Murle community attack Nyirol county, 13 dead with a big number of casualties

Posted: March 2, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan
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Dear all,

While the RSS is in the process to start the disarmament, communities in Jonglei are slaughtering themselves. Yesterday morning, the Murle community attack Jier, a district within Nyirol county. They came in good number with RPG-7, and many military weapons. The fighting took place while children and women were in the villages. They wounded many women and children and left 13 dead on spot. They took all cattle.
Similiarly, two days ago, they attack Uror county cattle camps and they fought with youth. They youth in Uror defeated them and killed seven Murle members. Its unbelievable for the government to disarm people who are being attacked in dially bases. If the other communities are disarmed and murle are not disarm because they are in bush, they will returned back and slaughter all Jonglei communities. The government should think of finding those Murle who are currently in Bush…..the SPLA Murle defectors.
The commissioner of Pibor has announced that there are no Murle men in the villages. A position clarification that the government should think about rather than telling people that you must bring your guns. Who will bring the guns of Murle? I think these two communities should be given a chance to do what they wanted; otherwise, inappropriate disarmament is not a solution…………….I believe after the Lou Nuer are disarm, and then the government will fail to protect them, it will be a biggest blast, and finding guns in South Sudan is simple. More options should be explored before the disarmaments. It would be a good thing to analysze the challenges that will happen after. If the Nuer, and Dinka are disarm, then Murle are not disarm well, what will happen? Let said the Murle turned against the community that were disarmed and slaughter and take their cattle, what would the other communities do?
Our government is not doing much. In Decemeber, they called the youth that the government will deal with Murle to bring 180 children from Lou Nuer community back and leave cattle to Murle. This agreement has not been fulfiled. The youth thought that there will be a dialogue between the communities before the disarmament take place. However, the approach made by our government in Juba has not been materialized as to bring the children back or mobilize Murle to accept peace. My fear is that when the Dink Bor, The Nuer and perhaps the Anyuak are disarm by the government, the Murle community will get a big opportunity to finish all these tribes. Government has a policy of “No internvention into tribal conflict.” Murle usually come close to the SPLA military camps and chase people around but the SPLA forces never intervent. So the question will always be, who will protect people from Murle?
Murle are in bush and the issue has been confirmed by the commissioner himself that “there are no men in the villages in Murle areas.” Now, they are even using a route to the area of Malakal. As soon as the disarmament finish, the Murle men will kill all people and this is the worse part of it because all civilians in the region will seek guns again within the limit time and then carry on offensive attack against the Murle. I would only love if the government try to use dialogue and delay the disarmament until the rainy season because Murle do not go to bush in the rainy season.

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