My conversation with anti-V8s MP: (Some excerpts)

By Philip Thon Aleu, Juba, South Sudan

PTA: Why do you want purchase of V8s cars banned?

Zakaria Matur Makur (ZMM) –Runbek Centre County: They are expensive and take a lot money.

PTA: Why now?

ZMM: It should have been anytime.

PTA: What do you mean?

ZMM: The main duty of the government is to provide services to the people. But we have been purchasing luxurious cars for people to travel to offices. We wasted a lot of money. There was no electricity in our Juba Teaching Hospital last week. What do you think happened to the patients?

PTA: Now that the parliament have backed your motion and asked the ministers of transport and finance to draft a government policy regulating purchase of V8s, what do you think the money saved will be put to?

ZMM: If you take national assembly as institution, we buy 36 V8s every two years. Multiply that number by 122,000 USD and tell me the results. There is no reason to put such a huge sum of money on cars when we don’t have hospitals, no clean drinking water, poor sanitation and no food and roads. We wasted more than 55 million dollars on V8s — there are 500 V8s in this young country already. If the parliament cut it spending and save ten million [South Sudanese] pounds, we can build a world standard hospital that people around the world will come here for treatment.

PTA: Are you now happy with the parliament’s resolution? Have you won?

ZMM: You have also won. Not me alone. All South Sudanese needs services. We need good roads, not good cars.

PTA: Have you ever being driven in V8 car?

ZMM: Yes–for one month when I was an advisor in Lakes state.

PTA: How was it?

ZMM: [Laughter]. I left that position and became an MP in Juba. I did not take the V8 with me. Even today, I am still demanding 400,000 SSP from the government of Lakes state but I cannot take public car, holding it hostage in order to get my money. I will continue asking for the money but what is important is to change this trend of spending money and usage of public vehicles.

PTA: Perhaps you don’t want others to taste the pride that comes with driving V8!

ZMM: I am saying that I want any little money saved, say one pound, from this spending to be put to proper use. That is all.

PTA: Assuming that your motion becomes a national policy, how will it be implemented? — because having a policy is one and implementing it is another.

ZMM: I know it will be difficult to implement but many people are appreciating this motion. I have told my colleagues, the MPs, to delete any money allocated to buying V8s in the next budget [2015/2016]. We shall delete any money going to buying V8s for ministries. As long as I am here, I hope the policy will be made and implemented.


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The Jieng Council of Elders, Juba

May 24, 2015

Congratulatory Message

The Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) would like to take this opportunity to congratulate His Excellency, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Kuol Manyany Juuk and his commanders, NCOs and men and women of the SPLA for dealing a mother of all defeats against the rebel forces of Riek Machar and renegade militia, Johnson Olony in Melut and Malakal.

This victory states in no uncertain terms that the government and the people’s army are resolute in their defense of our sovereignty. The message to the forces of doom and enemies of peace is this – you will always be defeated.

We register our unwavering support to the legitimately elected government and we affirm our faith in the might and resolve of the people of South Sudan to uphold their sovereignty.

Long Live Our President, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit
Long Live the SPLA
Long Live the Republic of South Sudan

On behalf the Jieng Council of Elders, Juba

Joshua Dau Diu

By David Aoloch Bion

It is a time now for President Kiir to gives Gen Malong Awan ultimatum of one week to capture Pagak and he declares a ceasefire in the spirit of One People One Nation.

President Kiir is now above the war, the war is now between Riek and Malong   and therefore, he has moral responsibility to save the lives of innocent people whom war is being imposed on them by SPLM/A IO.

Mr .Kiir has moral responsibility to saves the lives of people who are dying in both sides of the conflict.

After Mighty SPLA soldiers capture Pagak  , President of Republic  Salva  Kiir should declare a ceasefire and he outlines  his final peace plan for the country , because Riek Machar has lost hope in becoming the President of the Republic  and he has  resorted  to destruction of the country ., this is proven by his attempt to destroy oil facilities

And indeed, this conflict must end with final peace agreement; it must end in peaceful resolution.

After Pagak falls, SPLM/A IO will not have any excuses any more, there would be no more strength remaining for them to claim that they would defeat the government militarily.

After Pagak falls, President Kiir should  go and wait for Dr Riek Machar on the negotiating table in Addis Abba with following conditions.

  1. Riek as the Vice President
  2. No two armies
  3. ………..
  4. ………etc.

By General Gong, Kenya

May 25, 2015 (SSB)  —-  After eruption of war on 15th Dec, 2013, the first lie that spread like wild fire is the killing of 20, 000 Nuer civilians in Juba suburbs. It was alleged that civilians were targeted after the failed coup attempt by Dr. Machar.

This killing of Nuer civilians was first reported by Mama Rebecca Nyandeng Garang, the wife of our late Hero Dr. John Garang de Mabior who first appeared on BBC focus on Africa on 17th Dec, 2013 two days after foiled coup. She alleged that Nuer civilians were killed by Kiir’s Tiger army.

This was later followed by Prof. Adwok Nyaba dwindled on the same thing by denying that there was no coup but mutiny after Dinka soldiers tried to disarmed the Nuer Tiger members in Gyada barrack. That was first lying from one of the participants in plot of coup. This first lie led to widespread war with Dinkas being targeted on the news that these politicians has spread.

During that time Machar was on the run after he sneaked out of Juba and went straight to Uror County, the home town of great Magician Dak Kueth who reign in the position of Prophet Ngundeng, the great. Dr. Machar was alleged to have cried for almost 6 hours without talking to anybody. His wife Angelina also cried and plead with the population around them to give him time to clear his heart for he was so hurt by what he was about to tell you.

After seeing the population was increasingly becoming uneasy, Dr. Machar cleared his throat and ordered for bottle for water. The impatient population made up of youth and elders gasp at Machar with their mouths widely opened on what he will say. The shedding of tears by such aged man in the name of Dr. Machar was wanting and that it was a great disaster from the guess of all onlookers who gathered.

Before Dr.Riek spoke, he begged the great magician Dak Kueth to sprinkle water on him to give him courage to speak for what he was about to say is not good. After he was showered with spiritual water together with his wife, Angelina, the withered and worn out Machar opened up to talk by first calling out the name of great Ngundeng.

This followed by great song from elders led by Dak Kueth the great spiritual leader to give him courage to say all he has witnessed without leaving anything.

After the song from elders, Dr. Machar smiled and said he is coming to die here because nobody is left alive. All Nuer living in Juba were maimed and killed in Juba, Machar paused as he wiped off the crocodile tears on his blurred half artificial eyes. The restless patient never wait for Machar to finish his speech and everyone was on the rampage to collect his Ak 47 to die heading Juba or killed Salva Kiir.

His speech was cut short by angry youth who shout at him to stop talking anymore for what he said was enough evidence and there is no need to talk over spilled milk. Machar return to MalaualChaat in Bor to meet Peter Gadet Aka Junta Iraq to break the news and strategies of war to him. Peter Gadet after receiving Machar in Secret meeting at night on 17th Dec, 2013, he became furious and ordered for urgent military parade after 12 am in the middle of the night.

His deputy who was Dinka asked for reason of urgent parade and Gadet reply him with bullet of pistol on his forehead. The soldiers went wild and all few Dinka soldiers in the barrack were outnumbered and maimed before the day break some were killed in their sleep.

The mentioning of figures started after the first UN report on mass grave in Bentiu. It was reported in Sudan tribune that over 10,000 people of Nuer civilians were killed. As days went the figure double to 20,000 people maimed in Juba suburbs. This escalated war and within 24 hours after the great lie 25,000 troops of White army was mobilized and their first target was Bor town and its living creatures that are non-Nuer.

The town was brought down to pieces with its population either killed or run to UNMISS for protection. All Dinka population in Unity state were maimed in retaliation of the news from Juba about death of 20,000 Nuer.

The lied figures keep on increasing after a week UNMISS report that over 300,000 was in its protection site in Juba especially of Nuer origin. Over 100,000 in Bentiu UN protection site, 200,000 in Malakal protection site. 234,000 in Bor UN Protection site. Figures keep on increasing endlessly.

Between January to March 2014 war intensified between white army of Riek Machar and that of government. It was captured –recaptured routine between parties who were determined to outdo each militarily. The tools of propaganda especially from rebels were sharpened as no day goes without breaking news even if there is no news of urgent.

Face booking, tweeting, what saping, and what downing took center stage with thousands of reporters scattered all over the world. They report anything being personal and private discussion of connected to war in the Republic of South Sudan. This escalated the already lied situation as figures mentioned above kept on flying from news page to another.

What is the population of South Sudan? Was Juba population half of the Nuer population? Are these alleged figures right? Are we reporting rights things whether you are face book reporter, tweeter reporter, whatsaps reporter and long list unworthy reporters?

In conclusion, there is something wanting in the escalation of the war in South Sudan. Riek Machar, Mama Nyandeng, UNMISS, TROIKA states, disgruntled SPLM IO and G10 supporters and majority of G10 members are responsible of this escalated war in the Republic of South Sudan. My testimony is clearly written on the wall of daily unproven reports from rebels that ended up embarrassing themselves for there is no truth in them.

There is no such population (10,000 or 20,000) killed in Juba as reported. There is no unarmed civilians killed in Juba for those who got killed were armed youth who were illegally armed to support rebellion against government but miserably failed coup they went back to their houses. If there was targeted killing in Juba then there is no one to escape to UNMISS.

My poor misled population of South Sudan especially Riek’s supporters need to re-think their ways of receiving information from aforementioned leader. They need to act like mature people without being led like ducklings by their mother duck.

This lying tool as sort of war strategies to win support internationally must cease or else you are burying yourselves and when the world learns about all these shits of your lies you will be like Boko Haram of Nigeria or Al shabaab of Somalia, the Outlawed war lords of the world.


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By PaanLuel Wël, Juba, South Sudan

The fruition of the CPA

The fruition of our collective revolutionary struggle: Let’s aim for the nation, not personalities or tribes or clans.

May 25, 2015 (SSB)  —-  For all the chattering about the fundamental problems of the Republic of South Sudan, much has been said about President Salva Kiir Mayaardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

However, a comprehensive study of our liberationary struggle and history might give you a different picture of President Kiir and the kinds of problems he is confronting in South Sudan. Most likely, it might not be as straight forward as drawing a line in the sand.

For instance—and Nhialic forbid—if President Kiir or/and Riek Machar were to drop from a plane today like John Garang did in 2005, South Sudan would still be in a mess, probably in a bigger one, ten years from now.

Why? Because the fundamentals of the problems in the Republic of South Sudan are systemic, circumstantial, environmentally oriented and societal, not Kiiristic or Riekistic etc. You don’t simply solve these problems by getting rid of either Salva Kiir or Riek Machar.

Here is a classic case in point. When John Garang was alive and reigning, a good number of Junubeen thought that he was the problem and getting rid of him the solution. Garang has been gone for ten years now, and we are still in deep shit.

Our top SPLA commanders during the war—men and women who never betrayed the movement, men and women who gave everything for our freedom —have bankrupted the army, reducing the mighty SPLA to a shell of its former glorious self.

Is it President Kiir’s problem? Yes and no. But how is President Kiir supposed to discipline these war heroes without engendering an outcry from the public? Remember what happened when Arthur Akuien Chol was detained? Are you not experiencing the repercussions of relieving Riek Machar from his position in July 2013?

Visit any ministry in Juba and see how folks are glued to their TVs watching Nigerian films, playing games, casually chatting over bun (coffee) or literally snoring on their shining, expensive desks.

The joke in Juba is that these folks forego sleeping in their hot, sweaty homes in order to have a deep sleep in their air-conditioned government offices.

In most cases than not, the boss (ministers plus their deputies and undersecretaries and DGs) is not often in the office but rather in “a meeting”, which mean he/she is snoozing in a hotel. For all their frequent meetings, how many roads are built, hospitals constructed, schools erected across Junub Thudan?

Is it Kiir’s business to keep them at their desks? Yes and no. But surely, how could he possibly micromanage the entire country from the presidential office to the remotest kitchen in Yuai, Jonglei state?

According to John Garang, it was Maulana Abel Alier who once opined, “If we have to drive our people to paradise with sticks, we will do so for their own good and the good of those who come after us.”

Unfortunately, Uncle Abel Alier didn’t tell us whether that stick would be in the hand of a democratic or a dictatorial leader. Should we ask President Kiir to decree dictatorship and turn Juba into Kigali?

Had he lived, John Garang, might have been more of an enlightened dictator, possibly along the lines of Paul Kagame in Kigali, the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, or Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa, etc.

Unlike Uncle Riek Machar babbling about bringing ‘democracy’ to Juba, Garang was talking about taking towns to the people in the villages, about using petrodollars to fuel agro-industrialization in the country.

Uncle Salva Kiir’s problem is his inability to fit into any camp: he is not a democrat, not a dictator, and not particularly enlightened. He is simply himself: soldier Kiir.

Kiir being Kiir hardly explains anything about the fundamental problems in South Sudan. Ship in Obama today and you would still have the same circumstances, environment, society, and system to deal with: he would fail, three out of four times.

As the South Sudanese people are falling all over themselves to bash the Dinka government, the Nuer rebellion, the Equatorian complacency, Kiir’s failurism and Riek’s murderism, will they, can they, pause long enough to remember the words from the Good Book, “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

Is it possible that the people themselves, the righteous Junubeen, are the problem, part of the problem, bigger part of it, and the leadership is just but a sheer manifestation of their own “GREATNESS”?

Can they all partake in the failures of the country, much the same way that they are quick to partake in the liberation and independence of South Sudan?

Did John Garang liberate our land from Arabism and Islamism? No, we all did. Did Salva Kiir achieve our independence from Khartoum? No, we all did.

Did Salva Kiir and Riek Machar fail the Republic of South Sudan? No, we all did. Will Salva Kiir and Riek Machar bring peace and reconciliation and social prosperity to South Sudan? No, we all must do it, together.

South Sudan does not belong just to the likes of John Garang, Salva Kiir, Riek Machar, Wani Igga, Pagan Amum and Nyandeng Garang; it belongs to all of us Junubeen.

Junub Thudan is ours to destroy or to build and cherish. The choice is yours. The choice is mine. The choice is ours.

PaanLuel Wël, the Managing Editor of PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers, is a South Sudanese national currently residing in Juba, South Sudan, where he works for one of the International NGOs. He graduated with a double major in Economics and Philosophy from The George Washington University, Washington D.C, USA. He is the author of “Return in Peace (R.I.P) Dr. John Garang and the editor of the speeches of Dr. John Garang, published as “The Genius of Dr. John Garang, Vol. 1 &2“. He is currently working on two books to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Dr. John Garang: Vol. 3 of “The Genius of Dr. John Garang” and “Who Killed Dr. John Garang“, an account of events and circumstances leading to the death of the late SPLM/A leader in July 2005. You can reach him through his email:

By Gai Deng Biar, Nairobi, Kenya.

May 25, 2015 (SSB)  —-  No South Sudan citizen in Kenya could believe that one day there will come a messianic embassy official whom they will cheer and claps their hands in an emotional way due to un represented grievances and suffering they undergone at the hands of kenyan Authorities, especially the police which always characterized the movement of South Sudanese people in Kenya with torture, killings, raping and other violations of Human rights since the country opened its mission in Kenya a decade ago

But during the prayers on Sunday, 24th May, 2015, at the St. Luke parish of the South Sudanese’s congregation at Nairobi suburb of Ngumo, there appear a non crony man during church announcements and in his jovial mood and caring tone, he the 1st Lt , pastor Andrews who is the South Sudan’s Immigration officer to Kenya appealed to his mentally disturbed people to be cautious with issues to do with visa requirements and any other legal documents. He however urged his people to spread his gospel of hope to those who did not make it to attend church services,.

Andrews who was posted to Kenya three months ago is both the man of God and man of government and it is a rare case in South Sudan for a non crony, a son of a farmer to get employed at the foreign missions as many South Sudanese people know the vacancies at the foreign missions are meant for the cronies and rewards to loyalists of the former guerrilla fighters whom some of them are now working day and night to bring down the government of Gen Salva Kiir. some true believers and theologians links the employment of Andrew to foreign mission as God gift while political analysts argue that some of the big fish who used to take all luxurious positions turned rebels and now there is equitable in an employment.

Ululations and clapping were heard at distance when Andrews was addressing people on matters of Immigration in Kenya. He urged people to be vigilant when being abused by law enforcement agencies in Kenya and this could be done by a person battling with police to secretly register the police number which they wear while on duty and forward it to his office, however, many casted doubts about the implementation phases as many lost their lives in unclear circumstances and culprits have never been brought to book, for example, a son of South Sudan custom officer was killed on 8th, july 2012 in Nakuru Kenya a day to first South Sudan independent day and the victim’s justice has never been served and many other cases.

Many citizens are aware that, there is variation in giving speech and implantation but I am therefore urging those who judge the book according to its cover to open the book and read what is inside. We would also be mindful to our own safety to allows our promising officer to serve us better. We might be victim of circumstances in case contract of Andrews come to an end in Kenya and being recalled back to Juba and in case the cronies replace him.

Author is a concern and disturbs citizen on how South Sudan diplomats are delivering services to the people at our missions abroad and can be reached at and at facebook Gai Deng