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By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Bor, South Sudan


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September 4, 2017 (SSB) — A civil society, according to different scholars, philosophers, and political commentators/analysts is defined as a social organization which addresses and represents grassroots needs and as well as voicing untold issues which disturb the locals as its key role in becoming the voice of the voiceless.

In context with contemporary South Sudan brittle political status, the roles of civil society alliance deserve high mentioning to ensure that they correct all the necessary affiliations which deter their trust, confidence, and stance in serving various communities in the severing republic of South Sudan. The key responsibilities which underpin the actual execution of independent bodies like civil society alliance and other organizations of equivalent authoritativeness are to raise their voices in airing all the impending and unaddressed issues which are stabbing the nation in the back.

A civil society alliance of any country should be known for stepping into areas where the government has not been able to meet the needs of citizens; involved in the representation of citizens, advocacy and technical input for initiatives to reduce poverty, capacity building, service delivery and community organization.



“When a dictator takes over a country by illegal force, the rules of global trade, as determined by the rich world, automatically hand to that dictator legal property over the country resources” said Thomas Pogge, a political theorist.

By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Juba, South Sudan

Kiir, Ajongo, Kuol, Wani, Awet, Malual Ayom

May 12, 2017 (SSB) — I wonder how South Sudan got by a beautiful shoe-spring, taking as little as two years and finally went ugly. Everything modern was chopped up by President Kiir’s tyrannical knife. Tribal-politics, greed and immorality are mixed-up in the youngest country’s capital city, Juba. You would get security stooges moving in every corner of the city direly looking for innocent lives to kill, and all becomes dictatorial…..this is not the South Sudan Koryom, Muor Muor, Jamus, Tiger, Katiba benat, Engas and all gallant battalions of Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) fought for.

The transition, however, seems like to resist all of us due to persisting incitement; which opens up tribalism as we bear it on our foreheads equally, it has been always embraced by our current corrupt regime. We, as the citizens of this great nation have unknowingly sold our great prestige to President Kiir and few top leaders from our respective tribes who joined up in making South Sudan a hopeless nation.  We must be ashamed of ourselves as far as I am certain that we’re responsible for this veracity.


By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Juba, South Sudan

Deadly Cholera outbreak in Duk County, Jonglei state

Deadly Cholera outbreak in Duk County, Jonglei state

April 5, 2017 (SSB) — Duk County’s Health Department and the Sudan Medical Care (SMC) said twenty-one people died and more than 100 others hospitalized due to cholera outbreak in northern Jonglei State. Dozens of patients are currently undergoing medication in Padiet primary health care, some 180 km from Bor, the capital of South Sudan’s Jonglei state

Cholera is an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae. The bacteria lead to severe dehydration and death if not promptly treated. The outbreak is currently confined to the Palaidhiim village in Padiet, Dongchak Payam.


By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Bor, Jonglei state

Adau Abraham Jongroor

Adau Abraham Jongroor: The Daughter of a Hero Lives in Desolation

April 3, 2017 (SSB) — Towards the closure of the inter-schools peace competition, the prizes were being given to the winners. The USAID funded peace messaging campaign through VISTAS program in Bor drew thirteen schools (six primary schools in town, one primary school in PoC, and six high schools).

I was extremely exhausted and didn’t have courage to take more photos of the event. All of sudden, I happened to hear the name, ‘Adau Abraham Jongroor!’ ‘What?’ I inwardly asked myself. This name Abraham Jongroor inflicted into my thoughts and I began to think… the thought came into my mind and I remembered when I was listening to the news of Radio Tamazuj on 6th Jan 2014.

“Abraham Jongroor Deng, a brigadier-general in SPLA Division 8, was killed on 5th Jan 2014 in fighting near Bor. A South Sudanese army (SPLA) general was on Sunday killed by forces loyal to former vice president Riek Machar as the government battled dissidents currently in control of Jonglei state capital, Bor”.



By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Bor, South Sudan

Peace messaging competition in Bor

USAID organizes Inter School Peace Messaging Competition in Bor, Jonglei state

March 30, 2017 (SSB) — The inter-schools peace messaging competition was organized by VISTAS, a USAID-funded program, in partnership with the Kreative Nile Family, an independent drama group and registered community-based organization operating in Bor The competition drew thirteen schools (six primary schools in Bortown, one primary school in PoC, and six high schools in Bortown).

Throughout the competition, transformative peace messages through arts in different contexts were wholly delivered. The pupils and students from both elementary and supplementary schools gave motivating peace messages in the area of peace-building through the arts.

The inter-school drama festival’s theme was ‘Supporting school-aged youth peace messaging in Bor’: the categories for the competition were drama, coral verse, solo verse, storytelling, essay writing and debate. The adjudicators were transparently selected through interviews, and more accountable, gender impartiality was highly considered.



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By Wënnë Madyt Dengs, Bor, Jonglei state

Nightmares in Jerusalem


The wintry evening logged-out
when the roasting sol
had given up to darkness

I was watching the veneer of moon
in this cold gloom
I locked myself up in deep slumber
the whispering of night-walkers
melodized my night-ordeal

With my head tilted in the bed
Sleepiness stole my drive
and wandered in the mystery world
a word holding plate of horror

To shake the stillness of the night
in this tribulation,
my bed shook
it was hooked by grave wobbliness
an ancestry fancy; I was watching
stroke my in underworld

By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Bor, South Sudan

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January 12, 2017 (SSB) — Ignorant or illiterate politicians can also create a false reality and impose it on public if they have a strong enough personality and that is even more disturbing. Perhaps that is the true reason for desperate search for the division of Jonglei to exist in two facets.

What really disturbs me is the ability of the individual to construct a fake history for them, which is based in no factual future to the coming generations at all. What’s even more disturbing is the will of some leaders to impose their reality on others even though they know that the reality they are imposing is false but for the sake of greed for leadership.

It would appear to be a creation of new administrative self-governed units but a set of clannish, inward-looking and aggravated ideology that’s meant to irrigate lasting grief to the natives of Bor, Twic and Duk as they’ll suffer in the hands of merciless hostile and chaotic neighbors. It’ll not bring any positive change; otherwise it’s more false, more inaccurate, more untrue decision.



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By Wënnë Madyt Dengs, Juba, South Sudan

Ruined by the SUN, by Wënnë Madyt Dengs

Ruined by the SUN, by Wënnë Madyt Dengs

Those lilies where my colors;
When I was a spice of your heart,
I spelled my dignity to whet your romance,
When the thunder stormed the knot of our hearts,
Making us lousy.
It shocked my nostril;
there I failed to smell the nectar of your affection.
Hatred had licked it clean,
No more stillness
I got drowned in distraction

I am no longer your wife
day and night,
I am the drum you beat
how do I sound
on the ears of your hand?
Does it give them peace?

Oh, and God forbids, Lino
I am not yielding,
I will not spit myself
on the mud off thoughts

For I was once the gazelle
of the meadows
and your heart the feet that stalked

Not this drum beaten
as time rolls

When will I be honey
never spat?
When will I be the mother
of your children,  Lino?

If this love is a stale path, Lino
let’s return the gazelle
to the meadows.

I am losing my eyes
inside this cave
it’s where clouds of cigar smoke
and your teeth are rusting

Your pals are jerks
one provokes a cough
when he yaps,
the other makes me weep
when he talks.



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By Wenne Madyt Dengs

My milk tears

You stream in black streets

My milk tears

In the month of mess



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By Wenne Madyt Dengs

We’re born in a graveyard
where we feed on the dead
our skin as pale as a death
we’re breed as ghosts

We celebrate the death of our fellows
it’s where we get innate free lunch
Hunger has depleted our ethics
our egotism propels our hearts


Jonglei State: Remove unproductive Duk MPs

By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Juba, South Sudan

Maker Deng Malou
Late Hon. Maker Deng Malou was Duk county MP

January 28, 2016 (SSB)  —  I have been scratching my head and scrambling over many ideas on how the failed stakeholders of Duk County who are making the people of Duk to be the downgraded minority of the newly-established and a tripod Dinka-speaking Jonglei state can be removed. This is because I know that the roles that most parliamentarians fulfill are often summarized as representative, legislator and scrutinizer of the government. The first refers to the fact that MPs have been elected to parliament as representatives of their electorates. The second reflects what most people see as the central responsibility of an MP, to pass legislation, whether original or changes to existing acts. The third covers the scrutiny or oversight that parliamentarians are expected to exercise over the workings of the executive including the implementation of laws passed by parliament.


The Rebel-lioness

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By Wënnë Madyt Dengs

Her vocal sounds like volcano
Slim with lime juice in her saliva
The rebel-lioness of Africa
She sleeps with sword in her sleeve
Breast-less and breathless
Well-activated to motivate
She carries family in her firmness


The Girl Child Education

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By Wenne Madyt Dengs

say no to early child marriage

say no to early child marriage

Eradicate a gun

And educate a girl

She is a daughter

Not a debtor

Education is an agenda

Not by a gender

Eradicate a gun

And educate a girl

Her life is in her brain

Give her a pencil,

And realize her beauty

Build her brain,

For your grace

Eradicate a gun

And educate a girl

The Girl child education,

The grand child easy education

Educate a girl

And enjoy peace’s peach

Eradicate a gun

And educate a girl

Gauge mine happiness in her mind

Educated girl is a concrete pillar

She is a peacenik

Opportunity for all,

Be a transparent parent

Send your girl to school,

And scoop thousands of smiles

Eradicate a gun

And educate a girl

Educate girl produces an educated child

Your gun-child

Is your girl child

Behind a successful nation

There is educated girl child

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Daughter of the Torn City

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By Wënnë Madyt Dengs


It is approaching winter

Cold winds blow away the melting warmth

The sweetness of weather changes;

The throat vicious bitterness of equinox

Political greed kicks off

The winds changes

It starts to blow in bloodbath coldness

They divorce their levitate lovers

When the game puts on new shape

It turns into cloudy red sky

Fills with pathetic promise

Amidst the day;

The rainbow crosses the feathery cloud

Denoting fate of dooming later,

When is forced to sniveling;

Deafening salvo of sword increasing

It slits the splendor of her town

Breathe breaking reek of gore spread

Breathless human lying helpless

Wild cat keep running;

Tearing human skin

Fierce and lust stricken

With rough face

His eyes are naked

He catches me;

I find my body in massive emotion

Nude and null

My sarong get torn

I become a woman in torn boondock

My undies are blood-drenched

My child,

You’re poor

A child of a teen

My breast can’t secret life

They are premature

Political greed kicks off

They divorce their levitate lovers

In those dark days

I become a woman

I am defiled in my torn city

My People

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By Wenne Madyt Dengs, South Sudan

My People


You vomit your words;

And the world is busy

You shed your blood;

And the world smiles


You bury skulls;

And the world builds schools

You embezzle your funds;

And the world demands

You grab your land;

And the world is ready to rent


You buy women;

And the world stays

You import;

And the world exports

You tour the world;

And it is teasing you

You steal your cattle;

And the world is digitizing

You read bible;

And the world leads you


You are rich in oil;

And the world is risk to oil

You cast your bullets;

And the world casts ballots


You hate one another;

When the world loves one another

You lie to yourselves;

When the world listen to itself

You spend a lot;

When the world suspends a lot

You cry daily;

When the world is happy daily


You are corrupting;

When the world is correcting

You are complaining;

When the world is compromising


You promise lies;

When the world promise truth

You are discriminative;

While the world is indiscriminative


Wenne Madyt Dengs ©2015; Writer can be reached via:

Bitter Upshot of Modern Family (Excerpt)

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By Wenne Madyt Dengs, South Sudan

July 13, 2015 (SSB)  —-  It sounds strange now in new African families as there are changes which make it difficult for husband and wife to in conformity with cultural norms as modernization and civilization are making it poles apart.

However, in context with Africa traditional society; a family used to have norms which were derived from societal related customs. Neither wife nor husband remains detached from the eminent negative repercussion of the modern era of the family’s living standards.


By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Juba, South Sudan

July 7, 2015 (SSB)  —-  Although distance learning offers more people an opportunity to attain higher education, it is not all advantages and benefits. Distance learning has costs, requires compromises and self-motivation is essential for success.

It would be a great shame for young nation like South Sudan to have thousands of students who graduated via distance education system. South Sudan will lack Medical Doctors and Engineers! Distance learning does not always offer all the necessary courses online. Students pursuing a specific certificate or degree program may not have all the necessary courses available through distance learning so it is not suited for all subjects. For example, you can study a history lesson completely online but you cannot perform nursing clinically online. For some courses, physical classroom attendance will be mandatory to complete the course.


By Wënnë Madyt Deŋ

February 27, 2015 (SSB) —  Following the numerous points of concern in Republic of South Sudan; many writers are relentlessly visualizing the upcoming doom status of invasive state of swaying-greed for leadership shouldered on cursed-filled-deads. I am standing still to let the reality shine in the face of the paradoxical allied front-runners of this-nation-so-called-South- Sudan. Everyday there is peace talk that doesn’t translate itself into physical harmony. Peace itself isn’t an asset that requires international community intervention. Somalia, DR Congo, Libya and Iraq are good examples that president Kiir should put into consideration as he pushes his government

Unsteady security situation in South Sudan since 2010 after Salva Kiir Mayardit became the president keeps everything stagnant and it disapproves the leadership ofKiir is as the legitimate president of South Sudan; thousands of innocent South Sudanese civilians lost their lives to rebels starting with George Athor Deng Dut and David YauYau who discriminately killed thousands of innocent civilians. Dr. Riek Machar finally blew the final whistle of doom to demonstrate how weak his political strength is and it was also a test to the government of president Kiir. The government which gives rebels credit every year. The government which doesn’t bring any culprit into law; the government that cannot afford to protect citizens.

To make it easy, many writers highlighted the disadvantages of giving amnesty to “little insects” like Gabriel Tanginya, Gatwei Dual and Bapiny who are gravely headache to the government of Kiir as I write. It would have been a big ideal if one could have written something about it but!

However, insecurity is the chief enemy of development. South Sudan will never develop if president Kiir remains in the presidency. Appointing corrupt ministers and governors who work for their families not the country; development includes Agriculture, Education, Health and physical infrastructures principally. The very people who embezzle public funds are the one removed and reappointed.

Rich country like South Sudan direly needs a proactive, innovative and patriotic leader who is ready to achieve the dream of Dr. John Garang De Mabior of taking town to the people not people to town.

Abuse of human rights and international humanitarian laws have been rampant as government forces are not trained or even once introduced to the rules of war. Both SPLA and organized forces are not transformed. They assume to be part of their respective tribes; this later fosters bad image to the word.

The current peace talk which is branded to be the final phase will neither bring peace to the stranded citizens in Counties, Payams and Bomas nor will it trace back the massive numbers of citizens who are seeking refuge in neighboring countries. The harm of the conflict will not be removed in the heart of citizens who lost their beloved relatives on 15 December 2013. We can’t wait with our arms folded saying that President Kiir was in the chain of SPLM/A comrades who fought for freedom. No. That is absolutely wrong. He wasn’t fighting for his position but for the general right of Southerners. There are plenty points that disapprove the leadership of president Kiir.

Since I remain conversant with myself since I personalized the forth condition that MUST smokescreen the spirit of this country as politics has become a mean of deriving soundless legacy in the light of unrealistic decision reasoned to cataclysmic mandate to ruin the future of South Sudan.

The citizen who will read this piece of tangible scrutiny of what will undoubtedly come forth; should read and re-read this very critique,I felt consoled after many South Sudanese came to me and discussed issues that would actualize the real image of South Sudan and her connection to sovereign ability to solving internal issues.

Since the war clicked the trunk of South Sudan I proved that all of us are enemies of living a long lasting life as we all bear a symbol of insurgency on our forehead; however, we all assume to be consuming smoky cold temperatures out of no clinical code of conduct. Any citizen who is annexed to the list of serfdom and extermination to reveal the existing realism should always think of how to liberate the dying humanity in this chaotic Republic of South Sudan. I opted to chain my dirt into the pond of fouls to replace exhilarating pounds in reference to the leashing even handedness not only to share when they are cheering but also to mind my own business.

World is walled up with born and elected leaders but South Sudan has suddenly mistaken the living fact of the universe and took the counterfeited system of disposed autocracy which was formerly meant for ancient rulers of the late world. There is no prevailing categorical system that divides the government in advent to withhold the known right in least developed environment. President Kiir is not the correct leader to rule South Sudan at this digitalized stage based on our rights as citizens of this country.

The third majority (Quorum) of every discussion either within family or other social gatherings remains detached from what you think in upper house; the citizens are traumatized as they know there is no bright future as per the current leadership. Many citizens sacrificed their souls to fight for freedom from Khartoum regime hoping that they would one day be stakeholders and first class citizens of their own New Sudan and they are facing the opposite contemporary.

To be continued……………..!

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By Wenne Madyt Dengs

Merry Christmas Junubiin

Merry Christmas Junubiin

February 10, 2015 (SSB) —  South Sudan as an independent state has several impending acts to be enforced. The law is not helpful when its rules are not guiding any public. The majority of citizens in South Sudan are still under the captive of illiteracy which inexorably gives enough room for lawmakers to be swift in enacting laws and not prerequisite to disseminate to the citizens in all angles which chiefly include ones under grassroots.

Purportedly, many of us fail to understand our roles, even the people in the authority don’t know they are given chance to serve the public. Authority means the duty to set rules and give guidance. The people in authority guide us, and the rule helps us to live with one other in harmony.

In reference to what I have realized and have physical evidences in my own community and in South Sudan as whole; children are not taken as valuable assets. A child is taken as a human being while ignoring their state of fragility and vulnerability. They are sometimes taken to be co-workers in reducing the burden of adult people’s mandatory house work. Children are given heavy household duties that may negatively affect their growth physically or mentally. They participate actively in some communities to sustain their daily bread. Children grow wild gradually till they became enemies to their own parents in some cases as a result of undignified treatment.

A child is a person under the universal age of 18 years. Children have their special considerations which is integral to their rights. However, they share the same attributes given by fundamental human rights.

In our own child act 2008 spells out the following children’s rights.

  • All children have a right to life
  • All children have a right to basic needs which include food, shelter, education and healthcare
  • All children are equal
  • All children have right to play
  • No child should be forced into child labour
  • Children should be protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Children have the right to information
  • priority should be given to refugee children, children with disabilities and those without families
  • All children have the right to participate in development of community and country

Children right against child labour

  • Children can start working only when they are 18 years or older
  • Children should not be allowed to do any work that poses a danger to their physical, mental or moral health.
  • Children may do light work, as long as it does not threaten their health and safety. the light work should not stop them from attending school
  • No child should be forced to work
  • All children should be protected against slavery and prostitution

I can say this is 21st century; it is a gift to both adults and children who are the hosting human being of this digital century. Technology is improving day and night in some parts of the universe but South Sudanese are still analogical. I feel ashamed of myself when I see a person coming from abroad especially those who come from United of America, Australia and other developed countries returning with the contradicting motive of investing in purchasing illiterate ladies with numerous cows which are given to primitive parents who will take cattle as a symbol of wealth. These parents never send their children to school as they presume to have everything. This is already a disadvantage impose on children by expensive marriages catalyst by dollars-holding-brothers from mentioned states instead of encouraging our people

Completely, we are all against the above rights as per my observation and will really make sense if we take courage and join the world in loving and caring for our children and they are our leaders of tomorrow and our future representatives.

The writer is a freelance journalist and poet; He can be reached through:

 The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

Wenne Madyt Dengs

January 13, 2015 (SSB) — The conflict in South Sudan is dramatically graduating into a full scale war that has its negative repercussions on every citizen either on a rebel or government’s spot. I feel touched when I see children under the universal adult age being unsophisticatedly used as opinionated tools to achieve the war of greed and self-indulgence in the light of ingenuousness and innocence.

Looking at International Humanitarian Law (commonly known as rules of armed conflict) and international laws on the rights of children agreed upon by almost all states in the world a child can be recruited to armed forces from the age of 15. Subsequently, many countries considered this age limit too low, so a new rule was issued, through which the age limit became 18 years. It is also now prohibited to recruit children by force and to let children participate in armed conflict.

“The Parties to the conflict shall take all feasible measures in order that children who have not attained the suggested age do not take a direct part in hostilities and, in particular, they shall refrain from recruiting them into their armed forces. In recruiting among those persons who have attained the age of fifteen years but who have not attained the age of eighteen years, the Parties to the conflict shall endeavor to give priority to those who are oldest” ~ Geneva convention.

However, the use of children as soldiers is not uncommon today. Children are not supposed to be soldiers, and they have a right to be especially respected and protected from the effects of war. Children are often forced in different ways to become soldiers, in some cases they are even forced or kidnapped and then trained to become soldiers.

Contemporary in South Sudan, many street children are being collected and recruited, and taken to front line or for military training by both government and guerrillas.

The warring parties in South Sudan have taken advantage on children as the war has affected them:
When the war started in South Sudan, children were dependent on the care, empathy, and attention of adults who love them. Their attachments are frequently disrupted in times of war, due to the loss of parents, tremendous anxiety of parents in protecting and finding subsistence for the family, and emotional unavailability of depressed or distracted parents. The child may be in substitute care with someone who cares for him or her only slightly – relatives or an orphanage and these alternatives are not available in South Sudan; therefore, the conflicting political agents managed to scoop all the children and used them advantageously to achieve their military objectives.

Both parties should make this war less damage to children by implementing international humanitarian law regarding the protection of children in war. The Geneva Conventions and the Convention on the Rights of the Child deal with protection of war-affected children with regard to food, clothing, medicine, education, and family reunion. In addition, they are intended to protect children from ethnic cleansing and recruitment into armed forces. However, compliance with these instruments is poor, especially when recruiting children to armed forces is concerned.

Not only has that but also the government should ensure special consideration for children who are in flight from war zones and who live in camps for refugees and internally displaced people, especially children who are unaccompanied by adults. Special considerations need to be given for family reunion, systems of distribution of resources (sometimes to women rather than to men), internal layout of camps (to prevent attacks on girls), the provision of facilities for education and play, and special help for child-headed families.

Children generally do not realise the consequences of their actions, which make them extremely dangerous as soldiers. In the transitional constitution of South Sudan the age limit for becoming a soldier and participating in war is 18 years.

Children have to be protected from the effects of war and should not be used as soldiers.

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