Press Statement


We have learnt with dismay that the eighth session Phase II of the IGAD led peace talks scheduled to take place on the 25th instant has been adjourned indefinitely. This is yet another sign that the warring parties do not have the political will to bring this destructive war to an end.

This development comes at a time when the warring parties have given the international community a blank cheque to intervene in our country. Point 4 of the “Resolutions by the 28th Extraordinary Summit of the IGAD Heads of State and Government” reads:

“Further, the IGAD region shall, without reference to the warring

Parties, take the necessary measures, if need be, to directly

intervene in South Sudan to protect life and restore peace and


Our government, which is a member of IGAD, agreed to this resolution. Note that the intervention will not be by the IGAD organization but the “region”, meaning that no resolution to do so will be taken collectively by the organization. As dangerous as it is, this is not the only worrying sign. All of us are following meetings taking place in regional and international capitals on the fate of South Sudan should the parties fail to reach a peace agreement quickly.

While the future of our country is being debated in foreign capitals, there is no sign that the warring parties are taking serious steps towards concluding a peace agreement that will bring the current devastating civil war to an end. A lot of time is being wasted in promoting tactical positions that have nothing to do with the interest of our people. The last two sessions of the talks were spent discussing the powers of the President and the Prime Minister. As important as this matter is, this is just a fraction of the power sharing arrangement not to mention the other areas of the expected agreement, such as, governance, economic matters and security arrangements. At this pace, how long will we need to get a peace agreement in place?

The two warring parties have now resorted to holding public gatherings which would only serve as public relations rather than being a serious consultation on the sticking points in the negotiations. We are told that the SPLM/A-IO is calling its commanders to Pagak, a border location, to meet and resolve the sharing of executive powers between the President and the Prime Minister. Not to be outsmarted, the government is also calling for a gathering on the 24th instant on the same issue. This is not the first time for the two warring parties to break for consultations, and we never saw such gatherings before. What is new this time? The answer lies in that no party, or at least the hawks within each, would like to make the concessions needed to make an agreement possible, and would want to mislead public opinion that the positions they are advocating were “popularly” adopted.

We would like to note that the same government that prevented a delegation of the political parties from travelling to Addis Ababa to take part in the peace talks, is now inviting them to participate in the gathering it called for on the 24th instant as stakeholders “with a lead opportunity to contribute to and enrich the IGAD-led peace process”. The IGAD-led peace process is in Ethiopia not Juba and the stakeholders have the opportunity to contribute there. Who prevented them from doing so? Our people are intelligent enough not to be taken for a ride. On our part, we have since June been repeatedly wanting to engage with the government as independent stakeholders to see what common areas we can agree on but these attempts have always been contemptuously scoffed. The government has every right to consult its organs and supporters in any way it likes but will not succeed to co-opt independent stakeholders to bless indefensible positions.

Our position as political parties has always been crystal clear. First, there is no future for our country unless this senseless war is brought to a speedy end. Second, the status quo is never an option and all sides need to make the necessary concessions for peace to be possible. Third, the government bears more responsibility towards our people than the rebels and must lead the peace process by being proactive and holding the initiative on possible solutions, not, as its current delegation has always demonstrated, just waiting for suggestions that come from others only to react. Fourth, the resolution of the current conflict to bring about a just and lasting peace, cannot be realized by the two warring parties alone but through a multi-stakeholder round table conference as was agreed on the 9th of May and 10th of June.

We would like to caution the warring parties that while they are engaged in a dangerous brinkmanship, our country is in the grips of war that threatens to destroy it by real threats of external intervention and division of the country. Even a UN trusteeship is being floated for the first time for an independent country. To avoid all these worst case scenarios, all the masses of our people must pressure the warring parties to put the interest of the country above their personal interests so as to give peace a chance.

Did the tours of Kiir and Riek brought Peace to South Sudan?

By Bol Garang

Well, from the time when the war started on15 Dec,Kiir Mayardit has toured Uganda, Kenya, USA, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Egypt recently.Whereas Riek Machar has travelled to South Africa, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, Tanzania and Ethiopia talking about peace to the world, where’s that peace? I cogitate extremists on both sides were going for different shopping and fabricated that they were going for peace.

Did those countries brought anything to end the war and brings peace, stability and development to people of South Sudan? Do we believe or reliance on IGAD mediators to bring peace to our country? I personally, don’t think they’ll bring something positive to us if we don’t comprehend ourselves as one people.

Well, the government delegation, rebels delegation, political detainees, youth representative and civil society have spent some months negotiating peace in Ethiopia, What exactly is their main objectives? Are they there to bring peace to South Sudan or something else? Do they really want ordinary citizens who are traumatizedby war to have peace and freedom?

We a lot of unsolved issues and If we can’t solve our own, who do we believe will solve ours? How could we trust others when we can’t even trust ourselves? If we were having any kind of confidential among ourselves, we would have solve the failure of SPLM party before it fall apart but because we failed in everything this is why our country is anguish.

Consequently, for that instance, I have seen no end to the crisis in South Sudan nearer because the people who always died when two warring parties exchange guns, are currently the first people to slithers with either rebels or government instead of condemnation. Why do we obligate ourselves to death?

Why do our communes follow wrongdoers when there are lots of people who can lead South Sudan to be prosperity nation? A country blessed by God and given everything, a country you find food everywhere, a country rich from trees, water, gold, diamond and mineral etc. Why don’t we utilizer our resources to feed every person in the country? Let me tell you people we need haltauxiliary both warring parties and seek our own peace in our country.

Why do you support Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar when you all know extremists on both sides have no interest in you? When they want to kill you? How will peace come, when killing is the solution? Ghost, South Sudanese we need to understand ourselves as one people and think about peace and harmony in our country.

To curtail it, we need to unite ourselves and let alone Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar because both have no future in this country.Thiscountry is ours and it’s our chance as new generation free from corruption, nepotism, discrimination, and prejudice unless they’ll inject you now with mentioned above. Let peace be the song we all sing for the sake of our country, we had been in war with Arabs for many years and now with our own brothers, why? Are we not ashamed? South Sudan is for all us, let us take off our ideologies and take South Sudan as ours for all.

Bol Garang “Knowledge is Power”
Bol Garang @2014

By Obang O., USA

We are making those stupid poor nation rich on us during this time of crisis in our nation. Those stupid nation never seem to play by the role instead, they become smarter day by day on us to get rich on us if peace process continue to be delay.

This  wonderful world  are smarter when it come to how to get rich. Most of everything human being do in this world is not about reality but it’s about benefit and money.

We can choose to continue killing ourselves like this but those mediator will not care how long it will us continuing killing ourselves because money are involve.

We the people of Republic of South Sudan has to come to our sense to agree to end this war. Let us remember to that the number of death on both side, the government and the opposition side are still count as from one people.

We are just lessening  our population and letting our citizens suffer for self interest.

Let us not forget too that at the end of this war we will joint hand together and  fight with northern regime in Khartoum  for Abeyi.

Whether you  believed it or not that is going to happen.

God bless our nation!!

Man U vs Arsenal Dueling: Lessons for Business Executives

Posted: November 25, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Garang Atem

By Garang Atem Ayiik, Juba

It seems Arsenal were going to win, controlling first half by 56% with strong lines of defend and mid-field. There were every signal that Arsenal was going to take home 3 points and improves it rating in the league.

Then came own-goal from Arsenal and an injury from Arsenal critical defender, these and probably second half tactics from Man U technical bench change comparative advantage of winning in favor of Man U.

Such scenarios play out in real business world. This game provides some lessons for leaders running business in a globalized world.

It is not over till done – Business environment are dynamic, today, if it is not exchange rate volatility, it is corrupt and bureaucratic system, multiple check points, arbitrary tax regime or favored incentives. Such unforeseen draw-back like Arsenal injury have a similar impact of changing business leadership.

Business own goal – Imagine a business run by incompetent executive who does know where to kick a ball; a leader who does not know his business defend lines. It is crucial to know that creating wealth for shareholders is sole aim of management – in world of capitalism. If business executive do not know this, he can scores own – goal in favor of his opponents.

Client is the king – Man U and its technical bench were concern delivering a win, this has two fold aims – contractual performance to its shareholders, and to please its fans – base. The losers, dinned in agony and annoyance including possible financial impact to shareholders. Business leaders must at all times have the interests of their various constituents at heart.

Planning and resource utilization – Business executive must plan, as there is injury in football, in business, there is a resignation; As there are strikers, mid-fielders, goalkeepers and defenders, equally in business, there are people who do various roles. Good business leaders must be forward looking and ensure all roles are planned for accordingly including providing for injuries.

It is the team that wins – It is important to assembly a right team, a business needs right chief executive, finance guru, marketing and procurement…….etc. As evidenced by excitement to Man U and its fans, it is a team that wins including Man U noisy and half- dressed fan who was sitting with us in Ocean Hotel during the match.


 By Chol Deng

People in Greater Bor have always looked down on the Thony community as people of the lowest class to the extent that they have created/composed songs that depict this precious community as weak or incapable to compete with in any event.

I have a different version of Thony community to say “Thony community shall not be the last of all in Greater Bor for the Governor shall come out of it” for Thony has always been and will always be the last hope at the time of hunger or famine. With their patience I’m quite certain that they will present South Sudan with a leader in less than 50 years from now if they start to strategize on it.

Thony has always saved the life of the people on the Eastern Bank; the very vivid example that went unnoticed is the life of over half a million people who fled Bortown in Dec 2013 together with those in three counties of Bor, Twic and Duk who crossed using the modern boats to Guolyar.

I attribute this to Thony community; in fact the history of these people can be dated back both to Paweer famine and in 1991 at the time when there was no food, or even when someone lost his cows to the raiders, then the first and the only option is to join Thony and he will always be welcome.

I will be a liar to county how we have benefited from this community but I will try my best by saying that at the time of liberation in the late 1980s it is said that Thany contributed 300 boats to SPLA with 600 volunteers to row them for 15 days to transport ammunitions that were used to capture Leer and Mayom.

Not only that there were those who could dive for 6 hours into the water to go and get the guns that had fallen into the waters of the Nile or else the ones who let the gun fall in the water will be court marshalled, at that time when the guns were very rare.

Wise leaders in Bor begun to integrate Thony community along the Nile into their payams and gave them separate alamat or organize their chiefdoms to report to court centers at the eastern Bank e.g Maar, Jalle, Baidit Makuach, Anyidi and Kolnyang and slowly the relationship begun to improve drastically.

Thony has always remains as a decent, patient, enduring and lovely community. To those who will always stand up in the crowd today proudly and say here I’m from Bor community that presented Southern Sudan with leaders such as Abel Alier, Dr Garang Kuol Manyang Elijah Malok, Thon Leek and many others must think about Thony in this.

Why am I saying this? You know without the character traits that I have mentioned above, the missionaries couldn’t have established their mission school in Malek, of course Thony could have resisted the missionaries like they were resisted in Ajakbeker at Jonglei of Maar and Jalle and the history would be different from the way it is now.

Long ago our people used to go to Thony and stay there to survive the disaster, but unfortunately they always come back and start to entertain their age mates about how foolish these people are, and how they have been tricking them while there, just simply because they have been generous to them.

Because there are areas where generosity is a rare commodity, so the returnees will come and talk unfinished and negative stories about Thony, the same Thony they will go back and kneel down tomorrow when things get back to worse.

One person from Thony Community called Looch was executed unjustly back in the day when the British were the colonial masters, it is said that all the Chiefs from Bor agreed to let him be executed by the law he did not break yet he died while singing a song of courage.

There are people who still believe that the song he sang that day has remained as a curse and I heard one of the pastors saying that they are planning to term that curse on Bortwon, by organizing prayers for forgiveness.

In the last years no one could accept to wrestle with the champions of Thony such as Noonliel, Nyalueth Abiar and the rests, because they were so powerful and people used to scare them not to come near, because there were attitudes developed that a person defeated by Monythaany will be overlooked and for the people to continue claiming superiority they have let Thony stayed away from them.

Recently Ajang Mapuordit who has championed in the field feel of wrestling together with Ajith Nyankuoi are being claimed as relatives by everyone, in the recent match of Bor against Twic they were the ones who led Bor county into triumphant victory and everyone will always want to take a picture and have time to chat with Ajang Mapuordit, which was not possible in the last two decades.

This can be seen by the quote in the song of Mapuordit “Duoke wet ee Thaany cok nyieei we Buor…….. wek aa kor rot tir ayang deen” that you Bor don’t let superiority over Thony mislead you or curiosity will kill you.

There existed a relation of Jews and Gentiles between Bor and Thony in the past because the confusion was brought by the use and intermingle of the three words namely

  1. Abuur someone who has no cows
  2. Atooch and someone who depends on fish in Toch
  3. Thony a community that spread along the Nile (Toch) and like others they can have Abuur, Atooch and cattle keeper as well

With this I urge the rests to have respects and stop negative comments in the public against Thony community and see them as equal brothers and stop subjecting them to inferiority such that we can escape the punishment of God.

I have heard people saying they don’t eat fish because they are not Monthaany and some time you find people dying because there are no fishes in Toch during the time of hunger because God wants to punish people of what they say.

I shed tears when I saw my family offshoring at Guolyar after spending 24 sleepless nights when they got struck in Toch as all the routes were closed and it was like resurrection to me that day, and one must admits that this article is more of confession than anything else. Thany deserve rewards than insults.


The author can be reached on or on facebook on Chol Joshua.

Which Side Will Honour the December 15 Anniversary?

Posted: November 24, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Malith Alier

By Malith Alier, Bor

South Sudan in chaos

South Sudan in chaos

The clock is ticking. We are left with about twenty two days to the said date.

Something this generation will not forget occurred on December 2013 in Juba and quickly spread to three States of Upper Nile region, the mother of all rebellions.

At about 10:00 pm, a sound of opening firing shots were heard at a distance of three kilometres from my residence. Pa, pa, pa goes the Kalashnikov machine gun. Everyone was scared including young children. They knew that this was going to be different from previous shootings they were accustomed to. My two year old son always repeats what he heard that night like this; “tap, tap, tap they are afraid” meaning the tap, tap, tap shooting that made them afraid.

The debates about what happened are still causing controversy nationally and worldwide. Some called it coup d’état, others called it mutiny or just misunderstanding among the presidential guards in Juba. The explanation of this matter depends on whoever is narrating it. The rebels referred to it as Nuer soldiers’ disarmament while the government called it coup d’état. The international community led by USA thinks it was a mutiny or misunderstanding.

Coup d’état or not, the event has its authors who continue to pursue it to today. The SPLM IO claimed responsibility and victimhood at the same time for the December crisis.

The rebels were defeated in Juba within hours and the following morning was only mopping up operations in the city. Scores of ring leaders were arrested and categorised into groups of A, B and C depending on severity of their crime.

As Juba operations came to an end, other rebel leaders who echoed the fight captured Bor, Malakal and Bentiu within a short time possible. This was a war laden with zeal and hatred of one another. Some rebel generals who are fond of switching sides took it upon themselves to bring the regime to an end once and forever. How wrong they were! The government arm is long. The poorly equipped and perhaps polarised SPLA sought support from the region and got it in no time.

Nobody wanted Juba, the seat of the government to be overrun by the irate and ingrate white army. This would have been an embarrassment to the government and this country as a whole. A government overthrown by demonstrators would have been honourable.

A mixture of superstition and hunger for power should be tamed if South Sudan is to be on a firm democratic path. Don’t give power to power hungry lots.

Who will celebrate the 15 December anniversary? It is anyone’s guess.

Amb Lumumba -Press Statement – 22 Nov 2014 Addis – Ethiopia