What is the intention of government for punishing the vulnerable people?

Posted: April 21, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Mading Majur

By Mading Abraham Majur, Juba, South Sudan

Local residents celebrating the creation of Lou Ariik County in Akok Village

Local residents celebrating the creation of Lou Ariik County in Akok Village

April 21, 2017 (SSB) — Clearly allotment has eaten up profoundly into the system of the government and that some of us believe that, we talk about unity which is not practicable concept. We are not helping matters either as we are complaining about the government for our lives but yet the government itself fails to listen to the voices of the citizens.

The SPLM leadership is clearly the problem of this nation, the vision and mission of the party has been turn to private pockets by the current powerful leaders whom doesn’t care for the people lives.

 President Kiir, must step up to rescue South Sudanese from these masses, otherwise, we are done for good, where there is no hope for better future of this country were fear and hunger are threats of citizens lives. There is nowhere in this world where citizens are complaining and their government remain indoors accepted South Sudan.

One should learn from late Dr. John Garang, quote that there are people sleeping comfortably right now; they don’t know hunger or the sound of the gun. After our job is done that generation will take over” they will cut a large pieces of land with pangas and sell it cheaply for bottles of beer, and for sure it happen nowadays in our country were our public funds are allocated for beers only in expensive hotel by what so call government officials.

The vision and mission of the SPLM was to protect South Sudanese citizens but after the death of Late. Dr. John Garang, South Sudanese leaders decided to protect their own interests. I strong believe that the unity of our people will get it chance when we strongly decided in 2018, general elections not just to vote for tribe but to vote for the future of our country.

The current government is using ethnically politics and tribalism which cause division amongst the communities, to get it right’’ we have to vote these monsters out and if we cannot do this then our suffering will just be the beginning and it will be painful to all of us.

And also there was news circulating on social media that the ministry of finance and economic planning is the responsible for this country economic crisis, which is not true but I hope that South Sudanese should direct their fingers for blaming to the president of the Republic of South Sudan and security organs, because they are very right people responsible for this economic crisis in the country.

Business people are working according their own choice of prices they determine but no intervention from the government of South Sudan which lift the citizens to remain hopeless and to make the matter worse most of the shops will soon remain close as the rate US dollar is shouting up every day and no action has been taken by the concerns people government.

The government of South Sudan need to provide the solution to this problem, most of the citizens are complaining and blaming the very same government but there is no proper solution provided by the government. However, this government is meant for only few individuals and that is why nobody in the system carries for people lives.

As South Sudanese citizens’’ should we remain silence or fight the very government to give us our demands???, for me we should fight the government through peaceful demonstration to give us our rights that we have been fought and vote for in 2011, the nation is ours, we fought for it more than 22 years and vote for it with 99.9% and our vote was recognized by the worldwide for us to be an independent country and of course we own South Sudan.

The author can be reached via majur20155@gmail.com

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