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By Daniel Danis

“That was the worst show ever” -Public
“Sosa awards 2013 was a disaster” -Public
“Am never coming for this show ever” -Public

First, I wish we didn’t know about last year’s Sosa Awards and how well-organized it was -by just Triple X of Jubawood Entertainment -alone. I wouldn’t be saying a thing now.

Last Saturday 23rd Nov. 2013: We came prepared for the glamorous show biz awards that we once knew in 2012. From red carpet interviews…you could feel things were in order. The white backdrop filled with little ‘Sosa awards’ writings were visible all over. But sponsors were missing on the posters. Maybe they didn’t buy it this time.

By 9pm, red carpet interviews were ongoing with various artists well-dressed n coming in -in a style; I think I saw 4 Hammers n a real jeep!…different swags everywhere; some sisters put on dresses that were nothing short of handkerchiefs; Thighs out…half butt out…and yes, they could not sit or risk exposing the thing they keep secret. My disappointment though was on big names -acting drunk. You could tell cos this well-known musician, who are supposed to be role models, were staggering to the red carpet for the interviews n they were not making sense in what they were saying.

A wedding goin’ on behind the hall would mistake Nyakuron Cultural Center for a well-attended Sosa awards…until you get into the theatre hall.

Barely 200 people were in…And out of those; half got VIP tickets n a quarter were musicians…add in those who entered by default. I didn’t see business.

In the hall, we were bored with Jamaican erotic dance videos – Somehow inappropriate for the lil’ girl seated next to me, who came to see her favorite South Sudanese musician. We expected some performances from upcoming home artists or at least get entertained with our own videos and just sound. There was no band. I watch BET Awards n I know what’s like for the day to be about all that it should be about.

Then came the moment were the MC ‘forerunners’ would come make some jokes to make up for the day lost; they did their best. We laughed. And when it was time for the real MCs to take over…their entry points were weak. The jokes were not reaching us. The two MCs seemed like they just met on stage. Their vibe was none existence. Their lines could not connect hence ending up as a question and answer chit chat. There was basically no interlock or chemistry between them, and between what they were saying and what was to come next. I watch BET n Talent Search Awards. And you know what I am saying.


The First embarrassment started with Jay Family as 4th to perform. Their CD suddenly went missing from the DJ. They shouted, warmed up their fans before the beat n actual performance, but the DJ took his time –He said he could not find the CD which was given to him earlier in the day…I was later told the CD –with Jay Family markings on it -was just lying on the floor next to the DJ, n he insisted that it was not there. These creative respected performers left the stage with pride in their eyes but shame in their hearts…so were the rest of us.

The second embarrassment was when the actual awarding begun, my group; Woyee Film and Theatre Industry members were to present the ‘Best New Artist’ award. They were given just an envelope with a single name to announce. Now, normally the names of all the nominees would be announced first as they roll up the projector that was there, then my guys would shout out the winner. But that wasn’t the case. As my guys waited for the nominees to be rolled up the screen…nothing was happening. The controller couldn’t play nothing. My guys stood there like a bunch of kindergarten kids who did not know whether they should read out the word or wait for the teacher to instruct them. I was pissed. The audience was shouting at the organizers and the MC was saying nothing. My guys just had to announce ‘D-love’ as the winner…without the public getting to know that people like TY, Bobby J, DJ Cents and United Kings were also nominated in the same category…to prove that D-love actually outdid them.

And the blunders continued; a marathon of same award being given to all winners ended the day without even a single performance to break the trend. This proved how un-programmed the event was.

The event was so disorganized to a point where a member of the audience could directly haul an insult and the MC would respond with an insult. Some very inappropriate words not good for such an event were used, despite it being attended by people that were going to be honored for their lifetime work like; Emmanuel Kembe, Constable Karar Lojoro and Martin Atekluak. The despicable word exchange was not suitable for the Children of Martin’s traditional dance group that were inside the hall. Who really took note of how late it was for those kids to still be up in there? Worst, they didn’t get no drink or food. And after waiting for well beyond their normal bedtime, they didn’t even get to perform their dance. Again, we never got to see the documentaries showing the lives, contributions and achievements of the three honorees. Their time and effort being there, the pride and satisfaction they had that -that Saturday was the day they would finally be honored…amounted to NOTHING!!

There are a lot of disappointments that I could mention but…With all due respect to the organizers and the support staff of that showbiz awards, the event seemed UNPLANNED. It’s like time was supposed to just fix things into order n everyone to chill…It’s like nobody knew what was next after next…basically no lineup.

Honestly, how is it by 12:30am, the organizers were still looking for known people to present individual category awards? Why were envelopes containing winners still being given out randomly to those who were known in the hall? How sure are they that those individuals announced the correct artist that won the awards? Cos this need trusted individuals, people that you talk to in advance, not just right there in the hall.

Again the songs of the winning artists were not lineup with the DJ to play as soon as the winner walks on stage to pick his/her awards. It was just silent all through -to and off -the stage.

And did I hear the DJ left before even the fourth award…that’s why no video of nominees for over 19 categories were shown after? Who does these things? All we heard is names of winners being announced…but the audience could not tell the winners contested against who…and whom did they defeat…this was not going down well with the audience that one guy shouted “Gebilia” (tribalism) cos he could not understand how a single person could be nominated into a categories and win over him/herself. Say, how does Mr. Leng appear in the Best Male Artist of the Year category alone….and he wins it? Everyone knows clearly there could have been others like; WJ, Silver X and Kawaja in that category…and they wanted their names mentioned, or at least recognized. But it didn’t happen.


Okay, I wish I didn’t know this…but…..

…the Most unfortunate thing in the show was that the star-studded glass Award or call it trophy was actually being RECYCLED. One award rotating in the hands of all the winning artists.

The audience got to see it live when one guy was sent by the MC to reclaim the award from Mary Boyoi who had gracefully placed it in front of her table as a winning Best Female Artist of the year. She gave it back…same was reclaimed from Constable Karar -a traffic police officer who was to be honored for his citizenship role of maintaining traffic flow in Juba. Every one saw the guy hid the award beneath his shirt as he went backstage in time for the next artist who was waiting to receive the same glass award.

I wish I could say less…but things were that bad that the male MC left after the first announcement, which was of the new artist category. The female MC was to later follow when things could not improve. Her name was jokingly being miscalled repeatedly that she felt it wasn’t a joke any more. She even publicly threatened not to return to the stage if the ‘MC forerunner’ doesn’t stop calling her indifferently. She did leave later, while some awards were still being read out.

This is the truth…results were still being announced when the room was virtually empty. Other artists were in their cars heading home when their names were still being mentioned on stage. I never got to see the documentaries on the lives of Emmanuel Kembe or Martin Atekluak or Constable Karar Lojoro…and I think Mr. Kembe left earlier when things didn’t seem official. I bet they didn’t see the point of going to receive the same thing others already received and returned -several times!!

In my conversation with some of the winners, they were asking what proves that so and so artist won…if he or she can’t go home with his/her price? Last year, they went home with their awards.

Three hours into Sunday morning, we all left Nyakuron Cultural Center clicking and hissing and cursing the weekend.

This Sosa awards was better NOT done this year…to save last year’s legacy of Jubawood Entertainment -job well done. This was not worth it…our sleep was wasted and definition of a young nation’s clumsy music industry proved!!!

©Daniel Danis 2013

By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Australia



In Jieeng domain society, women are the precious gift a family could have but there are some piont that women are bullied for thier physical appearance. Traditionally “nyan nong diir” and tall is the most beautiful among all. Such judgement of women phsical appearances is more common in women than men.

In comparison I would say the most ugly look if there is one can be found in men. In somewhat I am not saying there is an ugly creature among humans and neither don’t believed there is one that exist, but our social concept make our perception toward our fellow humans applicable.

Amer Mayen Dhieu, the author

Amer Mayen Dhieu, the author

ARE WOMEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN MEN? This question can be the answer in two perspective. Socially yes women are said to be more beautiful than their men counterparts. This is justified, for example, when there is one beautiful man out there people will be saying oh he is handsome as girls. His face is like a girl. He even laugh like a girl and so forth. Most qualities of a handsome man are related to female.

However in the humanistic perspective both women and men are beautifully equal. No one is superior than the other. As long as both are breathing they are performing what a beautiful human being should perform. In this regard, both human beings are beautiful regardless of their high,weight and skin tone.

IS ONE WOMAN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE OTHER? This is the main thesis of this article. Even woman themselves felt that they are more beautiful than their fellows. This remark leave a bell ringing on my mind. Many question remained unanswered. What is beauty? What are the attributes of a beautiful women? Word “beauty” was socially constructed and often differ in some cultures. In Australian’s perspective there are two different type of beauty; natural beauty and artificial beauty. Natural beauty is that tall and skinny/slim women while artificial beauty is when one put her make up and dress beautifully. In African perspective there is one type of beauty; the natural one that’s involved “(diir, Anguem, shape and height).

AMONG THESE BEAUTIES IS THERE ONE BIG BEAUTY? Women are the same and are beautiful in one way, or another. One can be beautiful because she got booty, boobs and shape… such beauty is characterise by our social concept and it is this characteristic that make one felt beautiful. Again one is beautiful because she puts her beautiful make up and a beautiful dress.This type of beauty is cheap and can be assessed by any women. Another beauty is that one is tall and slim. Most people especially in the current century go for this type yet some complain about it.

WHAT IMPACT DOES THIS JUDGEMENT HAVE ON WOMEN? 21st century women are working so hard globally to transform their look; however, the desire to change defend on how she define beauty. Two years ago I went for shopping with one of my friends. While waiting on the line one man (a white fellow) approach me and ask “where are you from? I said Sudan. He said to me that you are the most beautiful young women he ever seen. I smile and said thank you. After he was gone my friend turn to me and whisper “I think he didn’t look very well at your skinny leg and bottom.”

Again in the same year I was in Brisbane Airport waiting to check in. A flight attendance said to me “I think you are the most beautiful passenger I ever serve since morning” plus many more compliments on a daily basis. Since i often get these type of compliments a lot from the first time I came to Australia I was comfortably happy with my look because I am naturally tall and skinny until something recently put me in Jieeng’s spotlight. My height and body weight were extremely under attack from both men and women. Some describe me in a way that make me felt negative about myself. In response I am now struggling to put more weight on to change my look.

Similarly many fat women, girls and kids are bullied because they are fat. For these reasons many of them have committed suicide, abandon their marriage while many starved themselves to lose weight. Some work out five days a week to keep themselves in shape. Some waste million of dollars to go under the knives for plastic surgery and some are trying so hard to change their body tone with moisturisers. All these efforts don’t only have an adverse impact on women’s life but to the whole society in different ways either socially, financially or politically.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Both men and women are responsible, however men are the root cause.

Our cultures are mostly men centered and behind every negative cultural perspective about women is a man.

Nevertheless men failed to appreciate women beauty publicly and domestically. Men are quick to figure ugly women in public and at home. It’s this criticism mostly from men that let women felt competitive and negative about their look.

By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Australia


I have heard many people shouting this kind of word but literally put my attention into it until this morning on my way to work. The view about nyiir ke Australia especially from those who travel to Overseas mostly Africa has been full of negativity lately. This short article highlights some keywords use by people in their daily basis.

By illustration, I focus my writing on both negative and positive point of views.

1- NYIIR KE AUSTRALIA ACE NYIIR. This phrase especially in Jieeng interpretation is not just one words but one word with different meanings. It either means they have no girls’ traditional values, aa cin piooth (don’t know what that is coz people with no hearts die) or ace reer baai and all negatives sort of stuffs. Well the truth is nyiir ke Australia aye nyiir just like other girls in global countries however they might differ from girls in Africa, Middle East or Asia.

The reason is that the environment has an impact on social learning. and if you view them base on your residential perspectives it would give you nothing but a negative thoughts about them. Consider the fact these girls have literally spend much time in a purely jieeng dominant society and had mostly spend the rest of their life with different cultures. As I mentioned before social learning has no restrained. its what you saw where you are that determine what you do.

Consider how jieeng often say kene e menh baai ku kene ee menh wur. These two different mith act differently regardless of them growing up in the same country. If you take menh baai to wut people of wut will definitely know that this person came from somewhere else. How they determined is base on menh baai way of doing thing and how the people of wut came in conclusion is base on them judging menh baai according to their way of doing things.

We all have our original cultures but bear in mind that these cultures remains a stories to tell. They are less developing and soon will be less considered. I have heard of people talking about jieeng culture, the main important of a certain culture is language and for them who knows their languages knows their cultures.

2. NYIIR KE AUSTRALIA AYE THIEEK REECH. One important nyiir ke Australia consider is who the getting married to and who they date. Nyiir ke Australia don’t just get married for the sake of getting married or making a family. What they first consider are similarities. If they are not matching then you are not their type.

Nyiir ke Australia consider their happiness as number one priority because ones happiness means happy couple and happy couple mean happy family. This happiness came with who they getting married to. I wouldn’t say there are bad men out there or good men either but what determine one goodness is what he does to the family and relatives. When one married his choice I believed they can stay forever happy and they can be called good couple.

Another thing that nyiir ke Australia consider much is age difference and attitudes though Pachol says acin moc ee dhiop ke brain or perspective can change with age. Marrying way older person had effect on the family way of doing things. Assume that many things that young people meant to do are view as immature by adult people. This can cause clashes of interest between the couple. Again there are some older people that Nyiir ke Australia don’t mind to get married to. This older people are those who put themselves into young people shoes. Those who understand their feelings, their actions and their interest.

It’s important to consider who you are before applying for a date from Nyiir ke Australia because they focus on their interest than men.

3. WHO ARE CHALLENGING NYIIR KE AUSTRALIA. It would be mean to say this, but those who challenge nyiir ke Australia too much are them who didn’t get any chance to date them base on what I have just mentioned. Please consider this article was written in collective point of view. The Author has apologised in advance for any inconvenience to anyone out there.

By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Australia


When I was a  little girl I was brought up strickly close to my relatives and cousins. I was taught to love and respect them even my neighbors too. When I eat by myself I can be bullied until I went to look for relatives to share the food with. When we had visitors at home mum will called me and introduced them to me. She would be like ‘kene ee wulen, kene ee menh e wulen, ku kene ee mamadu’ and the list continue.

When I fought with my relatives, we were called together, wiped and told how related we are. We can be even ask to repeat displine words such as ‘malec menh ee walen wo ruai kuka cie pieth buku ya rohm’. Before we go our own ways we can be ask to shake hands together and laughed with each other or we stay grounded for the whole day.

When one relative had some bad news like a decease member, the whole clan or section would go to the decease family, to speak the words of courage and comfort. Jieeng rarely seek professional help like professional counsellors. Women will leave thier children and family members without being taken care of and go to the decease family. Among the things to be done was like to fetch water, cook food and make the bed for decease family members and children.

When one is getting married the whole clan will proudly get together. Eat, sing and celebrate in joy. The bride family welcome their new in-laws to their family while the groom’s family celebrate the welcoming of new family member. Again at this time women of the entire clan will leave their children unnursed for the welcoming of that bride.

When one happen to finished school either university, high school or college the entire community members will come together, celebrate his or her success, pray for him or her to live longer, encourage him or her to be a better person. They will even said some words like “kere wanmaath nhialic abe yi muk ago wo weer bei”.

When one had his or her well-brought up and beautiful daughter, the whole community will put hope on that girl, encourage her to continue behaving well. They will say some words like “kere wanmaath ye rot ngiec ting yin ee kee nyandan bene woh ping rin. Yin ke nyan dan buku cam” and the lists of beautiful jieeng values continue……

BUT WHAT HAVE CHANGED NOWADAYS? Children are rarely introduced to theIr relatives. They rarely have a play date with their fellow relatives kids. Friendship had replace blood relationship. Children are taken on weekend to theIr mum’s friend house instead of relatives. When both relative fight, children are made aware of the conflicting issue between the two families. They will even say it to themselves like:

“my mum hates your mum or your dad hates my dad and therefore we are not allow to go to your house.”

When both children fight, they will either be warned not to ever play together again or both families will interven and fight each other.

WHEN THERE IS MARRIAGE CEREMONY NOWADAYS: Friends are your biggest support system. Relatives be like “no one will look after my kids, I have no tickets or my job won’t allow me to go.” Undefined conflict will emerged. Both relatives will be separated. Some will wait to be invited and some will purely said “no, I wont be attending.” Marriage won’t be treated with prides on both side but with hatred, competition, jealousy and conflict.

WHEN SOMEONE IS DEAD NOWADAYS: We rarely visit the deaceas’ family, rather we merely send our condolences through phones, facebook, Twitter or email. We have unfortuntatelt started disclosing the news before it reach the family.

WHEN SOMEONE HAD ACHIEVED SOMETHING LIKE EDUCATION: we take it for our competition. We work hard to discredit their achievement by saying words such as “Xaai ee ngek de ngek e ke ya assignment de loi” otherwise she or he would have not done it”. Some people would be like “aa yi thukul ee thook yen thin ee thukul abac” it’s not one of the top school/university.

ANYWAY LETS CELEBRATED AND CHERISH OUR BOUNDARIES BUT ALSO EXPECT THE WORSE: There will be a time when one will be attending his or her wedding without his or her relatives. That time is already here. There will be a time when one will be attending his or her graduation with no relatives or cousins. That time is already here.


I personally won’t be suprised if my daughter or son started dating my uncle son or daughter because I won’t be bother to let them know they are related.


Norway ‘bus hijacker’ was failed South Sudanese asylum seeker who faced deportation

A SOUTH Sudanese man suspected of hijacking a bus and killing three people in Norway was a failed asylum seeker who was about to be deported, police say. The 30-year-old man, who is being treated for knife wounds in hospital, was due to fly to Oslo before leaving the country, police officer Aage Loeseth said. The man, whose name has not been disclosed, is suspected of stabbing to death two men in their 50s, one of whom was the bus driver, and a 19-year-old woman. He was living in a reception centre for asylum seekers in Ardal, a small town in western Norway near the scene of the attack. The deputy director of the organisation managing the reception centre, Tor Brekke, said the attack had been “completely unexpected”. “There was nothing to indicate any imbalance, or that he could do this,” he said. The suspect arrived in Norway in April and had been living in the Ardal centre since August 26.

South Sudanese Man charged after mother of four children found dead in house at Noble Park, Australia

A MAN has been charged with murdering his partner as her children slept in a Melbourne home. The 31-year-old woman was found stabbed to death at a house in Noble Park. Bona Lual, 36, dialled 000 before handing himself into police early this morning. Police say Mr Lual and the woman were at a party at a Dandenong North hall last night.

Norway Bus Killing:Killer suspect was deported before / Breaking National Turk English

South Sudanese man arrested on suspicion of stabbing three people to death  Norwegian newspaper VG said an ambulance worker approached the man 
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South Sudanese man accused of killing three people on a bus was  According to Norwegiannewspaper VG, he had been scheduled to fly alone and without 
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3 dead in Norway bus hijacking – ‎3 hours ago‎
Three people were killed Monday when a man armed with a knife hijacked a bus in western Norway, police said. The suspected hijacker, a man in his 50s of foreign origin, has been arrested, police officer Joern Lasse Foerde Refsnes told the TV2 – ‎6 hours ago‎
STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — A man suspected of stabbing three people to death during an attack on a bus in rural Norway was due to have been deported on Tuesday after the country rejected his application for asylum, police said. Police spokeswoman Eli 
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A knife-wielding man who allegedly stabbed three people to death during a bus hijacking in rural Norway had been due to be deported. Also in this section. Girl dies after being mauled by family dog · UK ambassador called in by Berlin over spy claim 
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KOSLO : Three people were killed when a man armed with a knife hijacked a bus in western Norway Monday, according to police, who have arrested a suspect they say comes from South Sudan. Police commissioner Ronny Iden told reporters that the – ‎10 hours ago‎
NORWEGIAN police say a failed asylum seeker from South Sudan, suspected of killing three people on an express bus the day before, has been moved to a psychiatric clinic for evaluation. The alleged motive was not known because the man, age 30, had yet 
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Norway bus murders rekindle anger. Updated: 12:12, Wednesday November 6, 2013. Norway bus murders rekindle anger. The murder of three bus passengers in Norway has rekindled criticism of the Norwegian police’s ability to react to violent crimes two 
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OSLO—Police said the man they suspect of hijacking a bus and killing all three people on board with a knife is a 31-year-old from South Sudan who was set to be deported on Tuesday after failing to win asylum in Norway. Police also said they have begun 
Sydney Morning Herald – ‎16 hours ago‎
Two men in their 50s and a 19-year-old woman were killed in Norway after a man hijacked a bus with a knife, the police said. Police have apprehended a man, born in 1982, who’s originally from South Sudan and lives in Norway, according to a statement.
Belfast Telegraph – ‎17 hours ago‎
Emergency personnel surround a helicopter near the site of a bus hijacking in Aardal, western Norway, Monday, Nov. 4, 2013. A knife-wielding man on Monday hijacked a bus and killed three people on board, including the bus driver, police said. The suspect 
New York Daily News – ‎18 hours ago‎
A knife-wielding man facing deportation from Norway hijacked a bus and killed three people in the northwest of the country Monday evening, police said. The victims were a 19-year-old woman and a bus driver and a Swedish man both thought to be in their – ‎19 hours ago‎
Man suspected of killing three people on bus is from South Sudan and had failed to gain asylum status, police say. Last Modified: 05 Nov 2013 16:14. Email Article. Print Article. Share article. Send Feedback. A 30-year-old man from South Sudan is being 
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A man accused of hijacking a bus and killing three people in Norway was a South Sudanese asylum-seeker who had been due for deportation, police said. Police said the suspect had been living at an asylum seekers’ centre in the town of Aardal, and had 
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STAVANGER, Norway A knife-wielding man hijacked a bus Monday in rural Norway and killed the driver and two passengers before he was detained by authorities, officials said. Police in Sogn and Fjordane county in western Norway gave few details about 
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Police investigators stand outside a bus in Aardal, about 300km north west of Oslo on November 5, 2013. Three people were stabbed to death on board the bus on November 4. Related Stories. Bus hijacker stabs three people. Oslo – A South Sudanese man 
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Norwegian police on Tuesday said a failed asylum seeker from South Sudan was suspected of killing three people on an express bus the day before, but his alleged motive remained unknown. As of midday on Tuesday, police had not been able to interview 
BBC News – ‎Nov 5, 2013‎
A man wielding a knife hijacked a bus in western Norway and killed three people on board, police say. The suspect, in his 50s and of foreign origin, has been arrested, police told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The victims – one woman and two 
The Standard Digital News – ‎Nov 5, 2013‎
A man armed with a knife hijacked a bus and killed everyone on board including two passengers and the driver in Norway, according to reports. A firefighter had attended the scene, in the west of the country, believing it was a road accident. But witnesses who 
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Three people on a long-distance bus were stabbed to death by a knife-wielding man after he hijacked it on a remote route in western Norway. The perpetrator, described as a local man in his 30s originally from South Sudan, was overpowered and detained by 
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Police in Norway were called to what they thought was a traffic incident on Monday evening but turned out to be a bus hijacking. They arrested a man whom witnesses said after the incident, boarded the bus wielding a knife. Three people were found dead on 
Business Standard – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
The man who hijacked a bus in western Norway has reportedly slaughtered three people on board. A man, in his 50s, is of foreign origin and has been arrested by the Norwegian police. According to the BBC, the victims include one woman and two men, 
New York Times – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
A knife-wielding man on Monday hijacked a bus in western Norway and killed three people on board, including the bus driver, the police said. The suspect, described as a man in his 50s, was arrested after the attack in Sogn and Fjordane County, the police 
The Independent – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
A knife-wielding man hijacked a bus in Norway and stabbed to death three people on board. The suspect, a man in his 50s, was arrested after the attack in Sogn and Fjordane county. Police said the suspect, who last night was being treated for stab wounds, – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
Three people have been stabbed to death by a man who hijacked a bus on a remote mountain road in central Norway. Emergency services were called to what they thought was a traffic incident between Aardal and Tyin, about 220 kilometres northwest of 
Herald Sun – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
THREE people have been killed and a knife-wielding suspect arrested in an attack on an express coach in western Norway. The stabbing victims were a 19-year-old Norwegian woman and two men in their 50s, the police chief in the Sogn and Fjordarne 
Daily Mail – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
A knife-wielding man hijacked a bus in rural Norway and killed the driver and two passengers before he was detained by authorities, officials have said. Police in Sogn and Fjordane county in western Norway gave few details about the suspect, but said he 
Xinhua – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
OSLO, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) — Three persons on board of a bus were killed in central Norway after they were attacked on Monday by a man in his 50s, the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK reported. All the three, including the driver and two passengers, 
Deutsche Welle – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
An attack on a bus in western Norway by a man wielding a knife has left three people dead, including the driver. The motive of the attacker was not immediately clear. A bus driving in western Norway on 03.08.2011. Foto: Patrick Pleul. The incident occurred – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
By Becky Bratu, Staff Writer, NBC News. Three people were stabbed to death in Norway when a knife-wielding man attacked the passengers and driver of a bus north of Oslo, on Monday night, police said. Firefighters, the first responders to arrive on the scene 
Metro – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
A knife-wielding man killed three people on board a bus after he hijacked the vehicle. The killer’s victims included the driver, police said. A number of other people were injured. The suspect, described as being in his 50s and of foreign origin, was arrested 
USA TODAY – ‎Nov 4, 2013‎
STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Norwegian police say a knife-wielding man hijacked a bus and killed three people on board, including the bus driver. Police in western Norway say the suspect, described as a man in his 50s, has been arrested.

Furious Taban writes to editor recanting his story

I have had differences of opinion with Okot p’Bitek and Ngugi wa Thiong’o but they have been on literary stand points….

Who appointed Taban prefect of literature?

Why do Kenyan newspapers allow this ingrate called Prof Taban Lo Liyong to shower his literary offals on the Kenyan literati year in, year out? …

Taban: Ngugi does not deserve Nobel

Controversial scholar visits Kenya and makes even more startling statements…

Lo Liyong wrong on journalism

Reading Omusolo Moses’ (Saturday Nation, June 1) article, I decided to revisit the story about Taban Lo Liyong and noted with sadness that Lo Liyong thinks journalism is a hurdle to would-be…

Decolonizing Ngungi wa Thiong’o’s mentality

For forty-six years, since he renounced English, and Christianity, and discarded his baptismal “colonial” James, he has been globetrotting like a superstar—some say like a prophet of doom.

Winnie Mayar

Posted: September 19, 2013 by PaanLuel Wël in Featured Articles, People, Socio-Cultural, Videos

A little piece of advice for the South Sudanese parents in the Western World. More here if you like it….