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By Manyang David Mayar – JUBA

A Reverend who recently broke away from the Anglican’s Episcopal Church of the Sudan slammed his former church of failing to abide by spirituals norms and accused the ECS of leading the congregation off track.

Reverend Nathaniel Bol Nyok split the ECS in Jonglei State early this year and has formed a rival church, called South Sudan Evangelical Church.

The defecting Reverend claimed his former church failed to help resolve the country’s big issues, like tribal conflicts and refer the ECS’ Bor Diocese as confused and being a tribal institution.

“The church stands in the world as the light and salt to the world and it is also the duty of the church to inform the world but in the Anglican Church particularly the diocese of Bor, it happens to be the world informing the church. And what I mean about that is when…

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By Yaak Jurkuch

Juba! Juba! Juba! Where do I begin? Well, let me break it down. It is the capital city of the youngest nation on planet earth, South Sudan or Southern Sudan depending on whose grammatical allegiances you keep between the His Excellency the President or the speaker. Open the last pages of the constitution of the Republic of South Sudan and you will know what I am talking about. Back to Juba, an old city to a new nation. Damn! Even the Bible refuses such combinations. it is like a new wine in an old wine bottle, the test is sure to be altered. Juba reeks of the same fate. I am not going to delve into the politics that goes on in this village because that is not my agenda today.

I am going to talk a bit about its unprecedented reputation, at least a bit of it. It is a hot, dusty and expensive place. In fact, some media house once referred to it as the most expensive village in the world. It is the only place where people spend more than they earn monthly and live comfortably. It is the only place youth play chess and cards day in day out and still eat and dress like kings. Only big cars traverse our roads. The other description no one wants to talk about is its tendency to be noisy. It is so noisy, even a new born baby has a headache. There is nowhere in Juba that is quiet, nowhere, not even in the graveyard!

So, the question is what causes the noise? Before you throw in your two pence, let me tell you what it is not. It is not the cars, it is not your Chinese phone, it isn’t the plumbers either and the market place is exempted from this vice because that is where it belongs. Yes, you guessed it; it is the necessary noise. Generators. With an average temperature of 33 degrees Celsius heating up everything and everyone in Juba, a generator is the only way out. Any politician worth his salt has a noise maker in his house. Some business men have it. Even a good thief has one. Unfortunately, I don’t own one. For an obvious reason, I am none of the above. I belong in the majority. The population of Juba is estimated at approximately 380,000. About 10 percent of this owns a generator, shared or otherwise. If my mathematics is still intact, this translates to 38,000 people. Now you agree with me when I say I belong to the majority. Yes, the ones who have accepted to bear the brunt of having to sleep in a hot, noisy house; hot because there is no fan and noisy because the neighbour’s generator simply can’t go off. He is a good thief.

On the flip side, nothing bar breathing can be done without this loud gadget. I called it necessary noise before, remember? From hospitals to banks, from hotels to government offices. Everywhere you go, there is a generator. The noise is simply deafening and it won’t be wished away in a hurry, an act that hinges on sheer folly. The question is, for how long are we going to have it. A man can only take too much. Before I immerse myself in deep waters that are the confines of an argument, I may not finish, get me right first. I am not a politician and I loathe politics like a wife does to a non performing husband. I am just a concerned citizen who knows what drug to take when having a headache. Yes it is panadol and we would be better off buying food than the drug. Most of us are poor, but with a filthy rich neighbour who constantly fails to realize that his gadget is loud. Sleeping on an empty stomach alone is hard; giving it a sound track only serves to make it untenable if I am to be polite.

However much you try to sleep, it only gets worse, even the circadian rhythm fails here, your neighbour won’t allow it. Not when the government’s light is not here. Speaking of which, where is the government’s electricity? When will we ever enjoy it? Or rather, whose house does it light? And please do not give me that ‘Young Nation’s’ excuse. We have said it for 7 years. A child at 7 years has not only learnt how to run but has started to lose the milk teeth, starting with the molars. In fact, this child here has serious canines that spring to action any time food passes by. Take away its playing toy and you will be bitten. Let’s pray that this baby child does not suffer what English refers to as arrested development because it is dangerous, it kills. It is time for us to determine how much necessary noise we can take, how much panadol we can buy, how much poorer we will get, how much hungry we shall become. If I forgot to say it, then it is called freedom of speech, I am just lifting the lid.

The author is a South Sudanese based in Juba. Send comments to


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By Yaak Jurkuch 

This phenomenon is easy to define in whatever language one chooses to do it with. It started before Jesus Christ was born, even though the concept had different outlines. The ancient Greeks transformed it. They wrote books about it. The Romans also contributed. All white people got inspired and they went ahead to perfect it. They even invented a few things if not all of them just to drive the point home. One can sit down and redraw the margins of this broad word and still be politically and socially correct. It has evolved like man through centuries in this manner.

Civilization is a sometimes controversial term that has been used in several related ways. Primarily, the term has been used to refer to the material and instrumental side of human cultures that are complex in terms of technology, science, and division of labor. Such civilizations are generally hierarchical and urbanized. In a classical context, people were called “civilized” to set them apart from barbarians, while in a modern-day context, “civilized peoples” have been contrasted with primitive peoples.

There is a tendency to use the term in a less strict way to mean approximately the same thing as “culture” and therefore, the term can more broadly refer to any important and clearly defined human culture. Still, even when used in this second sense, the word is often restricted to apply only to societies that have attained a particular level of advancement — especially the founding of cities.

But one fact is undeniable; we need it in South Sudan in every sense of the word. We are hungry for it. We have just a rude wakening in a world that has known civilization since time immemorial. It doesn’t matter what one does, eat or wears. It also doesn’t matter whether one hikes (Rav 2-Natural model 1) or drives a V8, whether one has electricity in his house or not, whether old or young, whether Nilotic or Bantu. Civilization does not discriminate against your race, ethnic origin, color, sex, language, religious creed, political opinion, birth, locality or social status.

Some call it etiquette, others say manners; but whatever you choose to name it, practice it. You can start by being polite. It doesn’t require a lot of energy. You just have to say “excuse me” “May I” “Thank you” Will you please”. It is as simple as matching the color of your shoes with that of your belt, nevertheless your socks. You don’t want to look like the late Michael Jackson now, do you? Another crime punishable by utter contempt is tucking your shirt into your underwear and flashing it out with an excuse of “I didn’t know”. Ignorance is no defense even in the courts of decency. Let’s take this case to the dining table now. Shall we? Be it in a hotel (Where majority of the Juba elite eat from) or at home. And I am going to tackle this topic with a lot of care since it can make one healthy and wealthy or sick and poor. Our hygiene is paramount. Always wash your hands before handling any food, eat with your mouth shut while chewing. This is no time for gossiping. Mind the chops or you might choke. Clearing your throat while others are eating nearby is completely despicable. It is disgusting. Couple it with spitting in sinks……..Oh My God! When do bad manners become unacceptable?

May we please invest in the services of a handkerchief? Oh my God, did I hesitate to shake your hand today? It is because you don’t own one. Using your fingers is not only ancient but it is pronounced in the same sentence and breath as outright “primitive.” Medical knowledge has taught us that the human hand has bacterial normal flora that, irrespective of what you use to wash with, they never go away. Even ‘Jik’ failed. Imagine adding one’s nasal contents in it. Just imagine. And please ladies, leave nose-picking to irresponsible men. It doesn’t look good on you. Just like wearing skirts is for men. With all these in mind, will you hesitate to shake hands with me now? The space on my paper may not be enough to convey everything but one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to behave well. It starts at home like charity. Our parents and especially our mothers initiate it, our relatives shape, our cultures define it, our schools perfect it and the world teaches us the rest. This is not just called freedom of speech; I am also lifting the lid.

The author is a South Sudanese based in Juba. He can be reached on


By Dinka Twi

(1) Who is qualified to brings law suits (sues) within the Dinka Twi/Twic East community citizens against the identified perpetrator (s) who happen to miss-represents or categorizes Twi (Twic) Dinka people identity, in wrong way? The answer would rely on the following lists of ours:

• Any citizen of Dinka Twi (Twic) is entitled to protect his/her natural heritage identity integrity wherever he/she lives around the world. That means; he/she has right to sue or to bring law suits against any source (sources) that he/she thinks have miss-represented Dinka Twi people ancient or ancestral belonging like their name. Based on natural foundations or principles of society, every power begins at individual level to family unit until it reaches society as whole. So, we the citizens of Dinka Twic need to know that, we are first individuals or families before we become Twic East County citizens (Dinka Twi East), Jonglei State citizens, South Sudan citizens, African citizens, citizens of the world.

• Two or more or in group citizens of Dinka Twi East community also have right to bring any culprit (s) to law suits.

• Any entity formed by Twi Dinka community have right to sue as well. Example: Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA, Twi Society of Canada, Twic East Community of Australia, Twic East Youth of Australia, Twic East Community of Kenya, Twic East Community of Uganda, Twic East Community of South Sudan (in any towns or cities in South Sudan), Twic East County Administrations, and many other unmentioned organizations or associations around the globe, etc.

(2) As Twi citizen, you need to know your truly convictions to your ancestors’ identity being an important or essential asset to your personal being before anybody else, which is of course, before it comes a general Dinka Twi (Twic) East identity. Also, first and foremost, you have to believe that in your whole soul, heart, mind and body that you are protecting your ancestors’ identity through dignity and integrity as it has been to many forefathers of yours. Also, commitment to your family blood chain of identity is always be your first duty before any other essential activities for your community of Dinka Twic affairs.

(3) You have right to sue or brought up law suits against any person, Government Institutions, or entities, Organizations, Companies, Institutions, Groups, Associations, Agencies, Media Agencies, News Agencies, Newspaper, Book, Article, Magazine, Any type of website, blog, etc. Whenever you have seen anyone of the above mentioned social entities have distorted your identity through wrong way you believe is an inappropriate. As citizen of Dinka Twi, your identity is like your personal name whom you don’t like anyone to miss-use it, spelling it wrongly, pronounce it wrongly, identify you wrongly, etc. Because in professional world of class, it is not good to miss-use somebody name. You individually or in group, you have right to sue or brought law suits (legal procedures) against anything that you believe have brought injustice to your people identity.

(4) Before you sue or brought law suits against any person, Government Institutions, or entities, Organizations, Companies, Institutions, Groups, Associations, Agencies, Media Agencies, News Agencies, Newspaper, Book, Article, Magazine, Any type of website, blog, etc.

• First, you need to thoroughly know the area in which that particular source have miss-used your ancestors’ identity.

• Second, you have to write it down or saved the message concerning your identity, author name, date, time, heading, website were the message was posted, blog, etc.

• Third, if you have lawyer or attorney already; you need to notify that source of error against your identity.

• Fourth, give that source 30 days notice to correct that error of your identity. The days notification meanings, is to shows that you are not for money or greed for other people belongings. You are truly have the absolutely intentions for your right against injustice. Also, it will convey one of our important virtues of life as people so-called Twi (Twic) Dinka, we don’t like being greedy of other people belongings. If that source didn’t respect your 30 days notifications; it is your green light to sues or bring law suits against wrong-doing source.

• Fifth, you might not have to hired lawyer or attorney first though if you want to gives 30 days notifications to your injustice opponent against your identity.

• Sixth, you might hire your lawyer after your injustice opponent against your identity has failed to respect the 30 days notifications deadline.

(5) You citizens of Dinka Twic have to bearing in mind that, nobody is immune when it comes to being sued (court of laws right belonging time) by true citizens of Dinka Twi in regard to their ancestors’ name protections from perpetrators, distracters, abusers, traitors, etc.

(6) The atrocity against Dinka of the Upper Nile Dinka in 1991 is now being known as the Greater Upper Nile Dinka massacre, Upper Nile Dinka massacre, and Eastern Dinka massacre. Not “Bor massacre” because that name is not including other Dinka tribes in the area who were affected by this atrocity or event. Who are these tribes of the Dinka in that area? Well, they are: Abiliang Dinka, Dongjol Dinka, Ager Dinka, Luach Dinka, Thoi Dinka, Ruweng Dinka, Paweny Dinka, Hol Dinka, Nyarweng Dinka, Twi (Twic) Dinka, Bor Dinka and many more.

(7) Suggested range of law suits’ charges:

(a) Individual law suits charges should be in this range: Minimums charges: $50,000.00 and the maximums charges of your law suits should be in thousands (99,999.99) dollars and not billions or trillions.

(b) For Government Institutions, or entities, Organizations, Companies, Institutions, Groups, Associations, Agencies, Media Agencies, News Agencies, Newspaper, Book, Article, Magazine, Any type of website, blog, etc. The minimums charges should be: $100,000.00 and the maximums charges of your law suits should be in million (999,999,999.99) dollars and not billion or trillion dollars. You are advised not to go beyond any minimums charges above when it comes to any law suits you bring up against source. If you do so, you are disrespectful to your identity. And disrespectful is an insult to your own tribe integrity name. Dinka Twi (Twic) community doesn’t need that devaluing your identity from you.

(8) Things you need when you go to court day against your opponent you are suing or whom you bring legal (law suits) matter to:

(1) Dinka divisions based on dialects varies among its sub-tribes

(a) (i) Ŋic (kiir/Aguiɛr) closest similar dialect branches of Mɔnyjäŋ (Dinka): Dinka Malual Giernyang, Dinka Mareng Ngok, Dinka Ruweng, Dinka Twi/Twic (West), Dinka Thoi, Dinka Luach, Dinka Ager, Dinka Abiliang, Dinka Dongjol, Dinka Paweny, Dinka Nyarweng, Dinka Twi/Twic (East), etc.

(b) (ii) Nyic (Ciir/Ajuiɛr) closest similar dialect branches of Jiëŋ (Dinka): Dinka Hol, Dinka Bor, Dinka Aliab, Dinka Agar, Dinka Gok, Dinka Ciec (Kiei), Dinka Atuot, etc.

(2) 1954 Map of South Sudan or Sudan tribes for your physical evidence about Dinka Twi being an independent tribe in Monyjang (Dinka). This map evidence is for people who can’t believe in oral history from elders or Historians for Dinka language.

• Links for the map:

• SPLA Today website: South Sudan or Sudan tribes’ map.

• Also, you can go to Google browser, and click “Images” on the Google menu webpage, and type in this phrase “1954 map of South Sudan tribes” on search space.

• Please save the map (map) in safe place for your daily references.

(3) Why this tribe of Dinka Twi (Twic) is way uniquely different from the other main branches or sub-tribes of the Dinka tribe? Your answer always will rely on these few reasons below:

(a) Dialect

(b) Dialect accents

(c) Lifestyles

(d) Characteristics

(e) And so forth.

(4) How did this confusion come in between Dinka Twi (Twic) tribe and Dinka Bor tribe when it comes to their respective and uniquely different identities? Well, the problem came in when few Dinka Bor leaders or intellectuals changed the district headquarter name of these tribes’ from original known name, “Mading Ngeth Agok or Mading” to their tribe name, “Bor.” We believe this confusion did occur in around 1970s until the second civil war of the Sudan came in, and made it even more confusing issue.

(5) For us to be fair though, we the true citizens of Dinka Twi; we do respect Dinka Bor people, but our purposes here; they have to know that what we are pursuing here is our rights identity of our people in which the majority of Dinka Bor people truly know. Also in opposite side, if Dinka Bor people see anybody from Dinka Twi (Twic) tribe who uses their name for any benefit or wrongly as some people usually claims. And those people are not yet clear themselves totally to be Dinka Bor or he/she or that particular group is trying to mixes these respectful tribes’ identities. We the true citizens of Dinka Twi are admiring that the respectful citizens of Dinka Bor are having the absolute rights to sue or bring law suits against that individual or group. Because this time, we don’t need any persistent problems concerning this issue from now on among these respectful tribes of Dinka Twi and Dinka Bor when it comes to identity. Also, we need young people who don’t know the different between these tribes to seeks advice from elders, and not politicians or self-interests people that are capable to bring bad living styles between these tribes who had historically been living side by side for long times without any big problems in their history in records. Furthermore, our brothers and sisters from Bor Dinka; we need to be honest here; you guys need to be aware of those self-claims as they are Dinka Bor. We know most of them, and we sometimes described them as, “conspiracy theory wolf or self-pretenders”, the majority of them are basing their claims on certain interests not fact. In addition, those brothers and sisters of ours are in minority among us. Others are young people who don’t know the history of Dinka. So we believe there would be no way they can success in wrong attempts. We say these stuffs to you people of Dinka Bor, because we know you are a good people or community who doesn’t want to be dragged into wrong problem based on untrue claims by pretenders or they are lacking knowledge people about Dinka tribe history as whole, and also they might not know the well-known distinguishing differences these two respectful tribes have between. We know this issue is not solved, it would not allow these tribes to enjoy any appropriate relationship or unity at all.

(6) Just in case you Twi Dinka citizens, you have right to consults your elders or Historians whenever your law suits need some auxiliaries or more evidences. Please, don’t ever seek advice from politicians when it comes to Dinka tribe history.

(7) And many more.

This legal procedures against any perpetrators of Twi (Twic) identity was compiling together by an anonymous group so-called True Citizens of Dinka Twi (Twic) mainly for the protections of their Ancestors’ identity integrity. This group is not limit to anyone among Twi Dinka citizens who’s truly believes he/she has a natural right to protects everything we the people so-called Dinka Twic stands for like it has been our ancestors duty theme to our blessing land of Dinka Twi (Twic), and all of its essential assets since it was created.

Contact E-mail: dinkatwi

This message has been posted on these websites: &

N/B: This legal message is free to any tribes who might have the same problem to adopt it when it comes to it uses, and it can be modified to certify client legal interests.

South Sudan’s Atong Demach who was fourth overall was the top African queen at this year’s Miss World competition.

20 August 2012
South Sudan’s Atong Demach Is Miss World Africa
Miss World Africa Atong Demach. [PHOTO: Miss World]

ORDOS, 20 August 2012 [HOWZIT MSN ]- The finals of this year’s Miss World beauty pageant have been held in the northeastern Chinese mining city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, located on the edge of the Gobi desert.

True to pre-event predictions, China’s Wenxia YU, was crowned Miss World 2012 at a thrilling ceremony held on the weekend. She takes over from Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela.

This year marked the 62nd edition, and saw some 116 countries taking part, including the newly independent African nation South Sudan.

Represented at the world stage this year by the ever gorgeous and stunning Atong Demach, South Sudan managed to create history by winning the coveted Miss World Africa prize, also known as the “African Continental Queen of Beauty”, on their first ever shot at the world title.

Demach, who turned 24 this year (16th June, 1988), also won the “Miss World Top Model” prize, a feat that contributed to her gradual progression into the list of top finalists.

At the Dongsheng Fitness Center Stadium venue, Atong mesmerized the wide array of global audience seated, as well as million others who watched through a syndicated worldwide broadcast, with her class-act stage craft, alluring and striking poses, and stunning looks.

After making it into the list of Top 15 countries, which also included contestants from Kenya, Indonesia, Netherlands, USA, Philippines, Spain, Brazil, England, Wales, China, Jamaica, Australia, Mexico, and India, Demach subsequently made it into the Top 7.

The Top 7 also included contestants from Jamaica, India, Australia, Brazil, China PR and Wales. Demach cruised into the finals of what was a night of pure fun for her, with cheeky ease, placing a respectable fourth position, and bringing the world’s attention to the country she represents.

Africa continues to make giant strides at the global event, held every year since its first edition. The continent has and continues to make a strong case at that stage.

South Sudan joins a tall list of other African countries, who have won the Miss World Africa prize. South Africa is the country with the most Miss World Africa titles, winning 11 in all, the most recent being last year when Bokang Montjane who was also in the top 7, won it. Emma Wareus of Botswana won Miss World Africa in 2010.

Demach is a final year student of the Juba University, located in Juba, the capital and largest city of the Republic of South Sudan and which also serves as the capital of Central Equatoria, the smallest of the ten states of South Sudan.

Her future ambition she says is “to be involved in helping all needy children while I also hope to help work towards protecting our precious environment”.

The unassuming but intelligent young lady from Bor, a town located on the River Nile, says she is … “honoured to represent my country for the first time at Miss World and proud to stand for Beauty with a Purpose. All of us, who will compete, stand for the values of humanity, the beauty and strength of women in our world”.

With a little over 8 million people, South Sudan is poised on defining herself away from the Sudan of old, which for a very long time, was stained and bedeviled with attrocities of war crimes against innocent civilians, looting, greed and insensitive corruption.

Blessed with enough natural resources, it is expected that Africa’s new nation will rise and shine. Demach’s winning of the Miss World Africa prize, is just one of several successes the country looks forward to achieving in the coming years.

In its 62nd year, the Miss World beauty pageant was founded by Eric Morley in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations. Some 26, young, beautiful ladies took part in the maiden edition.

The event is now being run by Julia Morley, wife of the deceased founder, who died in 2000. The Miss World franchise is available to some 130 countries.

Considered the world’s most successful beauty pageant, the Miss World event continues to offer hope to young, beautiful and brilliant ladies, who are keen on impacting lives and changing society.

South Sudan’s Al Salaam Wau lose 7-0 to APR at Cecafa
BBC Sport
South Sudan’s Al Salaam Wau are thrashed 7-0 by Rwanda’s APR at the East and Central African club championship in Tanzania.

A Grim Exile in South Sudan
PBS NewsHour
Jonathan Miller of Independent Television News reports from the border of South Sudan on a flood of refugees who fled to escaped the violence, only to encounter grim conditions in camps on the Sudanese border.
Anti-graft activist kidnapped for two days in South Sudan
JUBA (Reuters) – A South Sudanese anti-corruption activist said he had been kidnapped and beaten for two days by unknown assailants angry at his campaign to expose officials suspected of stealing $4 billion of government funds. Deng Athuai Mawiir 
Anti-graft activist kidnapped for 2 days in South Sudan
South Sudanese anti-corruption activist said he had been kidnapped and beaten for two days by unknown assailants angry at his campaign to expose officials suspected of stealing $4 billion of…

 In West City, Illinois, police were a bit surprised when they arrested a shoplifter at Wal-Mart. It was not the fact that he had curiously chosen butter and a sofa cover (or the stolen computer power pack they found later). It was the fact that Steven Poole is the Rev. Steven Poole of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Christopher and St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Sesser, Illinois. Father Poole is now charged with with two felony theft counts. The butter cost $3.22 and the sofa cover was $60. He is not the first man of the cloth to be caught in the act of theft or worse recently,here and here and here. Of course, he may be just following the sermon of Father Jones in England, here. For the full story, click here