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President Salva Kiir with SPLA top Commanders at Bilpma, Juba, South Sudan

President Salva Kiir with SPLA top Commanders at Bilpma, Juba, South Sudan

For the first time since the liberation struggle (bush years), South Sudan’s leaders, have taken the initiatives to solicit vast resources from within have to initiate development instead of begging or apply for highly priced loans.

Elsewhere yesterday, I also read that the Government issued an ultimatum to those government officials who have used the government as a cash cow to cater for their needs in the hotels, with some of these ‘needs’ highly questionable on the principle of morality and priority. Can you believe that there are government officials who have been living in very expensive Juba hotels since CPA was signed, all at the expense of the government, in spite of receiving housing allowances and other government freebees?

Anyway, the coming together of these Bilpam generals to build these medical wards to cater for their wounded comrades is unprecedented and commendable, and an illustrative proof of how the ‘multiplier effect’ can work in nation building, especially IF we really care. Just imagine if political leaders (not just military echelons) also thought of kick-starting and spur several development projects in their respective constituencies/areas using the same or similar thinking. We would have had enough schools, clinics, clean water and other social amenities for everyone throughout the country. In general, when people commit/invest their own hard-earned resources (time, money and energy) into something, they add value, and that sense of ownership will lead will lead to more sense of care, responsibility and accountability, which is ultimately equal to sustainability and efficiency.

Ideally, Gen. Brig. Gen. Majier Deng Kur did not have to wait to see the shocking state of those wounded soldiers in tents to be inspired and motivated solicit these funds to build those wards. Investing in functional and universally accessible health care by all throughout South Sudan, not just for the military, should have been one of the top priorities for this government. Budgetary allocations must be thoroughly reviewed and any distributive formulas should be realigned such that less and less national funds are allocated to the military, the office of the president and national security and more allocations for health, education, providing clean water, more food and repairing up the social cords/bonds that have been broken by the current war.

A healthy, educated, less-armed and peaceful population is ideal and a lot better for the economic well-being and prosperity for our country than having a heavily armed & crazily tribalised army and nationality security apparatus whose propensity to turn those lethal weapons onto their own unarmed & unsuspecting ignorant civil population is unbelievably high.


The architects of Rumbek downfall must face justice to quell down the fears of insecurity.

By Dominic Dut Chol, Rumbek


Rumbek on its recognition was known as the land of peace all the way through the historical background of Sudan and even after the independent. From my disinterest point of view, the blame on citizens alone contributes to an acknowledgement that Rumbek crises shall not end until the architect of this disunity are brought to justice.  There are pyromaniacs who practice tribal slur that sets the fate of Rumbek on fail and to cause trouble for their recognitions.

As I mentioned above, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, every community’s issues are governed by justice and this only happens in an environment where the rights of citizens are valued and recognized. The leadership of one man decision can be term as a negative impact of every state development. It has been noticed that speaking the truth in Rumbek is digging yourself a grave before your death. This has led to a flee of almost every intellectual youth living on exile in other states to protect their existence on earth and with some joining the national army out of their will. In my view, the youth of Rumbek particularly should unite all its three counties of Rumbek east, north and Centre and face this challenge openly to bring back the name of Rumbek to its peaceful existence.

Every incident that happens is blamed on the citizen and the daily statement is citizen not cooperating with the government, does the so called government of Lakes state value the citizen rights. There is no government without people it is only through people that makes a government. A true leader is always recognized by the fellow citizens.

As lakes state continues to experience this discontented type of leadership the vulnerable citizens of lakes state shall continue dyeing innocently and the government will continue accusing the citizens for not cooperating. The corporation of citizens comes when the leadership itself is cooperating. However, the scattered type of government we have in that state is contrary to the peace initiative that the whole country is advocating for.

The call for a change in the current leadership is not only to remove the leader but to install the leadership that will accommodate citizens’ rights and restores justice. If not done, there are high chances of danger which to my understanding can aggravate the situation to an extent of high magnitude. The current military leadership will not be the solution to the fundamental crises of Lake State, therefore, the National government should open eyes and revise the current insecurity situation of lakes state than listening to the negatives accuses on citizens from the current government in the state

The national government should avail justice in that state and bring down the architects of those crises for trial. These community misunderstandings if not fueled by some hypocrites leaders who claims to be politicians in that state, the crises would have not reached this level. The state of insecurity currently in lakes state and particularly Rumbek is extraordinary and this is caused by failed leadership in managing the citizens with peaceful hearts rather than hearts of discriminations.

Oh no, the government must do something and real fast to stop this blood shedor else the great danger lies ahead if the  contempt that is heaving in the hearts of Lakes state citizens is not given an answer

To end here, let’s meditate over this and other important issues pertinent to service delivery to our people and Nation Building.

The Author of This Article is a South Sudanese from Lakes State, Rumbek Central County, Mayom Payam. Find him on

By Emmanuel Malual Makuach, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya
Alarming rates of malnutrition among children in Kakuma Refugee Camp has emerged as a international concern and warning about serious malnutrition among small children and elderly people is being voiced.
An international  medical organization has warned of the alarming rates of malnutrition among thousands of children who are in desperate need of foods assistance and medical care.
Among the options being discussed are opening up of feeding programs for the elderly and the young malnourished children.
According  to health worker in charge of community health in the camp, Madam Mary, children under the age of 5  to 59 months are the most malnourished.
Moreover, malnutrition is highest  in  some countries with internal conflict and shortages of food than countries without conflict.
Health workers who carried out  assessment from January to April this year in the camp and the border areas have come out with a report saying that the children and elderly people from conflicts zones such as South Sudan and Somalia are the most affected by the malnutrition.
The UN High Commissioner for Refugee (UNCHR), the World Food Program (WFP) and the UN Children Fund say that the camp is home to 237100 refugees from the conflicts in neighboring South Sudan and Somalia.
Mary, one of the health workers, says that the camp is in harsh environment which is the most challenge the new arrival from South Sudan confront. This is coupled with the ill-advised Kenya government’s policies that prohibit farming, grazing or work outside the camps. This means that refugees entirely dependent on food aid.
Renewed conflict in South Sudan has seen another 40,000 new arrivals into the camp since mid-December 15th,  2013. That has contribute big numbers of refugees, resulting to food shortages and acute malnutrition crisis that is being witnessed in the refugee camp among children and elderly people.
(Reporting by Emmanuel Malual from Kakuma, Kenya; Editing by PaanLuel Wel from Juba, South Sudan)

Mekonen Tefere, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Peace Ambassador [Gatwech Koak Nyuon] Condemns the Drinking water poison in Kule refugee camp of Ethiopia and urges the UN and Ethiopian Government to Thoroughly Test the Water before Distribution and Investigate the Cause behind the Poison.

Oxfam is tasked with water distribution in Kule Camp.

Gatwech deliberately talked to the refugees’ leadership through the mobile phone and confirmed that the incident had already taken place. More than 200 refugees are pronounced to be patients and admitted in MSF Hospital at Kule One (1).

Peace Ambassador discloses to the Media that refugees from ‘Zone-C’ become poison’s victims. He hoped that the Ethiopian Government and UN will work closely to implement the meticulous investigation to discover the cause of the poison and suggest the pre-testing for water as well as weekly water-tank cleansing by the concern Agency who deal with water. He said.

Gatwech strongly condemns the incident and term it as “lack of skill and specialization or motivational incident”.

Early this year in July, Gatwech launched his personal campaign to voluntary work as a voice for refugees by conducted a research in Refugee Camp and later named by Ethiopian Churches to be a Peace Ambassador. He launched a video Camp titled ‘Urgent call of prayer by Gatwech Koak Nyuon ’ two months ago and recently launched a pictorial campaign through his Official Fan Page ‘KICK WAR OUT OF SOUTH SUDAN’.

Ehtiopia is nearly hosted more than 190,000 refugees mainly from Nuer tribe in Western Region of Gambella.

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Last evening (16/11/2104), I held a meeting with H.E Salva Kiir and his delegation, together with a team of 11people led by Maama Rebecca Garang,at Statehouse Entebbe. We discussed ways and means of resolving the conflict in South Sudan. I urged the warring factions to reconcile and ease the suffering of the people of South Sudan.

Museveni: Last evening (16/11/2104), I held a meeting with H.E Salva Kiir and his delegation, together with a team of 11people led by Maama Rebecca Garang,at Statehouse Entebbe. We discussed ways and means of resolving the conflict in South Sudan. I urged the warring factions to reconcile and ease the suffering of the people of South Sudan.

IGAD is delaying peace in South Sudan, claims President Kiir.

“Whenever we are about to reach a peace agreement, the IGAD imposes recess and holidays, this is why peace has not yet been signed. But we are committed as a government to bring peace to this country…It is now time to look to the future. With your tremendous support, we have collectively done so much but to take our country to the next level, there is still more to be done,” said Kiir while inaugurating a new ward at Juba military hospital, Juba, South Sudan.

This was the same time when President Kiir (and his team), and Madam Nyandeng with her 11-group, met President Museveni in Entebbe, State House.

LEAKED: Security Council wants South Sudan governed by the UN for 10 years
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who is fooling who?

The Game is on: Who is Fooling Who?

ADDIS ABABA – A well clasified leaked report from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on South Sudan crisis detailed a 10 year master plan to put South Sudan on the trusteeship of the UN to provide governance, civilians protection as well as preparing elections and providing general security to would-be president until South Sudanese are ready enough to take care of their own destiny.

The document titled Road Map to Stability in South Sudan blamed what it believed as South Sudan leaders’ lack of foresight and leadership for plunging the country into inreversible chaos. The document claimed that both Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar have no interest in bringing peace by working out their differences. The document claimed that both men wants to settle their differences through military means while using IGAD brokered peace talks to prepare their troops for dry season offensives.

“As we wait for the two warring parties to settle their grudges militarily, vulnerable South Sudanese are dying everyday from man made diseases and famine. We cannot wait any longer because there’s a greater danger lying a head. doing so will aggravate the situation and a catastrophe of a higher magnitude will happen……We are fully behind the IGAD talks and the leadership shown by the block is extraordinary. But the talk is not moving that much despite their efforts. It appeared also that both warring parties are using the talks to buy time and acquire more lethal ammunitions. This is where UNSC must step in to make South Sudan peaceful again and prevent it from failing,” The statement reads.

UNSC wants a way out of the two principals namely Dr Riek Machar and Salva Kiir Mayardiit inorder to bring about a lasting peace in the country. They see the two as the blockage to any negotiation going on in Addis Ababa.

According to the document, a period of 10 years is enough to handover the security of the state to a civilian leader thereafter. Within the mentioned time frame, an election will be held only when reconciliation is succesfully done between communities affected by war and internally displaced people as well as refugees are settled in their respective states. The natinal army will also need to be restructured in supervision of UNMISS. UNMISS forces will also be redoubled to run the affairs and security of South Sudan.

The document bears signatures of Troika ambassadors to the UN as well as other security council members except China.
This latest development adds to the general frustration shown by the international community in regards to the unsuccesful, on and off peace talks between the two warring factions Ethiopia.

IGAD last week threatened to use force against any warring party if found to have contributed continuing hostilities. They also detailed a wide ranges of sanctions which include assests freezes, travel bans and arm embargo.


By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Queensland, Australia

A memorial services was held yesterday, on 15/11/2014, in honour of dear leader and long time war veteran Elijah Malok Aleeng Mayen. The event was arranged and liaised by members of Awulian Cumunity of Nyuak Payam in Twic East county.


Several memorial services have been held in honour of Elijah Malok in different states of Australia over the past few weeks. However, yesterday’s memorial service was more of a reflection on his journey as a person, a soldier, a leader, a father and community leader. Many of the orations delivered by community’s representatives dwell on his “bravery and confrontational” traits follow by his dedication to the history and the foundation of South Sudan.


Cross-questioning one of women representatives about her view on Elijah Malok, the lady said: “we were not looking for any position in the government for Elijah Malok, it was his time to rest but what we were praying God for is to keep him alive and in good health so he can teach South Sudan’s history to the younger generation.” Other people look at the event as an opportunity to advise young people to stop divisive writings on the internet, citing it as part of what cause the misery and the death of the legendary leader.

The same community leader retreat a call to denounce use of divisive name such as Twic, Duk or Bor, something many young people find irrelevant to the event. Although his call generate mix feelings among the audiences, his speech was appreciated by many people and was followed by applause and clapping from the crowd. Other speakers encouraged young people to continue being strong with knowledge that any of them can one day be like Elijah Malok or give birth to the same personality.


Deep appreciation was extended to Elijah Malok’s close cousin and the coordinator of the event, Mabioor Akur, from Awulian, Patem section. Mabioor in return gave thanks to everyone who had given up their time to come and pay their last respect to the deceased leader.


Elijah Malok’s close cousin Mabioor Akuur; the event coordinator

Ushers of the event were selected from all Payams of Twic East County. A group of young people, some audiences at the memorial refer to as “youth ee Malong-dit”, were dress in a white T-shirt and ID badge printed with Malok’s photo, his name, year of birth and the year of his departure.


Ushers of Elijah Malok’s memorial service in Qld, Australia

Their dedicated hard work for keeping memorial service professional and calm was highly praised by all persons.


Youth ee Malong-dit

In death we are separated from Elijah Malok Aleng, in memories he lives with us forever. May God rest his loving soul in glory.