and Nyamilepedia websites for being blessed with great religion call Sadism. it is good they are practicing their sadistic personal disorders faithfully .

Sudan Tribune editors are male sadists  while Nyamilepedia editors  are female sadists .

Sadism is best religion in the world.

‘’Sadism’’ is  gaining of  pleasure from seeing others undergo discomfort ,  pain.and suffering .

These  editors sadistically enjoy spreading nothing in South Sudan other than  recurrent aggression and cruel behavior.

These editors sadistically  enjoys using  emotional cruelty, purposefully manipulating others through the use of fear, and a preoccupation with violence

 These eatditors are sadistically enjoy outbursts and fury, uncontrollable rage and fearsome attacks; feelings of humiliation are pent-up and discharged, subsequently contrite

These eatditors are sadistically enjoy  brutalizing and menacing others, forcing them to cower and submit; verbally cutting and scathing; accusatory destructive intentionally surly; abusive; inhumane; unmerciful.

So dear eatditors enjoy your sadism through musturbetion .

Long live Sudan Sadism Tribune

Long live Nyamile Sadism Pedia

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit the material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

SPLM/A IO capture of Malakal is their last kick of the dying horse

Posted: May 20, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in David Aoloch

By David Aoloch Bion

(May 20, 2015 SBB )The rebels captured of Malakal town is their   last kick of the dying horse.  Why? Because  If rebels were strong  enough, they would have  not left  Nasir near behind them, leave Ulang after Nasir and come and captured Malakal in centre  before clearing the out posts of Malakal .

If the rebels knew they have strength , they would have captured Nasir and  Ulang first  . Now, The rebels are in Malakal and they are besieged by the Government soldiers.  Where is their line of supply? Where will they get food? Where will they get bullets?. May be manna will fall from heaven on them  like Israelites in the desert but God will not do that , you remember what they did to  women in church the other day . .

Therefore , there   is no where they will get food and bullets and Mighty SPLA will  keep pressure on them. If  they are defeated  in Malakal in next three days or one week , where will they go? . They will disintegrate in civil population and the war end there .

From that point ,  the Mighty SPLA in Nasir will  just capture Maiwut and move to Pagak on the following day  . it is their  last kick of the dying horse  , the victory in Malakal is short lived victory .

There are two scenarios now,  after  the rebels  will be  defeated in Malakal and Pagak , they will either sign peace or will resort to Joseph Kony tactic of hit and run .

Joseph Kony started like this in 1987 , he left his base near  Gulu in Northern Uganda  like Riek left his base near Nasir  and he went and captured Jinja in central Uganda , when he was defeated in Jinja ,  he resort to terrorism cutting ears , arms and mouths of civilians .

it is just a matter of time for Riek Machar to  choose between being on the run like Joseph Kony or accept Vice President without conditions. His rebels  integrate  into SPLA mother. Or will be village thieves. No two armies’.  period.

By David Aoloch Bion

(May 19 , 2015 SSB )”Syrian rebels had been fighting with Government soldiers inside capital city Damascus for six months until the rebels  were driven out in 2013. Did the Government of Syria fall? No, it did not” said the  recent war history .

It is purest wishful thinking; the Government of South Sudan will stand until she brings peace and security in the  country.

It has been spreading like wild fire in the media that the Government of the Republic of South Sudan is collapsing soon on two premises. Premise A is the rebels’ victories on the battlefields. Premise B is the Dollar scarcity in Central Bank.

The fall of the Government in Juba is being propagated by the G-3, SPLM/A IO, SPLM-G10 and their partner, the NGOs.

The NGOs project that the Government will fall in July of Dollar scarcity

The SPLM/A IO is babying that it will defeat the Government on the battlefield soon.

The SPLM G-10 asserts that the Government will collapse by the combination of rebels’ military victories and Dollar scarcity.

The following is the statement released by  SPLM G-10 on 32th  anniversary of founding of SPLM/A in 1983 and here  I quote ‘’Our country is on the verge of collapse into total chaos and possible disintegration with no hope of any side picking the pieces….. In view of rising insecurity, precarious economic situation and riven social fabric, the government is fast losing legitimacy and may fall’’

Is what they are claiming a reality or everyday abuse of language to play with mind of people?

What the SPLM/A IO, SPLM G10 and NGOs are claiming is a lie and wishful thinking.

SPLM G-10 are repeating the same prophesy of doom of December 6, 2013. Nothing new is in the   minds of G-10  other than the government collapsing and imagining them rising up in the ashes of the government.

NGOs are saying nothing other than their APPEAL TO PITY fallacy to secure more funding from donor community around the World.

SPLM/A IO are  saying nothing other than unachievable visions  through  their militancy  and spoiling behaviours

The three groups are abusing the language to make South Sudanese panic and lose the sense of reality and lose hope, lose patriotism.

Before God, the fair Judge, the Government of South Sudan will never, never, never fall because of Dollar crisis. No one want Dollar in South Sudan except few individuals  who make money in South Sudan and repatriate the money to foreign countries to develop those countries  in the name of  education and renting of houses .

Why do you want Dollar? To pay school fees  in Uganda and Kenya. Why do you  go and study there ? which University is not in South Sudan? Go to Juba , Wau … etc Universities and pay in pound .

Which secondary or primary schools are not in South Sudan? Go to Busere SS in Wau where Dr John Garang studied   , go to Rumbek and  Loka Secondary schools and pay in pound there . Why do you go to develop other education by money of South Sudan ? Pay money to school at home, so that the  school will buy lab equipments.

Why do you want Dollar? To pay rent in Nairobi and Kampala .why do you go and stay there?  Which house is not in South Sudan? if there are no houses , where do you come  and sleep during Christmas every year ? .

.The Government will  give  Dollar ONLY  to few trusted businessmen like Amin Akasha to supply bulkiest basic commodities in the market .

.The Government of South Sudan will never fall because of false victories of rebels. War is something unpredictable. How many times have rebels captured towns and Government recaptured them? . if rebels captured Malakal , this does not mean the fall of Government . If they advance up to Juba, this does not mean the fall of Government too.

Imagine, Syrian rebels had been fighting with Government soldiers inside capital city Damascus for six months until they were driven out in 2013. Did the Government of Syria fall? No, it did not.

Look , war is not fought because of money , it is fought because of  objectives , the rebels of SPLM/A are not fighting because of money, they are fighting because of objectives  . The rebels fight now for 17 months without salaries.

So do the government soldiers, they will fight without salaries if it happens that there is no money. Government soldiers are not fighting because of money. They are fighting the war because of patriotism and zeal inside their hearts. . So economic situation is not an issue to patriots. It is an issue with thieves who steal money from public in Juba and run to foreign countries.

Riek Machar and his fake SPLM/A IO say they will discipline South Sudan Government by violence and inflict their fake will on South Sudan. . No way.

The Government must find a solution by  beating the SPLM/A IO until they accept integration to SPLA mother .The Government must beat Riek Machar till he accept VP without  conditions


The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit the material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

By David Aoloch Bion, Uganda

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

May 18, 2015 (SSB)  —  Informally, the SPLA Chief of General Staff, Lt .Gen Paul Malong Awan is referred as King Paul. Many people misunderstand this nickname of Gen. Malong . They misinterpret it as Malong being evilest in their strongest words. This is wrong inference and assumption. Mr. Malong is not behaving badly the way they perceive .

Gen. Malong is honoured as King Paul because of the 3 following reasons.

1 .Waging the war without external help.  Malong fought single-handedly as Anya Anya Two leader in Bare el gazal region from 1978 to 1983. At that time, Malong fought Sudan Army without any external support in term of logistics. Where did he get ammunition? Where he get food? No one knew, but, he fought for five years for the freedom of South Sudan  until he joined SPLM/A in 1983, when all Anya Anya joined SPLM/A then.  Here , he never asks anyone like a King . King always never asks for help from any one because he has everything always.

2 . The Defense of Boma . Malong  defended Boma Garrison from being captured by Sudan Army from 1992 to 1995 till  he was reinforced from Equatoria. He held out in Boma for 3 years  . Kapoeta at South of Boma was captured by Sudan army. Pochalla at the North of Boma was captured by Sudan army . He stood in the middle with gallant SPLA soldiers. Here, they called him a ‘’King of the Mountain’’, from mountain Boma .

3. His Generosity. Malong loves Humanity. Malong is a generous man . Malong is compassionate man  when he was a Governor of Northern Bare el gazal State. He was dinning with poor men and women in the state. At that time, Malong would organize a dinner for the poor SPLA war veterans in the state. At the table, he would say ‘’ it is the nation that stress you, take some of your lives and you are suffering now. Enjoy yourself; one good day is worth 30 bad days  Mr. Malong adopted  \this generous culture from European Royals. In Europe, the poor waits to eat the King’s dinner every year.  For example, on July 6, 1902, King Edward of England invited 456, 000 poor all over UK to come and eat dinner at his palace .

Here, they call Malong ‘’ King Paul’’ because he organized a dinner for the poor like the King Edward of England did in July 6, 1902.. In the name of God , the King will never lose .

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit the material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

By David Aoloch Bion.

May , 7, 2015 (SSB) ‘’We are holding this conference when we are about to mark the first anniversary of the Juba genocide carried out by President Salva Kiir against his people killing over 20,000 innocent lives of Nuer people in less than a week. The massacres against Nuer in Juba triggered the present civil war’’, SPLM/A IO Riek Machar tribal statement  at Pagak Conference.

Yesterday, in Nairobi, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry announced that the US government had allocated $5 million that will be used to set up Hybrid court to bring to book those responsible in South Sudan crimes.

So,  who are the criminals? What are the crimes? Before we answer question, first let us look at the two famous quotations in the conflict. . First  quote is from SPLM/A IO leader Riek Machar and here I quote ‘’We are holding this conference when we are about to mark the first anniversary of the Juba genocide carried out by President Salva Kiir against his people killing over 20,000 innocent lives of Nuer people in less than a week. The massacres against Nuer in Juba triggered the present civil war’’ Riek said this tribalistic statement  when he opened conference in Pagak  .

The second is from Sudan Tribune  web site and  this  quote has   been  repeated  867 times since December 17 , 2013 ., the first day it appeared on the web site  and here I quote  ‘’ the war erupted in mid-December 2013 when political debates on reforms within the ruling Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) turned violent, further escalating into tribal conflict pitting Machar’s Nuer ethnic group, who were from the onset massacred in the capital, Juba, against Kiir’s Dinka community and their allies including foreign Ugandan forces’’

According to the above two quotes, the criminals  and their crimes are identified already

Therefore, it is time to call a spade a spade not big spoon. The criminals are Dinka . The crime is the killing of 20, 000 Nuer people in the quote  of Riek Machar.

Before some were calling me  a tribalist , according to Riek Machar speech  in Pagak , who is tribalist Number one ?

Secondly, are those claims of Dinka killing  20,000 Nuer justified?

In the night of December 15, 2013, there was a fight between soldiers inside J1 and soldiers who want to enter J1 by force.

In morning, the soldiers inside J1 led by President Kiir said , it was  military coup to  take J1 by force . On the other hand , the soldiers who were trying to force their way into J1 led by Riek Machar ,  said it was a  mutiny , triggered by  the selective DISARMING OF NUER TRIBE       MEN  BY DINKA TRIBE MEN  . Whose version  of the story is correct? Whose version is incorrect?

One week later, Riek Machar claimed that 20, 000 Nuer were murdered in Juba, coining the phrase JUBA MASSACRE.

Without questioning it validity, authenticity and accuracy and verifying it. The World believe it as we have seen US Secretary of State, John Kerry , the envoy of Uncle Tom ‘s son announcing millions of Dollar to set up their  imperialist Hybrid  court  so that South Sudan taste wrath of  imperialism.

Accountability is good for stabilization of South Sudan

And What if those who are witch-hunted to account refuse to account? What if they clean their spears and say we are not going to that court.,  What will happen? What if they say we are not going to court until Riek Machar first go to court for 1991 crimes and  after that we can go , what will happen ?.

Riek Machar and Sudan Tribune are not alone in their premise that that ‘’narrowed down’’ the conflict from national conflict to ‘’Dinka – Nuer conflict’’.

Many senior government officials admitted to AU Commission of Inquiry that 20,000 Nuer were massacred in Juba by the private army of Dinka . They went ahead and clarified it that it is not whole Dinka but it is only section of  Dinka from Warrap and Aweil who killed 20,000 Nuer .

So , it is clear now  who is going to court and what are the charges . it is President Kiir, Paul Malong Awan , Amrose Riny and  Maj .Gen Bol Akot . The crime is 20, 000 Nuer killed in Juba.

The Dinka from Greater Upper Nile, Lakes State and Western Bare el gazal  are free from heinous crime committed by the section of  Dinka from Warrap and Aweil.

it is the responsibility of Dinka of Warrap and Aweil to hand over these four men in near future , or it is their  responsibility to do it Nuer way .

By Nuer way i mean  to stand with someone whether right or wrong like Nuer did with Riek Machar . All Nuer stood with Riek, whether he was  right or wrong.

Or do it my way , i mean ,  my way is People to People peace  , People to People Reconciliation , not imperialist and neocolonial  Hybrid court of John Kerry and the son of Uncle Tom , US President  Obama .

People  to People  reconciliation oblige  Nuer to come up with real list of names  of the people killed by the Dinka in Juba  and oblige  Dinka to come with real list of names of  the people killed by Nuer in Bor , Akobo , Baliet , Bentiu , Unity Oilfields  . Then the two people  come up  with the solution like in Wunlit Conference .

Am saying this  because Nuer who started the conflict by coup and cover it up by lying  that they were being disarmed by Dinka , lying  that 20,000 of them were killed in Juba by Dinka  are  celebrating that Dinka are going to court , Salva Kiir is going to court .

First of all , the country is at war. Peacemaking needs balancing of competing demands for accountability and punishment for the so-called criminals, who killed your so-called 20, 000 Nuer with the need to reconcile differences and move forward.

Atrocities as envoy of Uncle Tom’s son John Kerry put it must be balance with big picture in the society; here I mean wider social harmony in the society.

So celebrate your Hybrid court but remember it can be turned into civil war as you turn the coup into civil war with an eye blind

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from 

By David Aoloch Bion, Kampala, Uganda

April 28, 2015 (SSB)   —-   The eagle-eyers or good seers are making serious alarm now that they have  noticed  crack in ship South Sudan that will sink it as soon as possible if that  leak is not addressed quickly . The leaking crack they saw is Jieng Council of Elders. They claim Jieng Council of Elders is wrongly advising President Kiir ,  therefore ,Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) is dangerous to South Sudan.  JCE is destroying South Sudan.

But questions  are; is this claim true or false? Is advising the same as deciding? .

This is the second time  that the detractors have  labeled the allegation of wrong advising  to President Kiir .Yesterday ,  the good seers were noising   that  they  had noticed  serious leaking crack in ship  South Sudan. The leaking crack was former Presidential advisor on Legal Affairs Telar Ring  Deng . They were babying ,babelling in  more  than 60 languages  ,  ‘’Telar , Telar,  Telar  , Telar Ring Deng  is ill-advising , misinforming and disinforming  President Kiir simply because Telar and Kiir  were seen praying always  at Roman  Catholic  Church in Kator .

Because of the babelling of detractors, President Kiir succumbed to their pressure and he exiled Telar to furthest Russia so that he can go and pray in Russian Orthodox Church alone.

After Telar left , the same detractors  invented another lie and began babying , babelling  ” Jieng Elders , Jieng Elders  , Jieng Council of Elders  is ill-advising President Kiir because some Jieng elders are seen entering and coming out of State House over the weekend . This madness of changing goal post from False A to False B must stop because it will not take you to your dreamland .

What is the correlation between entering and coming out of the state House and the South Sudanese affairs ?.

The public decisions of  South Sudan  government are  made by the Council of Ministers. So the question is , Do Jieng Councils of Elders sit in the council of Ministers hall and take part in the decision ? The answer is No .

Therefore, JCE is just a scapegoat for nothing and  for stereotype .

Yesterday, it was Telar , Today , it is Jieng Council of Elders . what a  nonsense!!!  Think critically, otherwise,. You are in illusion. You are chasing shadow.

Secondly, why are there other councils of elders? There is Nuer Council of Elders. There is Equatoria Council of Elders. Why are  you not questioning these  councils  too?

For your consumption , JCE is just cultural organization that promotes Jieng culture among the Dinka people . It has nothing to do with politics of South Sudan. It is just like American Centre if you know it , which promotes American culture around World. It is like British Council, which promotes  British culture around the World.

So rubbish all critics of JCE. JCE will be there as long as Jieng culture exists . JCE is a wave  and critics of JCE are like  those who want to control waves  in the Nile . The critics are wasting time on JCE.

Long Live JCE

Long Jieng Culture.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from 

Announcement: I have stopped political writing.

Posted: April 6, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in David Aoloch

To my Readers and Friends

I have the  pleasure to inform you that  ,  I have stopped writing  political commentaries  because I have finished my Bachelor of Arts in  Public Administration at Kampala International University( K.I.U)  . Am goin’ to search for a job in Juba now  . .  Am gone stop writing politics for two reasons  1  I will not have time to write about politics because i will busy  2 . Politics might contravene with the nature of  would- be my job ethics or rules or regulation.

Thank to you all for reading and appreciating my political writings. i will miss you a lot guys .

In broadest sense of the word,  I  have stopped political writing but  I will still post  fiction like poems , short stories and novels like my  current one ,  the Rust of Words . So I do still request you to stay tune to read the Rust of Words and other poems I will post.

Thank you my readers, , thank you my friends , thank you all . i will miss you a lot .

End note .  Bye   to   politics for now .

By David Aoloch Bion .

Kampala International University



By David Aoloch Bion

When I was in P3 in Ashwa in 1992 , we were given a dictation test by Ustaz  Kuol Malual . One of the difficult  word  we faced to spell  was  ‘’Thousand ‘’ . fortunately , I knew the word  but , my class mate late  Deng Garang Deng, who finished Statistic in Juba University  in 2012 and died in car accident on Nimule road did not know it  . Deng  sneaked a look on my paper , he copied the word thousand .

When the papers were  given and results were announced , Deng  was best in the class . One month later on , Deng confessed to me that  he copied the word ‘’thousand ‘’ from me. He told if he did not copy from me the word , he would have not been the  best in that test . he said , he was proud because his eye saw the word.

In South Sudan , there are some  political philosophy questions which are difficult for some politicians like our President Kiir to deal with them , therefore , in such situation , politicians have to sneak look in to neighbourhood and copy the correct answers for them .

It is time for President Kiir to stop political gambling on most difficult political philosophy questions and peeped into neighbourhood and copy correct answers from bright students.

The brightest students in neighborhood are Tanzania and Botswana. The correct answers to be copied are , presidential term limits , equitable distribution of resources , independent parliament that can’t be dissolved by President . Independent judiciary where judges are appointed by the president but can’t  be sacked by him . all in all , . check and balance , which is the ambition to encounter ambition .  among the three branches  of the government , no branch must be above another branch.

Because  half of South Sudanese want change in constitution , Parliament , judiciary and executive,

Mr Kiir must plagiarize in politics , if he want to be successful. it is not malpractice to steal  correct answers for difficult political philosophy questions .

Am not calling  for reforms that favour individuals like ‘’ showing or not showing of hands , 5% not 5% agenda like SPLM document ..

End note

The speech of President Kiir was bland because his no for  two armies was unsatisfactory because he did not justify, he has not explain it to his people why he did not want two armies although it is a leading question , yet  he need  to explains it. So many of his Nos were not justified .

The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

Posted: March 22, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in David Aoloch

By David Aoloch Bion

Chapter Eight

A change took place in the lives of ten percent of the population. The private sector grew, banks, Forex bureaux , mobile network providers, hotels  were established across the country.

One afternoon, the wife of James Majok’s cousin who works as cashier for the Department of Agriculture visited his home. Majok’s wife welcomed her. His home was one of the poorest in the city. She went to buy refreshments from the shop for her guest. She placed  them on the table .

“Here is the water” she said

“Oh, thank you” she appreciated it . “wu, why is it so hot like this?”  She asked as she holds the bottle of water.

“Around here, there is no power or generator that can cool the drink”. , he apologized .

“I can’t  drink hot water now  , in Axum  where I came , you can’t find a shop without fridge to cool it, thank you” she refused the water .

Majok’s wife nodded with inner  disappointment. She took the water and she gave it  to the children.

“When did you come from abroad ” Majok’s wife asked.

“I came here a week ago” she replied .

“How is it there ”

“It is nice, our children are studying in good schools  They are speaking fluent English. Even, kids at nursery school speak better than those who are here in primary seven”  she emphasized .

“My children are studying here ”. Majok wife said .

‘’ Are they studying in those grass thatched classrooms?” answered the cousin wife .


“Oh, Jesus Christ. Why don’t you send them to study outside?”

“My husband has no money”

“Is he not working?”

“He is ”

“Why then he has no money?” she inquired ‘’  look ! My husband is a cashier in Agriculture,, he is paying our children school fees . ” she gloated  .

“I don’t know what my husband does ?” Majok wife said .

The two wives  discussed social issues together. after that  the wife of cashier left.

After she had gone, the wife of Majok broke down, he sobbed because the wife of cashier humiliated by refusing to drink her hot water and soda.

In evening at  4pm , Majok came from the work, he changed his clothes  and put on his casual wear. He was about to go to the veteran club to play cards , chess and dominoes. His wife came, sat down next to him …

“Father of my children, I want to ask something” she said

“You have worked since peace was signed, when will you become a cashier?”

“ what is cashier ? Why are you asking like?”  he giggled .

“Because all cashiers have sent their families outside the country, their children are studying in good schools abroad” he narrated .

“I will not be a cashier because I am senior than cashier?’’ he laughed .

“ And why are your children studying here not outside ? Why are they not in good schools?” he questioned.

“Those whom their children are studying  outside are the thieves, they steal Republic  money” he sneered .

“Why don’t you steal so that your children enjoy the lives like other children enjoy”

“I am not corrupt” he answered .

“You are not corrupt but you are poor”

”Better poverty than theft , If you want to get rich, you go to steal” Majok said as he walked out the home, his wife poured him with water. He turned, slapped her, and pushed her down. she rolled, squealing .

The neighbour came separated them..  Majok left , he went to call his  brothers. On the following evening after the work, the brothers came . The brother took their seats. Majok and wife sat too. One of the brothers cleared his throat, he talked.

“We have come, we are the same family. If there is misunderstanding, we are here to address it. So what is the problem, Majok?”

“Alright brother, this is my dear beloved wife, I married her 15 years ago, we had not quarreled before. This is the first time we scuffled. She is snarling that the family is poor, she is mimicking others men’s wives. she is inspiring me go and steal public money  in order to send  children outside the country. That those who started working with me three years ago had sent their children to some excellent schools abroad, they are renting beautiful houses abroad, that is the whole issue” he articulated .

“Mother of the children, you have heard what your husband said   tell us your version ” they asked .

“Indeed, brothers, what he has narrated is exactly true, what I have told him. Imagine, brothers, three days ago , the wife of his cousin who stayed abroad came to visit us, I served her with water, she refused the water . Her refusal is insinuating to me , it is gloating of our failure in this house .. Majok is working like the  husband of that woman and now  if he is staying abroad, whereas  I am residing here,  I know, the level of education of  her husband is not higher than the level of my husband” she explained .

“Stop there” one brother interrupted her. He asked Majok directly .

“Why don’t you send your family outside when you work in  finance? The junior officials like cashier, accountants, secretaries’,  receptionist, their families are outside the country ”

“Frankly, I don’t have money. I receive 5000 pound  a monthly. This money will not pay school fee and rent outside the country ”. Majok replied .

“Why other director like you in other Departments  bought houses  abroad?”

“Those are them , they are corrupt , they embezzled public money”

“What about you?”

“I have not taken a coin from public money and I will not take a coin from it, if the wife think that I don’t meet her needs, let her divorce and go and marry  those who will meet her need ,  who have enough money ” Majok remarked angrily .

“Brothers, Majok is orthodox man, he has his own belief, ideologies that we could not change him  from but I will  tell  him a story. Here is the story .

“There was a rich who had thousands of cattle. He hired five men  to look after the cattle. Each was given herd of cattle. Every day, each  man milked the cows and they took milk to the rich. One man was honest among the five.

This  honest man milked the cows and took the milk to the rich all . The other four men would milk cows and sell half of milk and take  half of  milk to the rich. The honest man could bring the 5 buckets of milk. Another man could bring 2 buckets of milk. The rich didn’t ask why one man is bringing more milk while others bring little milk.

After every six months, the rich man would visit the cattle camp to see the cattle. Each man  would make a report of the cattle.

The four men would tell rich that one cow is dead but could not show him the skin of the dead cow . One bullock and two heifers have lost but rich would not ask them , why did you search for them? .

Then the honest man would say in his herd, one cow is dead, and he shown rich a  skin of dead cow , there is no heifer or bullock that lost. The rich did not ask the other man to produce the skin of the cow that died. The five men kept the cattle for five years. At the end the rich told these men . Your term for keeping my cattle has expired , so you can go. I will look for other servant to keep my cattle”

The four men jointly  said, “thank you , you  remain in peace and we go in peace”

The honest man raised his hand, said “please sir, I have kept your cattle for five years, I took five buckets of milk to you every day. There is no single cow, heifer or bullock get lost. If the cow is dead, I show you  it skin , could you please give a small bullock so that I can take it as my reward?”

“You are foolish poor, I can’t  give you a coin and I will not give you a coin , leave alone the bullock because you were in charge, why didn’t  you make up your mind on how to get something out the of  cattle. when you were bringing five buckets of milk and your fellow workers were  bringing  two buckets Do think  I didn’t know what they were doing?” I knew that they were stealing three  buckets of milk  but I don’t want to ask them because they were rewarding themselves. When they told me that X cow is dead  and they didn’t  show me  the skin, I knew. They stole it, it was your mistake not to reward yourself through milk and stealing. It is too late. I will not give you anything, so go away.

The man left with his ten fingers. The same to Majok, Majok said he is not corrupt but government is like the rich man. If you can’t steal, you will retire with your ten fingers’’.

“Haha , Brothers, the time will come when this ill-acquired wealth will be worst than poverty” Majok said.

therefore , Majok and his wife were rebuked , advised to stay peaceful , forget their friction .

Riek Machar’s Hitmen are hunting to kill a Thinker.

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By David Aoloch Bion

‘’The Khomeini cry for the execution of Rushdie is an infantile  cry . From the beginning of time, we have seen that. To murder the thinker does not murder the thought ‘’ Arnold Wesker , British writer in 1989 after Ayatollah Khomeini called on Muslim to kill the British author Salmon Rushdie after publication of his book , The Satanic Verses 

The hitmen of the bloodcurdling rebel Riek Bloody Machar are hunting to kill me. The hitmen have been hired by Riek Machar Press teams as the part of their psychological warfare, these hitmen are being coordinated and directed by the three men here in Kampala. The three men are 1st Lt. John (not his real name) , he is  former SPLA Division 5th  intelligent officer , Lt .Col . James (not his real name ) , he is former South Sudan military attaché in  embassy .in Kampala  , Peter ( not his real name ) , he is  self –exiled businessman .

It happened last year 2014  ,  Peter told me , that there are my  friends in Nairobi who like my writings , when I asked him , who were those friends , he refused  to tell them to  me who they are .

On  January 28 ,  2015 , I met 1st Lt  John in Kabalagalgala , a Kampala suburb , he told me  that  he was looking for me and Peter was telling  him that I was still in Juba . he told me , he had something to discuss with me , I said alright , we went to nearby tea shop of Durfurian man . We sat. He told me to order some drinks, I ordered a soda.

Immediately,1st Lt  John called  Lt .Col James , they talked , I heard  Peter telling  him ‘’ David Aoloch  is a  good boy ‘’ in Juba Arabic , after they finished talking , he gave me the phone I greeted Lt Col  James .

After that Peter told me, he had a problem with SPLA Military intelligent officer Brigadier Akol Majok. He said Akol is telling people in Juba that he is in Pagak while he is in Kampala.

He said he wrote a press statement to Sudan Tribune and Nyamilepaedia but they have not published it . So he said he wanted to give me his press statement so that I can go and post on Paanluel Wel. I told him, give me, I would go and post, he said he left it at home. He told that he would give it to  me at 5 pm at Paradiso Restaurant.

At 5 pm, I went to Paradiso, I found him there.  He told to order food, I asked him what about you, he said he had eaten. I ordered the food.

As I was eating , he called someone, and he told him in low soft voice ‘’ tia  wan ne ‘’ in  Nuer  Language . This phrase ‘’ tia wanne ‘’ means. ‘’ He is here with me ‘’

The suspension . In our afternoon, conversation 1st Lt Peter  told  Lt . Col .  James, ‘’David Aoloch is good boy “” now he told any person ‘’ he is here with me ‘’.

So the questions are ‘’David Aoloch  is a good boy , Why am I good boy? ‘’  he is here with me. Who is he telling  he is with me and Why  he is  telling him ? .  And we are the only two South Sudanese in restaurant

That evening, I went and post message on facebook that ‘’ I outwit rebels in Paradiso ‘’

Lt Col James , was the first to call me and  said  ‘’what  happen again between you  and Peter , he said , Peter is good man  , he is working with Government in Juba , he is the one who gather information  from rebels and he pass these information to Juba .

this month , Two days ago , a friend of mine who is also a friend to the three men told  me that ‘’ am in danger from hitmen’’  , Rebels are sending hitmen from Nairobi to kill me.  .  .

In fact the three men are not the hitmen; their mission  is to show me  to the hitmen because the hitmen do not know me personally.

My friend who is a friend to these three men also said that ‘’they will either  knock  you down on the road or the kidnap you and throw in bush’’.

My message to Riek Bloody Machar and his dollar hired  hitmen is whether you shoot   me or knock me or kidnap me you will not be the President of South Sudan.

I am from Anyidi Payam of Bor County, Riek Machar killed our Chief Nai Achol Deng in 1991 in his attempt to overthrow John Garang, Riek did not overthrow John Garang despite the killing of Chief Nai and many others

Therefore, Riek’s Press Team can kill me through their  money but their man will  not be the President of South Sudan . I swear!!!!and I bet!!!

Riek Machar is the failure in summary. Riek attempted the coup , he failed . Riek tried the armed rebellion to overthrow the govt , he failed . Riek tried to bring UN to rule South Sudan , he failed .

I swear!!! I bet Riek Violent Machar will not rule South Sudan.

Endnote Riek’s  hitmen are hunting to kill me , David Aoloch .

The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion 

Chapter Seven

On the third year of peace, James Majok  visited  Border checkpoint. On this border post, there were hugest   revenues taxed by Custom and Commerce departments. Majok boarded a room in the hotel to spend a night  After that he went out to drink beer in the nearby bar. He sat on his table alone. The sun was setting. He ordered himself a  bottle of beer.

Three gentlemen came, they looked around. The other tables were full with men boozing  . The only table which was not full was the one of  Majok so . they joined him . The men speak the same language with him . They introduced themselves to Majok  , he also introduced himself.

“Do you drink beer?” Majok asked

“Yes, we do” replied  one of the men

“Please, can you come, waitress” Majok called .

“I am here sir” said the waitress .

“Bring nine bottle of beer”

“Why do you order many like that?” asked one of the men pathetically , “will you manage to pay the bill?”

“Don’t worry, just take it” said he

The waitress brought the beer. The men started to drink.

“Where do you work, Majok?” inquired one of the men

“I work for finance in Napata”

“Do the revenues, which are collected here, reach  Finance or the central bank ?”

“Yes , the money is remitted in finance ‘’ he affirmed .

‘’ Speak the truth ‘’ said one of the men .

‘’ Why do you doubt the money reaching us? ‘’ he queried

“The magnitude of corruption is greatest ” uttered  another man

“Really, which kind of corruption  ?”

“Well , when a new car arrives  and it is supposed to be taxed  and  cleared for  15,000 pounds by Taxation . The clearing agent requests  7,500 pound from   the owner of  car. He, Agent  goes direct to the custom officer, he gives him 2000 pound, the custom office will give 500 pound to police at the gate to release the car from the taxation compound.  on the way to city , he , the agent will go bribing other policemen  on the way  with remaining 5,500 pound till  the car  reach the city . They tell the  police, if you don’t  take this money, I will pay  15,000  pound to  government and you  will not get  single coin , after all  no one is  doing the right thing , no one has integrity , all are corrupted ” he  divulged it to Majok.

“Indeed, I ponder when I  see many new cars, vehicles in the city but a months past without receiving revenues for those cars ‘’ Majok said

Another form of corruption is changing the names of the goods in receipt to different good. For example, if you import cigarette, or beer, these two goods  are highly taxed. So the Custom and  Supply officials will conspire with clearing agent and businessman  to change the name to maize. If the truck full of cigarette is taxed by 20,000 pound, the owner can pay 10,000 pound.because it is taxed as maize not a cigarette  The officials  will  5,000 pound for themselves and  5,000 pound for the government’’ he narrated .

“Another form of corruption is with the receipt book. Last year, the custom officers have two receipt books, one is for the official book and other is the private book. In a day, they  write ten leaves from the  official  one and they  write 5 receipts from their own private book . They  report the money of five receipts.only . Recently, they went  to  Interior, they smuggled  out the official  original receipt book” another man revealed .

“When I go back to Napata, I will report it  to the Servant in Charge of Finance” James Majok stated . he opened his note book and he wrote the poem entitled :Sunny Colour in Stomach

Sunny colour in stomach

There are two red cows on earth

One is Evil, one is Good

Every man, the black man

Has a sunny colour  stomach

Like the different finger prints

Colour of corruption

Colour of correction

I have my colour that is why I  sprinkle the seed with  hot water

You have your colour that’s why

You help the poor

They have their colour that’s why

They steal public money

Men and women, don’t jump into

Things like housefly.

Have lion might to work harder for

Common good

Have fox wisdom to think harder

For common good.

James Majok  left for  Napata. He reported what he learned  at the border to Servant . The Servant called his interior counterpart. This fraud  was investigated, four men were arrested at the border and the director of logistic  at the interior was for smuggling  out the official receipt book . One month later, all the arrested men were releases without charges .

Through corruption, nepotism, tribalism, embezzling , ten percent  of the population enriched themselves.  They built few  concrete tall building  among the grass thatched huts in city.

Some expensive world class cars were cruising  on the dusty road around the country. Whiffing and puffing  dust at eyes of poor peasants  .

There was no good road network connecting the ten provinces  but for the interest of few who  have money ,   there  is  airports in every province . This is so,  because if the Servant  want to travel to any province he charter a plane to  take him there ..

The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion

Chapter Six

In the second phase of  developmental  programs , aim at delivering services to the citizens, the Chief  launches a “food security project”. In the scheme, the Republic  had to provide food security by supplying, stocking the stores in the ten provinces across the country with basic food items like maize, rice, sorghum, sugar, salt, cooking oil, etc. The citizen would have to buy these goods at the subsidize price. The council of Servants approved the budget for it.

The Finance put the advertisement in the newspapers for the eligible companies to apply , to supply the needed  items.  Hundreds  of companies applied  for the contracts. The contracts were awarded to about six hundred different companies.

At gate of Finance compound, on bidding day , one man, a relative of director of procurement who was awarded the contract worth 3 million dollars approached another man who failed to get the contract.

“Good afternoon?” greeted the relative

“Good afternoon”

“Are you successful?”

“No, I am not”

“I am the managing director of Napata Holding Company, I have the contract however, I want to sell it”

“How are you selling? And how do I benefit if I buy?’’ asked unsuccessful man

“You don’t know how you will benefit from it, are you not doing business here in city ?”

“Yes I do , but I have not  come across what you are talking about”

“Alright, if you don’t know, let’s leave it there” the relative said and he walked way . The man followed him, calling  him to stop. The manager stopped.

“Please Sir , could explain it to me the way I will benefit because I don’t know. I am new here. I came from Meroe two months ago, I failed to get contract”

“This contract is worth 3 million dollars, you will buy the contract document from me at the price of 300,000 dollars. You will go supply and  items with  the papers and the government will pay you 3 million dollars”

“I see, why don’t  you supply the items yourself?”

“I have many other things which I am doing”

“If you have other things to do why did  you apply?”

“Why are you asking me like?”

“I can ask you because  most of the companies that won contracts  are briefcase. and do not pay taxes   They exist only in name, they don’t have money or physical offices, but because of the blood relationship, tribalism , nepotism, favoritism, they get contracts”

“I am not among those” said and he left. The man held with him by his shirt.

“Please, leave me”

“I will take you back to office, you will go explain why you apply for the contract, you are not ready to finish”

The man refused, they scuffled  the ,  fight broke out. The men punched themselves badly. The police guarding the Department came,  arrested them, took them to police station. The case was investigated. The director for procurement who gave the contract was arrested too. in the police custody , he was interrogated

“Director of procurement, why did you give the contract to someone who is not ready to finish the contract” the police officer asked.

“He applied, he has legal documents, he gave his bank statement, I can’t refuse to give the contract. I thought, he was ready to supply . am not God to know someone background ”

” They said , he is your relative”

”who say that ?”

“Director, businessmen and women are complaining that you don’t give them contracts, you give it to companies that are linked to some  officials”

“Anyway , there is small insect of truth on that , as I was opening bids yesterday,  five Servants  called me. Saying I should not leave; so and  so companies  from getting the contracts. Therefore ,  I gave the contracts to those companies  mentioned .  I  compile with their request  in order to secure my job”

“You are working only to secure your job . you are serving the  national interest , don’t  you have patriotic passion  are you/?”

“Who have the patriotic passion in this country? The Servants are grazing the  meadow of resources  like cow graze the  grass in civil services . The Generals are shaving the  pasture of wealth  like razor blade shave the hair in   organized forces. Who is working for the Republic ? who is working for the the people?, no one unless the unborn may come and do that?”

“How do you know that?””

“ Here to be a politicians , you must  be a general , and to  be a business , you must a politician , You go to market, the Servant  has 50 shops, if you go to residential areas, the same Servant  has 30 plots. The generals have number of plots and shops too. If you look at the big companies these are for Servants , Generals and their associates.  a Servant owns a bank, a General own  petrol station. A Servant owns mobile network provider company, General owns  Forex Bureau  for Exchange , and list is so long ”

After one week, the Servant wrote a letter to police for their  release  .  The director and the two businessmen were released without a charge .. This was one story but three hundred companies sold  their  contract in secret.

After one and a half months, those  companies that supplied the food items began to submit the completing documents of the contracts to office of James Majok, . One company that delivered sorghum to Majok’s home  province   came with the way bills that he had delivered the sorghum. On the same day , someone came from  the same  province  . He entered  the office. . Majok greeted him .

“How is it   in the Province  ? how are the things ?” Majok asked

“We are fine, only people are starving ,  suffering from hunger?’’

“How are you suffering from hunger when they are supplying food like sorghum, salt, sugar that you will buy  on the subsidize, cheap prices?”

“Where are those items?”

“They are there in the Province in stores or warehouse ”

“Who took then there ?”

‘’ They are taken by the Republic ‘’

“It could be another Province  , not the one   I am coming , there is  no single food items in the market”

They were talking when the director of the company that took food items to province   was in  the office.  James Majok turned to him .

“You said, you deliver the food items and people in Province  are dying of hunger, why?”

“I didn’t deliver the food to the people directly; I gave the food to the authority . It is the responsibility of Republic  which will give it to them” answered he .

“Absolutely, you are right”

James Majok walked out of his office, he called  his relative , who is the secretary to the Chairman of the Province .

“Good afternoon?”

“Good afternoon”

“Who is this?”

“This is James Majok , the Controller in Finance ”

“How are you?”

“I am fine”

“I would like to inquire something from you! Have those companies which were contracted to supply food to Province  finish the contract by supplying the food?”

“Well , it is yes and no question because it is official said that the companies have supplied items  . The Chairman signed the document confirming the delivery  of the items but I didn’t see the items in the store ”

‘’That is what I know because many companies are coming claiming they delivered goods and people are still suffering from hunger”

“let me tell you a secret , the Chairman has  a share in many  of those  companies . all those companies which were given contract  are either  own by  Servant or by the Chairman , or by their daughters’, or their friends’. All of 35 companies which were supposed to supply goods to Province , they never bring any items but their documents were signed , confirming that the items are received here”

“Mind you, don’t quote me on anything or you should keep that as a secret between me and you because it may endanger my relationship with the Chairman  ”

“I know, don’t worry”

James Majok strode  to the Servant ’s office.

“Honourable, the companies which supplied food to White Nile State did not deliver the food items ”.

“Why ?”

”, these companies came claiming their money but people in Province  are saying, they have not took  the food .Some people called me, they said there is sorghum in stores. People are suffering”

“We, the Republic , we  don’t deal with people in the Province , we deal with authority ; on the document, are  there no Chairman signature  signing,  confirming that the items are received?”

“Yes, it is there”

“Then, what do you want next? If the Chairman  has signed, something which is not delivered. What is your problem? It is their problem that  they cheat their own people ‘’

“My problem is why should we pay money  for something or services  which  is not provided ”

“Are you paying from your own pocket or from  public money?”

“Public money,but  we are the managers of the Republic ,  we are morally responsibility for protecting the national wealth, it should not  be wasted or stolen”.

“Go and write the cheque for  the money of that  company” the Servant ordered.

Majok left the office .

“Someone claim to be Servant  and does not know the roles of the Servant ” James Majok said inwardly. He wrote cheque for  the company.

On the following day,the Dirctor  of another company came, who delivered good to Orange state with document with  worthy 30 million dollars.

“Sir, your contract is worth 30 million dollars , we shall pay you  in installment” Majok said.

“Why do you pay me in installments?”

“This money is too big ;we can’t afford to pay it at once”

“I want my money all. I don’t want installment”

“Please , we  can’t afford 30 millions to pay to one person like you once ”

”I have delivered your things, legally, I have completed my contract. You must pay me”

“I will pay you 10 millions, this month, 10 millions the other month, until it finishes”

“Do you know whom am I? If you are not paying my money, I will call  Chief ”

“Call him, what is he going to do for me?”

“He will remove you from this office; you are not the last authority in this country”

“Even if, the Chief removes me, the other person he will put in my place will tell you the same thing that you must be paid installment”

The manager of the company walked out of the office. Within  five minutes , the Servant  called Majok.

“What is your problem with Director  of this company ?” the Servant asked

“’ I have no any issues with him , the  refuse to be paid in  installment ‘’

“Now  write his 30 million dollars cheque ”

After one month, the situations in the states deteriorated people were starving of hunger. The report reached the office of Chief Servant . He called the council of Servant s to discuss the situation in the Provinces ..

“Why are people starving in the Provinces , we have approved the budget for the food security six months ago?” asked the Chief ..

There was no correct answer from the Servants . At the end of the meeting ,the committee was formed to go to Provinces  to find out .  The committee went, found all stores were empty. All companies didn’t deliver the food. Some of the companies gave rotten maize. In the food security project, the Republic  lost billion dollars. The committee was formed to investigate this food scandal .

By David Aoloch Bion

In the beginning, the conspiracy theory A was to remove the so-called Dinka tribal government led by president Kiir as we have seen in the seven points philosophy of Dr Riek , tribalism is one of the seven points .  That theory failed because of the so-called , imaginary  unity of tribalism led by Jieng Council of Elders.

Conspiracy theory B is now to divide the Dinka as we have seen in the declared fake AU Report into South Sudan cirisis. The AU report has divided the Dinka into two , the bad Dinka and good Dinka . The Dinka from Aweil and Warrap are the bad Dinka and Dinka from Jonglei , Abyei , Rumbek are good .

The fake AU report has demonized the Dinka from Aweil and Gorial as the killers of Nuer and Dinka from Jonglei, Abyei, Rumbek as the saviours or salvagers of Nuer . Dinka from Aweil and Warrap as the monsters and other Dinka as heroes. This was nothing but  a public relation strategy  to  divide the so-called unity of tribalism which salvage the government from falling .

To all South Sudanese , our country should not  be pacified through  divide and rule politic nor through lies and creation of lies . It should not  be pacified through selective presentation of truth to fit  negative propaganda  purposes .

Let keep our politic at national level, let not expand it into nucleus of our tribes. It is unhelpful.

The Government of President Kiir is not  standing because of the so-called ,imaginary unity of tribalism or the so –called Jieng Council of Elders , it is standing because ., it is the elected of government  of Republic .

Dinka are many in  this government not because of tribalism but because of natural selection. if even  President Obama become the President of South Sudan , Dinka will still occupy more than anyone else  , let stop playing politic .

President Kiir is not going to rule forever, he will go . Dinka is not going to rule forever. Other tribe will rule too. There is no reason of inventing lies  to dehumanize some Dinka.

it is a turn of Dinka today , it is your turn tomorrow . Why this hate? Why this lies? .

Mind you, if you sabotage him because he is there , he will sabotage you when you are there too .

Truth will pacify South Sudan , lies will  burn it as it is burning now.

Chairwoman Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma of AU : Reuters Never Lie

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By David Aoloch Bion

The AU Chairwoman Zuma has dismissed the leaked AU report as untrue version of the AU commission of Inquiry on South Sudan crisis.

The dismissed document was reported by Reuter news agency, this month.

However , Reuters news agency has never lie since 1851  so   this   is a true version of the unpublished Report  of the Commission .

Reuters is richest and largest news agency in the World , it is based in London . it was founded in 1851  . it is 154 years  old . it has 2600 journalists in 200 location around the World . it is not like your South African media that are bribed  to spread lies . it is not like your Sudan Tribune , Mirya Fm , Facebook and Twitter that you , guys used to spread baseless lies .

Therefore, Woman Zuma what Reuters reported is true 100%. Your denial and dismissal of the Report is part of wider conspiracy theory against  South Sudan .

As one of South Sudanese bloggers Amer Mayen Dhieu put it her facebook account and here I quote :

‘’ the LEAKED was LEAK with intention to see citizens’ reaction. Then come the claimed of FAKE document to brush off the negative accusation so there could be another chance to construct well-balance report with help of citizens’s comments.

This is the moment you came to realize the danger side of politic and the only option to stop your brain from throwing questions like why did it take that long for AU to respond or how on earth can one dedicated that much effort and energy to file such document knowing it is fake and will be known fake at short time is to apply conspiracy theory and remains muted till further original document is again LEAK and disputed FAKE.

The sad part of conspiracy theories is that they are not openly discuss and made known to the only trusted members, for the fear that they COULD or COULD NEVER be real.’’end of quote

Columnist Amer is right 100% to say ‘’ the LEAKED was LEAK with intention to see citizens’ reaction. Then come the claimed of FAKE document to brush off the negative accusation so there could be another chance to construct well-balance report with help of citizens’s comments’’ And so do I agree with her 100%

.Woman Zuma want to construct well –balance report with the help of citizen .comments

Apathy and banality of one sidedness and biasness on the side of AU .  The publish or the unpublished version are the  work of conman not of the arbiter..

This leaked AU  report is true as one of Makerere University  professor in Kampala , who was the member of Committee that  wrote the report told a class , the committee disagree on some content in  the report that were seen as one sided  when they  were writing the report  ,so  the document was leaked  because of the disagreement on content of the report by one of  the members who disagreed with drafting committee  . The Makerere  Professor was one of those who question the accuracy and authenticity  of  some  of contents in the report .

therefore , the document is true but they want to rewrite  it , because it was compiled from Internets not from real respondents on the fields

So Woman Zuma , you can lie but Reuters agency has never lie .

You just want to rewrite well –balance report with help of citizens comment , it is conspiracy theory in its banality of evil .

The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion

Chapter Five

As the Republic had to start from the scrap after the war, the Chief Servant announced 200 Day Programs to deliver the services to the people. Under them “Everything is the priority number One ”. Billions of pounds had been approved by council of Servants chaired by the Chief to achieve the Programs. The programs include projects like, one mobile hospital on the River Nile, Renovation of the three universities, construction of 200 primary schools and 60 secondary schools, construction of 20 referral hospitals,  roads, bridges and so forth .

The advertisement for bidding was announced in the newspapers and radio stations. The registered companies applied to carry out the implementation of the programs.

The Programs was then a Satan-given, lucrative chance of embezzling of funds   by both the public Servants and the companies. All the contracts of roads, bridges, secondary and primary schools, universities, hospitals, airports were awarded to different companies. All these companies had registered but did not exist physically; they are imaginary companies – briefcase companies. They were carried in the bags.

Directors of these companies go to the bank, make  illegal deals  with the bank managers , so the bank forged accounts  for them .  They wrote a bank statement with bulky money in the account, when actually the account has no single coin in it. The Director would promise to bank official that when the deal succeed and the government gives the money, he would give him  a share of double digit percent .

On the other hand, when the public Servant is negotiating   the contract with company, he would make illegal deal with manager to falsify the amount of the money. If the exact money of the project is 50 million pounds, the Servant add 10 million into the project fund and the money is transferred to the company , from there ,  the Director  of company deposits 10 million pounds  to the personal account of the Servant . The Servant would give the manager a percent of share too. Under these Programs, more than hundred projects were launched across the country, ranging from the supplies of medicine to feeding of students both at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.  Billions of pounds were released to two hundred fifty different companies.

At the end of the period, the companies were reporting back to the various Departments where they signed the contract with, especially the Finance.

The company contracted by Transport to construct the Airport in city submitted its report of the progress of the work.

At the signing of the contract, it was quoted that 250 million Dollars would complete the airport .it did not finish with that money . So the company requested another 100 million Dollars to finish the work. The Servant in Charge of transport approved the money. He forwarded the approval to   Finance;

The Director  went to Finance; he gave two documents to James Majok. One  was the report of 250 million he took, the another was the new request of 100 million Dollars .

Majok reads the two documents, the report and the request. He found that the report was of 200 million Dollars which contradict the cheque , he had recorded 250 million Dollars .he asked .

“Why is it that 200 million Dollars, you spent not 250 as it is in the original cheque?”

‘’ Really, you gave us 200 million Dollars, isn’t it “’ he answered

‘’ Are you sure? You took 250 million Dollars.  Why did you make the report of 200 million instead of 250 million, you took?’’

‘’ you gave us 200 million .

‘’ I think , There is a mistake in this  report,  so I could you allow me to go back and correct it ‘’

‘’ no,  not , let me go and inform my boss’’

Majok went to the Servant , he narrated what  had happened . He summoned the Director.

‘’ Why is it that you took 250 million Dollars and you make a report of 200 million ?’’ asked the Servant.

‘’ I think that was a mistake, so could you allow me to go and correct it ‘’

‘’ I will not do that., how  would you make such huge blunder ?’’

The Director found himself in flounder. He begged the Servant to allow him to go back to his office to find out what happen in the report. The Servant rejected that .he said.

“I am afraid not, you can’t leave my office before explaining to me where is 50 million in your reports?”

“Give me an hour”

“Absolutely not”

“Please sir”

The Servant in Charge of Finance called in the police; the Director was arrested. At the police he was questioned.

“Could you please introduce yourself sir” asked the police officer

“I am director of the company that upgrades the Airport” said he

‘’Finance Department said you have signed a contract of   250 million Dollars and in your report said, you spent 200 million pounds, can you explain that deficit in your report?

“Honestly, when we were negotiating the contract with him, we agreed that, the airport would be upgraded with ceiling of 200 million. Before we signed the contract, he said that I should add 50 million Dollars as his. So I did as he said, after I had withdrawn the money from the central bank, I had to pay 50 million to his personal account as we agreed”

‘’ Who told you to  add 50 million?’’

‘’The Servant in Charge of Finance ‘’

“Was that not a fraud?”

“I am deeply sorry”

At time, the Servant in Charge of transport learned of the arrest of director, he called the Servant in Charge of Finance; they discussed the matter over the phone. On the following day, the Servant came to finance, they discussed again; the Servant  wrote the letter to the police and the director was released without any charges and the case was cancelled.

After the Director was released , the Servant asked why did you leave out 50 million the report

‘’Oh , my God , it is excruciating mistake ‘’ the Director  said .

The company that was contracted to supply the hospitals with equipments and medicine submitted it report too, however,   there were no such items in the hospital  , because the directors at  hospitals took  expensive medicine into  their private pharmacies and clinics .  .

After three days, a pharmacist was arrested by selling drugs in box  marked with Department of Health logo  . He was asked by the Police.

“Where did you get this medicine with label of Health logo?”

“My boss brought them”

“Who is boss?”

“My boss is Phillip,

‘’ Who is Philip ?’’

‘’He is the director of Napata Hospital, the main public hospital”

Phillip was also arrested. The Servant in Charge of Health was his brother-in-law so he intervened, everything was discussed at higher level and Philip was released without charges.

The director of the company contracted to renovate the university submitted its reports. The universities were  not renovated; they just painted the walls and the roofs of the building only , The Chief Servant refused to unveil the university after renovation . He walked away before he cut the ribbon because of poor work by the company that took 19 million Dollars .

A  company contracted to supply  food to the university in the city submitted it reports . The amount of money it needed was high. Majok received the reports and asked .

“How many times did you provide a meal to university a day?” Majok asked.

“I provide meals three times a day?” said the director

“What kind of food that cost such this huge sum of money?”

“I provide chicken three times a week”

“I doubt this claims , if I go to university, and I ask the students , they will not tell me that  you supply chicken three times a week , you just  fake  the receipt so that  you  get the  money, tell me , exactly .  How did you use the money?

‘’ I use the money to buy chicken”

“Even at your own home, you can’t eat chicken three times a week; you just say I need money” Majok laughed

“What is your problem? Is it your money or government?  I must eat this country until I spit out uneatable cherries and no one will ask me ” the Director said

“I don’t envisage how this Republic will flourish. Every man place money above his patriotism. Worst of all, every man is corrupt and irrational ‘’

Half a year passed, however, the director of the company contracted to build the Mobile Hospital on the River Nile never submitted any report of the money, he took. Majok searched the company, but he didn’t get any physical office or the official who worked in that company. The file in the registrar of the companies at Department of Justice is shown it exist but it location is not known and could be traced.

Indeed, thousand of the companies registered are non-existence. The companies were organized scam by criminals, who pay the money to Justice  to register  them so they could get government contracts.

James Majok went to the Servant..

“Sir, all companies which were contracted by the government on the 200 Day Programs have not done work, aren’t they?” Majok asked.

“What is your problem? , get out of my office” he ordered the Servant .

The Rust of Words is the story of reforms and transformation from bad governance to good governance in the Republic of Sudd. It is the story of poet James Majok  , who inspired 2nd Uncle   , the Chief Servant of the  Republic ,   to reform and transform  his corrupted, dysfunctional system of governance.

Billions of dollars from oil revenues were stolen by 75 servants from public funds in the period of six years.

As the result of such embezzlement of fund, there were no roads, schools, hospitals across the country. Worse of all  the country imported food from neighbouring countries.

An inspiration of reform comes to Chief Servant, when Majok reads the poem on the 7th anniversary of independence. The poem indicted the Chief and his Administration 

In his response to the poem, the Chief begins the needed reforms. In the series of reforms, the corrupt Servants in the government were arrested, tried and executed for corruption.

The Chief justified his action by saying he was following what is written in the book, a book which was not seen by anyone since its publication but he harangues that every citizen must read it.

In order to purify the rusted thought of the people.  He formed a committee of 600 intellectuals, led by the state Philosopher Peter Gatluak, to modify the language in order to perfect the thought; they invent new words to purify the language in order to purify the thought of the people. Many rusted words in the language were destroyed.

70 years later, after the radical reforms, the society becomes just, prosperous. There was no man or woman committing a crime,

In celebrating hundred anniversary of the Reformation, the Republic abolishes department of police and the faculties of Law at all Universities across the country because law and police become irrelevant in the just society.

The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion 

Chapter Four

The government was functioning, operational at all levels – the Servancy, the Law making, the services delivery and the courts of law. . This new, created administration had programs, priorities, tasks to do like construction of public premises, cars for mobility. The Council of Servants authorized the procuring of official cars.

The state approved seventy two million dollars for the purchase and supply of cars. The finance released the money to company to buy and procure the car abroad. In two months time, the Toyota land cruiser cars arrived. All public servants were excited with cars. In the noon, the skyline of Napata city was covered with smoke of dust. There was no tarmac road.

The company which procured the cars submitted receipts to Finance. It was forwarded to James Majok. He read it. He uncovered a fraud in the contract. He told the Servant that something went wrong. The Servant ignored it. He didn’t look into the report.

One year on, the lawmakers summoned the Servant to present the report of how he spent the seventy two million dollars on cars . He said “One Toyota land cruiser balloon cost ninety thousand dollars and one land cruiser pick up cost fifty thousand dollars”.

The report was doubted and questioned by most legislators. They sent a committee to Dubai to find out, how much each car cost. The committee went ,  found that balloon car is “forty five thousand dollars, the pickup car is twenty five thousand dollars”

The Director of the company that procured the cars was arrested. During the investigation , he told the interrogators that, the Servant in Charge of Finance  instructed him to falsify the receipts. In response to the scandal the Chief Servant lifted the immunity of the Servant . He was detained by the police. During questioning he denied that the wrongdoing, he said , he had not instructed the Director to falsify the receipts . The director produced the secret tape of their conversation, the excerpt as follow;

“How much is the Toyota land cruiser balloon car?” asked the Servant

“It is forty-five thousand dollars” answered the Director

“What about the pickup car?”

“It is twenty-five thousand dollars”

“You buy hundred balloon cars and seventy pick up cars”

“All right”

“After you have bought them, you double price of each car. For example, the balloon is forty-five, you write ninety thousand Dollars in the receipt. Then pick up is twenty five, you write fifty thousand Dollars in the receipts”.

“Will it not  bring a problem?” asked the Director of the company

“It won’t”

“My company is international, clean company, I fear to involve in such illegal dealings ”

“What are you talking? I will give you three million as your commission, you are in Sudd space , you are not in international space Aren’t you ?”

“Thank you”

“We are going to eat the nation while it is still innocent, unconscious, unenlightened”, the Servant  said inwardly. End of the tape.

The Servant was detained at in prison in the centre of the city. His tribe men, relatives, family members stormed the prison, demanding his release. At the prison , warden  refused, blocked  the mob from entering the compound  . They went back, came with clubs and pangas. In the placard , they wrote ‘’ Release OUR EYE IN OVERMENT  . We had fought for the freedom of this country  in the twenty one  year civil war and we  are still the one  protecting the government.’’

They prisoner Director called the Chief Servant through the telephone to inform him of what is  happening . The Chief Servant told him to give the phone to one of  the protesters.

“Who is this?” the Chief asked

“I am tribesman  of  Servant in Chief of Finance ”

“What are you saying ?”

“We want  our man  release now”

“Don’t say, we want our  man   release,  say, I ,  Mr.… I want him released” the Chief   said, “Give the phone to back to director”, he added

“Hello, Chief ” greeted the Director .

“Don’t release him, Let one person name himself to take the responsibility and you release him. If it is the whole tribe, don’t release”

Unfortunately, the director was so indecisive, weak, he released the Servant. . This was the beginning of impunity culture and highest manifestation of weak institutions in the country. It was epitome of government vulnerable to tribalism . This became the precedent leading to the webs of unpunished crimes  .

The Rust of Words is the story of reforms and transformation from bad governance to good governance in the Republic of Sudd. It is the story of poet James Majok  , who inspired 2nd Uncle   , the Chief Servant of the  Republic ,   to reform and transform  his corrupted, dysfunctional system of governance.

Billions of dollars from oil revenues were stolen by 75 servants from public funds in the period of six years.

As the result of such embezzlement of fund, there were no roads, schools, hospitals across the country. Worse of all  the country imported food from neighbouring countries.

An inspiration of reform comes to Chief Servant, when Majok reads the poem on the 7th anniversary of independence. The poem indicted the Chief and his Administration 

In his response to the poem, the Chief begins the needed reforms. In the series of reforms, the corrupt Servants in the government were arrested, tried and executed for corruption.

The Chief justified his action by saying he was following what is written in the book, a book which was not seen by anyone since it publication but he harangues that every citizen must read it.

In order to purified the rusted thought of the people.  He formed a committee of 600 intellectuals, led by the state Philosopher Peter Gatluak, to modify the language in order to perfect the thought; they invent new words to purify the language in order to purify the thought of the people. Many rusted words in the language were destroyed.

70 years later, after the radical reforms, the society becomes just, prosperous. There was no man or woman committing a crime,

In celebrating hundred anniversary of the Reformation, the Republic abolished department of police and the faculties of Law at all Universities across the country because law and police become irrelevant in the just society.

The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion 

Chapter Three

In the second year of peace, there had been projects, programs and activities taking place in the country   The King formed the Government of National Unity in Meroe. The 2nd Uncle established the self –rule, he formed the Provincial Government in Napata., he , the 2nd  Uncle became the Chief Servant and all boys became the public servants

James Majok was appointed a controller of money  in  Department of Finance  .  Little or no knowledge had he about the financial administration. However, a relative of the  Chief Servant , so he deserved.  The money to run the self-rule had to come from the centre. The agreement stipulated that the province, where oil comes had to get fifty percent share of the oil revenues, and oil is drilled from Sudd,  therefore , trillions of dollars poured into the province.

The pay sheets were prepared; the rebels were paid the salaries for the first time in two decade of the civil war. All citizens of the province who were in the refugee camps received the money. As the result of the salaries, the lives of the people reawakened in the province like the spring rose. Most people realigned the past events by celebrating old events, which passed uncelebrated during the war.

One man reorganized the wedding day of his wife  he married fifteen years back. Another man realigned the naming of his son, who was named  eleven years ago. He bought the bull and wine. They partied.

There was meteoric in the provincial life of directors, accountants,  pay masters, cashiers, and officers of organized forces.

There was disproportion between the property acquired by official and their prescribed salaries and benefits within the period of six months. Merest cashiers had acquired porch car like Mercedez Benz, they sent their family to neighbouring country. They have been building the storey houses.  However , There was a mystery about how do these lower official acquire such properties.

One day, after payment of salaries, James Majok examined the financial reports and the pay sheets; he found some names were repeated. Some signatures looked the same. He became  suspicious that something sinister was happening. He informed the minister on suspected malpractice, the minster ignored it.

Another day,   in the veterans club, where he go to play chess, dominoes, and cards. He met  old friend;

“How are you the minister of wealth” the old friend scoffed him

“Who is the minister of wealth? Do you think it is impossible to be! I pity you  ” Majok snubbed

“Are you not working in finance?”

“Though, I am work , I am  not the minster of wealth   ”

“Even if you are not  the minster , I think you are rich, aren’t you ?”

“Why am I rich?”

“You are working in the finance”

“If I work there, does it  mean I am rich?”

“Yes, of course, if the cashiers, the lowest are rich, why not ! . The controller”

“Controlling the account does not mean you withdraw public money as you want or  as you like, there are administrative structures, procedures in place”

“That is the principle, but the fact is you bend those rules to fulfill your desires and interests .and self evidence  is all financial officials have expensive cars, their wives have golden rings, golden necklaces , golden earring , diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings , How do they acquire those luxurious items , if they are not rich ?’’ the friend explained

‘’ I don’t know ‘’ , Majok said  ‘’What I know is  they possess  prestigious jewelries and cars but I don’t  know how they acquire them  .I am flabbergasted. How do they get the money?’’

“That is the secret; even you, you have your own scam of swindling money out of the treasury. Don’t you? And we don’t know it  , in every layer of the government , there is scandalous machinery which is not known or understood  by the other levels of the government  ”

‘’ I am not aware of such clandestine scheme, but if you know you can tell me’’

‘’Honestly, I don’t know but I assume and my assumption must be right , there is maladministration somewhere in public institutions , be a ministry or public corporation ‘’

‘’ You can give a hint , show the top  of the scam tree  and I will go to the root of the scam ’’

‘’ I am told that, when they are preparing the pay sheets, the head of department will illegally add 100 ghost names into the payroll. When  the  accountants  see that  , they illegally  add another 50 ghost names  in the payroll  too , when the cashiers see that  they illegally   add  another 25 ghost names in and therefore  on every tier of the administration , where the pay sheet pass through something fraudulence encroach  in   ”

‘’Thank you for your information ‘’

On the working day , Majok came to the office , he informed  the Servant in Charge of Finance  about these disgusting details, he uncovered  in club. The Servant  said he would look into it. Days, weeks passed, he did not act.

Majok unilaterally took the task upon himself    , he organized Inspection and Verification team of staffs to go with the pay masters, and cashiers to all Departments , he instructed them  to “pay anyone in person”

The Committee took the salaries, went to the Departments.   Two days on, the committee he sent to Health called him. They told him they were being forced to pay the absentee by the officials. . He advised them to pay the absentee but registered their names on separate paper. So they paid all the absentee and registered their names.

On the third day, the committee he sent to  Interior called him.  They told him, that they were being intimidated by officials  to pay the absentee  he told them to pay but  registered their names .

After the payment of the salaries, the committees submitted the report to him. Forty percent of workers and officials were absentee or the ghost names. He did not give the report to the Servant in Charge .  He kept..

One month later, Majok took responsibility upon himself again. As the Controller of the Account . He withheld the salaries of the absentee, or the “Ghost Names” who were not present in person during the verification exercises. The Defense was the only department that  did not hand in any ghost names., because it rejected the committee straight away .And  it was the only Department  with greatest number of the ghost workers follows by Interior .

After the withholding of the ghost workers salaries , the cashier in the Health Department  took the salary of Servant in Charge  to him. It was only his salary, there was no ghost names salaries with it. The money was little. The Servant  was surprised .

“What is this money?” the Servant  asked

“It is your salary” answered the cashier .

“Why is it little like this?”

“The money of the other names had not been released from finance’’


‘’ The committee came last month; it registered those who were not present. This month, they withheld their money”

“Who sent the committee?”

“It is the finance ”

“Are they playing with us or what?” growled the Servant . He was annoyed.

He strode out from his office, he drove to the finance. He arrived at the offices.  He told the Servant in Charge  of Finance about four hundred staffs whose salaries were suspended. The Servant  did not know anything about it. He summoned the Director. The Director said he knew nothing about this . He called Majok,  Majok admitted that he was the one who suspended the salaries. He questioned him why he did that

Majok said he sent out the committee to inspect and verify the names in payroll four month ago. Four hundred and ten staffs were not present during the payment.  When the team asked them, the officials threatened, intimidated them.  So he ordered committee to pay them but write their names on separate paper, basing on that, he withheld the salaries of those absentee. After he explained that. The minster cleared his throat:.

“Why didn’t you inform me?” asked the minster .

‘’I gave the report to Director, I thought he gave it to you”’ said Majok

‘’When did you give the report?’’ asked the Director. ‘’ if you are mistaken, don’t grope’’, the Director warned

“What do you mean by withholding the money of those who were absent?” the minister of health asked  Majok.

“These are ghost names; I suspend their salaries until they come” Majok answered

“What are the ghost names ?’’ asked the Minister

“These are staffs who  do not  exist but they are on the payroll as a trick to get money out  from public funds”

“Look here”, the Servant said opening the list of the four hundred staffs “you say, the ghost names are the persons who do not exist. The name at the top  here is the name of  my wife, does she not exist?” asked the minister

“She exists” answered Majok .

“Why, then, you suspend her salary.’’, said the Servant

‘’she is not government employee”” said Majok

‘’She was in bush with  during the liberation war  . She deserved the salaries. Another name here is the name of my son , he was born during the war , he deserve the salaries ’’  narrated the Servant .

“They exist but they not government workers” insisted  Majok

‘’If those who were not in the bush with us , who were enjoying life in London and Wahington , who have not smelled gunpowder one day can receive  salaries why not my wife , why  my son who suffered in the bush ?’’ said the Servant

‘’That is illegal under the law ‘’ said Majok

The Servant in Charge  of finance stopped Majok from quarreling or debating with the Servant  to leave the office. He left.  The two Servants  discussed the matter. The Servant  left.

The Servant called Majok and he warned him seriously, and he ordered him to write the cheque of withheld salaries immediately.

Majok became lethargic, he walked out of the Servant’s office; he jeered “how can I work with such irrational Servant s? What absurdity!, how can you talk of nauseating issues openly like that . These Servantss have eaten the bull of shame so they don’t feel ashamed”

He sat on the chair, pulled the drawer, picked  the cheque book, he wrote the cheque. He gave it to the messenger , he took it to the Health.

Three days passed , the Servant in Charge of Interior Department  came complaining  of forty thousand police officers whose salaries were  withheld. When the Servant in Charge of Finance  heard , he was maddened ,  he  called Majok, he came in

“Come and sit here in my place, Majok ”  snarled the Servant .

“Why? Boss!” asked Majok .

“You are the  Servant ”

“Why am I the Servant ?”

‘’Are you arguing with?’’. The Servant  stood up, he slapped him. ‘’ Majok ‘’ he roared . He breathed heavily with anger ‘’I tell you Majok, sit in my place because you are the Servant . How can you take that decision without informing , This is  ultra vires ”

“Not at all sir” Majok said weakly

The Servant  rushed back to his chair, he took his ebony  stick. He beat Majok five times. The Servant in Charge of interior intervened, he held him from beating Majok .

“Why are you beating me?” Majok asked

“Why did you suspend the salaries of forty-five policemen without informing me  ?” asked the outrageous Servant .

“Gentleman” said Servant in Charge of Interior , “Why did you  take as a caliber decision without informing your boss , do you know such a decision can behead you  ?”

“All right, three months ago,… ‘’ said Majok ,

‘’stop it , Don’t explain anything  ‘’ interrupted the Servant .

‘’Let him explain to me ‘’ said Interior Servant, ‘’ tell me precisely why you suspend the forty thousand policemen salaries?’’

‘’ First, there are ghost names in police, Secondly, there are names which are incomplete. For example , ‘Malual’, and no second or third name. “Guei ‘’ and no second or third name. this is not allowed in the payroll. So those names which are incomplete, and those who were present during the verification  I withhold their salaries ‘’, Majok narrated

“ I can assure you , there are no ghost names in Police . and for those incomplete names , I am the one who puts those names like that, Malual is the name of my pet dog. Guei is the name of the tree I had been sitting under it for seven years in frontline  during the war” the Servant  explained.

“This is wrong; you have no right to put the name of your dog or tree in the pay sheet. This is illegal”

“If those who did fight in  the liberation war are receiving million of pounds, why not our dogs and our trees?” said the Servant   ‘’ we know this is unethical , we are trying to provoke some people’’

‘’This is not the time of war’’

“You have just come from the refugee camp where you have been hiding during the war. Do you know how many battles I took part in? Do you know how many trenches I have dug? This is the land that has killed us, and we shall do whatever we want in it” said the Servant .

“If it has killed you, why are you still alive? I know those who the land killed. These are the martyrs who fought and died in the battlefield”

“We shall put you   where you will not see  the sun” said the Servant .

Majok was arrested by the Servant in Charge  of Finance.