By Anteneh Yilma, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

As South Sudan entered crisis in December 2013, Ethiopia as a sisterly Country received more than 100,000 refugees from South Sudan. Some refugees are believed to move toward Uganda and Kenya while similar numbers of refugees are expected to settle in Sudan. Gatwech Koak Nyuon, a young man from South Sudan launched his campaigns to end 8 months conflict in his Country through ‘power of prayer’, a campaign which has been publicly supported by Christians communities around the World.

In three days conference organized by Youth of Lebu Kale Hiywot Church in Addis Ababa, Gatwech strongly urged the Christian Communities around the World to pray for South Sudan. He did not blame the warring parties but term the crisis as leadership struggle and it should simply be solved through dialogue and nonviolence. He added that thousands of deceased who lost their lives in the conflict will never be rose again. Meanwhile; the continuation of war between warring parties will swipe the productive ages and hinder the development in South Sudan. Both warring parties are due to kick-off next round of talk on July 30th, 2014. So far, IGAD had given 60 days to cease the fighting but both parties trade an accusation on battle of Nasir last weeks.

In a very emotional, provoking, charismatic speech attended by more than 200 youth, he hotly elaborated that “Christian Communities must bring this issue to an end through the power of prayer”. The audiences were so applause!! A 28 years old young man stood tall with purple suit was alone in the conference; I found him friendly and compassionate. Gatwech is the first South Sudanese to visit Lebu Kale Hiywot Church for the first time in history since its establishment in 1920s.

Ethiopian Kale Hiywot (Word of Life) Church (KHC) is the largest evangelical denomination in Ethiopia. Started in the early 1920s by pioneering Serving In Mission, formerly, Sudan Interior Mission, (SIM) missionaries, Kale Hiywot Church thrived in the South Central and South Western corners of the country during the five-year Italian occupation in the 1930s (Wikipedia).

Some audiences described Gatwech as the best motivational speaker ever. “He is so young; I didn’t expect this campaign to be initiated by him. His words inspired me. God loves him indeed!!” Mindaye Yohannes described.

Lebu Kale Hiywot Church’s elders received prayer request to continue with it until a change is seen through power of prayer in South Sudan. Currently the overall Ethiopian Kale Hiywot Church has about or more than 7,774 local congregation and estimated 6.7 million members and adherents.

South Sudan problem is our problem as Africans, as children of God and as member of entire Human family. I also urge the Christian Communities to put this very hot issue to their concern either at family level or at church level wherever they reside.

On their parts, the Lebu Kale Hiywot Church conference facilitator congratulated Mr. Gatwech for his roles as a peace maker and forwards the prayer request voluntarily.

Consequently, one of an Evangelist declared him to be an Ambassador for Peace on their prayers. “On behalf of my congregations, I declared Mr. Gatwech to be an Ambassador for Peace and South Sudan will soon recover from the dust”. An Evangelist Teshome.

Gatwech said that he would not give up. Instead he urged more prayers so that he should extend his visit to other African, European and US Countries for more prayers.

“As I started my campaign in Addis Ababa, this is just the beginning. I need more help from people so that this message should reach out globally and the only way to make this happen should be through prayers”. He calls on willingly people to pray for Ukraine, Syria, Central Africa Republic, Congo, Libya, Somalia etc…

Gatwech speaks ‘Amharic’ and currently schooling in Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership College, a College administered by Ethiopian Evangelical Mekane Yesus Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

He disclosed that he is working on Documentary to be released on YouTube so that people will pray bases on real situation.

The Author is an independent writer on Education and other Human Rights Issues based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He should be reach on:

Lies versus Truth: Despite Dr Peter Aduok and Mabior Garang ‘’ Appeal to Fear ‘’, the Truth will finish putting on it shoes

By David Aoloch Bion

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes’’ …..Mark Twain

Fighting broke out on December 15, 2013 in South Sudanese capital, Juba. On December 16 in the afternoon, President Salva Kiir announced it was a coup. In the evening the same day on BBC focus on Africa , former Minister of Education ,Dr Peter Aduok Nyaba ,using his persuasive powers he acquired in philosophy , he launched the coup plotters propaganda . He applied the ‘’ appeal to fear and pity ‘’ fallacy in propaganda

Propaganda is always communication aim at influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of the argument, it presents the facts selectively, that is by lying or omission to encourage a particular cause or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than reasonable response to information presented .it is form of ideological warfare.

On BBC World Service, Mr .Aduok dismissed Mr . Kiir’s coup version of the event , he said there was no coup , but mutiny triggered by the disarming of Nuer soldiers by the Dinka soldiers , in the ensuing fighting 20, 000 Nuer women and children were killed in door to door searches . This is what Mr. Aduok told the BBC

‘’yesterday in the evening ,President Salva Kiir ordered Maj Gen .Marial Ciennoung, commander of the Presidential Guard (The Tiger Battalion) to leave the meeting venue and return to the barracks to disarm the troops. After disarming all ethnicities within the guard, Marial ordered that the Dinka members be re-armed. The officer in charge of the weapons stores opened them and rearmed only the Dinka soldiers. A Nuer soldier passing by questioned this and a fistfight then ensued between the two and attracted the attention of the commander and his deputy to the scene. His deputy, from the Nuer ethnicity, began to question this order too and a fight ensued when surrounding officers saw the commotion. The Nuer soldiers also re-armed themselves. Fighting erupted between the Dinka elements of the Presidential Guard and the Nuer elements.. Civilian casualties began when the Dinka elements of the SPLA began targeting Nuer civilians in the capital city of Juba , killing 20 000 Nuer women and children in door to door execution. This is not a coup but a mutiny ‘’

On December 18, Dr Riek echoed Mr Aduok version by coining it as the Juba Massacre of 20, 000 Nuer women and children without giving any details

What Mr Aduok did is an ‘’ appeal to fear and pity ‘’ fallacy and nonsense in the argument and propaganda. The appeal to fear propaganda seeks to build support by instilling anxieties and panic in general population. Indeed, the false claim of killing of 20, 000 Nuer women and children caused fear and panic among the Nuer . This force the Nuer to rise up in self –defense against the imaginary enemy Dinka. This was the reason the Nuer in the name of White Army mobilized themselves voluntarily to come to Juba to avenge.

The question is, Are the 20, 000 Nuer women and children killed in Juba? Time will separate propaganda and lies from facts and truth

What Mr Aduok did was what the Germany Minister of Propaganda, Mr Joseph Goebbel did during World War 2 , when he exploited Theodore Kaufman fictitious story ‘’ Germany must perish ‘’ . This was to claim the Allies sought the extermination of the Germany people.

Now the rebels are claiming that the Dinka Regime of Salva Kiir is seeking to exterminate Nuer

Is this claims true or just negative propaganda?. The answer is the truth is putting on it shoes
Mabior Garang de Mabior is second ,rebel propaganda machine , using his father legacy to blackmail the South Sudanese State . The rebels believe that when Mabior disagree with government of Salva Kiir and sided with rebels, Therefore the rebel are right and just and will win as John Garang won And whole world will stand with Rebels . Mabior is always preaching using ‘’ appeal to pity and fear ‘’ fallacy too .

Mr Mabior is demonizing President Kiir by saying he ordered the execution of the Nuer women and children in Juba on December 15 to 18 . This is what Mabior always write in Paanluel Wel and Nyamilepaedia blogs

‘’’a private army trained, armed and financed by the President Kiir conducted a house to house search, murdering 10,000 Nuer women and children) between the 15 and 18 of December, 2013’’

Is this claim true? . NO, NO HUNDRED TIMES NO! , this is negative propaganda. These are just glittering generalities, they are just emotionally appealing words that the rebels applied to mobilize Nuer to commit military suicide and gain sympathy from the International Community.

Mabior should know that demonizing someone is unhelpful to any cause. When Cdr Kerbino Kaunyin Bol dehumanized Dr John , he appealed to Dinka Bare el gazal to leave John Garang and join him , this never help Kerbino , this was his ‘’appeal to fear and pity’’ on BBC ,

‘’ Sons of Bare el gazal , sons of Bare el gazal , Garang is using you like a fire wood , stop fighting for him’’ ,

Kerbino repeated this until he came back to Garang , You too , Mabior and Aduok will vilify Mr . Kiir until you will come back and call him a boss for one minute before you attempt the third coup

This is not the first time Mr . Aduok misinforms and disinforms the world. He did it in the liberation struggle, in his book, ‘’South Sudan: the politic of Liberation’’ Mr Aduok dehumanized Dr . John Garang de Mabior by saying , Garang manage the movement like personal enterprise , he said Garang ordered the Dinka soldiers of Koryom to attack Mundari civilians , looted cattle , raped women , he prophesized that the Movement ran as personal enterprise and killed Mundari civilians could not win and would not win .

The history showed us that John Garang won.

However, did any South Sudanese see any achievement of Nasir CUOP and KHARTUOM PEACE agreement? But all of us can see the achievement of Garang whom Riek and Aduok demonized before the world like they are doing to Salva Kiir now

Another question is Salva Kiir misrule the country so Riek has the right to overthrow him . That is correct. What about John Garang what has he done for Riek to try to overthrow him in 1991?.
The road of lies is nearing to end, the lies started in 1991, but they ended in 2002 when Riek came and confess to Garang de Mabior . History repeat itself, Again the lies started in 2013 and will end when Riek come and apologizes before Salva Kiir.

Finally, the propaganda of appeal to fear and pity never helped the German People during World War 2 .

In the Bible, it is said, the dog vomit and eat it vomit again, . Now Dr Peter Aduok Nyaba and Mabior Garang de Mabior are vomiting but they will eat their vomit when the lies ends and truth arrive after delaying from putting on it shoes

President Salva Kiir is weak but morally right. He must go but ceremonially not violently as you think.

By Job Kiir Garang


Dear readers, I must say that the political situation in South Sudan has, over the past seven months or so, been very toxic. In fact, I have almost come to a conclusion that for most of us who participate in various social media, we are not helping at all in trying to solve our problems as South Sudanese. We are immersed in senseless and ultimately endless tribal dog-fight. No tribes bring that fight to the forefront than the two biggest tribes in the country i.e. the Dinka and the Nuer. I happen to be a Dinka myself and I am sure there are many from my side of the great tribal divide who might be shocked by my apparent full support for Dr. Riek as the only man who can pull us out of the abyss of dark ages into a more prosperous and brighter future for our beloved country.

My heading does not need an explanation as to what my stands are. Being a veteran myself, I must admit that the country we so heartily fought for against a faith-driven regime is ever falling behind. The hopes and aspirations we had are ebbing out. The future looks bleak and there seems to be nothing but absolute hopelessness at the end of the tunnel. Reason? A bunch of thugs and political hustlers have decided to run the country as a personal property and the sad part, and probably the reason behind the sudden eruption by our nation into civil conflict, is the fact that a small faction of the country (infact a sub-tribe of Gokrial) is running the show in every department within the government. Anyway, let me not get ahead of myself. Having stated where I stand politically, I have the burden to try and explain why I think Dr. Riek is the only hope we have right now and not the cowboy.

First and foremost, I will start with Salva Kiir Mayardit. They always say, give credit where it is due. Having fought in the SPLA liberation war alongside the like of them, I must say that he was one of the best in the business. No one would come second to Dr. John Garang if they were a bunch of numb nuts. He was, during the struggle, our proverbial Moses of the Bible. He was supposed to take us all the way to the promise land and he sure did try. Sadly for most of us, he never learned from the master. Instead of following the scripts left behind, he chose to do it his own way: the failed ways as we have come to know them. Firstly, he has no vision for the country. He is non-ideologue.  The worse of them all is the fear mongering tactics that his government has employed during his office tenure. Instead of acknowledging the fact that a healthy government can only grow out of nuances or differences debated with civility, he shamelessly fires and dissolved his cabinet.His constant belief that the problems in South Sudan are mainly being propagated from outside (UNMISS to be exact) is utter ignorance. Clean your own mess Mr. before you start pointing fingers. I am sure the many South Sudanese who lost their jobs, and notably, those in the government never got fired by an external body. It was all up to the president himself.

And when war broke out, he did very little to help bring the fighting to a sudden halt. If anything, members of his inner circles masterminded some of the worse killings in the capital, Juba where many Nuer civilians as well as soldiers got murdered in cold blood. Some innocent brothers of Dinka origin who happened to have the same facial marks as Nuer were also brutally killed. Many of the South Sudanese, with sound ideas to help move the country in a better direction are always suppressed and in worse case scenario, intimidated and offered death threats. A persistence of any kind would cost someone a job and even worse, their lives. Autocracy is a crazy form of government in my opinion or even the opinion of any sensible human beings. Salva Kiir has exercised it to the fullest and the results are out there for everyone to see. The country is a failed state even at its apparent infancy: the proverbial flower nipped in the bud. The civil society has been unjustly destroyed and denied every bit necessary for survival. Kiir’s brothers and sisters have become the vultures of the wild that feed off the land and the people for their selfish gains. The Dinka tribe has become a bad taste in the mouth these days. A mentioning of the word itself seems to make smaller tribes cringe detestation. Every Dinka is guilty by association.

Some States within the country have been fighting grounds for many years during the struggle and even today. Kiir has done very little to try and clean up those states in order to bring about peace. Jonglei and Upper Nile States are being systematically destroyed by turning the Nuer against their Dinka counterpart and other tribes in their surroundings and the government has always turned a non-sympathetic eye. It has often thrown the tribal crisis into the woodwork. The innocent majority continue to be voiceless. Sadly for them, there seems to be very little hope insight. The younger generation has no hope. The old guards are holding on to power that they cannot even handle with any sensible approach.No provision of public services to the people that need them the most, neither international intelligence, or domestic intelligence and most journalists are hiding in fear that they might be convicts of the regime if they express their ideas i.e. no freedom of the press.  Kids of the less fortunate are becoming the mattresses upon which the powerful and the self-made greedy millionaires sleep on. They are the used and reusable tools by the wealth-thirsty few in association with the president. Comes the hour, comes the man, this greed to remain in power will surely be tested.

Turning my argument in support of the man: Dr. Riek Machar, I must say in advance that we are living in an age where the last thing we need is division. I have a deep conviction that if the Dinka and the Nuer could live in harmony without political fear mongering and distractions, South Sudan would be a peaceful country. Riek might have come from a tribe in South Sudan where members easily pick up arms whenever one of their guy (Riek in particular) has had difference in opinion with the Dinka leaders but am sure given the chance to lead, he might settle the dust that is ever blowing in the air of that beautiful country. Below are some of the reasons why I feel Riek can make a good if not better leader: Firstly, just have a quick glance at his opposition cabinet. Despite his movement being predominantly Nuer in manpower, it surely does look very inclusive. It is what few or indeed many would describe as the microcosm of South Sudanese future. His cabinet is representative of many if not everyone in South Sudan. You have the Equatorians, the Dinka, the Nuer, the Shilluk and many more are expected to be part and parcel of his vision for South Sudan and I am sure the youth will have a say in his government. That would be a country worth building and caring for.

Secondly, Riek has always fallen short of recognition on a number of occasions.  He has been a victim of political rigidity by his Dinka counterparts either during the political struggle or in the aftermath. His desire to drive the country in a more unified direction has always been perceived by those above him as a secret agenda to overthrow them. He has always been portrayed as someone greedy for power. He is always victimized as a tribalist when in truth, we do have proven tribalists in the shape of Kiir and his cohorts. False claims of coup have been blamed against him while the truth remains the same old fear mongering tactics by the president who owns every single power in the country.  When there was a dire need to sign the Addis Ababa cease fire, the president dragged his feet while those that he accused of having planned a coup against him (Riek included) were desperate to get it done and bring an end to the appalling bloodshed of the innocent civilians. The brief message to all South Sudanese is this; if you believe in democracy and peaceful co-existence, the wise thing to do right now is join forces in turning the pages of an old-fashioned, non-progressive, greed-driven, divisive politics and replace it with (although never tested) alternative form of the government that seems on paper the opposite of what we have been accustomed to over the last 9 years.  I’m sure, given the opportunity, Riek and his political crew might be able to tackle some of the issues of our time for I do believe that with the help of nationalists like Hon. Pagan Amum, Dr. MajakD’Agoot, Cde MabiorGarang de Mabior and the rest of the regiments, he might be in the right position to help solve the main problems such as Education for all, poverty, political corruption, war, famine and so on.

As a message of intent for a better South Sudan, I call upon those that dare to dream and change our country for the best. This must start with a public outcry (not that we have not been doing so) but this time we have to be loud and clear. To all my brothers and sisters who feel left out, this is the time. We have to gather efforts and make our voices are heard. We have been silenced for long and I am sure everyone is beginning to feel the pinch. I know there are lots of people that feel the president still has some gas in his tank and would be disappointed by our message, but I can just urge you to look at this issue from a different angle: an angle that looks at ourselves as nothing but good neighbours with our counterparts on the other side and the only way forward is to try and prevent Political leaders setting us apart. If these six major States of Jonglei, Upper Nile, Unity, Central, Western and Eastern Equatoria do unite, I can assure you that there will be stability and an eventual birth of a long lasting peace. Fighting does not solve any problem. The president has supported Murle especially YauYau’s group. Most of the people in Jonglei state got disarmed except the Murle who carry out attack on civilians in Twic East, Duk, and Nuer. The government (under the leadership of Kiir) never intervened. He ignored the assault on the people aforementioned as though nothing happened. We are hereby throwing our full support for Riek Machar. He might not have totally clean hands but give him the office of the president and the rest will be judged afterwards. The events of December last year leading into 2014 have convinced many that Kiir is a failed leader and the last thing we need is to stick with him and hope that things will change in the future. No country should be governed within the confines of a bar (better known in Juba as Home and away).

I, or as better known as Kiir-Agou and a veteran of the struggle, live in a country where voices are heard regardless of your status. I would love to see a South Sudan that images or exhibits the same kind of life that I experience here. I am sure deep down every South Sudanese feel the same way. I was a loyal servant to that country for 14 years and it is sad to see it goes into the drains. I am not writing to please anyone but I have a group of people that have decided to petition my decision. They are about sixty right now to be exact and the main call is we have to all man up and take a stand to make our country a better one.

RIEK Tosha!

Pressure Mounts for the interim government’s positions

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Where will I work If interim government starts-off? Some people at pressure now

By Daniel Machar Dhieu
In this crisis, there are people with ideology of where they will be place by new era of interim government that seem to be appropriate system for at least three years as IGAD is working hard and make peace is prevail in South Sudan despite of who would lead the interim government.
Many people found of asking themselves that, what my position in that coming government in-case peace reach now? Where will I work? All these question and doubted has blocked the peace progress in Ethiopia Capital. Some people already concluded by withdrawing on preaching peace in country and turned to delaying tactics in-order to maintain their positions because if there is peace then he would be removing.
The phenomena of maintaining stability is at lost, our leaders have generally risk the philosophy of leadership. They failed completely to govern us people in this beloved nation South Sudan and greedily killed their own people whom they claimed to be their supports.
Do good leaders murder their people just because of power struggle? It impossible, South Sudan should not be ruled by interest and rumors from virus people that are parasite to the government and rebel at large. South Sudan is already a sovereign state with independence constitutions that government the State and people at large.
In my views, our leaders are not interesting in peace process otherwise absent of co-existence of people in the nation is their thought. Therefore, I’m requesting the entire citizens to note in their mind that no stability or peace will come if we keep silence.
Let wake up and look for solution to calm the situation. Almost, hunger is on its way   attacking our local people across the country. Will Kiir and Riek defeat hunger in any sense? No.

Why the Dinka don’t trust Nuer !

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By Kur Wel Kur

Dinka and Nuer tribes acquired the hatred from the years of successive struggles for the stolen dignity and land, their pride occupy the central place in their lives. However, when it comes to consistency, Dinka people strode into burning sulphur, choosing death than to surrender their dignity; a decision termed by others as stupid and arrogant.

Most Dinka people holds their dignity close to their hearts because of thousand reasons, but the pride of owning a country today tip-topped these reasons. Nuers oscillated thousand times. For this reason, Nuers, calling for a “change of governance”, “democracy”, “federalism” or creating “21 or 23 states” will relieve us not! But desperate moves in attempt of permanently burying the Dinka tribe in the depth of the ocean.

A crystal clear message for every Dinka to digest; though we must critically and creatively do something about it, the Dinka people must absorb information in our current situations and operate in the parameters of saving our beloved country. Nevertheless, those citizens or tribes that preach hatreds or a country or leadership free of Dinka must challenge themselves with the task to accomplish their wishful thinking if they can.

This article will discuss why Dinka don’t trust Nuer today. In successive years, Dinka and Nuer people led liberation struggles and waged wars against the Khartoum governments. The liberation struggles came in phases: first Sudanese civil war (phase Ⅰ), and the second Sudanese civil war (phase Ⅱ).

I will concentrate on the second Sudanese civil war (phase Ⅱ) for sake of this article. PhaseⅡ: in 1975, dissatisfied ex-soldiers took arms in eastern Upper Nile and formed AnyanyaⅡ, the majority of Nuers with negligible numbers of Dinka led this movement and Gai Tut as its leader. The 1972 Peace Agreement disintegrated gradually because Jafaar Nimeiri’s government began conducting policies that violated the Addis Ababa Agreement as Abel mentioned in his book. The Agreement finally collapsed in 1983 when fully trained soldiers with some officers defected from the government army. They then, moved to Ethiopia, which became the SPLM/A (some called it phase Ⅲ of liberation struggle) nursing home.

The SPLM/A and Anyanya Ⅱ disagreed over who to lead the movement, in that incident, Gai Tut (Nuer) lost his life. Akuot Atem, a Dinka, lost his life too in the hands of Nuers as a revenge for Gai Tut’s death. As a result, AnyanyaⅡ split, some soldiers led by commander Gordon Kong Chuol joined the SPLM/A and some soldiers opted to join the Khartoum government, where the Khartoum used them to fight the SPLM/A, they attacked SPLM/A recruits on their way to BilPam, Ethiopia. SPLM/A with the help of Ethiopia trained thousands of soldiers so SPLM/A liberated most towns in the south Sudan except Juba, Wau and Malakal.

With South Sudan in the horizon of falling altogether into the hands of the SPLM/A, SPLM/A concentrated all its operations around Juba! The Nuers freedom fighter, Riek Machar defected from the SPLM/A in 1991, a defection, which devastated Bor people. Most of Nuers’ officers including a highly valued high commander, William Nyuoon Bany followed Riek. The Khartoum government capitalized on the split and recaptured most towns in S.Sudan including the SPLM/A’s headquarters, Torit.

The movement in a weak state deployed two guerrilla tactics: • Moved its headquarters into poorly defined borders of Sudan-Uganda (e.g. Pogee) and Sudan-Kenya (e.g. Nadapal and Key Base). • Set up army barracks and internally displaced camps in mountainous terrains, for instance, New Cush, Natinga, omerie and lobone The tactics worked because the enemy couldn’t dare to aerial bombarded the SPLM/A in these poorly defined borders and their ground offensive was always a disaster on their sides as they could not accessed the camps and barracks because of the terrains.

Meanwhile, Riek signed peace deal with The Khartoum, 1997 peace Agreement. An agreement, which the Khartoum dishonoured, yet again. Riek prodigally returned to SPLM/A head down leaving some Nuers working and fighting for the Khartoum government. Thereafter, in 2005, SPLM/A and Khartoum government signed a Compressive Peace Agreement under vigilant eyes of Dr. John Garang Mabior. So why hate Dinka? In the Second phase of liberation process, Dinka and Nuer obtained much of bitterness and hatred we see today.

So most of harsh writings, which denounced Dinka received their energies from such histories facts; writings such as Lul Ruai Koang’s, regarded the defectors and power-minded likes of Gai Tut. However, the Dinka despised the Nuers because they killed Akuot Atem, a politician who collaborated with them in AnyanyaⅡ; and that’s why, some Dinka people are worried about Mabior Garang because he occupies the same situation as Akuot did!

The history repeats itself, we saw it in 1991 and saw it again in 2013 when a mad man ran away with his same fake democracy as reason in both rebellions. So if one of them, Gatdet or Riek, loses his life today in the hands of government forces, Mabior will lose his in the hands of Nuers, his friends, God forbids but that’s Nuers’ nature.

In conclusion, my South Sudanese, I know Mr. Kiir must shoulder the blame, the cross, regardless of the heavy criticisms from the world, regardless of public humiliation, regardless of exhaustion, regardless of how many times he fell, he must get on his feet before the Simon of Cyrene comes to his rescue because he is the PRESIDENT However, his failures as a person, weigh less than being a Dinka; he committed no crime as a citizen than a crime he ‘committed’ for having come from the Dinka tribe.

This, represents the true nature of our problems today. Dinka must think twice every time they join the dance of pseudo-democracy, pseudo-federalism and pseudo-21 states because most people from other tribes covet a country or leadership free of Dinka. N/B, Readings: Sudan: Independence through Civil Wars, 1956-2005 (by Mollie Zapata) and too many agreements dishonoured (by Abel Alier Kwai).

List of martyrs in the history of South Sudan

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By David Aoloch Bion

In Living Memory of Cdr. Dhieu Warabek Ayuel, who was killed in the last battle of Torit, 2002, on the eve of the CPA.

In Living Memory of Cdr. Dhieu Warabek Ayuel, who was killed in the last battle of Torit, 2002, on the eve of the CPA.

(a) List of Martyrs in history of Republic of South Sudan.

In South Sudan some people want to steal the history and for that reason, they are mixing up the names of martyrs with names of heroes, these spectators who contributed nothing during the war don’t want to make clear distinction between these two categories of the elites, so that they get a chance to fix their names in-betweens the unclear history

The names of real martyrs who died in battle are follows;

Name of the martyr and the Battle they died in

Pte Maker Jol Bor 1983
Cdr Francis Ngor MACIEK Malual gahoth
Composer Mangok Kuch of Muor Muor Khor Makuach , Juba- Bor road
Compose Magiir Deng of Muor Muor Khor Makuach ,, ,,
Cdr Kuai Kuei Juba 1992
Spiritual leader Bith Juba 1992
Cdr Majok Mach Aluong Kapoeta 1994
Cdr Anyar Apiu Kapoeta 1994
Composer. Capt . Luol Kapoeta 1994
Capt. Akech Mach Kapoeta
Major Thon Nyok
Capt Alier Bior Ashwa Brige 1994
Cdr Mayen Akuek Yei 1997
Cdr Tito Tong Yei 1997
Cdr Geu Athar kuei Bor
Capt Thon Agot Terekaka
Cdr Lino Langar Lueth Gorial
Pilot Cdr . Caesar Madut Ring Gorial
Cdr Anyar Mayol Gorial
Cdr Dhieu Warabak Ayuel Torit 2002
Maj Alier Aguto maker Torit 2002
Cdr Inasio Torit 2002
This is an example of the martyrs, you can finish the list with names and a battle each was killed.
Note ; 1 only the battles of SPLA against Arabs not South –South Battles.
2 Don’t include anyone who died of a disease in the hospital.

(b) list of heroes and heroine in history of South Sudan

Hon . William Deng Nhial
Gen . Joseph lagu
Dr . John Garang de Mabior
Gen .Salva Kiir Mayardit
Gen .Kuol Mayang Juuk , the Mobliser
Gen . Daniel Awet Akot , the Mobliser
Gen . Jok Reng Magot
Gen . James Hoth Mai
Gen. Oyai Deng Ajak
Gen. Pagan Amum
Gen . Gabriel Jok Riak
Gen . Wilson Deng , deng wek
Gen . Malual Ayor
Gen . Obote Mamur
Gen . Majak Agot
This is an example; you can finish the list according

(c) list of defenders of constitution 2013 war in History of South Sudan

Brig . Ajak Yen Aayak
Brig Abraham Jongroor Deng
Lt . Col .Ajak Madit
2lt Santino Yel Makuach
Maj . Deng Mayom
Pte Mamer Garang Ayol
2LT Santino Tong
2lt Manyang Anyang
Maj Oluak
This is an example , you finish the list accordingly

(d) List of unclassified or the questionable leaders in history of South Sudan

Cdr . Kerbino Kuany Bol , the architect of the liberation , killed by Peter Gatdet an SPLA Ally

Gen Samuel Gai Tut killed by SPLA Forces

Hon . Akuot Atem Mayen killed by Anya Anya 2 itself

Cdr . William Nyuon Bany killed by unclear forces of Elijah Hontop

Justice . .Martin Majier Gai , the author of SPLM/SPLA manifesto killed by SPLM/SPLA itself

Cdr Arok Thon Arok , backslider

Dr Riek Machar Teny . leader of 1991 bloody coup in Nasir

Dr Lam Akol Ajawin , backslider

Cdr Martin Makur Alaiyau killed by SPLA /SPLA itself

Dr Juach killed by SPLA itself

Dr Madut killed in Nimule by SPLA itself

Cdr Benjamin Bol Akok killed by SPLA itself

Cdr Glario Modi , killed by SPLA forces

Cdr Theophlus Ocheing , the leader of EDF , SAF ally that captured Torit from SPLA in 2002

This is an example; you can finish the list accordingly