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It is very urgent; South Sudan needs political and social neurosurgeons!

There is an outbreak of this mental condition! It is a psycho-social illness that is spread by certain politicians, who replace people’s independent thinking capacities with their very own.

They politically extract weak brains, stuff them with their trash and install them back for use as weapons against the uninfected ones. The ‘butumaniacs’ are subjected to these conditions, which they in turn apply to recruit more to their side to swell their numbers: TRIBE (relations), BRIBE (money or job), and THREAT (force). Watch out for any symptom of that kind.

The caption speaks volumes The caption speaks volumes

The country is subjected to that condition, which is threatening to change the character of the people from following the truth to worshiping leaders through the three pillars of their socio – economic and socio – political believes mentioned above.


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By Daniel Machar Dhieu, Juba

The fruition of the CPA

The fruition of the CPA

March 26, 2015 (SSB) — First, we must appreciate the difference we have over other nations; acknowledge the relational role we must have together in the nation, natural resources and national diversity. Let us not turn education into a status achievement tool by which we are to be recognized in society instead of it being expressed in the results of our work.

The traditional customs of respect for others has been corroded by anomalous education. For example, the law is unequivocal about choice of marriage. These cannot be mixed.

The situation of South Sudan now need us to unite to succeed as a nation or perpetrate the state of delusion on accountability for the future of this country to a few, irrespective of their capacity to arrest the real genesis of the country’s problems. This demand would together make us identify the problems, prioritize the sectors for specific actions and develop the operational policies and actionable plans that will maintain a state of mental and social sanity and stability in South Sudan.

We were the victim of December 2013 crisis and other challenges in the nation because we never present our spirit of nationality as citizen of this nation. We divided ourselves to the politicians on tribal bases. Therefore, we have actually expressed ourselves negatively through supporting wrong politicians as citizen. Our leaders mislead the nation in all aspect of leaderships. They did not inform us well on the policies of the government.

However, the consequences are the decadent society we now have! The result is emulation of such leadership styles, which are bound to lead us into temptation where we end up with no fear of the wrong because our pastoral parents are the current example. They also ensure that we however fear to challenge them on national’s constitution of South Sudan.

The same applies with secular leaders, and thus fear becomes the order of the day.  All people who are engulfed by fear before any trials freeze their brains and cannot produce solutions to any problem. Thus they eventually fail even to use resources they possess. Fear has become synonymous with respect. What a pity! Let own our national problem because we fear our leaders, we sincerely fail to reject their wrong proposal toward us.

Today development is stunted by functional illiterates who, by their bestowed leadership positions, surreptitiously infect society with intellectual dwarfism. The reluctance to utilize local talent to maintain and preserve a steady rate of development has been the foibles of South Sudan leadership. The belief in external consultants, who bring in solutions to problems and local culture they have no clue about, has retarded development. We see our own as rivals instead of complements of our own sector abilities. In real sense we have to remember where the power of togetherness lost in the background of our national crisis that has stunted development across the nation.

South Sudan is unique in that we are one nation with cultural diversity of tradition. In this situation we need to learn the policy of many ideology one idea and much cultural diversity to one cultural tradition. So we can easily bring together all resources to solve our socio-economic problems. Why we are failing is the inexplicable riddle! That has emerged in us for many years due to negatives though and feeling.

Over the 8 years of CPA agreement and 3 years of independence we have, not only abundant educated human capital but also experienced groups of professional sector retirees. It is indisputable that the country is in dire straits economically the nation is simultaneously suffering under economic recession. So friends prepared to assist have dwindled because they cannot understand what our problem is. Is it greed or failure to utilize the resources at our disposal? Our problems are basically on personal interest, most of our leaders mismanage public funds to their own business instead of delivering services to local people.

Our leaders like allegation rumors than telling true to the people while citizen keep silence without rejecting allegation level to them by politicians this has marked all South Sudanese as victim of the ongoing war in the nation. We are aware of the importance of the modern means of remotely accessing information and have fertile land, enlightened and acquiescent human capital, water, relatively peaceful political environment with no seriously fractious groupings, one family-hood; the list of facilitative advantages is endless.

Why then don’t we use, for the common good, the diverse talents that exist in the country? Let me leave the numerous departments that can contribute suggestions. I shall boldly recommend to all concerned that there is need to separate political issues from technical operations to effectuate policies. It is an incontrovertible fact that for every country the national prerogatives are health, food security, education and infrastructure, preferably in that order.

All other technical solutions must be to facilitate finding solutions to service delivery of these prerogatives. No one person, therefore, can be master of all these; hence political approaches need the technical operations to provide the solutions. Each profession has a singular role to play in every problem-solving exercise. Let me focus only on the sector that I am familiar with: communications. It should be a Government position to have one national infrastructure network policy where the individual components of the network operate in a manner that is transparent to signal type with seamlessly interoperable interconnectivity.

An independent regulator operates within the guidelines of Government policy and the relevant legal framework/statute. The independence is merely from influence outside the guidelines of policy and the statutes.

This approach facilitates the formulation of predictable regulatory regimes in conformity with transparent policies. The transparency of policy and predictability of regulations are the pre-requisites for attracting direct foreign and indeed local, investments. In an environment where knowledge inferiority complex of people in powerful positions ensures frustration of those who exhibit some spark, the future may look bleak but not hopeless.

This experience is becoming too common here. Let us not forget that nothing lasts forever in this fleeting life because change is the only permanent occurrence!

Let all hands come on deck to change South Sudan for the common good. Leadership does not mean being president; it means unleashing talent for the good of the community such that, in our particular work, progeny can emulate. Establishing expensive commissions followed by failure to implement recommendations or any apparent softness towards certain corrupt people tacitly condones dishonesty. Actually the nation fails to understand what corruption in democratic government.

The whole nation was blindfold in 2012 by the president on the case of seventy-five (75) people who were found mismanage the public funds since 2007-2012 of year record. According to president, the list of seventy-five people would be taken to parliament to answer some question but in some-days the statement changed and the members of seventy-five were not taken to parliament anymore.

No one person, or even a few, can be more intelligent than the whole nation, without its permission. So let us own our problems and collectivize our efforts at finding solutions. A lot more is being suggested in the media; lets embark on action by together first identifying the cause and removing it.

There is no need to be spending too much time focusing on the fruits of the problems. We have only one Republic of South Sudan.

The writer is the Student at South Sudan Christian University for Science and Technology (SSCUST). Contact him onmachardhieu@gmail.com


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Peace with Justice is Imperative for South Sudan

Posted: March 26, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary

By Garang David Bol, Lira, Uganda


March 26, 2015 (SSB)  —  The South Sudanese people want peace as well as justice. This is the answer to those who are reluctant to allow the release of the African Union Commission of equiry report into the atrocities committed in South Sudan from 15th December 2013.

The commission headed by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo completed its  assignment Months ago and has been ready to publicize the report.

Nevertheless some politicians, probably those guilty of committing the heinous crimes against the people of this nation have been urging for a delay in making the report public, on grounds that, the politicians adversely depicted in the report would refuse to cooperate in the peace talks scuffling effort to bring peace.

Such politicians want justice to be  a hostage to the peace process. Without justice, peace will remain elusive, without accountability and reconciliation, peace will continue to evade us. A peace agreement must take into account the Obasanjo findings.

The people of South Sudan do not  want people who participate in killing them to be given any role to misgovern their country again. They have suffered too much at the hands of these murderers they are asking for abreak. They
deserve it.

This fear that the participants in the peace talks will not sign the agreement if they are found with mud in their faces is baseless. In the Arusha deal which brought about the re-unification of the ruling SPLM, all sides agreed that whoever took part in human right violation or abuses must be held accountable.

Who then is this one who will disengage himself or herself from the peace process when justice is being sought? let Obasanjo allow all Sudanese to learn who has done what Southerners are merciful  people.

Perhaps they will forgive the human right violators. But that should come from them after they have received apologise and pleas for mercy from the perpetrators.

The author, can be reach on the following E-mail:  garangdavid@hotmail.com, Lira District, Uganda


The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

By John Masura (hot in juba)

Chairperson of (South Sudan)Political Parties Youth Forum and former chairman of South Sudan Youth Union declared his defection to SPLM in Opposition.

Chairperson of (South Sudan)Political Parties Youth Forum and former chairman of South Sudan Youth Union declared his defection to SPLM in Opposition.

March 25, 2015 (SSB)  —  Mr. Agel Ring Macar on 24th March 2015 surprised most of us when he declared through Dinka Radio in Australia that he has defected from the government and joined Riek Machar’s rebellion which has for the past one year refused to find a name for themselves but clung to the SPLM and SPLA names.

One wonders why a sudden change of heart by one time a strong and vocal supporter of president Salva Kiir. He once accused gospel musician Manasseh Mathiang in an online debate of being the worst ‘rebel’ and swore to never join a rebellion that has no cause.

Agel left due to what he described as, “disappointment with the current leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.”

“I have come to welcome HE LT. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, the legitimate president of South Sudan and a peace loving man who has never betrayed the cause of our people.” Agel said this on SSTV in August 2014 when a crowd of Kiir supporters turned up at JIA to welcome him back from USA where he had attended US – Africa summit. I think the video is somewhere in SSTV’s archives.

I took it upon myself to explain here why I think Agel joined Riek.

Agel Ring Machar with Riek Machar in Addis Ababa

Agel Ring Machar with Riek Machar in Addis Ababa

Background to Agel Ring’s Defection

Agel Ring Machar is a son of the well known member of parliament and a medical assistant Victoria Adhar Arop who helped many unaccompanied minors in Dimmo Refugee between 1986-91.

Agel Ring Machar was last year featured in a documentary about his life called ‘Were Rebels’.

Agel’s story of child soldier returning to South Sudan was told. But in real sense Agel was never a child soldier, he spent most of his life in Kakuma and Nairobi before moving to Australia.

In the documentary, “We were rebels” Agel appeared as national basketball team captain. He was never captain or a coach of national basketball team which participated in a match against Uganda on Independence Day in July 2011. Though with no skills, he played in the game on independence day which South Sudan lost because his uncle Achuil Bangol is a board member for the team.

Agel used to date the daughter of the president until, Adut Salva dumped him for Ethiopian boyfriend because the first family was allegedly concerned about his alcoholic and violent behaviors.

Agel was placed at the helm of their clan’s non governmental organisation called Sudan Production Aid (SUPRAID) which was funded by various international donors. Acuil founded the organisation in 90s during the Sudan civil war. The organisation was was based in his native county of Twic in Warrap where it supported local population in providing agricultural tools and dug boreholes in the villages for the locals.

In 2001 the organisation established a local sporting activities called Twic Olympics and it successfully carried out the ‘Olympics’ annually until 2012. When the CPA was signed Acuil decided to look for greener pastures in the government and was appointed in 2008 as SPLM Secretary for Popular & Syndicated Organization.

Acuil then left the organization to Agel and due to mismanagement of funds and lack of responsibility, the NGO died in 2012.

Agel was involved in various night club brawls in Juba due to his drunk behaviours. One incident the victim suffered fractured bones and had to be compensated with undisclosed sum of money. Agel was never taken to court, he was set free because his aging mother had allegedly asked for sympathy.

When Agel was appointed as a political parties youth forum leader, he moved to one of Juba’s best hotels where he spent years. One of hotel managers inquired yesterday who will pay the expenses incurred by Agel during his stay the hotel.

"The days we were brand of our tribes are gone, this days are days we will be be brand by what we have for our nation" says Jesus Deng, Alier Ateny and Agel Ring Machar

“The days we were brand of our tribes are gone, this days are days we will be be brand by what we have for our nation” says Jesus Deng, Alier Ateny and Agel Ring Machar

The Reason Why Agel Ring Defected

Agel was appointed a chairman of political parties youth forum before war started in December 2013. A position he got through the help of his uncle Acuil Bangol.

He was part of the now disbanded infamous crisis of management committee that was formed immediately by President when fighting broke out in Juba. The committee was tasked to facilitate humanitarian assistance to the people displaced across the country but it turned out to be a source of money of all the members including Agel who misappropriated the committee’s funds prompting the president to disband it.

In Nov 2014 Agel’s was appointed as chairperson of the steering committee of the newly established National Youth Union. The committee was constituted a by ministerial order issued by the minister of youth, sports and culture madam Nadia Arop Dudi. Agel was deputized by musician Lam Tungwar.

This steering committee was to organise the first national youth convention in Juba where delegates and representatives from all ten states would elect the youth leaders to lead the new youth governmental organisation.

They were allocated millions of pounds by the ministry to prepare for the convention but Agel got accused of mismanagement of the funds. He was questioned by the ministry’s officials which angered him and started accusing individuals in the ministry of conspiracy to oust him as chairperson.

Agel’s private conversation where he is talking about how weak and corrupt the government is was allegedly taped by his close friend.

The conversation tapped secretly was taken to the minister who in turn sacked Agel in a decree read on SSTV during 9pm English news bulletin.

Mr. Agel Ring then traveled to Addis Ababa immediately where he declared his defection to Riek Machar’s rebellion.

Agel Ring Machar with Riek Machar in Addis Ababa

Agel Ring Machar with Riek Machar in Addis Ababa

It is crystal clear that Agel is an opportunist and a bloody job seeker like all those other SPLM opportunists.

John Masura, the number one blogger in South Sudan and founder of Hotinjuba.com

By Deng Lueth Yuang, Canada

March 25, 2015 (SSB) — Do u know that if and only if we, Diasporians stop ethno-politics, join hands together with the UN and work out ‘radical’ peace modalities to convince or force if needs dictate, the warring parties, we can bring the badly needed peace in South Susan?

Yes, we can;

– we are more aware of what’s going on and how to end it

– we are blood sons and daughters of current leaders leading the nation, soldiers dying in front lines and civilians being raped, maimed, killed through revenge killings and collateral damages

– we have strong financial and international voice to effect change now

– we are very concerned and worried citizens of South Sudan since we are the ‘first’ to hear the deaths of our loved ones (the first to see the deaths are relatives living with the late) and mandated by culture to shoulder familial responsibility thereafter which comes with this war

—funeral expenses, food & accommodation, schooling for young kids, providing a safe haven for bereaved family, etc

— none of us will sell our beloved nation to a foreigner. For we are former Lost Boys and girls of Sudan; we are young scholars studying in the West; we are former refugees resettled to the West for better life not ‘by choice but circumstances'; we are sons and daughters of former Sudan’s diplomats who escaped jaws of deaths at the hands of National Islamic Front of Arab regime in Khartoum.

We are very many … so and so and so forth.

So let’s wake up and do the ‘unthinkable’.

The International community has been patiently waiting for our voice to inject new calculus into the peace process.
But albeit, ours has been destructiveness and diversionary.

If today IGAD, Troika, UN, AU and other friends of South Sudan want to enforce peace upon peoples of South Sudan, our voice won’t count for we are silent ‘know’ but noisy war trumpets.

This is the best time for us to challenge the authorities so that they make a U-turn.

Salva Kiir and his Dinka tribespeople won’t bring peace now;

Riek Machar with his Nuer tribespeople won’t bring it soon;

Pagan Amum and his former SPLA generals won’t bring it today;

Alfred Lado Gore with his Equatorian community won’t either bring it soon,

And so do other regional voices out there.

The best thing and only opportunity of hope is The Diasporas. Accepting this reality that we have a fundamental stake in South Sudan’s quest for everlasting peace and national development is paramount to this petty linear politics happening day and night.

We have become empty vessels that make noise when wind passes.

Let’s divert this wind direction by erecting its barriers now and make constructive use of those empty cans.

The onus is on us! Regardless of where one is, we are sons and daughters of this soil.

I have already petitioned the White house on my sole self!

Do the same and the world will hear us ALL.


Deng Lueth Yuang is a South Sudanese patriot by blood and thinking!

Made specially by South Sudan Parliament, President Salva Kiir, not for EXPORT

By Dong Samuel Luak

June 2015 elections

extension of president Kiir’s terms

March 25, 2015 (SSB)  –  South Sudan’s parliament on Tuesday extended President Salva Kiir’s term in office by three years. Some 227 members of the 332-member National Legislative Assembly (the lower house of parliament) voted to amend the constitution to allow an extension of Kiir’s tenure from July of 2015 to July of 2018.

Only six MPs voted against the motion. The question is it necessary to amend the South Sudan Transitional Constitution 2011?

I believe is too early and dangerous to amend the transitional constitution 2011. The recent action by South Sudan parliament is a declaration of war on the voters who elected them into office.

This opens a flood – gates for more abuse by both the executive and parliament, there’s no any reasons or Justification in the first place to warrant the recent changes or amendment to the constitution.

Article 66 Term of the national legislature shall be four years from July 9, 2011. Article 100 Tenure of office of the President be four years from July 9,2011.

Looking at the two provisions, there’s no any other provision to qualify a longer period where the life of the parliament is extended, in which event the term of office of the President terminate in the expiration of the period mentioned in Article 66 and Article100 of the Transitional Constitution 2011.

Did the government and parliament follow the correct procedures?

Any constitutional amendment must follow certain procedures, to avoid any violations and abuse of power by both the legislature and executive, Article 101 (F) function of the President; Article 199 Amendment of the Constitution respectively set forth the process.

But what are the safeguards?

- Any proposed amendment which seeks to extend the length of a term-limit provision, will not apply to a persons or persons who held or occupied that office, or an equivalents officer, at any time before the amendment, this means an incumbent cannot be a beneficiary to a constitutional amendment which seeks to extent his or her term of office.

- Any amendment of the Bill of Rights, Article 25 Freedom of Assembly and Association, Article 26 Rights to Participating and Voting. Parliament alone can’t amend the rights provided in the Bill of Rights; it must be put to a national referendum Article 195.

- Article 9 Nature of the Bill of Rights sub article (4) this Bill of Rights shall be upheld by the Supreme Court and other competent courts and monitored by the Human Rights Commissions. Where are they?

- There must be a wider consultative process before any amendment is presented to the Parliament.

The recent action by the parliament in South Sudan is a serious violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; Salva Kiir is a Parliament made President not a choice of the people of South Sudan.


The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

Will There be Stability in South Sudan If Peace Agreement is Signed Today Between President Kiir and Dr. Machar Riek?

By Chuol C. Puoch

Who is fooling who?

Who is fooling who?

March 25, 2015 (SSB)  –   South Sudan has badly been hit almost in all aspects by this conflict, giving more chances of social, political and financial disintegration both on personal and institutional basis leaving nearly every living South Sudanese in a quandary on the future and present of themselves and that of the Country.

Each and every single problem, be it something associated with environment, politics, economics, social, cultural etc. is now a problem of Salva Kirr and Riek Machar who doesn’t want to bring peace to ‘us’ even if, in reality, that particular problem has nothing to do with either of the two men.

We, I mean all of us, have developed a sense of laziness and blamestorming resulting into procrastination; we try as much as possible to create a linkage between whatever problem we encounter and the ongoing conflict led by the two men, Riek and Kirr.

Most of the time, peace and stability are like a mother and a child as the former produce the later and safeguard its realization, coverage and durability.

But, will that really be the case in South Sudan? Will we have stability if peace is inked between our two leaders, Riek and Kirr today? Will there be stability in Lake State? Are we not going to go to war with Sudan again on the issue of Abyei e.i will there be stability in Abyei? Will Shilluk accept that Malakal is for the people of Upper Nile and not Chollo Land (Podh Choll) alone to chase out Nuer and Dinka? Will there be stability in Jonglei between Dinka, Nuer and Murle?

Will UPDF leave our soil peacefully without any disturbances? Will the hourly killing stop in Juba? Will the soil of Equatoria be respected and not grabbed from its owners every now and then? Are we going to have economical men and women to tackle our economical challenges that may lengthen our economic instability without corruption?

The question above plus many more are some of the highlights subjected to further individual interrogation and once put in place; a comprehensive peace that wholly safeguard a wide covering and durable stability would finally be achieved.

Gen. Salva Kirr Mayardit Deng Kuethpiny and Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon may know what they are doing, they are matured politicians who would soon or later come together and have stability between them.

But, what about the millions of adolescents driven into politics by the situation and cannot differentiate between normal/ordinary life and political life, how do we rescue them and restore stability among them by removing the hatred that have been pumped into them by the situation?

Talk to an elder, a grandparent in the community; all they will tell you about X tribes is that we can never be in peace and harmony with them; they are so and so (worse) and can never be in peace with others. How do we convince those traumatized grandparents and parents that the Country is still one; that there are no Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk or Bahri that will own this Country alone?

Make a slight mistake now as a person, you will only hear your tribe being abuse in your before leaving you wondering what involves your tribes in a mistake you individually made. Consider there is peace today between Kirr and Riek, will the generalization of Anyuak tribes because of Oman who made an individual mistake to Garang stop?

All these and many more are the factors, if not the sources, contributing to broadening the instability among individuals, institution and communities.

The purpose of writing this piece is to outline the fact that peace signed between Kirr and Riek will never bring a comprehensive stability among us and with our environment.

I believe that there will be stability in our Country but we shouldn’t expect it to come from Addis Ababa alongside the peace agreement paper. A meaningful stability is not forced or imposed; but developed, nurtured and apprehended fully with care and respect.

It’s not a closed door meeting resolution but an outdoor/indoor practice and all of us are required, even by moral laws of course, to practice it and give it as a reward to our land and those who died for it.

Riek and Kirr will bring us a paper from Addis Ababa written ‘Peace Agreement’ (in case they will do it), but to translate it into reality is our collective responsibility; Riek and Kirr are there for us and by us, they are the lames and we are the pretending blinds.

We are ‘pretending blinds’ because we actually see more than the two men do!

Chuol C. Puoch can be reached via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chuolcpuoch. He can also be followed on Twitter @chuolcpuoch