SPLM Youth League is the league of hypocrites

Posted: November 23, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Featured Articles

By David Aoloch Bion

‘’Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your father’s eyes and pay no attention to plank in your own eye? How can you say to your father ‘’ let me take the speck out of your eye’’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye, you hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your father‘s eye’’ Philosopher Jesus Christ.

The political crisis facing President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar today in  SPLM  will face SPLM Youth League members who waiting in the wing to be leaders of SPLM party tomorrow and therefore the President  and Ministers of  South Sudan   tomorrow  too. That political crisis is inevitable, unless pure model of democracy is established at the SPLM Youth League .

SPLM Youth League members  have been criticizing, condemning His Excellency, the President Salva Kiir  Mayardit  as a  failed dictator  in social media like facebook ,blogs , twitter and so forth ,They claim Salva Kiir  do not know democracy , he  only knows  dictatorship ,in  which he gives himself 5% of votes  before any election , he says  voting  methods should be showing of hands .

Can these SPLM Youth League members justify their criticism and condemnation in the rationale of intellectual argument?  Do they know the principles of democracy like the regular election? Do they have wisdom to analyze the political climate they are in? Do they have the eyes to see the political roadblocks erect by others rather than Salva Kiir ? .

SPLM Youth members  have overstepped   their  mark in the political race. For your information ,  Salva Kiir is not your political caliber that you can say words  about him, he is above you as you are a boy , he is above your father  as man, he is Fountain of Honour  in South Sudan  . You are fighting wrong war at wrong time at wrong  platform . Do not waste your time and energies in  decampaigning  of   Salva Kiir . How can you jump from SPLM Youth League level to SPLM party level? . Is there no issue at SPLM Youth League level?

To the youth , you have plank in your eye .The plank is ‘’ How long have SPLM Youth League chairman Akol Paul been in the office ,  SPLM youth ? . Have you called  for reform in youth league?  No , you have not . Do not leave plank in your eye and talk of speck in other eyes .   . To Akol Paul , ‘’ you have been haranguing against Dr Riek that he  is villain , as the chairman of the SPLM Youth , what principle of democracy  have you established in the League ?. you(Akol) have been in office for  many years , have you (Akol) conduct any free and fair election ever ,  which is one principle of democracy ? Have  you set the age limit for membership ? . Democracy in SPLM Youth League now is the democracy in South Sudan tomorrow .  let not leave plank in our eyes and talk of speck in other eyes. let  not see the speck in Salva Kiir and Dr Riek  eyes and leave plank in our eyes

There must be age limit for the membership  so when you reach  that age , you shall no longer be the member of the League but promote to SPLM party .

From the disinterested point of view ,there  are 2 issues in SPLM Youth League . 1 . Akol Paul is not a Youth now  because he is above 30 years therefore he can become President like Joseph Kabila who  became the President of Democratic Republic of Congo at age of 31 and youth do not become the President . 2 . There is either a Dictatorship or incompetency or ignorance of democracy  in SPLM Youth League  . It is either Akol is dictator or there are no youth capable or competent of becoming the SPLM Youth chairman or they (youth) are ignorant of democracy. All the youth who are the student in  Juba , Upper Nile , Rumbek , Bare el Gazal and Dr John Garang  Universities  are incapable and incompetent  of becoming the SPLM Youth chairman or  are ignorant of democracy . This is why no one  challenge Akol Paul democratically .

When Riek Machar called for democracy in the SPLM , his call for democracy  turned violent . Youth must learn  a lesson from Kiir-Riek scenario. Youth must prepare to avoid such scenario in the future. SPLM Youth League should  be a model of pure democracy in South Sudan because one analyst  said South Sudan was  plunged into crisis because  1 . High level of illiteracy 2 . Lack of ideology  3 lack of values.

Therefore ,Juba University should reform the SPLM Youth League in order to be model of democracy . SPLM Youth must break taboo of unchangeable leadership.  Egocentrism, chauvinism and parochialism must be  up rooted in the youth leadership  . Universities are centers of Revolutions, peaceful revolution not  violent  revolution like  Dr Riek’s  . Youth must practice change so that they are used to it . and it be their value.

In the reform  agenda  1( a ) tenure of the office of the youth chairman shall be two years but once , should not  seek reelection  (b) age limit  for chairman,  minimum shall be   25 years  , maximum shall be  30 years  2  .maximum  age limit of membership shall be 30 , anyone who become 31 loses his membership automatically  and so forth and so forth 3  ordinary membership shall from one day age  to 30 years .

Let leave Kiir and Riek above with their system of leadership but let youth start another type of leadership down here.  If SPLM Youth League do not reform then it is league hypocrites.

Press Release: Thiang Nuer Youth Association of Fangak County

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   A  Press-for Immediate-Release

Thiang Nuer Youth Association of Fangak County calls on aids agencies to access and arrest looming humanitarian situations in the county

The influx of the displaced persons (IDPs) from eastern sisterly Pigi County to Old Fangak Payam of Fangak County has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks. This incessant influx was triggered by the recent past clashes in Khorfulus and Canal between the SPLM/A—rebels and GRSS forces, an influx which is now causing looming humanitarian situations there on the ground. About more than thirty thousand (30,000) people have now come from Pigi and settled in the Southern part of Fangak County in addition to another over 18,000 displaced people from Unity state who came in since January, 2014 at the beginning of the crisis.

As may be widely known to everybody, the large part of Fangak County is situated in an Island; almost it is a swampy area intersects by multiple number of small rivers—streams. Thus, Floodwater from Phow River and these small streams does easily reach residential areas, so it has now over flooded several villages in and around Toch, Old Fangak and Mareang Payams among others which of cause displaced residents from their homes villages. These floods as well can pose not only the displaced persons IDPs to be susceptible to water accompany diseases—water borne diseases but also to those living in high pieces of lands near it. Right away, the floods forced some of the Thiang community members to move to Lak’s areas northward, this month, in search of high lands in order to wait there until the months of December comes and then return. Even the cattle on which many people depend are also dying from diseases because they cannot get any medications either.

To round it up, the total number of IDPs from Pigi and floods displaced ones in Fangak county’s Old Fangak Payam and other parts is now estimated to have reached more or less than forty-five thousands (45) internal displaced persons (IDPs). However, these people are in an extreme dire need of humanitarian assistances. Therefore, we are calling upon the UN including World Food Program (WFP) and all International Humanitarian Agencies (NGOs) to step in, provide and deliver both food & none food items for the displaced persons (IDPs) there in the county. The none food items should include mosquito nets, plastic sheets, blankets, fisher nets, hooks, saucepans, plates, buckets, cooking & all basic needs containers. Additionally, the provisions of environments Sanitations too and Medical relief donation to help treat the fatal but preventable diseases affecting the people as well as livestock mostly in Toch and Mareang Payams are urgently needed.

Lastly and not the least, we are also calling upon the International Community to mount punitive measures on South Sudan’s peace blockers who cling on personal gains at the expense of South Sudanese innocent populations, should they fail to bring peace (balanced sharing of powers) through IGAD-mediated peace process in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the next last round of talks. So that the sufferings of South Sudan population across the country, the displaced internally (IDPs) and in neighboring countries-Refuges; from the present catastrophic situations come to an end.

Signed by:

Manyun Guek, Chairperson

Thiang Nuer Youth Association (T.N.Y.A)

For contact:

Email: thianggekayouthfangak67@gmail.com

Dear South Sudanese,

Makuer Mabor, from Lakes state, Rumbek East county

Makuer Mabor, from Lakes state, Rumbek East county

Allow me to introduce myself to some of you who may be unfamiliar to me.

I am Makuer Mabor Mangar and I come from Lakes State’s Rumbek East County. I am a university graduate with bachelor and master degrees in Political Science and Counter Terrorism respectively.

I would like to announce to you that I have finally made a decision to join the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

I have safely arrived Addis Ababa with my delegation. This is a decision that I am most proud of.

As a proud citizens, I cannot subject myself to a condition of what our eternal leader Dr. John Garang De Mabior referred to as the “crisis of conscience”.

For many years now, I have been lamenting the seemingly wilful neglect of the basic needs of our people by President Kiir and his few cliques. Schools, hospitals, roads and national cohesion have been traded in, in exchange for personal wealth, education of their children as well as clinical care of themselves in foreign countries.

These are things that need questioning. These are not discussed openly or one risks being killed as happened to Isaiah Abraham.

Therefore, I have rationally decided to use the language of guns that now seems to be the only language that President Kiir and his thugs understand.

I am prepared to take up arms as a means to let them hear our people’s concerns.

Riek Machar: Today I had a nice meeting with Hon. Henery Dicah Odwar the former member of parliament and Ambassador Lumumba stanislaus the former south sudan ambassador to Geneva after their declaration of joining SPLM.IO

Riek Machar: Today I had a nice meeting with Hon. Henery Dicah Odwar the former member of parliament and Ambassador Lumumba stanislaus the former south sudan ambassador to Geneva after their declaration of joining SPLM.IO

N/B Stay tune for my full press release in Pagak during the people’s conference in the next few days as advised by the leadership.

This statement is meant to clear the confusion that is spiraling out of control in regards to the identities of those who join the Movement.

SPLM/A Oyee!! Republic of South Sudan Oyee!!

Makuer Mabor, from Lakes state, Rumbek East county


South Sudan diplomats defect to SPLM-IO rebels

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

November 21, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA) – The deputy head of mission at South Sudan’s embassy in Ethiopia, David Dang Kong on Friday announced joining the SPLM/A opposition faction under the leadership of former vice-president, Riek Machar.

Kong’s move comes one month after South Sudan’s foreign affairs ministry ordered the diplomat to return to the capital, Juba, within 72 hours.

He however refused to return after, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, foreign affairs and international cooperation minister, failed to grant him the security guarantee that would ensure the diplomat’s safe return to Addis Ababa.

Unconfirmed reports previously alleged that Kong had links with the rebels and had leaked sensitive and classified diplomatic information to them, an allegation he denied.

In an exclusive interview with Sudan Tribune, Kong who is an ethnic Nuer accused Juba government of creating a climate of fear at South Sudan Embassies to systematically force Nuer diplomats abandon their posts at the missions.

“The securities of Salva Kiir who are from Bhar Ghazal region are targeting Nuer Diplomats and citizens at South Sudan Embassies across the world” Kong told Sudan Tribune.

The aim he alleged is to screen out the Nuer diplomats assigned at embassies around the world.

“This has happened at our embassies in New York, China, Kenya, South Africa, Eritrea and now in Ethiopia,” Kong said.

Citing to the circumstances at the South Sudan embassy in Addis Ababa he further accused the government of giving away key positions at the missions to ethnic Dinka or to citizens of Greater Bhar Ghazal region where president Salva Kiir is from.

“At the Embassy in Addis Ababa for instant, the head of mission, the newly appointed second deputy head, head of security, head of military attaché and head of visa department are all ethnic Dinka,” Kong added.


In a similar move, former South Sudan ambassador to Geneva, Ambassador Lumumba Stanislaus and Henry Dicah Odwar, a former MP have defected to SPLM/SPLA in opposition.

According to a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Friday, the two officials declared their defection after they held a meeting with rebel leader Riek Machar on Thursday.

“Today I had a nice meeting with Hon. Henery Dicah Odwar the former Member of Parliament and Ambassador Lumumba Stanislaus the former South Sudan ambassador to Geneva after their declaration of joining SPLM-IO” said Machar.

The defectors called for “an end to the misrule of President Salva Kiir” to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan.

They said they will do everything to their powers to make sure Kiir returns the power to the people of South Sudan and thereby to restore peace and justice prevails in the young nation.

Tens of thousands have died and over 1.5 million displaced since conflict between the two SPLM rival factions broke out in mid–December 2013.

Why Relieve Bor County Commissioner?

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By Malith Alier, Juba

Agot Alier Leek, taking the oath of office to become the Commissioner of Bor County before the president of the Jonglei State High Court, 12 September 2012

Agot Alier Leek, taking the oath of office to become the Commissioner of Bor County before the president of the Jonglei State High Court, 12 September 2012

The news coming from Bor County that its commissioner was dismissed is indeed one of unpalatable sackings this country has ever witnessed. John koang, the irate governor was in Juba during the crisis while the ever-patriotic Bor County commissioner was on the shores of Nile River suffering with his people there. This is one reason why this author believed that the commissioner is still the best for that war-devastated county.

Bor County deserves better and this cannot come from people like john koang whose agendum is to deprive the very people of every opportunity to be better. If john koang has, any sword in his hands he should instead use it to axe the remnants of GPAA officials stuck in Bor, notably the deputy governor and minister of information who is lulling us to sleep on the issue.

Overall, it is worse to be a County commissioner in this country. The job turnover of county commissioners is 90% since 2005. Bor County alone has four commissioners from 2005 to 2014 a period of about ten years. That means that a commissioner has ruled for less than three years on average in that embattled County.

According to Local Government Act 2009 section 48, a county commissioner’s term is 4 years renewable only once. Further and more importantly, a County commissioner is support to be directly elected by people of the County in a general election. This provision is shelved as if the Act was in vain.

The relieved Commissioner was trying to be nice when pressed on his removal. According to the Citizen Newspaper of 21 November, he was quoted as saying that nobody should take the law on to their own hand on his behalf. That is good, good Doctor Agoot. Your patriotic and long service to your people is unquestionable but remember that people who kill in this country are always rewarded for their bravery. Many names are now big because of that notoriety.

Agot Alier Leek, Commissioner JPEG - 2.9 Mb Agot Alier Leek, taking the oath of office to become the Commissioner of Bor County before the president of the Jonglei State High Court, 12 September 2012 (ST) Name: Agot Alier Leek Position: Bor County Commissioner Career: Deputy Governor of Jonglei State (NCP), 1998-2005; Jonglei State Minister of Health (NCP), 2005-2010, for seven years as a member of Sudan’s ruling National Congress party (NCP); Bor County Commissioner (SPLM), Sept. 2012 - to date. Tribe: Dinka Bor Political Affiliation: National Congress Party (NCP) -2010; Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), 2010-to date. Background Agot Alier, is a member of the Dinka Bor from Anyidi Payam [district] in Bor County. Before the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which brought the former rebels the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) to power in South Sudan, Alier held the position of Jonglei’s Deputy Governor for seven years as a member of Sudan’s ruling National Congress party (NCP).

Agot Alier Leek, Commissioner
Name: Agot Alier Leek, a medical doctor
Position: Bor County Commissioner
Career: Deputy Governor of Jonglei State (NCP), 1998-2005; Jonglei State Minister of Health (NCP), 2005-2010, for seven years as a member of Sudan’s ruling National Congress party (NCP); Bor County Commissioner (SPLM), Sept. 2012 – to date.
Tribe: Dinka Bor
Political Affiliation: National Congress Party (NCP) -2010; Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), 2010-to date.
Background: Agot Alier, is a member of the Dinka Bor from Anyidi Payam [district] in Bor County. Before the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which brought the former rebels the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) to power in South Sudan, Alier held the position of Jonglei’s Deputy Governor for seven years as a member of Sudan’s ruling National Congress party (NCP).

One of big stories coming from Bor, which we believe, caused the sacking of the Commissioner is the issue of land and many others like the teachers strike, business people closing shops because of diversion of US Dollars and the “stoning” of IDPs in UNMISS compound earlier in the year.

None of this should be blamed on the Commissioner, if at all the Governor and the entire Jonglei Administration is severally liable.

Jonglei is in bad shape as a result of the war. This situation would be rectified by other officials in the absence of John Koang and his dysfunctional administration in the near future. Indeed, let federalism come for this to be a reality.

Twic East Society in Canada Elects New Leadership

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Twic Society in Canada Changed its Leadership on November 1, 2014

The Twic Society in Canada was established in 2011 to foster unity and effective pooling of resources for Twic East development and prosperity. Its existence provides great opportunity for members to get know each other; and socializes and keep the connections. Twic East is one of the constituencies in South Sudan comprised of five Districts and with populations close to two hundred thousand. Twic is one of the Dinka ethnic sections found in Jongeli State, South Sudan.

After the inception in 2011, Twic Society in Canada was led by its first President; Mr. Mark Aruei Bol Aruei with upper level leadership team consists of Vice-President; Chol Kelei Chiengkou, Secretary; Kiir Garang Kuir (known as Kiir-Agou) and other energetic young men and women. Twic Society in Canada convened second conference on Nov. 1, 2014 in Brook Alberta for change of leadership. The newly elected team consists of the following individuals:

  1. Abraham Juac Khor, President
  2. Abraham Mayen Yak, Vic-President
  3. Thon Kuany Arok D’ Agot, General Secretary
  4. Malith Chol Atem, Secretary of Information
  5. Yar Bul Thon, Deputy Secretary of Information
  6. Garang Kezekaih Chol Aguer, Secretary of Finance
  7. Dau Achouth Yong, Deputy Secretary of Finance
  8. Chol Manyang Mayom Secretary, Culture and Social Affairs
  9. John Barach Arok, Deputy Cultural and Social Affairs
  10. Lillian Dudu Jackson, Women Representative (well-known mother of community).

As required by the constitution of Twic Society in Canada, Managing Board for Council of Elders (MBCE) was elected into an advisory role and the names are as follows

  1. Adut Thuc Magar
  2. Michael Arok Yak
  3. Deng Atem Tiordit
  4. Thomas Madit Kuol
  5. Jurkuch Yak Thon
  6. Garang Theiu Juac

The past leadership has laid a concrete foundation. This “concrete foundation” will be used as a stepping stone by the incoming leadership of Abraham Juac Khor to advance community’s unity and development. However, the last three years could have not been possible without supportive teamwork and exceptional leadership of Ustaz Garang Theiu Juac who was the former chair of the Board of the Council of Elders. The men and women in the council were very dedicated to advance the objectives of Twic Society of Canada.

Tributes to Late Hon. Elijah Malok Aleng Mayen:

After the election results were made public, Twic Community party and traditional dance were cancelled due to the passing of our uncle, prominent politician and hero Elijah Malok Aleng Mayen. He died one day before election date. It takes years to have a community reunion, which brings people together across the country that often ended with traditional dance and party etc. This time, it had collided with the death of uncle Malokdit, so the community instead held prayers and commemoration in honouring of him. Elders, women and youth paid their attributes in the form of reflections and attestations of the late contributions to community and nation at large. Besides that unplanned prayer, Twic Society in Canada is preparing and planning for a devoted memorial services in honour of Elijah.

Finally, we, the Electoral Committee, would like to take this opportunity to thanks the host city of Brooks, Alberta for their hospitality. It was astonishing to see a small city of Brooks was able to accommodate and feed over hundred members who came across Canada. We also recognized provocative leadership of Mr. Dau Achouth Yong who coordinated and organized the event activities. We would like to conclude our brief report by sharing some quotes about the importance of developing a community. Anthony J. D. Angelo once said “without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”. On a similar note, Dorothy Height said “without community services, we would not have strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipients. It is the way in which we ourselves grow and develop”. Therefore, it is that sense of humanity and community which drives us to pool our ideas and resources together. So, all of us are required to commit and contribute toward advancement of the objectives of the Twic Society in Canada.

This report was prepared by Ruben Garang, the former Electoral Committee of Twic Society in Canada.

By David Aoloch Bion

Bitterest rumour is  circulating that the International community want to established a Trusteeship Government in South Sudan under the United Nation for period of ten year. This is prompted by the failure of South Sudan political leadership to keep basic security and peace by  protecting people and their property.

Fighting started on December 15 , 2013 between soldiers loyal to President Kiir and those loyal to Dr . Riek . Both sides are accused of committing atrocities in Juba, Malakal,  Bor , Bentiu and Akobo .

Now , the Government is preparing for the dry season offensive against the rebels by buying of arms and training of new  soldiers . So the rebels are buying arms and training new rebels . This will be catastrophe, it will cause humanitarian crisis. This alarms UN , therefore, UN want to intervene militarily to avert the disaster by placing South Sudan under UN protection

If UN establishes Trusteeship Government in South Sudan  , President Salva Kiir and allies like Malong Awan , Telar Ring  and many others will be forcefully disarmed , arrested or either killed like Qudaffi of Libya by the United Nation forces  . On the other hand , Dr. Riek Machar and his allies like Peter Gatdet , Gabriel Tanginye will be forcefully disarmed , arrested .

UN will not keep either man in   power Kiir or Riek because if UN keep Kiir in power then it has not solved Nuer  problem, if UN bring Riek into power then it has created another problem for Dinka , who do not want Riek . Therefore , UN will do away with Kiir  and Riek .

UN with its  collaborators, who are the SPLM G-10 ( Pagan Amum , Dr , Majak Agot , etc ) and good for nothing  ambassador of South Sudan to UN Dr Mading Deng  will open a new page of history in South Sudan . UN will sit in the driving seat and they will sit behind the UN in political reform in South Sudan. The UN will disarm all tribal armies of Kiir and Riek then they will recruit new non-partisan, non –tribal, professional, national army of South Sudan.

What is the way forward ? The whole equation is now  on the doors of  Mr Kiir  and Mr Riek either to avert the inevitable  losing or manly lost because the UN intervenes is attached to condition , the condition if ‘’ you ( Kiir and Riek) do not bring peace to South Sudan , the UN will bring peace ‘’

So the question is , ‘,it is either you bring peace or you lost your power through might , airstrike of UN army  like we did to Qudaffi of Libya  , Mr Kiir ?’’ asked UN envoy to South Sudan .  To Riek , no question , he is already a loser .


rssin mess

As the government continue indulging itself to an endless cycle of false promises, procrastination, and missed opportunity. The citizen shall continue suffering and it result will always be uncertain death of innocent and vulnerable citizens. The state development has been incarcerated by bunch of what I could correctly call unsuccessful lots of inanities to which duties are to propagate the continues loss of lives as the state continues dwelling in the pool of sufferings and daily lives loss.

Some people blame the national government as the subject to inabilities of state developmentnot forgetting the insecurity and other factors  that are affecting the citizens lives as well as the state development progress. Well in other way the national government can be blamed but we should always avail ourselves with the truth that any development whether in the state or in the nation as a whole, can always be effective in a peaceful environment. Meaning everything that is in connection to human life should alwaysbe starting at home. Whether peace initiative, development or anything else that involves development success

Hitherto, the strike of hunger in Lakes state is rising day by day as the state continues indulging in revenge activities and other factors that keeps palpitating the lives of citizens in Lakes state and particularly three counties of Rumbek.  The question is when the hunger death adds itself to the current revenge deaths, what will be the future of that state.

To my understanding, Lakes state and particularly Rumbek citizens will never again see any unity neither development if the current government in the state does not revised it strategies of leadership. As a reader, I hope you don’t take that bait, but this is time to speak the truth. And only the truth will set us free.

There is nothing wrong with the citizens in Lakes state despite being placed as the architects of the insecurity and other crises in the state. The only problem is when some fanatics are always so certain of themselvesand wiser people so full of doubts.This is what prevails in the culture of our leaders and if not dealt with, the future of Lakes will always  remain in the hands of what I could correctly call the  lot of perfectly reasonable, intelligent people morons.

The problems of this country and particularly Lakes state will never stop as the county continues suffering from the imprisonment of cultural inanities whose ideologies are to get-rich-quick as people favor hope for development.

As a citizen of this nation and from the state in subject, am invoked on same toxic formula for success to which I have oft lamented on these and other articles that were published earlier. With hope that if we stand to speak the truth the truth will always avail us success.

To end here, let’s meditate over this and other important issues pertinent to service delivery to our people and Nation Building.

 The Author of This Article is a South Sudanese from Lakes State-Rumbek center. For comments or anything reaches me: domiano86@yahoo.com/domiano87@gmail.com